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161 of the Best Hinge Answers for Guys Who Want More Dates

161 of the Best Hinge Answers for Guys Who Want More Dates

Are you using Hinge? If you’re single, you should be. Hinge is a dating app that offers a variety of different features to connect people who may not cross paths otherwise.

Unlike competing apps like Tinder that simply allow you to swipe left or right to make a connection, Hinge lets you show interest in a variety of ways. It also includes features like profile questions to allow you to showcase the best parts of your personality. And if you want to attract high-value women, you want to have the best Hinge answers around.

Questions range from things like “go-to karaoke song,” “worst roommate story,” “we’ll get along if,” and everything in between. Some people can easily come up with answers to these profile questions. But if you feel like you need some inspiration when it comes to crafting the best Hinge answers for guys, I’ve got you covered.

I recently created my own Hinge account for research purposes and canvased a plethora of male profiles. Below are 161 answers for you to consider for your profile.

Once you master the “answers” portion of Hinge, make sure you check out my other Hinge articles regarding commenting & choosing the best Hinge pictures for your profile.

Best Hinge Answers for Guys

Whether showcasing a great sense of humor, killer creativity, honesty, or a bit of each, the following reign supreme as the best Hinge answers. Each of these responses is guaranteed to capture attention (positive attention, that is) and coax tons of high-quality single women to match with you.

Best Hinge Answers #1: Karaoke + a Grand Romantic Gesture

best hinge answers for guys

I absolutely love this answer because it makes me think of this scene from 10 Things I Hate About You. 


Trust me when I say that women will immediately think of this scene if you list this as your go-to karaoke song — and anticipate your reenactment. Moreover, the fact that this guy makes sure to “scream the I LOVE YOU BABY bit” tells me that he’s outgoing and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Exhibiting these traits makes you seem more desirable because you’re showing that you know how to have a good time and acclimate to different situations.

Best Hinge Answers #2: Getting Caught in the Rain

best hinge answers for guys

Not sure if this guy likes Piña Coladas, but he certainly likes being caught out in the rain. More importantly, he takes to rainy days with gusto. While many of us want to curl up in a blanket, order takeout, and binge watch old episodes Parks and Recreation (AGAIN) on Netflix, this guy is too busy burning calories to let a gray day get him down.

I like this response because it shows that this guy likes to stay active, is sociable (he’s nodding to passersby as he runs) and also knows how to stay prepared, i.e., he’s sure to keep his iPhone safe and sound while getting in the zone.

Best Hinge Answers #3: Favorite Mistake

best hinge answers for men

I chose this as one of the best Hinge answers because:

-It shows you that some “mistakes” can lead to amazing experiences, which is why you shouldn’t live with regret

-It’s extremely intriguing

This answer leaves you wondering exactly how the mistake happened and, more importantly, what happened during the trip that made him happy he went. When you respond to Hinge profile questions, make sure to not give too much away when it comes to cool stories.

Holding back a bit when it comes to details encourages women to match with you in order to get the rest of the story.

Best Hinge Answers #4: What Happens in New Orleans…

best hinge answers for guys

Let me just say that New Orleans is one place where an answer like this is appropriate, regardless of whether or not you like to party. If the travel story in question involved Utah or Connecticut and a night out left this guy with an ambiguous piercing, I’d be concerned her simply has a drinking problem.

But because he enjoyed a time at a city that basically encourages round-the-clock drinking (and was there during the Super Bowl no less), this answer simply leaves me intrigued and eager to learn the rest of the story.

Best Hinge Answers #5: A Great Date Idea

best hinge answers for guys

This guy describes an awesome date idea for his “simple pleasure.” By doing this, he’s painting a picture in the minds of potential matches of what a date with him might be like.

And, honestly, how can you go wrong with music, seafood, and good beer by the water?

Best Hinge Answers #6: Andy and April = Relationship Goals

best hinge answer for men

If you’re wondering why this is listed as one of the best Hinge answers for guys, look no further than the video here.

Best Hinge Answers #7: Wait…What??

best hinge answers for men

I don’t know how you manage to do much of anything during a drunken stupor, let alone move to a different country, but I would match with this guy based solely on a desire to get some details.

Best Hinge Answers #8: Ambition FTW

best hinge answers for men

I really like that this guy is talking about a variety of fitness goals. Physical health is an extremely important part of overall wellness and self-confidence. Staying active can help you feel more confident in the dating world, make you more appealing to potential partners and also help you craft compelling date ideas.

I created a dating blueprint for the first three dates (more about that in a bit). For the second date, I always recommend doing something free and physical in order to escalate sexual tension. By talking about fitness goals and interests, this guy is likely to attract women with shared interests and won’t have a problem coming up with some awesome physical date ideas.

Best Hinge Answers #9: Social, Fun, and Competitive

best hinge answers

I love it when a man is social, competitive, and likes to have a good time.

Best Hinge Answers #10: LOLs But Also Aws

best hinge answers

What woman isn’t going to fall head over heels for a guy that treats her like she’s in a Nicholas Sparks movie?

This response is brilliant.

If stopped after the first two lines it’d be far too cheesy. The last two lines inject a bit of levity into the comment. One of my students actually used this prompt and has already seen a couple of women like it.

That’s the thing about a Hinge profile. Users can like a specific part of your profile. They can like a photo, a prompt response, or your bio. Knowing which part they like makes an organic conversation super easy.

Best Hinge Answers #11: LOLs But Also Aws

best hinge answers

Make your responses interactive just like this one.

Ask her a question.

When it comes to Hinge she can actually like your prompt response AND respond directly to your question.

This increases the odds she’ll actually like and respond.

Some other questions might be:

  • What’s your dream vacation? If it’s the same as mine I promise we’ll go this summer
  • Messi, Ronaldo, OR Mbappe? This is a make-or-break question…
  • Favorite Christmas movie (**change depending on the season)? Go!

After you two have matched it’s a good idea to continue to ask her questions about herself and her likes.

Everyone’s most favorite topic is themself. She’ll dig the convo and you’ll learn more about it by simply asking questions.

Best Hinge Answers #12: Your Dream Gal

best hinge answers

Talk about your ideal partner.

Be as detailed as possible while painting a picture.

Don’t just list out traits like so many users do.

Drum up a scenario and talk about how your ideal partner would behave in said scenario.

Another example of this would be responding to this prompt with the following…

It’s a Sunday morning and we’re making pancakes with Ella Fitzgerald crooning in the background as we feed our Pitbull bananas.

Best Hinge Answers #13: Who Is The Best Host Of All Time?

best hinge answers

Sure this is a bit nerdy and even obscure.

Not everyone will know what Jeopardy is or care about the new host.

But that’s the point.

Finding a fellow Jeopardy lover on Hinge is like finding all three Daily Doubles.

You want to attract people into the same things as you are. So talk about your obscure interests even if it’ll repel the majority of female Hinge users.

Best Hinge Answers #14: Who Is The Best Host Of All Time?

best hinge answers

I dare you to touch this one!

Controversial opinions are gravy because far too often men try not to ruffle any feathers on their profiles, this isn’t Tinder after all.

Writing your most controversial opinion (but one that won’t get you banned from the app) is a solid way to get the convo started. This is a cute little controversial opinion and one that will have women on both sides responding.

Best Hinge Answers #15: Aren’t You Sweet

best hinge answers

Be different.

If that means inviting her to an ice cream date rather than grabbing a drink at a crowded bar so be it.

Flex that sweet tongue of yours.

Best Hinge Answers #16: Get Primal!

best hinge responses

Pick up lines are kinda lame.

So try out a new flavor by asking her to give you her best line. This isn’t a prompt every woman will respond to, only the boldest and witty.

But that’s perfect as it weeds out the less adventurous and humorous women.

Nailed it.

Oh and by the way, I’m placing you on the endangered list… because you’re one of a kind.

Best Hinge Answers #17: Be Honest… Kind Of

best hinge responses

Honesty is a rarity online.

Just make sure it doesn’t scare her away.

Best Hinge Answers #18: Don’t Even Need To Call Glass

best hinge responses of all time

What’s your unusual skill?

Tell me about it, or rather tell you next date about it.

Best Hinge Answers #19: So Simple She Just Might Get It

best hinge responses of all time

When in doubt just list out a bunch of stuff you’re into.

As long as those things aren’t Sunday Football, Tacos, and The Office.

Avoid being basic at all costs.

Funny Hinge Answers for Guys

Women love a guy who has a good sense of humor. The Hinge profile questions allow you to showcase your wit in a variety of ways and I suggest you attempt to tickle some funny bones whenever possible.

Take a look at some of these funny Hinge answers for inspiration. And if you’re looking for more examples, check out my other article on the Best Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys.

Funniest Hinge Answers #1: The Highest Bidder

funny hinge answers for guys

Sometimes you can make an impression with as little as three words.

Funniest Hinge Answers #2: Tinder

funny hinge answers

Going the tongue-in-cheek route, I like that this guy used a competing dating app for his punchline. On a side note, if you’re looking for other sites/apps to meet more women, check out my article here: List of Free Dating Sites and Apps.

Funny Hinge Prompt Answers #3: An Epic Visual

funny hinge answers for men

Research shows that nostalgia can boost mood and decrease stress. If you can incorporate a bit of nostalgia (i.e., this millennial anthem from 1999) in one of your Hinge answers, you’re likely to get some attention.

Funny Hinge Prompt Answers #4: Literally…

funny hinge answers for men

Sometimes the most literal responses are also the funniest.

Funny Hinge Prompt Answers #5-7: Outer Space 3x!

funny hinge answersfunny hinge answers

funny hinge answers for guys

This wouldn’t have become one of the funniest Hinge answers if the guy hadn’t repeated this basically three times. To be honest, the strategy of answering with “outer space” three times over is way funnier than it has any right to be. I don’t know why I spent a good 30 seconds laughing at this, but here we are. Hence, this guy gets a place on my list.

Funniest Hinge Answers #8: This Guy Wins

Mic drop. This guy freaking wins. Clearly a twin, this guy went all-in with the “worst roommate story” and I’m pretty sure he’s getting a plethora of matches based on this answer alone.

Funny Hinge Profiles #9: It’s Not Fun, But It Is Funny

funny hinge answers

At the very least you need to stand out.

You’re competing against thousands of other men that don’t pretend to care about writing a witty prompt answer.

Investing just a little bit of your time creating something memorable might be enough to get a like.

Creative Hinge Answers For Guys

Whether it’s filling out a dating profile, approaching a woman in the real world, or coming up with a date idea, it’s important to think outside of the box.

Moreover, when it comes to answering Hinge profile questions, the last thing you want to come off as is boring. These guys brought their creative A-game when answering the Hinge profile questions. Take a look!

Creative Hinge Answers #1: Best Bucket List Ever

Scuba diving and skydiving could both be considered common bucket list items, but this guy takes it to a whole different level. I’m not even sure why New Zealand would be considered a prime location for jumping out of a plane, but I’m intrigued enough to ask.

Creative Hinge Answers #2: But…How?

creative hinge answersHow did you fit in there, even as a child? And what do you mean “before it was cool”? Is hiding in a refrigerator commonplace or did I miss that rite of passage growing up?

Regardless, I’m once again intrigued and leaving a woman curious is a prime way to get her to match with you.

Creative Hinge Answers #3: Truthfully, This is Awesome

creative hinge answer for guysHonestly, all of the things listed in this guy’s “two truths and a lie” are at a level of awesomeness where I won’t be disappointed no matter which is a lie. And that is exactly how you should treat responding to this type of question.

Creative Hinge Answers #4: Mind = Blown

creative hinge answers for guysThis is officially the best super power ever and I am anxiously awaiting Marvel to catch onto this and make Subatomic Particle Man a thing.

Creative Hinge Answers #5: WTF?

This creative Hinge answer made me not only match with him, but quickly comment on what exactly he meant by this!

Clever Hinge Answers #6: Good Question

This guy is clearly trying to create some leverage and is showcasing that he enjoys museums. But the interesting thing here is he ends with a question that only museum lady-buffs might know the answer to. I like this because if a woman truly knows this answer, then the museum-interest-commonality might spark a nice first date with her.

Creative Hinge Answers #7: Really, Why?

This makes me want to know more. And I think a lot of American women would agree with me.

Creative Hinge Answers #8: A Life on the Slopes

Who doesn’t love a hot ski instructor who enjoys life. Enough said.

Creative And Best Hinge Profiles #9: Some Powers Are Worth Flaunting

funny hinge answers

It takes the average person 7 minutes to pick a show to watch on Netflix according to Nielson.

When you’ve got nothing else in the bank, tell her about your DL superpower.

Can you fall asleep anywhere, eat anything, always arrive exactly on time, or know the perfect song to play for any occasion?

Tell her about it.

Creative And Best Hinge Profiles #10: A Little Luck To Save The Day

best hinge profiles

Many men would answer this Hinge prompt seriously.

They’re looking for x, y, and z and in the meantime, they’re turning most women off.

She doesn’t care about what you’re looking for, she cares about what you bring to the table.

The least you can offer is a bit of wit and humor while searching for your keys.

Creative And Best Hinge Profiles #11: Tailor Your Answer To Your Area

best hinge profiles

Tailor your answers to your area.

If you’re in NYC — Brooklyn specifically — you’ll understand this answer.

If you’re in SF write about SF things, DC, write about DC things, and so forth.

Creative And Best Hinge Profiles #12: The Remix

best hinge profiles

Single guys have a tendency to respond more or less the same way to every Hinge prompt.

They answer seriously, write only a few words, and refuse to surprise the women reading their profile.

You’re not one of those guys.

You dazzle, throw curves, and make her want to read your entire profile.

It’s just what you do.

And if that’s not what you do, feel free to steal one of these Hinge answers.

Honest Hinge Answers for Men

Honesty is the best policy in all facets of life, dating being one of them. You can’t have love without trust, which is why you should practice honesty 100% of the time when it comes to romance.

However, there’s no need to get super vulnerable on a dating app. You want to keep it light on the outset while remaining genuine. These guys do a perfect job of showing off their best traits honestly and also incorporating some humor into their answers when appropriate.

Honest Hinge Answers #1: Tell Me More

honest hinge answers for men

Once again, here’s an answer that leaves singles intrigued and wanting to learn more. I also like that this guy mentioned that he did a solo trip because it shows fearlessness and independence.

Honest Hinge Answers #2: Self-deprecation FTW

honest hinge answers for men

I’m sure that what he lacks in grace, he makes up for in humor. Self-deprecating humor is extremely charming if you utilize it the right way, which this guy does.

Honest Hinge Answers #3: Not All That Irrational

honest hinge answers

Depending on how many pointy objects this guy ends up around after drinking one too many, this fear is kind of legit…

Honest Hinge Answers #4: A Vicious Cycle

honest hinge answers

Isn’t this answer all of us on a Saturday?

Honest Hinge Answers #5: Must Love Tacos

best food hinge answers

Along with pizza, tacos are something that we can pretty much all agree on being awesome, correct? A man who knows to sidle up to the taco bar immediately at a party is a smart man.

Honest Hinge Answers #6: Your Parents Lied to You

honest hinge answers for guys

This is a recent revelation for all of us, which makes this guy’s answer super honest AND relatable.

Honest Hinge Answers #7: When I Grow Up…

honest hinge answers

I have a feeling that this childhood dream came to fruition for this guy.

And speaking of height, I have many male clients that ask me about disclosing height on dating apps. It tends to become a point of anxiety for guys who are on the shorter side (or even the extremely tall side) but it doesn’t have to be.

Want advice? Check out my articles, Does Height Matter to Women While Dating?, Should I Put My Height on Bumble, Tinder, & My Other Dating Apps Profiles?, and 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Fear Dating a Taller Woman.

Honest Hinge Answers #8: Get Specific

honest hinge answers

Pretty much everyone enjoys watching things on Netflix. But if you simply put something like “I like binging Netflix shows,” you’re going to come off as generic. I like that this guy offered a couple specific examples because this helps attract women who also enjoy those shows or something similar.

Connecting over shared interests is the first step in creating a romantic bond with someone, so be sure to find shared interests when from the start.

Honest Hinge Answers #9: We’ve. All. Been. There.

honest hinge answers

Along with slap bracelets, butterfly clips, chokers (wait, are those back in fashion now?) and fanny packs, most 80s and 90s kids can relate to this type of fad. I also love that this guy added a period between each word for emphasis. Grammar is always a good thing when it comes to writing a dating app profile but don’t be afraid to take some creative liberties when it comes to syntax.

Which of These Two Dates Sounds Better?

1) Getting a Titanic Mocha (with a huge marshmallow) at Hollow Coffee or….. running up the sand ladder twice at baker beach?

2) Taking a spontaneous trip to the beach or hiking a mountain and having a picnic at the summit?

3) Asking each other the NYT’s 36 questions to fall in love or playing Scrabble with margaritas in hand?

Believe It or Not, I…

1) …can actually fold fitted cheats.

2) …can speak five languages (and can make any dog sit)

3) …can open a bottle of beer with just my toes.

4) …can binge an entire season of The Office with no shame.

5) …can convince you to delete this app forever after just one date.

6) …once ran into Steph Curry and had the class not to even ask for a selfie (although now I have no proof I met him)

7) …meditate for 30 minutes every day after waking up and before going to sleep.

8) …once cooked mole for my entire family for Christmas dinner even though I still don’t know how to make scrambled eggs.

9) …once crowd surfed at a BTS concert

10) …once stayed up for two days straight learning Mandarin.

Don’t Hate Me If I…

1) Love Drumpf

2) Hate cats

3) Snore

4) Love the Jersey Shore

5) Love Love Island

6) Have a bottled water fetish

7) Only sleep four hours a night

8) Never drank a hot beverage

9 )Started walking before crawling

10) Purposely haven’t watched every Super Bowl since I was 13.

My Mantra Is…

1) Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.

2) Early worm gets the worm.

3) The planet is fine, the people are fucked.

4) Accept who you are unless you’re a serial killer.

5) When life gives you lemons squirt someone in the eye.

6) Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.

7) Do not take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive.

8) Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way you’ll be a mile from them, and you’ll have their shoes.

9) Some people never go crazy. What horrible lives they must lead.

10) It will never be perfect. Make it work.

I’m a Regular At…

1) Your Mom’s house.

2) Building small houses.

3) Scoring a perfect score on the SAT.

4) Being better than your last boyfriend.

5) Not spoiling the last episode of Game Of Thrones.

6) Running a marathon. I only finished in just under four hours.

7) Open heart surgery.

8) Washing produce before I eat it.

9) Keeping my shirt tucked in. All. Day. Long.

10) First dates so dope they make your single friends jealous.

Together We Could…

1) Conquer the world without committing genocide.

2) Find a cure to coronavirus.

3) Be the only couple to never have watched Game Of Thrones.

4) Have two kids, buy a modest house, never get divorced, and just, in general, live a pleasant life.

5) Have our own show on HGTV.

6) Get married in a graveyard and tell all our guests to dress up like zombies, then for the reception we’ll scare townsfolk by dancing in the street to Thriller.

7) Move in together thus cutting our rent in half. Think of the savings!

8) Prove to my parents that I’m not gay.

9) Go to one of those escape rooms… that’s it. I just really want to go.

10) Delete this app.

The Dorkiest Thing About Me…

1) I make up my own words in my free time. Ask me what dillywag means, I dare you.

2) I read all the words in how-to manuals.

3) I own Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff gowns and decide which one to wear based on my emotions.

4) I have an intense fascination with snails.

5) I once entered a spelling bee and won! Just kidding, I lost on foreseeable. Can someone tell me what that e is doing there?

6) I once took a vacation so that I could attend the SCRIPPS spelling bee.

7) I floss.

8) Brush my teeth twice a day

9) Wash my vegetables before eating them.

10) When I was growing up I really wanted to be a farmer. I think I just liked saying moo.

I Get Along Best with People Who…

1) Aren’t dicks.

2) Own VCRs.

3) Own bulldogs.

4) Eat deep dish pizza.

5) Watch Forensic Files regularly.

6) Hula.

7) Have less than 1k followers on IG.

8) Still talk to their parents.

9) Don’t ghost.

10) Don’t take selfies at concerts.

If Loving This is Wrong… I Don’t Want to Be Right

1) Or allergic to shrimp.

2) Or lactose intolerant.

3) But maybe I should stop ding dong ditching Drumpf supporters. People have guns nowadays.

4) Unless I’m carrying around my epi-pen!

5) Unless it becomes legal. Then there goes all the fun.

A Random Fact I Love…

1) Competitive art used to be an Olympic sport.

2) An Olympic power walker once defecated while running a race… he still finished (the race I mean).

3) Stop signs used to be yellow.

4) Green Eggs and Ham was written on a bet that Dr. Seuss couldn’t write a children’s book that only used 50 different words. His editor ended up losing $50.

5) High heels were originally worn by men.

I’m Convinced That…

1) Aliens are too busy binge-watching the newest seasons of Earth’s Humans to kill us or take all our resources.

2) Pluto is still a planet.

3) That earth is round. Let’s not even get into this one.

4) We’d make for a killer couple. We could be the first serial killer couple ever.

5) The only person that would love me more than you is your dog.

The Way to Win Me Over Is To…

1) Give me your winning lottery numbers.

2) Buy me opening day tickets to the Giants.

3) Turn your phone off during our first date. I’m yours.

4) Backpack with me through South America.

5) Introduce me to a chapstick that doesn’t dry my lips out.

I Know The Best Spot in Town For…

1) Salsa dancing.

2) All night Scrabble tournaments.

3) Live bluegrass music.

4) Two strangers from Hinge to fall in love.

5) Drinking absinthe.

6) Not getting murdered on a first date.

The Award I Should Be Nominated For…

1) Is most humble.

2) Probably shouldn’t be announced on Hinge.

3) Is Best First Date.

4) Is Best Procrastinator.

5) Is Sexiest Man That’s Never Worked Out.

I Bet You Can’t…

1) Refuse a second date with me

2) Make a better angel food cake than me.

3) Come up with something better to do this Friday than rollerblade at Pier 2 with yours truly.

4) Beat me at Risk.

5) Beat me at Pacman. Shall we play?

Best Travel Story…

1) At a lucha libre wrestling match in Mexico City I volunteered to get into the ring. The next thing I was kicking giant dudes’ asses that were three times my size. These guys were true professionals.

2) It may not seem like much but on a trip to see Barcelona, I caught a ball in the stands. These balls are super expensive so must be thrown back onto the pitch. But when I threw it back I accidentally hit one of the opposing players. No worries though, I hate Real Madrid.

3) Because of a weird layover situation I spent 24 hours in Paris. In those 24 hours I managed to see the Eifeel Tower, hit to Louvre, walk through the Notre Dame Cathedral, and ate the best beef bourguignon I will ever have.

Do You Agree, Or Disagree That…

1) Hard shell tacos are better than soft shell tacos?

2) Futbol is better than football?

3) Celebrating your own birthday is kind of vain?

4) Hinge is horrible so we might as well go on an awesome first date so that we can finally delete this app?

5) Vegan meat is way better than animal meat? (I’m not even a vegan)

One Thing I’ll Never Do Again…

1) Floss. Man it’s just sooo overrated.

2) Watch the new Fast & Furious. Even though I’ve already failed seven times.

3) Is watch the entire Twilight series in one day. The things we do for love.

You Should Leave a Comment If…

1) You’re into men that have their shit together.

2) You’re into men that no longer live with their parents.

3) You scuba dive and act and don’t even brag about it cause you’re just such a badass.

Unusual Skills…

1) Pinching my nose shut and blowing air so that it comes out of my left tear duct.

2) Include: writing backwards, speaking piglatin, and sneezing without closing my nose.

3) Include: drying my hands with just one spool of paper, and nonconsensual staring contests.

4) Include invariably opening the microwave door before it begins to beep.

We’ll Get Along

Here’s another article for 25 answers to the famous “We’ll get along if” prompt.

After You Match

Using the best Hinge answers is bound to increase your match rates. However, that’s only one step when it comes to turning online connections into real life dates.

After you match, be sure to keep her interest with great conversation starters. Don’t open with “hey,” or “hi” because that’s not likely to lead to much of a conversation.

Check out her profile and ask her an open-ended question about some of the interests she has listed. You could also open with a joke or funny Gif to get her laughing.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Ask Her Out

One issue a lot of people have on dating apps and sites is messaging endlessly without setting up an actual date. When you wait too long, the conversation devolves into nothing and you never get to meet in real life to see if there’s actual chemistry between you and your match.

Allow for a few lines of banter before asking her out on a compelling date with a clear TDL.

What Makes a Date Compelling?

A compelling date is one that aligns with the person’s interests and also introduces them to a new experience. For example, let’s say the woman you’re asking out is really into marine biology. You could say:

“Hey Melissa. I know that you and I both have an interest in marine biology and animals. There’s a rare leopard shark exhibit that’s happening at the California Academy of Sciences. How would you like to go check it out with me this Saturday at 1 pm, date-style?”

This is extremely compelling and also illustrates perfect use of a TDL.

What is a TDL?

A TDL is an acronym used to describe the three critical components of a date request’s call-to-action, the time, the date, and the location of the date.

The “T” in TDL stands for the “Time” the date will take place. When asking for a date, you must give a woman the time you’d like to meet with her so that she knows whether she is available at that time or not. The “D” in TDL stands for the “Date.” When asking for a date, you must give a woman the date you’d like to meet her on so that she knows whether she is available on that date. The “L” in TDL stands for the “Location.”

When asking for a date, you must give a woman the location you’d like to meet her at so that she knows whether or not she can meet you at that location.

Why Does a TDL Work?

Using a TDL when asking for the date assures that you won’t get stuck in limbo between talking and actually meeting up in person. Every client I’ve worked with who wasn’t getting dates before we started working together was failing to use TDLs when asking women out.

Similarly, every client who learned to use and consistently employ the use of TDLs after working with me, has ended up getting more dates with beautiful women–some of them have even gotten more dates than they know what to do with.

Don’t Rely Solely on Hinge

Hinge is a great tool to add to your dating arsenal. However, if you want to find success FAST in the dating world, don’t rely solely on Hinge.

I recommend that my clients are active on five dating apps. Five is the magic number because it allows you to cast a wide net when trying to catch compatible singles. Not only this, but every dating app attracts a certain type of user. Only swiping on Hinge will mean you’re only ever interacting with a certain type of woman.

With that in mind, here are a few other dating apps to consider.


Bumble attracts the same type of user as Hinge does. The kind of woman that’s ready to swipe her romance to the next level and find a long-term romance uses Bumble.

Founded by the co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe, the app looks and feels a lot like Tinder. Though there are a few key differences. As noted, the type of people that use the app are different because the relationships they’re looking for are different. For example half of Tinder users have never even gone on a date with a match before, that isn’t the case with Bumble. But it’s not just this.

On Bumble, female users must message first. After a match is made, the female user has 24 hours to contact her match. If she doesn’t shoot him a message within this time frame the match expires and can only be revived by premium members.


Hinge is like the woman you feel comfortable meeting the parents. Tinder is the chick you rush through the back door so your neighbors don’t see her when she leaves.

While in many circles this is the perception of Tinder, it’s a bit antiquated.

Initially, Tinder was known as a hookup app. If placed on a spectrum it’d still be considered the closest to a hookup app of all the mainstream dating apps. However, being closer than other apps doesn’t mean that it is a hookup app.

It lived up to this reputation initially because it was exclusively rolled out to college students. As you can imagine singles that change their majors every year aren’t exactly stable daters interested in investing in long-term relationships. This reputation has changed as the demographic of its users has changed. Sure it’s still primarily used by a younger crowd, but I’d still urge anyone interested in a woman between the ages of 20-28 to use the app. I recommend downloading Tinder because it’s by and large the most used dating app in the US. If a woman is using just one dating app, it’s Tinder.

The League

The League has been described as an elitist version of Tinder.

This is in part because not all users that want to use the app can in fact do so. To gain access to The League you first need to apply. The average applicant can expect to wait a couple of weeks, though we’ve heard of men waiting much longer. The waiting period is long lengthy because each applicant is screened by a real person prior to being admitted.

According to the founder, only 20-30% of those that apply are accepted. Those that are the most likely to be accepted have at least a BA along with an amazing job.

Created to solve its founder’s dating woes, the app caters to those that are highly professionally motivated. After graduating college, founder Amanda Bradford was discouraged by the dearth of suitable men. This is why the dating app is comprised of a user base of which “98% [of users] have college degrees, 8% are PhDs, 30% have advanced degrees, 14% are director-level or higher, 21% are managers, 13% are CEOs, founders, co-founders or owners, and over 39% are estimated to be making six-figure salaries.”

Sure it sounds a tad douchey, but if you’re sick of meeting women that don’t match your ambition on Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge, you certainly will on The League.

But dating apps aren’t the only way to meet women nowadays. Just 39% of all new relationships that started in 2017 began online.

Moreover, there are several ways to meet women in the real world. Check out sites like Eventbrite and Meetup to find activities with likeminded singles. Meeting singles through trusted friends is a great way to put yourself out there as well, along with speed dating, which is one of my favorite recommendations when it comes to practicing your dating approach and increasing confidence.

Using a variety of means to meet eligible women allows you to date women concurrently, which is an effective strategy known as MegaDating.

What is MegaDating?

MegaDating is a dating process that involves going on dates with several different women at the same time. A lot of people mistakenly believe you should date/get hung up on one person at a time, even if it’s just the first date and the two of you are not exclusive.

When you MegaDate, you see that there is plenty of fish in the sea and that settling isn’t necessary. This allows you to open yourself up to new opportunities and actually enjoy your life as a single exploring different dating options.

MegaDating increases your overall confidence, which makes you more attractive to women and fulfilled in your personal life. When you MegaDate, you diffuse your energy by keeping your social calendar full. You also get to practice your dating strategy consistently and, as they say, practice makes perfect.

This decreases anxiety, allows you to go with the flow, and ultimately find an awesome long term girlfriend to share your life with.

I used MegaDating as my main strategy during my 100-date experiment. This strategy led me to a long-term, compatible partner and it can do the same for you!

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