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becca the bachelorette week 3

The Bachelorette Week 3: Funniest & Most Teachable Moments

Tracy Dye | Trending | No Comments

LMAO! We are almost a month deep into this season of The Bachelorette, and week three’s episode had me chortling into my chardonnay. These contestants are basically a personification of every single…

stashing dating trend

Stashing is the Latest Dating Trend and a Major Red Flag in Relationships

Tracy Dye | Trending | No Comments

Horrible new dating trend alert! Last week, I chatted about the dating dos and don’ts that were showcased during the season premiere of The Bachelorette. I talked about how one…


R-Bombing is a Frustrating Dating Trend That You Need to Avoid

Tracy Dye | Trending | No Comments

Have you heard of R-bombing? R-bombing the latest dating trend and (in case you’re wondering), yes, it’s awful! Unfortunately a lot of terms that have come out of “dating trends”…

Online Dating Tips

funny tinder headlines for guys

32 of The Funniest and Worst Tinder Headlines For Guys

Emyli Lovz | Online Dating | No Comments

If you’re on the dating app, Tinder, it probably comes as no surprise to you that profiles are basically a grabbag of good, bad, bizarre, and hilarious. Have you ever…

best tinder taglines for guys

25 Best Tinder Taglines for Guys Who Want More Than Just a Fling

Emyli Lovz | Online Dating | No Comments

Do you want to increase your matches on Tinder and immediately meet more women in real life? Are you searching for the best Tinder taglines for guys that get women…

best tinder bios for guys

The 25 Best Tinder Bios for Guys & Some Basic Tinder Tips to Help You Score More Dates

Emyli Lovz | Online Dating | No Comments

If you’re struggling to figure out how to set yourself apart from the competition on Tinder™, I’ve got you covered. Over the past month I heavily researched this controversial dating…


how to get a girlfriend quiz and early dating mistakes

How to Get a Girlfriend Quiz + 13 Early Dating Mistakes Men Make

Emyli Lovz | Strategy | No Comments

Do you find dating to be frustrating rather than fun? Have you been hitting roadblock after roadblock when it comes to getting a girlfriend? There are a ton of early…

benefits of dating an older woman

10 Awesome Benefits of Dating an Older Woman

Emyli Lovz | Strategy | No Comments

When it comes to age gap relationships, most people think of a younger woman and an older man. Seeing older men with younger women has practically become a cliche because…

fear of intimacy for men

5 Ways Men Can Cure a Fear of Intimacy

Emyli Lovz | Strategy | No Comments

Having a fear of intimacy can be a confusing and complex situation. It’s important to acknowledge that there is a difference between a fear of intimacy and a general disinterest…

First Date Tips

what am i doing wrong on the first date

What Am I Doing Wrong on the First Date?

Emyli Lovz | First Date | No Comments

Hi guys, Emyli here — your dating coach for men. Different versions of the question, “What am I doing wrong on the first date?” is something I often encounter when…

First Date Tips for Men

Top 12 First Date Tips for Men That Will Help You Get a Second Date

Emyli Lovz | First Date | No Comments

As an experienced dating coach, I’ve strategized with men from all over the world on how to structure a successful first date. First dates might seem nerve-wracking, but they can…

questions to ask a girl on a first date

Top 25 Questions to Ask a Girl on a First Date

Emyli Lovz | First Date | No Comments

What are the top questions to ask a girl on a first date? The first three dates are pretty crucial when it comes to potentially moving forward with someone long-term….


Does Height Matter to Women While Dating?

Does Height Matter to Women While Dating?

Emyli Lovz | Confidence | No Comments

Does height matter to women while dating? This is a question I’m often asked by male clients. Many of the men I speak to are concerned that being short puts…

how to be confident when dating a girl you like

How to Be Confident When Dating a Girl You Like

Emyli Lovz | Confidence | No Comments

Are you wondering how to be confident when dating a girl you like? You’ve come to the right place. Even the most self-assured people can find their confidence shaken when…

Why Feeling Worthy Will Help You Attract Any Woman?

Why Feeling Worthy Will Help You Attract Any Woman

Emyli Lovz | Confidence | No Comments

How does feeling worthy help you attract women? If you believe that you’re awesome, there’s a high chance that other people are going to believe it too. Without even saying…


simple rules for texting a woman you like

7 Simple Rules for Texting a Woman You Like

Emyli Lovz | Conversation | No Comments

Hey guys! Today, I’d like to share my 7 simple rules for texting a woman you like. But before I get into it, I’d like us all to take a…

How to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl Over Text

How to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl Over Text

Emyli Lovz | Conversation | No Comments

Hey there, it’s Emyli–America’s #1 Dating Coach and founder of Today, I’m excited to talk about how to keep a conversation going with a girl over text. It’s a…

how to keep the conversation going with a girl on a date

How to Keep the Conversation Going With a Girl on a Date

Emyli Lovz | Conversation | No Comments

You’ve worked up the courage to talk to her, and somehow built up the inner strength to ask her out on a date. At this point, instead of feeling relieved,…


dating a vegetarian

5 Things to Know When Dating a Vegetarian Woman

Emyli Lovz | Relationships | No Comments

Are you dating a vegetarian? Vegetarianism has become extremely mainstream in recent years. The popularity of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle has also made dining out much easier, with vegetarian…

casual dating

Should You Casual Date a Woman Who Wants a Serious Relationship?

Emyli Lovz | Relationships | No Comments

Should you be casually dating a woman who wants a serious relationship? The short answer is “no,” but allow me to elaborate on that. No, you should not be casually…

how to maintain your long term relationship

How to Maintain Your Long Term Relationship with These 4 Sex Secrets

Sandy Funches | Relationships | No Comments

Almost every couple starts off their relationship with excitement, euphoria, and unbridled passion. In the beginning, intense emotions fill every aspect of your life from grocery shopping to the sex,…


how to attract women by keeping your calendar full

How to Attract Women By Keeping Your Calendar Full

Emyli Lovz | Attraction | No Comments

If you want to know how to attract women, one of the best strategies you can use is megadating. Megadating is a dating process that involves dating several people at…

is love at first sight real

Is Love at First Sight Real?

Emyli Lovz | Attraction | No Comments

Is love at first sight real? Or, are those butterflies in your stomach simply the result of a strong initial attraction?  Discerning between love, lust, and infatuation can be a…

11 Signs That You're Attracted to an Emotionally Unavailable Woman

11 Signs That You’re Attracted to an Emotionally Unavailable Woman

Emyli Lovz | Attraction | No Comments

Wondering if you’re attracted to an emotionally unavailable woman? Finding yourself attracted to someone who won’t reciprocate your feelings is rough, but what happens when that person seemingly returns your…


avoiding dating violence

Avoiding Dating Violence and Defeat by Harnessing It For Positive Change

Ted Stalcup | Health | No Comments

Dating is supposed to be fun: you go out, you meet new and interesting people, and you make fulfilling new connections. If you ask your friends about dating, they tell…

how to deal with hair loss and reverse balding for men

How to Deal with Hair Loss and Reverse Balding for Men in their 20’s and 30’s and Beyond

Guest Expert | Health | No Comments

As a adolescent and teenager I always wondered what I’d look like in my 20’s and 30’s. I figured I’d maintain my handsome looks and continue to attract women just…

how to get rid of acne

How to Get Rid of Acne Like a Boss

Emyli Lovz | Health | No Comments

It’s Emyli again, America’s online dating coach for men & women. You’re watching EmLovzTV, your place to be if you are trying to meet and attract the perfect partner. Today…

SF Bay Area

second date rules for men

Second Date Rules for Men & The Church of 8 Wheels

Ted Stalcup | SF Bay Area, Strategy | No Comments

If you can perform basic feats of logic, you know that if you succeed on your first date then you will need to put together a second one. If you…

finding love in san francisco

The Top 5 Strategies To Finding A Long Term Relationship in the San Francisco Bay Area

Emyli Lovz | SF Bay Area | No Comments

Are you looking for love, marriage, or a long term relationship here in the San Francisco Bay Area? Let me re-frame that…..are you STILL looking for love, marriage, or a long…

Who Pays on a First Date in the Bay Area Men or Women

Who Pays on a First Date in the Bay Area, Men or Women?

Emyli Lovz | SF Bay Area | No Comments

During my 100 date experiment back in 2011, I quickly discovered that the first date bill could be pretty awkward. Some guys had no problem picking it up, while others…

3 Ways a Dating Coach for Men Can Help You

Are you new to dating and not sure where to start? Maybe you're a dating veteran, but just can't find Ms. Right? Whatever the situation, you've landed on my website because you want to attract more women, learn how to avoid the friendzone, or reach goals like getting a girlfriend or finding a wife. And you're not alone - thousands of men land on my website each month looking for the most recent, cutting edge dating tips for men.

A qualified dating coach for men can cut down on the amount of time it would normally take you to reach these goals. However, not all dating coaches are created equal. Make sure you choose a coach who is qualified - like me, they've done the real life work, and can use their past experiences to create rock-solid strategies for their clients. As promised, here are 3 ways a qualified dating coach can help you:

  1. A qualified dating coach acts as your personal dating consultant. They will fully listen as you explain your current challenges and roadblocks. They will create realistic, individualized strategies for you to follow. They'll also analyze all of your previous dating patterns and trends, which may uncover subliminal reasons why you may be failing.
  2. A qualified dating coach holds you accountable for reaching your goals. They will not let your potential limiting beliefs or bad habits get in the way. They give you an outside, objectionable opinion that you may not always agree with. Last, but not least, they limit any change-pain by creating logical, step by step action plans.
  3. A qualified dating coach will speed up your success rate. You might be asking me what this means? Well, for example, let's say that you want to learn how to play poker (with an end goal of having a side income). And let's say you decide to learn this new game all by yourself. Chances are you'll lose a lot of money with this trial and error strategy. The same goes for dating - it's a skill, and it must be learned. Having a dating coach for men at your disposal to ask how, why, when, and what is a surefire way for you to increase your odds of getting date #2, date #3, and eventually to your goals.

2 Online Dating Tips for Men That Will Get You Responses

Are you wondering why only 1 of 50 women respond to your online dating messages? Did you land here looking for online dating tips for men to increase this low 2% response rate? If so, you found the right site. Every day, I help single men navigate the treacherous waters of online dating. I'm here to support you whether you're looking for my personal help as your dating coach, or if you just want to browse my online dating articles.

First things first- online dating is super competitive. As a dating coach, I've seen it all. You need to be smart and tactful to stand out from the thousands of single men in your city, who are all competing for the same high quality women. Most attractive women receive up to 50 to 100 messages per day. Do you think they have time to read all these messages? Of course not! So here are a couple of my favorite online dating tips to help you get started:

1. In your first 10 words to her, you need to convey commonality and relate through shared interests. I know what you are thinking: "Emyli, does this mean I need to read through her entire profile?" Nope - be smart with your time. Most dating sites have an "interests" section - just scroll there to do some quick recon work. She's more likely to click on your message if she sees in the message preview area that you have something in common with her.

For example, do you both love the musician Drake? If so, ask her what her favorite Drake song is. Then back it up with your favorite is and why, so she knows you aren't full of it. And guys, don't lie or force something that isn't there. It will only lead to a failure.

2. One of my favorite online dating tips for men is teaching my mega-messaging strategy! Mega-messaging is the process of messaging many women at the same time, with the goal soon thereafter, Megadating. Understand that online dating is a numbers game. The more women you effectively message means the more responses you get. Period. So how can I help you save time and energy when messaging hundreds of women? Download my mega-messaging template here.

2 First Date Tips for Men that Work

Do you have a first date coming up? Looking for some first date tips? Not sure whether to take her to dinner, for a coffee, on a hike, or something else? If you talk with 10 dating coaches, chances are you'll get different answers. However, after my 100 date experiment in 2011, the answer was very clear to me. Here are a couple of my favorite first date tips that will lead you to what needs to be your goal - securing date #2.

1. First dates should under 1 hour with no more than $10 to $15 spent out of your pocket. That's right guys - don't even think of inviting her to dinner. Not only is a first date dinner an unnecessary spend of money, but you aren't making her work for much. Going to dinner with you should be a prize that she can win after two previous interactions with you.

So what can you do for under 1 hour that's no more than $15? Lots of things. Invite her to coffee, but just don't sit in the coffee shop - go out for a walk and explore your city. You could take her for a single drink at a nice lounge near where she lives. Maybe you can find something from her online dating profile that she enjoys doing that is under $15.

2. Another one of my first date tips for men is to let her know during the beginning of date #1 that you have something planned in about one hour. Doing this will relieve any timing related pressure on the both of you. Plus, it makes you look social and fun- that you have a base of friends or something important you have to do.

NOTE: It's really important that you actually have something planned with friends after this 1 hour date. Why? Well, if you are enjoying your time with her, you could invite her to join your next activity. Women love spur of the moment opportunities. Plus she probably planned an initial couple of hours of her time for your date anyway. The great news is, her coming along with you ultimately means a guaranteed second date.

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