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getting mixed signals from a woman

Wondering why you’re getting mixed signals from a woman you like? Well, our dating culture isn’t as predictable as it used to be. 

If you married in the 50s, it’s likely that your wife would have gone to your church, attended your school, or even lived in the apartment next to your family. You’d date for a couple of years and get married around the age of 21. This was the standard romantic trajectory Keep Reading

falling in love too fast with women

The poets illustrated the act many years ago. 

We don’t coast into love, nor do we pry, or slip into it – we fall. Uncontrollably and without end our hearts are in free fall when we fall in love. The poets had it right. When we fall for someone we don’t make the choice to do so. This act of having your heart belong to someone else is one that’s typically celebrated. But what if Keep Reading

how to pursue a woman you're interested in

America’s favorite pastime isn’t baseball, couponing, or line dancing; it’s the hunt. Yeah, I’m talking about men pursuing women. 

Really all over the world, the one thing that all men have in common -even more so than their collective hatred of taxes- is the yearning to pursue women. 

Ever since the US was just a bundle of discontented colonies, the flirting and pursuing of women was in full swing. Back in the 17th century, the Keep Reading

signs a woman is attracted to you sexually

Looking for signs a woman is attracted to you sexually? Let it be known that sexually aroused women are like third base coaches. 

Both have an arsenal of non-verbal signs that are meant specifically for you. These signs are dispatched in secretive ways so as not to upset those around. Signs are disguised to the point that only a well-trained eye will pick up on the nuances. 

If you’re a MegaDater, you’ve seen all Keep Reading

how to make a woman want you sexually

Wondering how to make a woman want you sexually. You’re not alone. This is an ancient practice that dates back to when man first discovered that his penis could be used for something other than urination. 

Since this fortuitous discovery, the world has been turned upside down. Ask Freud and he’ll tell you that every drive is motivated by one of two things: aggression or sex. Then again Freud was a glorified psychoanalyst that had Keep Reading

qualities of a good man

Looking for the 20 qualities of a good man that all relationship-minded women crave? Before diving into the psyche of a relationship-minded woman, let’s first juxtapose her with her counterpart. 

Many a man will tell his buddy that women love rich dudes with large “johnsons”. Who knows how many card tables and man caves this line has passed through. There’s some truth to these hyper-masculine claims, but it can’t be applied to all women. Keep Reading

is she playing hard to get with me


Years ago before my boyfriend and I entered into a serious relationship he was confused as to whether I was playing hard to get or just wanted to be friends. He knew I was finishing up my 100-date experiment (MegaDating), so he couldn’t be certain that the feelings he had for me were mutual. To get to the heart of the matter he decided to forgo the subtle dance of courtship, opting … Keep Reading