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qualities of a good man

Looking for the 20 qualities of a good man that all relationship-minded women crave? Before diving into the psyche of a relationship-minded woman, let’s first juxtapose her with her counterpart. 

Many a man will tell his buddy that women love rich dudes with large “johnsons”. Who knows how many card tables and man caves this line has passed through. There’s some truth to these hyper-masculine claims, but it can’t be applied to all women. Keep Reading

flowers on a first date

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Should I bring flowers on a first date?” The answer to this question is a tricky one. After all, you don’t want to come across as needy, but you do want to stand out from the competition. I pose this question because a client and I recently went on a mock date, and he brought me a flower, which motivated me to explore the concept of gift-giving.


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is she playing hard to get with me


Years ago before my boyfriend and I entered into a serious relationship he was confused as to whether I was playing hard to get or just wanted to be friends. He knew I was finishing up my 100-date experiment (MegaDating), so he couldn’t be certain that the feelings he had for me were mutual. To get to the heart of the matter he decided to forgo the subtle dance of courtship, opting … Keep Reading

no physical contact on the second date


It’s the first sense a baby acquires. Even before they can scream they’re already palpating the womb in search of information. Touch is the magic that waitresses conjure to coerce a few more dollars out of your pocket and the same tool that co-workers use to convince you to agree with their terrible ideas.

Before there was sight, hearing, smell, and taste, there was touch. Humans have been deploying this most ancient of senses … Keep Reading

ways to show affection to a woman

Looking for ways to show affection to a woman you’re dating?

How many times have you thought everything was going fine with a woman you just started dating, only to find out later that she feels like you “just don’t care?”

It’s no secret that men and women often have problems communicating. And it’s no one’s fault. We’re just different. But when it comes to getting a new relationship off to a good start, you … Keep Reading

female body language in dating

Body language is the quickest form of communication and largely influences how we are perceived by others. Nothing is more truthful than what our body language conveys. Hence the saying “the body never lies.” Female body language is no exception. 

This is why it is so useful to know how to read a woman’s nonverbal cues, and to understand the signals that your body is giving off in dating. 

Reading Female Body Language

Learning to Keep Reading

body language signs she's not into you

Looking for body language signs she’s not into you?

Her dislike of the conversation, the fact that you wore a tie to a date, or your coffee breath will never be explicit. And most likely, you don’t want it to be. As much as we think we’re tough, humans often feel their egos cripple at the sound of the unflattering truth. Knowing this, we often keep our criticisms to ourselves.

Your date will never give … Keep Reading

what do girls like in guys

Coming up with an online dating profile isn’t easy. And, let’s be honest — approaching women in person isn’t easy, either. Obviously, you want to put your best foot forward and show her your best qualities. But that raises the ultimate question: What do girls like in guys? No doubt, it can be a tough nut to crack.

Before we get into it, though, I want to warn you — nothing turns a woman off … Keep Reading