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tinder hacks for guys

62% of the 10 million active daily users on Tinder are men. Did you just feel your heart have a reverse Grinch effect and shrink three sizes? Informing you of the reality of online dating shouldn’t depress, but galvanize the romantic within.

Yes there are a lot of men, but where there are men there are also women. Tinder counts 3.5 million female users among its ranks making it the most popular dating app for … Keep Reading

dating app photo tips for guys

It doesn’t matter how non-superficial you think the dating application you’re using is –photos matter. Even Pablo Neruda would struggle to score matches if his profile consisted of a series of Snapchat filtered selfies.

Photos attract the user’s attention with glaring efficiency. Despite your bio write-up being worthy of a Pulitzer, no one will bother to read it if your photos are lacking.

Luckily there are no doubt some mistakes you’re making that can be … Keep Reading

better than tinder

There’s no denying that Tinder is king. But like the kings of old, it also has its defects.

Tinder boasts more than 8 million users within the US alone and has reigned supreme ever since its inception in 2012. It’s myriad of users means that the mating pool is the largest among dating apps and its interface will keep users swiping until their thumbs are callous. Despite these boons, Tinder is lacking in some departments … Keep Reading

bumble hacks for guys

Bumble was launched in late 2014 and has quickly emerged as Tinder’s stiffest competition. Just a few short years after its inception and Bumble now has 40 million registered users to its name and can boast having created 2 billion matches and counting.

The app that’s been billed as the ‘feminist’s answer to Tinder’ is designed with women in mind. This female-first attitude should be a signal for men to jump on board as … Keep Reading

bumble versus tinder

Vanilla versus chocolate. Star Wars versus Star Trek. Dark meat versus white meat. Bumble vs Tinder.

When it comes to the great online dating app debate, are you more of a Bumble or Tinder person?

Bumble and Tinder are two of the arguably most popular dating apps. And although Tinder is the first dating app to make swiping right and left mainstream, Bumble has definitely made a major name for itself. But when it comes … Keep Reading

tonight dating app review

When it comes to online dating, do you find yourself spending more time messaging than going out on actual dates? Are you sick of mindlessly swiping to no avail? Enter the Tonight dating app. The Tonight dating app takes messaging out of the equation by setting up a date for you. It’s basically like having a matchmaker in your pocket at all times (or purse, depending on where you keep your smartphone).

So should … Keep Reading

dating apps like tinder

Looking for dating apps like Tinder without the hookup stigma? I’ve got you covered.

First of all, let me say that I am not opposed to Tinder. In fact, I recommend my male clients download Tinder along with other apps when entering the dating scene. Tinder is an extremely popular app. In fact, you could say that it paved the way for all the other dating apps out there. Furthermore, Tinder is a big part … Keep Reading

best bumble bios for guys

When it comes to matching on dating apps like Bumble, you need to make a good (albeit, quick) impression. And, no, it isn’t all about the photos. While combing through different profiles, women keep their eyes peeled for the best Bumble bios.

Your Bumble bio can be the difference between a right or left swipe — particularly when it comes to apps and dating sites that are geared toward a relationship-oriented audience. Bumble comes … Keep Reading