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bumble prompt responses for guys

Hello, my single friends. In case you haven’t heard, Bumble just released new prompts to their profile offerings to help users connect with each other better. If you’d like to learn more about this and see some real-life examples of people who are doing a good job with their responses, click here.

If you’re looking to stand out from the competition and are ready to create your own prompt responses, I’ve got some fun … Keep Reading

best bumble answers for guys

For those of you who are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to stand out from the competition on dating apps, this article is for you. In it, I’m going to show you real examples of the best Bumble answers to use in your profile. You’ll also learn simple strategies for crafting funny and creative responses. I’ll even give you some super secret Bumble hacks to optimize for higher quantity and quality … Keep Reading

dating app cove review

I’ve been testing a new dating app called Cove, which is designed to help users determine if there’s chemistry before meeting in real life. If you want the full nitty gritty on how it works read this article, but to briefly summarize – users of the app play compatibility games, then sequentially send text, voice, and video messages before exchanging phone numbers.

I thought it might be helpful to share my thoughts and … Keep Reading

dating apps not working for you

Dating apps not working for you? Let’s start with some numbers. Over 40 million Americans have signed up for dating applications. 27% of young adults are active users and those between the ages of 55-64 have seen a 6% user increase from 2013-2015.

Young, old, or somewhere in between, you can be certain of finding other singles online. With now over 30% of relationships starting with the assistance of a dating application it’s safe to … Keep Reading

no likes on tinder

Launched in just 2012, Tinder was the first dating app designed for young people to slice through the online dating stigma. What was once seen as a practice that only the socially inept engaged in has now been used by more than 40 million Americans.

With 38% of its 40 million users being between the ages of 18-24 and another 45% of users between the ages of 25-34, it’s clear that this app is a … Keep Reading

how dating app cove works

How many times have you arrived to a first date only to be horribly underwhelmed by a woman who looks nothing like her photo? WORST. FEELING. EVER. But it doesn’t have to happen anymore.

A new dating app called Cove verifies the authenticity of every match by adding voice and video messaging to the mix. Bye bye bots and scammers. This concept is disrupting the dating industry by creating a safer experience for both men Keep Reading

how to start a conversation on tinder

Wondering how to start a conversation on Tinder? While it used to be the “hookup app” that nobody really took seriously, Tinder is now a huge part of how we meet people. But how do you start a conversation on Tinder with a woman who literally gets 100 messages a day or more?

First, let’s go back to how things were IRL for a second. If you wanted to get to know an attractive woman Keep Reading

addicted to dating apps

The world of dating apps sucks you in slowly. First, you put your profile up with high hopes. You check for notifications constantly. Then, you find your dream woman (or let’s be honest, a few) and spend hours writing witty, personalized messages … only to be ignored.

Crushed, you come back and hit it hard. Maybe you start banging out a bunch of “Hey, beautiful” notes to your B list. And from that point on, Keep Reading