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are we dating

Just a couple decades ago it seemed as though there was a limited number of ways that a romantic relationship could be defined. Either two people were dating, they weren’t, or they were a couple. But since then romantic relationships have evolved. In the process of this romantic liberation things got a bit messy. Nowadays two people having a good time with each other don’t feel as obligated to define their dynamic. If they do … Keep Reading

how to tell a girl you like her

Wondering how to tell a girl you like her without appearing desperate?

All the greatest writers abide by the same maxim, “show, don’t tell.” To tell is to explicitly tell the reader how a character feels. To show however is to describe the action that indicates anger.

Telling a woman you’re into her is no different. Instead of flat out informing her of your feelings, show her: touch her in a caring manner, compliment her, Keep Reading

how to get out of your head on a date

There aren’t many situations that cause as much self-analysis as a first or second date. If you’re someone who is desperate to get out of your head on a date, you’re not alone.

The pressure that comes with a date (especially one where you’re with someone you really, really like) can elicit overwhelming anxiety in even the coolest of cucumbers.

Focusing inwardly and allowing jitters to overwhelm you can sabotage a budding romance before it’s … Keep Reading

Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

What are the top questions to ask a girl you like? When it comes to building a romantic connection with someone, the conversation is key. Moreover, you need to ask the right type of questions to win her over. When you ask the right questions before asking a woman out and during your dates, it’s easier to escalate sexual tension and discern whether or not this is the right person for you.

But coming up … Keep Reading

how to explain a lack of relationship history to a woman

If you’re asking this question yourself, it may come as a surprise that a lack of relationship history isn’t all that uncommon.

In a world where social media saturates our respective feeds with engagement shoots, wedding photos and other things that fall under the category of #RelationshipGoals, it’s easy to feel outnumbered. But remember, lots of people are lacking in the relationship history department. And a lack of relationship history doesn’t mean you can’t find … Keep Reading

why doesn't she respond to my texts

“Why doesn’t she respond to my texts?” Do you find yourself asking this question ad nauseam? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lots of guys find themselves in a rut when it comes to the early stages of dating, and getting ghosted or R-bombed is an unfortunate — yet common — part of it. 

There are several reasons that a woman might not respond to your texts, but not all of them have to do with … Keep Reading

simple rules for texting a woman you like

Hey guys! Today, I’d like to share my 7 simple rules for texting a woman you like. But before I get into it, I’d like us all to take a moment to feel gratitude for the text message. Do you feel it? You should!

I mean, just a few years ago, before texting became really mainstream, you’d have to pick up the phone and talk to the person you were trying to get a date Keep Reading

How to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl Over Text

Today, I’m excited to talk about how to keep a conversation going with a girl over text. It’s a hot topic and it has been for a while, considering how heavily we all rely on texting for pretty much everything social these days.

When it comes to dating, we should all consider ourselves lucky to live in the age of the internet. Before smartphones, guys had two options when wanting to get to know a Keep Reading