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How to Make Her Laugh

How to Make Her Laugh

Are you asking yourself the question: “how to make her laugh?” Maybe you wanna learn how to make a girl laugh on a date. Or, maybe you want to learn how to make her laugh over text messages

If so, you came to the right place! 

During my 100 date experiment, I went on a total of 101 dates with 52 different men. Some made me laugh and smile, but most were super serious! Sure I didn’t mind learning about the serious man’s startup, hobbies, or passions. But if he couldn’t make me laugh on a first date, then chances were I wouldn’t see him for a second. Unfortunately, he naturally ended up in the dreaded friendzone

In fact, date #92 of 101 was super funny and made me laugh quite often. During our first three dates, he was especially witty. I could tell he was very present and had some improvisation skills (whether or not he knew it). He eventually became my boyfriend of now 5 years. We’ll dive into his tactics shortly. 

If you aren’t very funny, witty, or good at improv- don’t stress out. Making women laugh takes patience and practice. Start with some of my tips below, and you’ll be off to a good start. Let’s dive in to today’s article on how to make her laugh. 

How To Make Her Laugh on a Date

Let’s say you’ve successfully scored a date with a girl you really like. I recommend that you mentally prepare a few things ahead of time- which will give you an advantage when trying to make her laugh. Don’t mistake this with using cheesy pickup lines or routines on your date. That’s not what I’m advising. In fact, never-ever memorize lines to make a girl laugh, smile, feel good, or feel bad. Instead, think about doing the following: 

Play a Game on Your Date

This is what my now-boyfriend did so well during our first date. It was April 2012, and we agreed to meet up at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. At first, we walked along the beach for awhile. Then we watched all the cute dogs running in and out of the cold Pacific Ocean waters. Lastly we waited for the sun to go down. After, we decided to grab a beer and some food at a restaurant across the street. 

When we arrived at the restaurant, we had an option of either sitting downstairs or upstairs. Downstairs seemed casual, but offered no ocean views. So we decided to grab a table upstairs. Little did we know, upstairs was the super fancy portion of the restaurant.

Eventually the waitress dropped off a couple of menus. There were 3 entrees listed on the menu. We decided to order a beer because neither of us could decide on what to eat. About 10 minutes goes by and we’re still looking over the menu. 

Then my now-boyfriend looks over to me and says “Hey, let’s play a game.” I immediately smiled. He asked me to silently rank each of the three dinner options from 1 to 10. He was going to rank them in his head as well. Then, the game included us blurting out our rankings at the same time.

It was a super cute game. I almost died laughing as we simultaneously blurted out our super low rankings. So we ditched the high end restaurant and bounced across town to a deep dish pizza joint location. 

Make a Joke About Yourself

When all else fails, make your date laugh by cracking a joke about yourself. This is a great technique used by almost every comedian in the world. People love it when you can bash on yourself and be unaffected by it.  

Examples include: if you are a foodie, make a joke about your big belly. Tell her that you love food more than your abs (while sticking out your gut). Or, if you are balding, crack a joke about your receding hairline.

Hey, I even have personal guy friend who has a third nipple. When we go to bars around town, he shows it off to make women laugh all the time. 

The point is, don’t take yourself so seriously. If you have an insecurity, use it to your advantage. Take a moment and think about how you could make a joke about yourself on your next date. It’s a great strategy that will help you stop questioning yourself on how to make her laugh. 

Use Situational Funnies

You might be asking me what the heck a situational funny is. Before I explain, I want to discuss why being present and having some improv skills are important in the dating game.

Being present is turning off your smartphone. It’s making great eye contact with your date. It’s shutting off the voice in the back of your head when you are with another person. It’s about living and experiencing the world around you. Try it, and you’ll become a master at dating.

Improv is the ability to come up with random cool things to say, that’s aren’t scripted or prepared ahead of time. I urge you to never write out things to say on a date, ahead of time. 

So what is a situational funny? It’s when something out of your control happens around you that makes you stop, laugh, or smile. An example of this from my experiment was when I went on a second date with a guy, and his friend joined along.

His friend noticed some cheese hanging down my dates chin. He looked at me and nodded. He was using body language to point out the cheesy situational funny. I almost died laughing. 

How to Make Her Laugh Over Text Messages

Now let’s say your date has ended. Or, perhaps you used my top 10 online dating tips to score a number from a new girl you met from an dating site. What could you say to make her laugh over a text? Here’s some strategies for you to explore when trying to make her smile and laugh when you aren’t in person: 

Own Your Personality

Don’t be someone you’re not, and always own who you are. Practice being the same person you are in person as you are on text. During my dating experiment, it was always a turnoff when the nice guy in person tried to be the bad-boy after the date on text.  

When I was single and having a rough day, I really appreciated when guys made me laugh over text messages. As an example, my boyfriend always used to text me “don’t trip chocolate chip.” It was so silly and stupid that it always made me laugh and smile. He would have said that to my face as well. That’s being true to your personality. 

Relive Any Shared Hilarious Experiences

This one applies to when you’ve already met a girl for a date. Side note: I’m hoping you followed my first date rules and secured a second date while on that first date.

But if you didn’t, reignite the conversation by sending her a text to relive a funny shared experience you had on your first date. This will help you close for another date.  

Advice: Women love it when a man remembers moments in time. It doesn’t have to be our birthdays, anniversaries, or another big event. It could simply be when you first met for coffee and that supermodel walked in, broke her high heel, and fell to the ground. That will get her to laugh instantly. 

Send a GIF &  Smiley Faces

So the girl that you are seeing…what does she love? Maybe it’s fat bulldogs. If so, try sending her a funny bulldog GIF via text. She’ll most certainly laugh and smile. If you haven’t met up with the girl yet, check out her Facebook page or online dating profile. You’ll definitely find out what she loves if you read her interests section. 

I also recommend that you end each text message conversation with a smiley face. This implies that you don’t just want to be her friend. There are so many types of smiley faces on today’s smartphones. Pick out the one that you think will make her laugh or smile. 

Want My Support?

As a dating coach, I help my clients strategize on not only making their dates laugh, but also on serious things like securing more dates, converting first dates into second and third dates, getting a girlfriend, finding a wife, and so on. If you want some personal support from me, feel free to book a new client Skype session on my calendar today. I love working with smart, hardworking men looking to conquer their dating goals. 

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