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Cunnilingus Tips for Guys

Looking for a few cunnilingus tips? If so, you’re not alone. When it comes to women’s bodies, we’re all a bit confused. 

The “we” I’m referring to isn’t just men or women, doctors or students, but everyone. From misdiagnosing heart attacks in females to thinking that an intact hymen signifies virginity when it comes to female equipment, we really don’t have a clue. Nowhere are women’s bodies and minds more misunderstood than when it comes Keep Reading

dating wellness programs

In 1943 an intellectual bomb in the form of Maslow’s seminal paper, “A Theory of Human Motivation” exploded on the psychology community. Within the paper, Maslow unpacks a hierarchy of needs that all humans need to quench in order to discover a heightened sense of wellbeing. To be a happy, contributing member of society, each level of the pyramid must be fulfilled. However, Maslow posited that if one segment of the pyramid isn’t … Keep Reading

reactive attachment disorder in adults

Do you feel like you are always blowing it with women? And you don’t know why you can’t seem to date anyone for more than a few weeks? If so, you may be dating with Reactive Attachment Disorder in Adults (RAD) and not even know it.

Basically, it’s a scientific explanation for why you’re always single. Let’s start by taking a look at how this develops from childhood.

The Development of Reactive Attachment Disorder

Keep Reading
how to deal with anxiety when dating

Wondering how to deal with anxiety when dating a woman you really like?

Remember when you were a kid and you had a crush on the popular girl? And you didn’t think that she would ever give you the time of day? I’m sure you can remember that. We all have crushes in our lives, and along with them comes doubt and anxiety.

But now you’re an adult. So why are you asking yourself the … Keep Reading

should i be manscaping before a date

“Should I be manscaping before a date?” That’s quite a question. In other news, this may be the most TMI article I’ve written.

But the question has been asked so, as a professional, I am here to answer it.

The short answer is “no,” because — if you want to find a long-term, compatible relationship — you need to steer clear of first date sex.

Later in this article, I’ll delve a little deeper … Keep Reading

what is a sedentary lifestyle

Is your sedentary lifestyle putting you in a dating rut? A sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy dating life may not seem mutually exclusive, but there are many ways that being inactive can have a detrimental effect on your love life. In fact, it can even hamper your efforts when it comes to finding a long term, compatible girlfriend.

In this article, I’ll talk about what it means to have a sedentary lifestyle (you may be Keep Reading

dating with adhd

Dating can be a difficult road for anyone to navigate. When you’re dating with ADHD, the journey becomes even more complicated. Forgetfulness, becoming easily distracted and other symptoms that are characteristic of ADHD can be extremely frustrating and may make you want to withdraw from dating altogether.

First, ditch the criticism. Adult ADHD is more common than you think and more and more people have been making a point to address their ADHD. The number Keep Reading

dating lessons

There have been a lot of articles written about obstacle races and “tough mudder” events. Most of those articles tend to gravitate towards a discussion about facing down personal challenges, digging deep within yourself to discover previously untapped wells of strength, and learning something new about yourself.

There is not a thing wrong with any of those articles; that is all true. However, this is a dating advice site and there ought to be some … Keep Reading