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first date questions to ask a woman

Are you looking for the best first date questions to ask a woman on an upcoming date? Smart guy. The first three dates are crucial when it comes to moving forward with a potential mate. First impressions are so important in fact that you’re going to want to make sure you come prepared. You’ll need to have a solid list of first date questions to ask that don’t make her feel like she’s in an … Keep Reading

What to text her after the first date

While I understand you’ve arrived on this article because you want to know what to text her after the first date, the majority of what I’m about to tell you is why you actually shouldn’t. Texting between dates is dicey.

Too much communication, especially thoughtless, superficial messages (like the below examples) have the unintended consequence of sabotaging sexual attraction.

Example of a bad text after the first dateBad text to send a woman because it's basic AFWeak text message example to send a womanIf you’re repeatedly seeing text message conversations with women fizzle out, then you might be killing … Keep Reading

she didn't text me back after the first date

Randall Munroe is a NASA-roboticist that likes to apply his nerdy brain to answering life’s more absurd question. While taking a break from engineering robotic arms that would be installed on the newest space shuttle, Munroe turned his focus towards Earth. He wanted to calculate the odds of finding a soul mate. By using rules laid down by dozens of sappy romantic novels paired with whimsy and a dash of hard science, Munroe concluded that … Keep Reading

how to have a successful first date

So, you finally got her to agree to go out with you, and now it’s game time. No doubt, you may have some nerves (unless you’ve been MegaDating, in which case, you’ve learned to take every first date in stride!).

Either way, you want to make sure you have a successful first date, am I right? Well, believe it or not, you don’t have to leave it up to chance. There are a lot Keep Reading

what to do on a first date

To begin, give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back. Having a woman respond in the affirmative when you ask her out instead of opting for a night of Netflix binging is in fact a worthy achievement. She’s choosing to spend time with you instead of getting intimate with her recliner and having her mind blown by the newest Black Mirror episodes.

That being said, if she’s chosen you instead of Netflix, you better make … Keep Reading

calming first date nerves

Wondering how to calm first date nerves? Ever try and shift your mindset?

To get someone to say “yes” to a real-life date these days can be incredibly difficult (but not so hard if you get someone to help you, wink wink).

Still, it’s no wonder that first dates can produce a TON of anxiety. If you’re in that boat, believe me, you’re not alone.

One thing you can do to calm first Keep Reading

why is she ignoring me after a first date

“Why is she ignoring me after the first date?” The answers to this question vary based on a variety of factors. Regardless of the reason, receiving radio silence after a first date is brutal, particularly when you felt there was chemistry with the person.

But rather than wallow, take this experience as an opportunity to grow and move forward. One of the reasons I experienced so much success (and, ultimately, found a long-term, compatible … Keep Reading

How to Overcome Anxiety on a First Date with a Girl

Are you wondering what to talk about on a first date? First dates are nerve-wracking. You want to make a good impression and connect. However, there is a lot of awkwardness that comes with getting to know someone on a romantic level.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you enter the first date armed with the right questions, confidence and a dash of charm, you’ll be on your way to success.… Keep Reading