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9 Signs a First Date Went Well with a Woman

9 Signs a First Date Went Well with a Woman

9 Signs a First Date Went Well with a Woman

When a woman is really a match for you, it’s obvious right away. Sometimes it’s hard to explain in words how you know she is different… but you just do. Is it the way she treated you? The cute way she laughed at your jokes? Those amazing eyes you couldn’t stop staring into? Whatever it is, within minutes, you can practically check off all the signs a first date went well.

Such a great feeling, isn’t it? But of course, as an expert dating coach and matchmaker, I like to break it down to a science.

So what exactly are those signs a first date went well? And most importantly, how do you recognize them? If you can learn these signs, then you can put your mind at ease and let your confidence grow. You can embrace the last moments of the date, knowing that you have a real chance at something amazing.

Sound good? Let’s dive in.

Top 9 Signs That a First Date Went Well

Here’s what I consider to be the top signs a first date went well with a woman. If you see these signs, congratulations… full steam ahead! If not? Better start pumping the brakes.

#1: She Already Agreed to a Second Date

Of course, getting a “yes” to a second date is the biggest sign that a first date went well. But to get that “yes,” you have to do a couple of key things.

First, ask for it!

Guys continue to surprise me with great first date stories that didn’t involve asking for the second date. Some arguments they use include “I didn’t want to put her on the spot” or “I was afraid she wouldn’t be interested and then it would be awkward.”

I don’t think you’re crazy, but here’s what I have to say about it. If you are good at reading body language and non-verbal cues, then you won’t be “guessing” at how she feels. You’ll know that she’s somewhat interested, which means she won’t feel put on the spot. She’ll be excited.

And if she still happens to say no… who cares? If you are MegaDating (i.e., dating multiple women at once) you will not be overly invested in this one woman, so it’s worth taking the risk based on your hunch.

Second, be clear about your second date idea.

Strike the phrase “We should hang out sometime again” from your head forever. No more vague date proposals. Instead, give her a TDL. That stands for Time, Date, Location.

In other words, you want to be sure to include all three of those elements when you ask for the second date. Your date proposal will sound something like this: “That’s so awesome that we’re both into street art. I heard about a graffiti tour happening this Saturday at 1 in the afternoon… want to come with me?”

She has to answer this… after all, it’s a direct question. But if you had said something noncommittal like “we should do this again…” you may not get that second date lined up.

One more tip: Try to have the second date idea planned out ahead of time. That way you won’t be scrambling.

#2: She Looks Back at You After the Date is Over

A simple, yet classic sign. After the date, did she walk away, then look back at you over her shoulder to give you a big smile?

That’s flirtation, excitement, and a huge signal of interest wrapped up into one. Congratulations. On the flip side, if she wasn’t into it, trust me — she’d be sprinting for her Uber.

#3: She Initiates Communication Right After the Date

If she breaks the old “two-day rule,” you’re golden. That’s definitely one of the signs a first date went well. Getting an unexpected text or — even better — a phone call after an awesome date shows that she’s interested enough to show her cards right away.

Why? Women will compete hard for men they feel are worth it. When they sense that you’re a prime catch, the rules go out the window.

When a woman puts herself out there this way, you might think that she’s after you for superficial reasons. But as I always tell my clients, your biggest asset when it comes to attracting women isn’t just your car, job, or bank account. It’s your confidence level.

Why? Men and women still rely on primitive instincts to assess their potential partners. Many of us don’t like to admit it, but as women, we tend to prefer men who make us feel safe — and the best way to do that is to come across as focused, ambitious, and straightforward as possible. That’s the recipe for confidence.

If you don’t have this confident vibe down yet, that’s okay. A few weeks of MegaDating will take care of that. But once you do, expect many more of your first dates to be texting or calling immediately afterward. (Don’t worry, you can thank me later.)

#4: You Really Want to See Her Again

Also, when looking for signs a first date went well, pay close attention to how you feel. Are you satisfied that the date is over, or are you kind of bummed? Do you feel like you’re pretty much burnt out on the conversation or could you talk for hours more?

You might be used to giving excuses to end first dates quickly (which I do recommend so that your first date is no longer than an hour). But ideally, this should feel a little uncomfortable. If you’ve made a real connection, you’ll end the date secretly wanting more. And that’s probably because you feel like you can be your authentic self around her. You can definitely build on that.

One word of caution, though: Even though you want to see her again, don’t bombard her with texts or voicemail messages right after the date. Let things breathe, because maintaining mystery is super important if you want to build sexual tension. She’s not going to stay interested if you seem clingy or water everything down with meaningless text conversations. So rein in the texts, and just set up a second date using a TDL.

#5: You Want to Take a Break From Dating Apps

Yes, sometimes this happens: You meet a woman so amazing that you consider shutting down your dating app profiles on the spot! Even though 52% of single men are on them, you’re ready to break from the trend. While first dates like this are rare, consider them huge signs that a date went well.

Of course, I don’t recommend that you actually do that. Assuming that you’re MegaDating, you need to have regular dates over a decent period of time so you can compare your prospects more clearly and not get what I call “One-itis.” Remember, no matter who she is, there’s always more fish in the sea!

So curb your urge to shut down your entire dating presence just because of this one date. It’s too early to call… but nevertheless, wanting to take yourself off the market is a positive thing!

#6: You’ve MegaDated 15 Women and This One Seems Different

First, a note on MegaDating: It not only helps you build self-confidence and sharpen your dating skills, but it also gives you time to explore what’s out there discover what you really want in a partner.

Usually by 15 dates or so, you start to get an idea of the type of person you click with. The best part is, you’ll know this based on real-world experience with women in the dating market right now — not on fantasies or assumptions in your head. So once you’ve been on 15 dates, if you meet someone who stands out, that means a lot more than it did before.

Don’t get me wrong: That doesn’t mean you should give up the search immediately. But you should recognize that because of MegaDating, your judgment is much sharper. So don’t pass up this opportunity.

#7: You’re Both Willing to Give Up a Weekend Day to See Each Other Again

This is a biggie. We’re so overworked and stressed these days that weekends are precious. But if you genuinely want to spend your valuable weekend time with this woman you just met… well, you may be on to something good.

Still, you should stay true to your MegaDating strategy (because you never know what will happen). So, consider stacking dates on that weekend day. That means, if you’re meeting up for a hike in the morning with her, you might also schedule a late lunch with someone else that same day. It will keep your confidence high and help you keep things in perspective. If she really is the one, there’s plenty of time to close the deal!

#8: It Feels Like You’ve Known Her Forever

Being able to really open up and be vulnerable with someone you just met is a huge sign that a first date went well. So do you feel like you’ve known her forever? By that I mean, did conversation flow without awkwardness? Were you able to be silent without feeling awkward? Do your perspectives on things seem to match up perfectly? Did you chat for a long time before you parted ways?

That instant feeling of familiarity is what you want. It could even be the sign of a deep spiritual connection, like a soulmate. Follow the feeling and watch to see how it unfolds.

#9: You Feel a Slow and Steady Good Vibe

A lot of us think love should be fireworks and roller coasters. But I’d argue that’s not actually love. Chasing overly intense feelings doesn’t often end in sustainable relationships. While it feels great to lust after someone or get so excited that you start obsessing, that actually may be a sign that you’re headed in the wrong direction.

A better sign of love is the “slow burn.” That’s when you feel warm and happy but not overwhelmed with extreme emotions. When you feel attracted in this way, it’s not only a sign a first date well, but that you have chemistry together that can last a long time.

Signs a First Date Went Well: Wrap-Up

Obviously, there are many signs that a first date went well, so I could go on and on. But I think these are the most important.

The more of these signs you notice on your first date, the better. But again, that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind.

I see lots of guys get excited about a first date, only to ruin their chances by acting in ways that eventually push women away. Of course, they don’t mean to. Some misunderstand what it truly means to be an “alpha” male and exude confidence in a healthy way. Others have anxious attachment styles and can’t help but overtext, killing mystery way too soon. And some have no idea how to structure a first date so things can progress.

I work with my male clients on issues just like this. To be honest, I recommend coaching to anyone, even if you’re just considering our matchmaking services. Why? Because even if you are put in front of the most perfect woman for you, that’s no guarantee the first date will go well — or if it will get to a second date. It still takes skills to make that happen.

The good news is, all of these skills are coachable. You can learn to become the kind of guy who confidently moves things forward with women who are worth the effort. Eventually, you won’t have to worry about signs a first date went well. Instead, you’ll know.

Book an intro call with me or one of my colleagues today to find out more about emlovz coaching and matchmaking programs. We offer one-on-one coaching to customize your dating strategy as well as group sessions that provide additional ideas and support from other guys facing similar issues out there in the dating market. Our team of matchmakers can also help you find hidden prospects who may not be on dating apps. So stop wasting time on mediocre first dates — because your luck is about to change with emlovz.

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