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The Benefits of MegaDating

The Benefits of MegaDating

Are you in search of the best dating strategy to help you find your next serious relationship? Have you heard of the concept of “MegaDating”? 

People always ask me “what dating approach should I take to find the perfect partner?” 

My answer is always: MegaDating. During my 100 date experiment, I used this dating strategy to find a very compatible long term partner. Guess what, you can to. 

What is MegaDating?


MegaDating is the process of dating several people at the same time in order to diffuse your energy and increase your self-confidence. 

There are many benefits of MegaDating, all of which will help to improve your dating outcomes. 

Reasons to MegaDate

Reduces Anxiety

MegaDating reduces anxiety – so you don’t go all Stage-5 Clinger on “The One” & blow your chances with them.

Avoid Settling for Mediocre

MegaDating helps you to avoid settling for mediocre and expands your likelihood of finding AND attracting “The One.” 

BTW: “settling” is MUCH worse than you think. Settling can lead to an unhappy relationship, an unfulfilling marriage, a negative environment for children, and often divorce

MegaDating Helps You be OK with Rejection

MegaDating helps you to naturally embrace the notion that there are “Plenty of Fish in the Sea.”

Truly understanding the notion that “There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea” is important in managing your energy so you don’t go all psycho-stalker when you meet what appears to be “The One.”

P.S. I know this because I’ve been one. Read my article on “Why Did She Reject Me” to learn a little more about my personal rejection story. 

Increases Self Confidence

MegaDating increases self-confidence. This is why MegaDating is the best dating strategy out there. 

Dating a lot of people at one time will fill up your social calendar. This naturally makes you feel popular and in-demand.

Being busy subconsciously communicates your value to those you are dating, therefore making them want to spend more time with you.

Make Dating Partners Naturally More Interested in You

If you are trying to avoid the friendzone with someone you are already interested in, then MegaDating will help to stimulate a subconscious competition inside of that person and make them naturally more interested in you.

Lessens the Pain

MegaDating lessens the pain and fear of rejection. This is another big reason why MegaDating is the best dating strategy out there. 

If you’re dating 5 people at one time,  and 1 of them rejects you – you still have 4 other people to spend time with so the rejection doesn’t sting as bad. In fact, sometimes you don’t even really notice it.

Allows You to Use Natural Leverage

You’re using leverage, not tricks. MegaDating is natural. It does not involve “playing games” or unethical tactics. MegaDating naturally creates an environment that promotes your own value. MegaDating purposely fills up your schedule and dating funnel to stimulate competition in your dating partners.

It Will Help You Find Your Most Suitable Mate

Practice makes perfect. When you date a lot, you get really good at it. And this is important because:

If you meet “The One” while you’re MegaDating, you’ll be ready for it.

And when you date a lot, you begin to see recurring patterns in the types of people you choose, which helps you to pinpoint problem areas in your selection process.

MegaDating helps you to re-assess whether you’re attracting quality matches. If your quality isn’t as high as you’d like it to be, perhaps it’s time to shake things up with a new dating attraction strategy.

It’s Straight Up Fun

MegaDating is fun! Every date is a new adventure. A new chance to glimpse another person’s world. An opportunity to see what your life could be like if you were a part of theirs.

If your current dating strategy isn’t fun, it’s probably not the most effective strategy. Check out my article on How to Make Dating Fun for more ideas on how to get the most out of this stage of your life. 

What Happens to People Who Don’t MegaDate?

They often get all wrapped up in “The One” or a person they think is “The One.” They end up blowing the opportunity because they turn into Stage-5 Clingers.  All of that pent-up energy does nobody any good.

Or they end up settling for a partner that is not “the one” because they don’t know what’s out there.

And the perfect person could have been THAT NEXT DATE, but they’ll never know because they just took the first thing they got- and didn’t want to put in any more work.

Don’t you want to be able to say…

“I know—without a shadow of a doubt—that this person, the person I’ve decided to marry and have a family with is ‘The One’… because I made sure of it.”

Men vs. Women in MegaDating – Dispelling Myths

Men naturally tend to MegaDate and are often heralded as “pimps” when they do.

Women naturally tend to seek monogamous relationships and are heralded as “sluts” is they date a lot.

Are You A Slut If You MegaDate?

First of all, the term “slut” is a dinosaur of a word used by fearful people who either:

  • A) Have already settled for less than they deserve
  • B) Or are too scared to try and find it

And these insecurities cause them to use the term “slut” naively, to project their own fear. But if you don’t want to sleep with the people you date, you don’t have to.

MegaDating is not about sex. You can still date multiple people at once and wait until you’ve truly found “The One.” In fact, when I coach my clients, I always instruct them to turn down first date sex when offered. 

30-Day MegaDate Challenge

Take the 30 Day MegaDate Challenge and Date 15 people in 30 days. If you need help finding more dates, check out my articles on where to meet women other than bars and a list of free dating sites and apps

Don’t forget to get my mega-messaging template to help you secure more dates. And if you still struggle with secure some online dates, click to learn how to ask a girl out online.

The Rules

  • Go on 15 dates
  • Every date should be less than an hour
  • Try stacking dates, one right after the other (I used to do 2/day on weekend days)
  • Use the MegaDate Scorecard to document your dates
  • Compete with friends to see who can get the most dates

Wanna Reach Your Dating Goals Faster?

Working with a qualified dating coach (like me) can definitely fast-forward your dating progress. I work with smart, single men who are looking to reach dating goals such as getting a girlfriend, finding a life partner, or simply dusting off some old dating cobwebs. 

If this sounds like you, head on over to my calendar page and book a New Client Skype session with me. During our session we’ll analyze your current dating issues, discuss your dating history, create an initial strategy, and talk about how my coaching programs can help you reach your long term goals. 


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