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how to date when you don't drink

Dating as a non-drinker isn’t always easy. From boozy champagne brunches to after-work happy hours, it seems like alcohol is practically woven into every date idea there is. Not only that, but a recent survey by Plenty of Fish found that almost half of singles (a whopping 48.9 percent!) have two or three alcoholic drinks during the course of a date. And only 9.2 percent of people said they go on first dates without booze. Keep Reading

is getting drinks a date

Have you ever asked a woman out like this?Now, you might think you’re asking for a date, but that doesn’t mean she’ll see it that way. Personally, if a guy asked me to “get drinks,” I’d consider it a date, but would definitely question what his full intentions were. After all, why wasn’t he confident enough to throw the word “date” in there? For that reason, I might be a bit guarded at first.Keep Reading

dating in los angeles

If you’re wondering what dating is like in California, you must first clear up one thing — where exactly in California? For example, dating in San Francisco can have different pros and cons versus dating in Los Angeles.

That said, if you’re thinking of moving out to the Golden State and want to know how it’ll affect your dating life, I’ve got you covered on both ends. I reached out to some of the best … Keep Reading

Why Is She Hot and Cold with Me

Chances are, you’re familiar with the game of hot and cold. In the beginning, a woman you’re dating might seem like she’s all in — responding right away to your texts, laughing at all your jokes, and shamelessly flirting. But then something happens. Suddenly, she acts super uninterested, takes forever to get back to you, and basically treats you like you’re her last priority. You might even start to think you’re a nuisance, even though Keep Reading

dating a woman with different political views

Are you considering dating a woman with different political views than you?

Whether you’re a staunch conservative, bleeding heart liberal, or somewhere in the middle, I bet you’d probably hesitate to bring up politics on a first date. (Only 23% will, in fact.) After all, you never know if your political views might rub someone the wrong way, or vice versa. Will she run for the hills if she finds out that you Keep Reading

dating with asperger's for men

Dating with Asperger’s? You’re not alone, so no need to worry. I’ve got 11 tips that will supercharge your dating experience. And remember this: just because you have Asperger’s doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun and fulfilling dating life.

Have you been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome? Due to certain difficulties with social cues and communication, dating with Asperger’s can be challenging. Asperger syndrome (or simply “Asperger’s” for short) is a condition on the autism Keep Reading

how to be persistent with a woman you're dating

Want to learn how to be persistent with a woman without being annoying? You’ve come to the right place. There’s a fine line between persistence and desperation in dating. Being too clingy will scare a woman off but being too aloof, will cause her to forget you.

In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between persistence and desperation. I’ll show you examples of annoying messaging and compare them with examples of more persistent communications. You’ll … Keep Reading

Why Does She Keep Texting Me If She’s Not Interested?

Wondering “why does she keep texting me if she’s not interested?” She’s lying.

Now keep in mind that the operative word here is interested. Clearly she’s interested in you. Why else would she be texting? What you need to find out is in what way she’s interested. Maybe she knows you’re a dope cook and wants you to come over to make your famous family dish? Perhaps she wants to use you as … Keep Reading