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dating after 60 rules for men

So you’re dating after 60 you don’t say?

I can wax poetic about how love doesn’t discriminate and all that cliché bologna but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already think the truisms about love were, well, true. You’re not here to be convinced that you’re worthy of love despite your age, but rather how to find it.

The dating scene has changed since you were last single. Decades may have passed, and in Keep Reading

dating tips for indian guys

Being that a lot of my clients are Indian, it only seems right that I present a few dating tips for Indian guys.

Immigrants don’t shed their skin and personalities when they step foot on American soil. Each immigrant brings their own unique culture and attitudes with them as they navigate American life. These uniquely foreign features can work for and against you. Immigrant or not, your habits and personality have been deeply impacted through … Keep Reading

alternatives to matchmaking services

Matchmaking is what Becky, your best friend in 7th grade, tried to do with every single kid she knew, so basically the entire class. The issue she ran into is that in 7th grade there are a finite number of potential matches. Luckily for Becky, she identified the problem early and found a new career path, eventually becoming the enigmatic “Becky with the good hair.” However, the other Beckies of the world are … Keep Reading

third date questions to ask a woman

Are you looking for third date questions to ask a woman? Well, then you’re in luck. First of all, if you’ve made it to the third date, then congratulations! To get to this point, you’ve undoubtedly won her trust, built rapport, and–fingers-crossed–established sexual tension. Kudos to you, my friend. 

When executed effectively, a third date can serve as a doorway, or bridge, into a more stable segment of the courting phase. The third date Keep Reading

how to become boyfriend material

Boyfriend material. That illusive “it” factor that every guy who’s met the girl of his dreams wants to be. Are you looking for ways to show her you’ve got it? Have you been MegaDating for a while? Does it feel like you’re getting close to the end of your dating journey? Have you met the woman you’d like to turn into your girlfriend?

Navigating the transition from dating to a committed, monogamous relationship can be … Keep Reading

i want a real relationship

If you date regularly but still find yourself thinking, “I want a real relationship,” then I’d say either one of two things is happening: You attract women who won’t commit to you, or you can’t commit to them.

So which is it? Below, we’ll take a look at some possibilities, as well as explore ways you can find a woman who best fits into your life. 

Scenario #1: I Want a Real Relationship but

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why did she ask for a break

Taking a break is relationship limbo.

You don’t quite know in which direction the relationship is going. All that’s for certain is uncertainty. Just because she’s putting the breaks on your relationship doesn’t mean she wants it to end. Before grabbing a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s and binging cheesy 90s flicks, let’s try to answer the question of, “why did she ask for a break?”

Understanding her reasoning will shed light on the trajectory … Keep Reading

second date questions to ask a girl

You had a great first date, and now you’ve made arrangements for a second date. Congrats! 

The second date is a great time to go a little deeper with the woman you’re dating. By building on the conversations you had during the first date, you can strengthen your bond and escalate sexual tension. In this article, I’m going to provide you with several strategic second date questions to ask on your dates. The questions are Keep Reading