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how to be mysterious

The one dating skill I wish every guy out there would learn is how to be mysterious with women while dating. It’s the one quality that men don’t cultivate enough — but desperately need to.

Being mysterious can increase your dating success tenfold. Why? Think about human nature. People tend to “want what they can’t have.”

Dating is NO DIFFERENT. If a woman feels like she knows everything about you in two seconds, she’ll make … Keep Reading

should i say i want a relationship on my dating profile

Saying you want a relationship on your dating profile isn’t a bad thing. Sure, putting on the LTR badge can be scary (LTR means long-term relationship, for those of you not familiar with dating app speak). But in the end, you’ll be glad you did. Why? Because it actually helps you overall.

The reason is obvious: Even though it’s changing, the majority of people want long-term relationships. In fact, fewer than 1 in 10 … Keep Reading

signs she is testing you

Women consciously and subconsciously test men, especially in the early stages of dating. Are you savvy enough to know the signs she is testing you? If not, read on.

First, here’s an explanation: Women “test” men while dating because they have much more to lose once the relationship becomes serious. Remember, women typically look for long-term relationships, so they want to be sure you’re a good, stable catch. To make sure of this, they’ll throw … Keep Reading

she wants to take it slow

She wants to take it slow and see what happens, eh? Well, there is no romantic 8-ball that you can consult for your romantic problems. Well, I mean, there is, it just doesn’t work. There is no obvious answer to what “taking it slow” means. If there was you wouldn’t be reading this. 

Her desire to take it slow can have different meanings depending on the stage of the relationship/courting phase. Let’s also remember that Keep Reading

when should i introduce her to my friends

Ah, the “when should I introduce her to my friends?” question. It’s natural to ask yourself this whenever you start dating someone interesting. But don’t take it too seriously. Introducing her to your friends doesn’t have to mean as much as you think it does. Think about it: If you’d be okay with meeting potential dates through your friends, then why should introducing women to your friends be any different?

Remember your college days? … Keep Reading

how to choose between two women

Wondering how to choose between two women?

Generally speaking, men usually aren’t lucky enough to be faced with the conundrum of choosing one woman over another. Yet such a delicate situation isn’t reserved for only the Don Juan’s of the world. You too can find yourself staying up late at night creating a pros and cons list of your romantic interests’ best and worst features. The key to such a creating such dilemma is through Keep Reading

dating in your 30's as a man

There’s something to be said about any age that ends with 9. You know, 19, 29, 39, 49, and so on. For instance, my boyfriend and I both felt weird at 29. Then at 30, we both naturally decided to let go of late-night drinking. (You know what I’m talking about … the parties, and all the other after-midnight ridiculousness that makes you feel like trash in the morning.)

By 30, we were just over … Keep Reading

dating a high maintenance woman

Are you considering dating a high maintenance woman?

High maintenance is synonymous with needy, egocentric, and preppy. It’s generally not a label that one likes to flaunt around. Your friends would all tell you to steer clear of a high maintenance woman. Let’s be honest, you’ve rarely if ever have heard anyone speak highly of a woman that’s high maintenance. I know this might ruffle some feathers, but it’s time to go against the grain. Keep Reading