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Mindful dating tips for men

If you’re struggling in the dating world, it could be that it’s all in your head. Mindlessness is something that many people struggle with when it comes to dating and personal relationships. People spend an exorbitant amount of time ruminating over being rejected, whether or not they look good, sound good or why they can’t seem to get past a first date or make a relationship work. Enter mindful dating.

Mindful dating allows you to Keep Reading

dating in your early 20s for guys

Dating in your early 20s for guys can be rough. College is over and women are no longer relegated to meeting men mainly in their classes or from fraternities.

When women get out of college and into the real world, they often find themselves attracted to men who are already established. That’s something that’s great if you’re a guy around 30 years old, but will probably suck if you’re reading this and you’re 23 years Keep Reading

how to make her miss you by megadating

Are you tired of being the chaser when it comes to dating? Have you spent hours, days or even years trying to crack the code on how to make her miss you and then fall for you? There is one strategy that will help you crush your dating goals faster than you thought imaginable, make you attract gorgeous, intelligent women and eventually lead you to a compatible, long-term relationship.

And guess what? You don’t need Keep Reading

getting rejected by a girl

“She rejected me,” it’s a sentence that you never want to find yourself uttering, but the truth is we all get turned down when it comes to the dating world. So what do you do when you ask a woman out and she says no? Do you try again or do you take it as a total rejection?

Getting rejected from a girl can feel like an absolute gut-punch. You worked up the courage to Keep Reading

how to get over a girl you are infatuated with

Infatuation can be exciting and even intoxicating. When you are dating someone and become infatuated, you experience that passion, lust, and giddiness that is known as the “honeymoon phase” in a relationship. However, if your feelings go unreciprocated you are going to want to figure out how to get over a girl immediately.

Being rejected by a girl you have strong feelings for can feel agonizing and make you never want to date again.

Luckily, … Keep Reading

will i ever find love

When you’re feeling hopelessly single, it’s common to ask yourself, “Will I ever find love?” If you’ve been dating with little or no success, you may become anxious that the right person isn’t out there.

I used to wonder if I would ever find love, which was something that led me to my 100-date experiment. During this experiment I discovered that not only was love something I could find, it’s something everybody can find. Keep Reading

fun second date ideas

If you’re trying to come up with some really good second date ideas that will knock her socks off, look no further. There are several compelling ways you can impress a woman by taking her on a physical date that gets you both moving. The best part? You don’t even have to pay a cent!

Take a look at why physical second dates can really move your early relationship forward.

Why Second Dates Should Be

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male stage 5 clinger

When it comes to the dating world, few labels are as unappealing as “stage 5 clinger.” If you come off as desperate or clingy when dating a woman, you’re guaranteed to be handed a one-way ticket into the dreaded friend-zone.

To help you avoid this, take a look at my seven tips below. But first, let’s define who a stage 5 clinger is.

What is a Stage Five Clinger?

A stage 5 clinger is Keep Reading