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8 Dating Tips For Busy Professionals

8 Dating Tips For Busy Professionals

When you’re already working long hours, spending time on dating can feel like working overtime.

Going out with a beautiful, vivacious woman should never be a chore. But when you’re dedicating countless hours to furthering your career, feelings of guilt might arise as you invest time into building a romantic relationship.

With these dating tips for busy professionals, you’ll learn how to get the most out of the time you spend on finding a romantic partner. With fewer hours to spend on the ancient pursuit of love, you’ll have to get the most out of every moment invested.

Dating Tips For Busy Professionals

1. Treat Dating Like Your Side Hustle

Look man, I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you. Few romances are of the fairytale type that serendipitously fall into your lap. You’ll never find romance if you wait around. Hollywood has made you flaccid with their far-fetched tales of love. If you want love you’ll have to put in the work.

That work can best be performed with the help of MegaDating. MD is a dating practice that will help you find a partner in the shortest amount of time. It involves tapping into various social channels in order to find eligible single women. Once these women are mined, they are to be taken out with frequency. MegaDating, in short, is dating prolifically.

You’ll never find a partner if you don’t date. Even if you date once and a while it’s likely that you won’t find a worthy partner. Quite possibly the nerdiest romantic of all, NASA roboticist Randall Munroe, found that there’s a 1 in 10,000 chance (.010%) that you’ll find your soul mate. MegaDating isn’t guaranteed to help you find your soul mate. It is however, guaranteed to find you someone that won’t make you regret not finding your soul mate.

With a .010% chance of finding literally the best woman out there for you, it’s unlikely that you’ll do so simply by watching Netflix and hoping that your future wife will one day move in next door, ask to borrow sugar, and instantly fall in love for you. The plots of romantic movies aren’t real life.

Make your own luck by MegaDating. To get started, have a look at the MegaDating blueprint.

2. Compartmentalize Your Emotions at Work

Dating is more likely to feel like a job if it competes with your professional work. Don’t feel compelled to check Tinder notifications and respond to romantic texts during work hours. Create a clear divide between work and play.

Turn off notifications from romantic interests during work hours. Be able to distance yourself from romantic emotions while at work. Freaking out about both work and romance simultaneously will lead to burnout. Ultimately if you feel burned out you’re more likely to choose your work life over your love life.

3. Dating Tips for Busy Professionals: Sign Up For 5 Dating Apps/Sites

Each dating app caters to a certain type of user. has the older crowd covered, while Tinder dominates young people between the ages of 18-24. POF is very LBGTQ friendly while Coffee Meets Bagel is almost exclusively used on the West Coast. As you can see, you’ll need to do a little searching to figure out which dating app is right for you.

There are a few pros to choosing multiple dating applications. One is that by using various apps you’ll be introduced to an eclectic mix of people. Tinder for example still is a more hookup-based app that caters to young people while Bumble is a feminist-friendly app that attracts empowered female users. Another boon is that by using 5 dating apps you’re casting a wider net. Pour more water into your dating pool by staying active on five dating apps.

Keep in mind that five is the magic number. Any more will turn online dating into a second full-time job. Don’t burn yourself out. Use only quality apps and employ an effective online dating strategy.

4. Open Your Dating Apps Once a Day

What good is having dating apps if you don’t use them?

That being said, dating apps are designed to pull us in and devour every last second of leisure time we have. The free version of Bumble for example grants users an infinite amount of swipes a day. Theoretically, a Bumble user could never stop swiping.

Manage your time so that you find dates while maintaining your mental health. Only checking dating apps once a day is a safeguard against burnout. Don’t feel obligated to respond to every message you receive on dating apps. If you’re doing it right you should be overwhelmed by messages and matches. Be selective with the people you match with and message.

Here’s a pro tip for you. If you receive two matches tomorrow that appeal to you equally, message the person that matched with you most recently. She’s more likely to be online and message you back than the person that matched with you hours ago. Once she messages back keep the conversation going until you’ve got a number or have pitched a TDL. Remember that women are more inundated by online dating messages and matches than you’ll ever be. If you catch a match’s attention, take advantage of it before you get buried under a fresh pile of matches.

Don’t feel down if a match doesn’t message you back. The next time you’re kicking it with a female friend, ask to view one of her dating apps. Have a look at the never-ending list of new matches she receives everyday. Realize that if she never messages back, it’s because you’ve been pushed down into the abyss of her match list. Also keep in mind that online dating profiles show only a thin slice of who you are. They’re like dating resumes. She isn’t rejecting you, she’s rejecting the image of you that you’ve projected on your profile. No bid deal, on to the next one.

5. Plan Two In-Person Social Events Per Week

Online dating is just one way to meet women. Let’s not forget that all those women in between the frame of your phone can be found at wine tastings, your friend’s birthday party, work outings, cafes, etc. Women are literally everywhere. Don’t get stuck in your phone.

Try this out. Buy an old school physical calendar. Fill every month up with at least two social events per week. Even if you’re just getting a drink with married friends. Putting yourself in social situations will only serve to increase the odds of finding a partner. Check out events posted on FB, Meetup groups, and wellness classes happening close to you. Even if the people you’re hanging out with aren’t your type that doesn’t mean that they don’t know someone that’s right for you.

6. ABN (Always Be Networking)

If you’re hitting two social engagements a week, chances are you’re expanding your social circle. Not every moment of your free time needs to be spent flirting with single women. Ask the people you’re hitting the town with if they have any friends they’d like to introduce you to. Drop subtle or not so subtle hints that you’re single.

Even platonic female acquaintances can become allies that will hook you up with a friend. Worst case, you don’t meet someone at a social outing and have to settle for making a new friend. Americans are lonelier than ever. A new friend isn’t a bad consolation prize.

7. Protect Your Wallet

Following the MegaDating blueprint will allow you to save hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars while going out with multiple women a week. So how is this possible?

First dates have two crucial rules. One is to not spend more than $20 on a first date. The second rule is to not let the date last longer than one hour. As far as dating tips for busy professionals this just might be the best advice. But wait, there’s more.

As far as second dates are concerned, no money should be spent on your second outing. Why would you splurge on an almost complete stranger? Spending little to no money on the first two dates allows you to go out with multiple women without having to worry about your bank account shrinking. It’s also a way to build anticipation and weed out gold diggers. If she makes it to the third date feel free to lift those monetary restrictions and spend as you deem appropriate. If she’s come this far it means she’s worth it.

8. Go On Bite-Size Dates

You might not be dating because you think first dates need to last five hours and cut into your valuable free time.

That doesn’t need to be the case.

We teach men how to go on hour-long dates first dates.

Look, the reality is that when it comes to first dates, you’re dating a stranger. Why invest all this time and money into someone you may never see again?

Instead, plan brief dates that are more exploratory than romantic in nature.

Grab a coffee, go for a jog, hit the dog park, or meet somewhere or include her in an activity that you’ve already scheduled in. If there’s a connection then go on a longer second date.

9. Strategize with a Coach

Teaming up with a dating coach is a shortcut to success. Honestly, if I could I’d have a coach to help me with everything; money management, cooking, fitness, etc. I would. If you could hire just one coach why not hire the person that’ll help you find your life partner?

Dating Decoded

Interested in learning how we here at emlovz can help you?

We teach our students the shortcut to finding their ideal match by MegaDating. MegaDating is our dating philosophy and it shapes everything we teach here at emlovz. Simply put MegaDating is dating prolifically with the specific goal of going on 20 dates in 90 days. This will give you ample women to compare and contrast so you can refine not only your dating skills but also who your ideal partner is.

To teach you how to quickly find highly compatible women in just weeks and become the most eligible bachelor in town you’ll team up with romantic experts, each skilled in their own unique area to support you.

Our Team

  • Emyli (me), co-founder, curriculum developer, head coach, and I host two coaching sessions every week
  • Thomas, co-founder, and coach. He’ll lead the biweekly Man Cave event where men come together to talk dating, bond with one another, and support other single men
  • Brooke, and Audrey are mock date specialists. Go on a practice date with them (and receive feedback) before your next date
  • Darshil is a confidence coach, wingman, and all around great guy to have on your team. Once student, now a teacher he knows what you’re going through and how to get the most from your dating life
  • Hailey is your new stylist. She’s worked with celebs from every industry and is now about to raid your closet
  • Tilly is our holistic sex & intimacy coach. She’ll help you get the most out of your sex life so you and your partner are happier between the sheets
  • Renee is our anxiety dating coach. As a licensed therapist she knows the steps needed to turn you into a cool, calm, and collected dater
  • Mia is our social media expert. Revamp your Facebook and Instagram profiles with her help and start meeting women online

Our Community

And look, we realize that the single life can be difficult. If accepted into our coaching program, Dating Decoded, you’d be joining a community of supportive men and coaches who are there to listen, support, and encourage you as you navigate the single life.

Our program offers every student a lifetime membership (as if you’ll need it) so the support won’t stop until you’ve found your ideal partner.

If you’re ready to find your forever partner, book a Zoom session with our team today. Together we’ll talk about your dating history, your goals and show you how our program, Dating Decoded, can help you find your ideal partner.

Hear what’s going on in our students’ dating lives.

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