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11 Bumble Hacks for Guys Who Are Fed Up With Poor Results

11 Bumble Hacks for Guys Who Are Fed Up With Poor Results

11 Bumble Hacks for Guys Who Are Fed Up With Poor Results

Want 11 Bumble hacks for better results on the popular, female-driven dating app? Then read this. Bumble was launched in late 2014 and has quickly emerged as Tinder’s stiffest competition. Just a few short years after its inception and Bumble now has 40 million registered users to its name and can boast having created 2 billion matches and counting.

The app that’s been billed as the ‘feminist’s answer to Tinder’ is designed with women in mind. This female-first attitude should be a signal for men to jump on board as well. Bumble has one of the highest percentages of female users among popular dating applications. But just because there are a lot of female users doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to land a match.

Bumble almost seems to reward the male user by requiring that women message first. But to enjoy such a luxury, you must first find your match. Augmenting your number of matches is easy when you invest time into applying effective bumble hacks. There are a lot of swipe-right worthy bachelors out there –apply the following hacks to become one of them.

Bumble Hacks for Guys

#1: Consult the Experts About Your Profile Photos

There are dozens of Bumble hacks that users can implement to make their profiles more attractive like: wear different clothes in each photo, tell a unique story with every pic, play sports, etc.

I’ll refrain from a deep-dive into profile dos and do nots at the moment. Instead I want to offer you some much more obvious advice. Instead of pondering alone or with a male buddy if your Bumble pictures are up to snuff, why not ask a female friend?

Men can spend their entire lives trying to get into the mind of a female and never reach their goal. Instead of attempting this out of body experience, why not just ask a few female friends what they think of your photos? Ask at least five female friends to evaluate your profile. Should they all decide that certain photos aren’t working for you, have them browse through your photo library to find photos that will surely get you the matches you’re yearning for.

If you’re thinking to yourself “Emyli, I don’t have many women friends to consult with.” Not to worry, try out PhotoFeeler to get unbiased reviews of the photos you plan on uploading to dating sites and apps like Bumble. With PhotoFeeler, you want to shoot for an 80% rating or higher!

Hack #2: Show, Don’t Tell

A crucial error that many a man has made while filling out their Bumble bios is treating it like a resume instead of a playful hook. Vomiting a litany of your likes and dislikes isn’t what women want to read -that’s great that you love The Office, so does everyone else.

Instead highlight what makes you unique in brief and humorous fashion. Channel your inner writer and dangle bits of interesting information about yourself to the reader. Don’t reveal you’re entire life story, but provide just enough so that they’ll give you that much sought after swipe right.

Hack #3: Give Your Swipe Finger A Rest

If you’re a prolific swipper, Bumble will never throw you a bone. If you’re hooked there’s no reason to naturally boost women that have liked you to the front of the deck. However if you can abstain from swiping for a couple days, Bumble will place you on a direct collision course with women that have already liked you.

No one has quite yet decoded Bumble’s match algorithm. Though it seems that if users play coy, the application’s algorithm will note that a user is losing interest and will in effect relieve you of having to swipe for hours to find a match.

Hack #4: Integrate Spotify

If Bumble adds a feature as specific as integrating Spotify, you should utilize it. Bumble wins when users match with a greater frequency. Linking Instagram and Spotify accounts as well as filling out all profile information is an easy Bumble hack to implement.

Spotify is an app worth connecting to your Bumble account because of its unique ability to tell a story about your character. You can slot in photos and pen an award winning profile blurb and still not reap the benefits that Spotify offers.

There’s no denying that music has an incomparable way of bringing people together. Bonding over a mutually appreciated song or discovering a jam thanks to someone else is an easy way to form a positive association between you and the song in question.

Hack #5: Include Education and Profession In Bio

It’s no secret that women find a well-educated man with a well paying job attractive. Where you went to school and your profession are both signs of social status. Being that plugging in these pieces of information takes all of ten seconds, you’d be remiss to leave these spaces blank.

If you need further convincing, check out my other article on Disclosing Your Education On Your Dating Profile.

Hack #6: Find Your Swipe Zone

Amassing matches is well and good, but if you’re not making the romantic transition from the virtual to real life what’s the point? Founder Whitney Wolfe says that the best time to get your swipe on is 6 p.m. – Bumble’s happy hour. Research has shown that you’re much more likely to transcend the conversation beyond the walls of a smartphone and into the real world if you immediately begin chatting with a match as opposed to waiting.

Matches that wait longer to respond accumulate a certain amount of digital dust that obscures their initial luster. Chatting it up immediately after a match is made is a humanizing feature. Being on Bumble during rush hour also allows you to sustain a conversation long enough to retrieve a woman’s contact information, or more importantly, set a TDL with her before the initial conversation ends. This is much more appealing than waiting hours upon hours to have your messages responded to.

The last benefit of being on Bumble during peak hours is that the competition won’t drown you out. If you wait a day or so to respond to your match’s message you‘ve allowed others to receive a head start on the race towards a date. Female Bumble users will generally be talking to more than one guy at the same time. Waiting to respond to a message allows someone else a head start in building a connection.

Bumble Hacks for Guys #7: Get Verified

Catfishing is quickly becoming an American pastime. With users being able to upload any photo of their choosing to the application, you can’t always be sure that the person you’re looking at is the one you’ll be meeting up with should you decide to do so.

Bumble is the only dating application that verifies its users. While there are no statistics to back this, it should make sense that the odds of landing a date are better for verified users. The non-invasive user identification process requires nothing more than snapping a selfie. In a matter of minutes, Bumble employees will evaluate the photo and determine whether it matches the person in your profile pictures.

Hack #8: Stop Saying Hi

While it may be refreshing to have a woman initiate a romantic conversation, this doesn’t mean that men are completely off the hook. Instead of mirroring her hello with one of your own, put some thought into your message and make yourself standout.

Let her profile provide clues as to how to respond. Address something you learned in her profile rather than reply in a generic fashion. But what if her profile doesn’t offer any information to latch onto? In that case ask a penetrating question that’ll reveal her personality. If you’re wondering what such a question looks like, take a note from the aforementioned “36 Questions That Lead To Love” article. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

  • When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?

  • What is your most treasured memory?

  • Complete this sentence: “I wish I had someone with whom I could share…”

  • If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living? Why?

For extra help with responding to women on bumble, check out my previous article on How to Respond to a Woman’s First Message on Bumble.

Bumble Hacks #9: Avoid The Selfie

Selfies are easy to post on a dating profile. We all have legions of selfie photos just waiting to be posted on social media or used on dating application. But just because they’re readily available doesn’t they’re effective.

According to a study released from the upstart dating application, Hinge, selfies were 40% less likely to receive a like than others types of photos. Men are recommended to upload a photo that displays them occupying a large body of space, ideally in an upward ‘V’ formation. This is opposed to having your arms crossed, face obscured, or smiling into the camera.

Hack #10: Ask Her Out First, But Also Get Her Phone Number

Convincing a woman to go out with you is all about building trust. The application medium is a safe place for her to screen you before meeting in the flesh. Even if you’re vibing on the application, be sure to first setup a TDL first. Once she’s accepted your date invitation, ask her for her phone number.

If she’s accepted your TDL and given you her phone number, it’s likely she won’t flake out on you the morning of your date. Keep in mind, some women won’t feel comfortable handing out their number until they’ve met up in person.

If she turns down your first request for her number, say this “I understand right now you might not be comfortable enough to give me your phone number. But I think it would be good to exchange numbers just in case one of us is running late (won’t be me) or something unexpected happens with the date location not being open for some reason.” 

Hack #11: Use a Dating Coach

Navigating through the novel romantic landscape that is online dating can be awkward, intimidating, and often times daunting. Should you need someone to help light the way, book a New Client Skype Session with me today so that we can turn you into an online dating maven. Hiring a dating coach and working with them 1-on-1 over a course of 3 months is the quickest way to jumpstart your dating life.

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