About Emyli

Emyli Lovz is America’s dating coach for men. Her passion lies in helping people create happy, healthy, and loving relationships that last. From 2011-2012, as part of her senior thesis research at UC Berkeley, Emyli went on 101 dates with 52 different men. She recorded evidence in a systematic manner of what created success and failure on each date.

Evidence from the experiment became the basis for her teachings. Today, Emyli offers private one-on-one coaching through The EmLovz Signature Program, a 12-week intensive that helps clients get more dates with the women they’re most attracted to.

Our Mission

At EmLovz, we believe that everyone deserves the tools to choose a loving and compatible long-term partner. Our mission is to help YOU, our audience, find love by providing articles and coaching to help transform your love-life, health, and happiness forever. But without healthy role models for romantic love, finding the right partner can feel daunting. 

We believe this is because people learn about relationships by modeling the behavior of their primary caregivers in childhood. In other words, children learn about love based on what they see at home. In theory, what a child cannot learn at home, is taught in schools. But relationships aren’t taught in school, especially not romantic ones. And, if a child is not fortunate enough to have a positive role model for love at home, then they only have dysfunction to model themselves after. Thus,  the cycle is doomed to repeat. 

With greater awareness, EmLovz.com can help to decrease domestic violence, suicide, divorce, and depression. Loneliness is another epidemic we hope to solve. In today’s world, technological advancements that have increased our independence and reduced our reliance on others have had the unintended consequence of increasing loneliness and isolation. The more we continue to evolve as a civilization, the greater risk we have of losing our close connections. For this reason, we must educate individuals on maintaining lasting relationships.

We believe that dating should be taught in schools. How else are people going to learn how to find their ideal partner and have a healthy relationship that creates a nurturing environment for children? Choosing the wrong partner has a profoundly negative impact on society, and we have the power and tools to change it for the better. 

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