About Emyli

Owner & Co-Founder

I first started helping people back in 2005 as a health and wellness coach. In 2010 I found myself single and incredibly intrigued by the dating world. The next year, while finishing my undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley, I decided to embark on a 100-date experiment. I treated this experiment as a research project – fully analyzing, critiquing, and rating each date based on several key factors.

In 2012, with my research findings in hand, I launched this website to help single men reach their dating goals. Today Emlovz.com is known for it’s plethora of dating advice articles, 1-on-1 coaching services, and online courses for men.

All of my articles and products are designed specifically for single men looking to find their next relationship with the right woman. My approach to coaching is analytical and I teach a theory of which I developed during my research experiment – MegaDating

Single man looking for love? Interested in working with me? If so, my process begins with a 50 minute Skype intro session. During this session we’ll create a action plan to address your specific dating issues, pinpoint your dating goals (short and long term), and discuss my dating coaching program.