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24 of The Best Bumble Pictures for Guys

24 of The Best Bumble Pictures for Guys

Bumble is the socially conscious man’s alternative to Tinder.

In a fashion worthy of her own biopic, Bumble founder Whitey Wolfe was only able to create her company after walking away from another dating app juggernaut, Tinder.

After being sexually harassed at work, Wolfe decided to both leave and sue Tinder. This harrowing experience inspired her to create Bumble.

Bumble attempts to be everything Tinder isn’t… and is.

The two apps look the same in many ways. Each user creates their own profile that’s reduced to a card in a deck of other profiles. The app comes with a swiping capability similar to Tinder, and in general, has a nearly identical interface. Perhaps it’s these similarities that have made Bumble the second most popular dating app in the US with just over 5 million users.

While the app may be similar, there are some distinctions between the two.

Bumble for one requires women to begin conversations. Men aren’t allowed to message a woman until she messages first. Another striking difference is that matches will expire 24 hours after matching should the female not message first.

Then there are the differences in users. Bumble users tend to look to strike up serious relationships rather than hookups. In general, the users are slightly older, a bit more sophisticated, and in general more put together than Tinder users.

O, did I mention that Bumble also has a better female-male ratio than Tinder?

Now that the allure of a near 50-50 gender ratio has convinced you to download the app, it’s time to choose the best Bumble pictures for guys that’ll complement your kick-ass Bumble bio.

6 Best Bumble Pictures For Guys (Archetypes)

Bumble Pics for Guys, First Photo Must-Have: The Closely Cropped Headshot

cropped headshot bumble

Even though Bumble users may not be as superficial as Tinder users, its interface still encourages superficiality.

Written bios are all well and good but a profile with a Nicolas Sparks-worthy written bio and one photo is like fishing with a skittle and hoping to catch a trout.

Photos are everything. Without them, you’re about as likely to find a date as you’d be if you were to roll down your window and start catcalling at women on the street below. Now that the pep talk is done, we can begin.

The first picture you’ll want to include is the classic headshot.

closely cropped headshot bumble

The first photo of your profile must, I repeat must be a headshot. Not doing so is breaking an online dating cardinal sin.

Dating apps have a habit of reducing users to shadows of themselves. It’s your job to present yourself as a unique, vibrant, and (most importantly), real human being.

A headshot shows her exactly what you look like. We all know that the face is the most important physical human feature. When we first look at a new person our eyes don’t gravitate to their feet or elbows, but to their faces. To create an immediate connection and show her that you are who you say you are, make sure the first photo in your roster is a headshot.

closely cropped headshot

Don’t believe me that a headshot is the most important shot of them all? Fine, don’t. Instead, listen to the findings of this new Hinge study.

The study found that men that faced forward were 102% more likely to receive a like than the average photo. This is probably because you’re a complete unknown to other users.

When it comes to online dating it’s not always the best looking guy that gets the girl. Often it’s the one that offers users the most reliable information that gets the match.

bumble closely cropped headshot


That’s how the image above makes me feel.

A woman won’t go out with you until you make her feel safe. A smile, HD photo, and good lighting can go along way in endearing yourself to a stranger swiping through Bumble for her next heartbreaker.

When choosing a first photo make sure the lighting is excellent, that your face isn’t obscured, and that the photo isn’t a selfie.

That Hinge study I referenced before also discovered that selfies are 40% less likely to receive a like than the average photo. That percentage rises to 90% if the selfie was taken within a bathroom. Dude, do yourself a favor and ask a buddy of yours to snap one for you.

Lisa Damico On The Selection Process

Lisa Damico is a full-service online dating photographer based in Washington D.C. who knows how to get a woman to swipe right. 

We asked her how guys can go about selecting the best photos for their dating profile and this is what she had to say.

“If you’ve ever had to write your own “About Me” paragraph, you know how hard it can be to get the tone just right –you don’t want to undersell yourself, but you also don’t want to come across as too full of yourself either.

Maybe there are 20 great things about yourself that you could highlight, but if you only have space for five, which five should those be? The same principle applies to selecting photos to use in your online dating profile.

I include an image review by a panel of past online dating clients for all of my clients. If you don’t have something like that at your disposal, the website Photofeeler is a great option. You (and your friends and family for that matter) have insider knowledge about you, which means you aren’t the best ones to judge how you’ll be perceived by strangers.”

By the end of this article, you’ll know what type of photos you should include in your profile. But just because you understand the type doesn’t mean you’ll be choosing the best possible photos for your profile. If you take 20 sporty shots how will you know which one the ladies will be most attracted to?

Heed Lisa’s advice and shop a few photos around to either friends or via Photofeeler to get a sense of how Bumble-worthy they really are.

The Full Body Physique Photo

full body photo

Full body Bumble pictures serve the same purpose as headshots.

To illustrate my point let’s think back to the last time you were swiping on Bumble.

A new profile pops up of a woman with a killer face. You scroll down to see that her profile is full of amazing headshot photos, but that’s it. Just headshots. Naturally, you’d be right to assume she’s hiding something.

What type of person only uploads photos taken from a specific angle? I’ll tell you, it’s the type of person that’s got something to hide -or the type of person that’s too unaware to notice that all her photos look the same, which is just as bad.

Show her that you’ve got two arms, two legs, and aren’t afraid to showcase your body.

bumble physique photo

That’s right, smile for the camera.

The above photo shows off the user’s best physical traits.

You can see his face, smile, jawline, strong shoulders, and generally toned physique. This photo checks off every box.

Even if you aren’t ripped like this dude, you still need to post a full-body physique photo. Your job with your profile is to answer as many questions as possible. One question she’ll surely have is, what’s he look like? A headshot photo only answers part of this question, a full-body shot answers the rest.

tinder pics full body physique photo 5

Context is everything and then some.

Posting a full-body shot is one thing. Posting a full body shot while riding a longboard while on a pier is another. Sure, photos that look like they were taken in a studio are good and all, but a studio shot only tells her what you look like, not who you are.  Longboarding on the beach with an American flag as a cape tells me everything I need to know. This man gets a swipe right.

man running

You can’t decide which full-body picture to post.

One captures you playing beer pong while the other shows you running a Spartan man race. Here’s a tip.

Women love photos that show men playing manly sports. Keep the badminton and tennis photos in your library where they belong. This isn’t to say they’re bad photos to post. However, Hinge has found that manly athletic photos are 45% more likely to receive a like than the average Hinge photo.

The Hobby Shot Photo

Who are you? What do you like to do in your free time? What interests you?

These are all questions that potential Bumble dates want answered before even meeting up. Hobby Bumble pictures for guys answer these questions.

Don’t be discouraged if your hobbies are weird. If the relationship is to work she’ll have to like you for being you. Post those Tetris tournament and karaoke photos. Being unabashed in showing who you are will filter out women that aren’t compatible. Better filter now than later.

The above guy’s all about shooting his shot.

One critique when it comes to this shot… it’s kind of cliche.

Look every dude on Bumble can post this photo. Every dude has at one point in time gone to a bar and most have even played billiards. This photo only works because it’s a pretty kick-ass action shot, just make sure you limit your profile to just one photo in a grungy, dank bar.

yoga photo bumble

What sets you apart from other men?

Is it your ability to play the violin, your propensity for running 5ks in under 17 minutes, or are you just into twisting your limbs so that they resemble a pretzel? Whatever the case may be, use your photos to stand out and humanize yourself.

hobby shot bumble photo

Fact: Every woman loves a musician -you know what to do.

The Animal Lover Shot

bumble dog photo example

Have you guys ever heard of dogfishing?

It’s when a dude takes a bunch of pictures with another person’s dog and then posts those pictures on dating apps. Sure it’s pathetic as hell, but men are only driven to exploiting their bro’s chihuahua because they know that dogs are man’s best wingman.

The point is that if you have photos of you and your pooch stashed away, post them on your Bumble account faster than your pooch can scarf down that hot dog that just fell on the floor.

tinder pictures for guys

With any photo you post, you are the main subject.

It doesn’t matter how cute your dog is, you should still be the center of attention.

dog lover photo

Great idea, bad execution.

What was I just saying about being the center of attention? O yeah, it doesn’t matter that your dog is infinitely cuter than you are, it’s your dating profile, not Spot’s. This means that you must always show your face. A picture that doesn’t show your face is a waste of valuable online real estate.

Women love animal shots so much because we’re looking for a mate that can take care of a child. We want someone that’s caring, that puts another creature before themselves, that knows how to empathize.

Your doggy pics will do that for you, just don’t go stealing your neighbor’s dog.

The Social Shot

tinder pics for guys group shot

Plenty of clients of mine have been culpable of posting a group photo as their first Bumble picture.

Tell me.

How the hell can I discern whose profile this is by only looking at the photo above?

Social shots are great because they show that other people enjoy being around you. A woman whose Bumble account is full of selfies should be a red flag just as it is for a dude that only has solo pics. Social pics are crucial, they just shouldn’t be among the first or second photos in your lineup.

social photo shot bumble

Your social photos should still be all about you.

The best group pics are ones where everyone is staring at you in awe as you captivate a group of laughing onlookers. Also, be sure that you’re the best-looking person in a group pic. Being the second or third best looking means that there are one or two other people in the photo that she wished you looked like.

social photos bumble

Don’t settle for the first group shot you find in your phone’s library. Gather and consider 3 group shots before posting. It’s this restraint and willingness to dig for better photos that will ultimately contribute to creating a high-quality profile.

friends 3

I love the context here.

The place is beautiful, the city’s in the background, each subject is dressed well, the liquor is stacked. There’s just one crucial ingredient missing. We can’t see anyone face. More importantly, we can’t see the user’s face. While it’s tempting to upload this photo, don’t, you have better ones.

The GQ Shot

best bumble pics

Now’s your time to shine.

Show her the best version of yourself by donning that blazer, throwing on the watch, and flexing your best James Bond half-smirk. The GQ shot is all about conjuring up an image of respect and status.

Let’s not forget that women have evolved to appreciate wealth and power. Go ahead, flex a little bit.

bumble gq bumble pictures

But those cufflinks!

I know you can’t see it but I’m currently swiping right. This half candid photo trumps the rest.

bumble photos gq

Wipe your shoulder off, get your hair did, and crack a smile. This guy knows what I’m talking about.

Your GQ photo should be your first, second, or third photo. Considering that it’ll most likely be your best looking photo, why push it to the back of your lineup? Most women will only swipe through a couple of photos before making their decision.

Bumble Pictures for Guys…. That Women Will Ignore

Scary Photos

scary bumble photos

Think about the set and setting in which she’s swiping.

It’s late at night, the day is winding down. She’s either on the toilet or in bed. She’s trying to chill, not be frightened by some random Bumble dude that’s silently screaming at her through the phone. No screaming, just smiles.



This is a killer IG pic.

The guy’s shredded, rocking a mini fanny pack, and donning sweet shades. The thing is, I can’t see his face. As I’ve said before if I can’t see his face I’m not swiping right.

Not Smiling in Your Photos

This looks like Ted Bundy’s employee photo.

No smile, no life, and no chance of earning a right swipe.

Convince her that you’re a stand-up, vibrant guy by smiling. Basically, do the opposite of what this guy did.


tinder killer pics

It’s odd that what women are both attracted to most also scares us the most.

We like buff guys that can defend us but are also scared of them because they can crush us without exerting much effort. There’s little inviting about a dude decked out in skulls and bones.

Best Bumble Pictures for Guys: Conclusion

If you don’t have a cache of photos to choose from you’ll just have to steal someone else’s Bumble pics. Did I say steal?

Not to worry if you don’t have quality dating app pictures. The next few times you do something interesting just ask a friend to snap a few photos of you. Do this a few times and you’ll have dozens of photos to choose from. If this isn’t enough for you, you can always hire a photographer.

If you’ve narrowed your pics down to 10 or so but still can’t decide which to upload you can always post them to Photofeeler and let random people grade them. You could always ask your friends but they may not provide the impartial opinion you want to hear.

As you can see, there’s a lot to be pondered when choosing the perfect Bumble pics for your profile. If you need a helping hand, book a new client 1-on-1 Skype session with yours truly.

I’ve helped dozens of men create high-quality Bumble profiles from scratch. Together you and I will create an awesome profile and discuss the dating strategies you need to implement in order to find your next -and possibly last- girlfriend. We’ll also discuss if my 3-month coaching program is right for you!

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