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A List of the Best Bumble Bios for Guys

best bumble bios for guys

Looking for a list of the best bumble bios for guys? I can see why you might be. After all, when it comes to matching on dating apps like Bumble, you need to make a good (albeit, quick) impression. And, no, it isn’t all about the photos. While combing through different profiles, women keep their eyes peeled for the best Bumble bios.

Your Bumble bio can be the difference between a right or left swipe — particularly when it comes to apps and dating sites that are geared toward a relationship-oriented audience. Bumble comes with a “ladies first” mindset, where women are required to make the first move message-wise before the two of you can start communicating.

This encourages women to be more selective than they may be on apps like Tinder, which has garnered a reputation as attracting those looking for little more than a hookup. (Sidebar: It’s not always that way. Check out my article on Tinder pickup lines you can use if you’re looking for more than a one-night stand.)

And guess what? A lot of guys using Bumble understand this. They’re bringing their A-game when it comes to great profile photos and killer bios. You need to stand out if you want to get the most success out of this app. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

A little investigative research goes a long way. I downloaded Bumble and combed through a plethora of profiles. Using my expertise, I cherrypicked the absolute best of the best. I also found a few honorable mentions.

Below, take a look at a list of the best bumble bios for guys and my explanations on why they’re so effective. And when you’re done crafting your new awesome bio, make sure and read one of my more recent articles on the topic of Best Bumble Answers for Guys. Bumble recently added this “Hinge-ish” feature into their profile section that you need to get on top of!

*Side-note: If you or someone you know has a highly effective Bumble Bios that you believe should be on this list, email me a screenshot of it along with your reasoning: [email protected]*

Best Bumble Bios for Guys: The ABSOLUTE Best

These bios are short and catchy. Remember that you need to capture women’s attention instantaneously on apps. In other words, don’t pen a novella. Furthermore, inject a little humor and wit into your bio to ensure it is effective.

Best Bumble Bios for Guys #1: Make Any Job Title Intriguing

best bumble bios for guysThis guy’s official job title is Field Claims Adjuster. Some people may not have any idea what that means. To make a job dealing with claims more interesting, this guy said, “I look at smashed up cars for a living.” That made me do a double-take. You do what for a living? See how this makes a woman want to learn more? And he didn’t even have to use more than a sentence.

Moreover, this guy included a picture of his dog and noted the dog in his bio. Cute animals make everything better, so be sure to include something fluffy and adorable when able.

Best Bumble Bios for Guys #2: The Perfect Use of Self-Deprecation

best bumble bios for guys

I have a hard and fast rule when it comes to negativity on dating apps…


Negativity or anything that borders on self-loathing is going to send women running (i.e., swiping left). However, self-deprecation is a great way to infuse some wit into your bio if you use it the right way. Basically, self-deprecation is poking fun at yourself. When done correctly, it shows women that you don’t take yourself too seriously and have a good sense of humor.

This guy hit it out of the park with the creative use of self-deprecation. To be honest, I’ve never thought about what a guy who sells indoor waterfalls in Tennessee might look like. I guess this guy? Either way, it made me laugh. If I was single, I would swipe right based on that elicited chuckle alone.

When Self-Deprecation Goes Awry

And if you want to know what a bad use of self-deprecation sounds like, take a look at this story told by Kelly Clarkson. If you can make someone like Kelly Clarkson ghost you on a date, it’s definitely time to rethink your strategy.

Best Bumble Bios #3: Pick Your Favorite Attributes

best bumble bios for menNotice that this guy fit a lot of information about himself into a small word count. On apps like Bumble, it’s totally fine to just list things. English class essay rules don’t apply here.

I also like that, rather than simply saying he’s getting a degree in psychology, he noted that he is pursuing it to work with children with special needs. Women viewing this guy’s bio assume that he is compassionate and empathetic based on that alone. And when you’re a relationship-oriented woman, you’re not looking for an insensitive jerk or self-proclaimed bad boy. Yes, nice guys do finish first when they play their cards right.

Best Bumble Bios #4: An Amazing Quote

best bumble bios for guysI love, love, LOVE this one!

I often suggest men use a funny quote from a movie or TV show if they’re really struggling to come up with something witty for their bio. But this guy is showcasing his own sense of humor and using a quote (quotes are honestly effective in general) from his hypothetical future date.

Feel free to just steal this one. It’s awesome.

Best Bumble Bios #5: Mad Skills (and Tastes)

best bumble bios for guysThis guy is basically making a list that appeals to all the important things in life:

  • Good drink
  • Keeping your parents from chucking that iPad you bought them out the window (it’s an imminent risk for many)
  • Oreos
  • Pizza

Best Bumble Bios for Guys #6: It’s What We’re All Thinking

best bumble bios for guysHonestly, don’t we all wish it was socially acceptable to wear sweatpants to the bar — and everywhere else for that matter?

As a woman, it can be easier to pass off certain styles of yoga pants as slacks but men aren’t able to be quite as inconspicuous. Sorry, man.

Otherwise, I like that this guy mentioned his cute pups.

Best Male Bumble Bio #7: Plenty of Variety

best bumble biosI normally wouldn’t have listed “ratchet behavior” alongside restaurants and museums, but hey, variety is the spice of life.

Witty Bumble Bios for Men #8: Hilarious

best bumble bios for guysThis is another one that literally made me LOL. Feel free to copy and paste this one and pass it off as your own.

Best Bumble Bios #9: Ready to Get Physical

best bumble bio for guysRemember, women aren’t the only ones who are allowed to be a little selective. If you’re an outdoorsy person and sharing that interest with a partner is important to you, let it be known.

Moreover, I love when people use their love of the outdoors to connect with someone initially. If you’ve checked out my articles on second date ideas, you know that I advise getting physical on the second date by choosing a nature hike, bike ride or something else that gets your heart racing.

Best Bumble Bios for Guys #10: The Perfect Background Story

This is clearly a joke (A+ for wit). However, I’m sure that there are plenty of women that wouldn’t mind using the story of saving a puppy as their love story. Online dating is way more extreme nowadays but some people still get reticent when it comes to telling people that they met their girlfriend or boyfriend online.

I love that this guy turned that type of unnecessary hesitation on its head by making a joke out of it.

Best Male Bumble Bios #11: Some Intrigue with a Side of Emoji

best bumble bios for guysI like that this guy is putting himself out there and taking a bit of a risk that basically says, “Hey, I want a long-term relationship and YES that means you dealing with my digestive issues when I’m 80.” A little bit risky (not always the best idea to mention diapers before a first date), but I can dig it.

Also, I like that he opened with a bit of a riddle. Does the horse emoji mean this guy had a cameo in Hey Dude? Come to think of it, which 90s shows made horses a focal point? Can someone tell me??

The point is, this opening line made me curious enough to swipe right (if I was single).

Finally, this is a great example of good emoji usage. The guy adds some pop to his profile by peppering in some emojis but doesn’t overplay his hand. A stream of emojis can be overwhelming. Use them sparingly.

Best Bumble Bios For Guys: Honorable Mentions

The below may not be the best of the best Bumble bios for guys, but they’re definitely worth studying. These guys did a great job showcasing their personality, nonchalantly disclosing certain tricky subjects (hi, fatherhood) and deftly weaving wit into short and sweet bios. Take a look!

Honorable Mention #1: Specific Interests + Cute Animals = Win

best bumble bios for guysThis guy got pretty specific about his interests and personality but also notes he’s open-minded when it comes to people who don’t share some of his lifestyle choices.

I like that this less witty Bumble bio ended with a comment about liking animals who sit on couches like humans. Also, me too.

Honorable Mention #2: Likes and Dislikes

funny bumble bios for menI like using a “likes” and “dislikes” format for Bumble bios lines for guys. It’s short and sweet. Just make sure you aren’t overly generic when using this method.

For example, don’t simply put something like “sports” or “food” as a like. List your favorite team or an eclectic dish you’re obsessed with to intrigue the people visiting your profile.

Honorable Mention #3: Just a Touch of Vulnerability

bumble profile exampleThis is a great way of sharing some personal things in a light, non-aggressive way. This guy seamlessly let viewers know that religion is very important to him and so is fatherhood. But he did it in a way that was quick and to the point, while also juxtaposing this information with hobbies and drink preferences. Well done!

Male Bumble Bios Honorable Mention #4: The Art of Sarcasm

best bumble bio for menI’m guessing that no one would consider a lack of whistling ability to be a dealbreaker. This guy infused some sarcastic wit (and a little self-deprecation) to create a quick and catchy Bumble bio.

Honorable Mention #5: Because Movie Snack Prices Are =(

good bumble bio Aside from the joke about smuggling movie snacks (I mean…yes, please), I like that this guy concisely listed some interests while also showing off his soft side. I’ve noted that it’s great if you can fit a cute animal into your profile. But if you’re an animal lover who has adopted the less fortunate animals, it definitely pulls on some heart strings.

Honorable Mention #6: Pun-derful

best bumble bios for guysI love a good pun — and this is one I can really dig.

Honorable Mention #7: Getting Schooled

best bumble bios for menI often get questions from clients asking, “Should I disclose my education on my dating profile?” The answer is always yes. And in this case, it’s great that the guy let viewers know he’s studying for the bar. Going to law and medical school is no joke. Mentioning this is great because it shows women that you’re smart, goal-oriented and a hard worker.

Honorable Mention #8: Excellent Use of Sarcasm

bumble example for good profilesThis guy may be an honorable mention, but he wins the best use of sarcasm when it comes to the best Bumble bios for guys.

I almost feel like he overheard me telling throngs of male clients to “not be generic” on their dating profiles before writing this. Well played, sir – very creative bumble bios example.

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After the Match

Creating a short and catchy bio is only one step of the process (albeit, a very important one) when it comes to turning online connections into real life dates. There are other strategies you need to use in order to ensure success.

For example…

Make Sure Your Photos Are on Point

I know, I know. I said that photos are not the only important thing when it comes to capturing a lady’s attention.

Well, that’s true. You can’t rely solely on photos when it comes to optimizing your online dating success. However, photos are still extremely important. It’s the very first thing that a woman sees. Therefore, you need to make sure that your photos are on point:

  • Use current photos
  • Make the first photo a close-cropped headshot
  • The second photo a full-body shot (pose with confidence!)
  • For the third photo, use a social shot
  • Make the fourth photo a hobby shot
  • Finally, make the fifth photo one of you and a cute animal
  • Smile
  • Maintain good eye contact with the camera
  • Wear a flattering outfit (don’t post shirtless photos — it can come off as sleazy)
  • Stand with confidence, i.e., straight and tall, shoulders back and arms uncrossed

For more in-depth tips, check out my article, Top 5 Online Dating Photo Tips for Men Who Want More Matches.

Craft the Perfect Response

I advise men on lots of different ways to break the ice on dating apps with impressive opening lines. However, things work a little differently on Bumble.

Since women make the first move, you need to navigate your way to the perfect response. And the thing is, lots of women aren’t great at opening lines. That doesn’t mean a woman is boring, it’s simply that we haven’t been socialized to pick up men.

If a woman sends you something boring like “Hey” or “Hi,” don’t respond in kind. You can challenge her in a flirty way by saying something like “I think you can do better than that ;).” Or, hone in on interests you have in common with her based on her profile and go from there. Above all else, stay witty, positive and creative.

You can learn more about crafting a perfect response by checking out my article, How to Respond to a Woman’s First Message on Bumble.

Ask Her Out…ASAP

Once you’ve got a conversation going, allow only a few lines of banter before asking a girl out on a date. Craft a compelling date idea that is based on her interests. Instead of simply asking a girl out to a coffee at Starbucks (no offense, I love you Starbucks #PumpkinSpiceEverything), choose a lesser known cafe with rich history you can tell her about that serves eclectic bites. Or if she’s an animal lover, maybe suggest tea at a cat cafe.

The possibilities are endless. Just make sure that you stand out. And if you need some individualized advice, stay tuned for the end of this article. I’d be happy to chat with you.

Finally, every date you ask a girl on should include a solid TDL.

What is a TDL?

A TDL is an acronym that stands for time, date and location. It’s what we here at EmLovz use to refer to a date’s call-to-action.

Basically, when you use a TDL, a girl has all the information she needs about a date. Women are more likely to respond “yes” to dates that come equipped with a TDL. Why? For one, it’s chivalrous. By making a solid plan, you’re showing her that you are mindful of her time and think she’s worth planning for. Also, a TDL eliminates the frustrating back-and-forth that comes with asking someone out.

Does This Look Familiar?

You: Hey, want to go out sometime?

Her: Sure.

You: Cool. When are you free?

Her: Maybe this weekend? You?

You: Yeah, I think so…

Approximately 10,000 messages later, no date is set up and the status between the two of you remains “two ships passing in the night” for all of eternity.

Don’t do this. Ask a girl out on a date that includes all the specifics. Girls are used to laziness when it comes to being asked out nowadays. When you use a TDL, you automatically stand out and decrease your chances of rejection.

Don’t Rely Solely on Bumble

If you rely solely on Bumble, you’re likely to get burnt out. I always recommend clients download a few different dating apps to optimize their success. Here’s an article I wrote for a list of free dating apps and sites.

Moreover, explore avenues outside of your smartphone and/or computer if you want to increase your chances of finding a compatible partner.

Ask trusted friends to set you up. Join groups via sites like Meetup.com to connect with people who have similar interests. Scope out events posted on Eventbrite that appeal to you. Try out a speed dating event or sign up for an improv comedy class to expand your social circle and increase your confidence.

Take a look at my articles, What’s the Best Way to Meet Women in Real Life? and Where to Meet Women Other Than Bars for more ideas.

Putting yourself out there in a variety of different ways allows you to date women concurrently, a strategy I refer to as MegaDating.

What is MegaDating?

MegaDating is a dating strategy that involves going on dates with several different women at the same time in order to diffuse energy by keeping your social calendar full. MegaDating is the top strategy I used during my 100-date experiment. It helped me find a long-term, compatible partner. Guess what? It can do the same for you!

Don’t confuse MegaDating with playing the field or sleeping around. It actually has very little to do with sex. In fact, you don’t even have to have sex with anyone you’re MegaDating until you feel comfortable. (I actually recommend waiting until the third date to sleep with someone.)

MegaDating allows you to increase your confidence in the dating world. When you MegaDate, you see that there is truly a lot of fish in the sea. This prevents you from getting hung up on “the one” or settling for the mediocre. Moreover, MegaDating lessens the pain of rejection. If one woman turns you down, it isn’t a big blow because you’re already hanging out with other interesting women.

A Dating Plan Tailor-Made for You

If you want individualized help overcoming your dating roadblocks, I’m here to help. Whether it’s creating the best Bumble bios, increasing your matches on apps, attracting gorgeous women wherever you go, or finding a long term girlfriend, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve spent years helping men crush their goals and find lasting love. I’d like to do the same for you.

Ready to get started? Head over to my calendar and book a 1-on-1 Skype session with me today! Together, we’ll create an action plan that is tailored specifically to your needs – and see if my 3-month coaching program could help you reach those goals in record time!