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This is One of the Best Bumble Profiles for Men Ever Made

This is One of the Best Bumble Profiles for Men Ever Made

Nowadays, online dating is an extremely popular method when it comes to looking for a long-term relationship. Gone are the days where turning to the internet for love was considered taboo or intended only for sad saps unable to meet a lady in the “real world.”

I recommend my clients use several different dating apps when looking for love, one of these being the popular app, Bumble. Bumble is a dating app that is similar to Tinder, except that it puts women in charge of making the first move. The caveat here is that if you want to start conversing with potential dates, you best be sure you have a profile that makes a BIG impression.

Lucky for you, I’ve enlisted the help of one of my close guy friends to help you create one of the best Bumble profiles for men. My friend (we’ll call him Rico*) is recently single and experiencing GREAT success on Bumble.

As a dating coach, I obviously wanted to learn more about Rico’s strategies when it came to Bumble and he graciously let me peruse his profile. I was thoroughly impressed. In fact, I would say that Rico has one of the best Bumble profiles for men ever made.

So what makes this Bumble profile so epic? Allow me to break it down for you below.

His Profile Text is Short and Catchy

Love it or hate it, the digital age has severely decreased our collective attention span — at least when it comes to the internet. When writing your profile on Bumble, don’t get caught up in spinning out a magnificent piece of prose that perfectly articulates your life story — save that for the date.

You need to grab a lady’s attention quickly when it comes to these apps. Remember that you are up against a lot of competition — Bumble has an estimated 23 million users. Women are scrolling through a plethora of pictures and profile area, so you want to make yours stand out by grabbing her attention FAST. Notice how Rico expertly uses one short sentence to get a girl laughing and intrigued.

His Main Pic is a Clear Image

The only issue I have with Rico’s picture (and this is a MINOR issue) is that he isn’t looking directly into the camera, which I recommend my clients do, particularly when it comes to the first picture of you that women will see.

STILL, Rico holds onto his title of the man with one of the best bumble profiles for men even made thanks to the clearness of the picture and that great smile.

Now that we’ve talked about what makes this picture great, let’s talk about how main pics can often go awry.

The following types of main pictures should be avoided AT ALL COSTS:

The Stoic Staredown

During my 100 date experiment, I can’t tell you how many deadpan stares would cross my computer screen when perusing online dating profiles. I’m not really sure what initiated this let-me-stare-into-your-soul-via-image, but my advice is just. Don’t. Do. It.

The Mystery Woman

According to a study, 84% of women consider faithfulness to be one of the top 10 attributes that make a man sexy. So picture what a turn off it would be for a woman to come across your profile, only to find you with another girl.

Whether it’s the main photo or the last one, don’t post a picture of you with just one attractive mystery woman on your arm. The woman in question could be a platonic friend or a relative, but people viewing your profile don’t know that. Potential dates may assume that the lovely lady is an ex that you’re not over, and automatically swipe left to avoid the hypothetical drama. 

The Group Photo

Which one are you??

Don’t leave ladies with a head-scratcher for the main photo. You certainly want to show that you have friends and like to have a good time, but you want to give people a first impression of YOU, not you and 15 of your friends. That being said, it’s great to use a group photo as one of your other photos, just not the main profile pic that she’s going to use to determine whether she swipes “yes” or “no” on. Don’t confuse her with your profile photo—it’s the first barrier to entry. You’ll have enough hurdles to jump over later, keep this one simple. 

best bumble profile example for men

Show Off Your Hobbies

Outside of dating, it’s great to have your own hobbies. Engaging in extracurricular activities relieves stress, increases self esteem, stimulates mental growth and can help you meet people. Showing that you have a variety of interests that go beyond work and dating apps is also extremely appealing to women. It makes you seem more interesting and shows that you have your own life to live, and are less likely to be at risk of tripping into stage-five-clinger territory. (Hey, they’re letting the ladies make the first move on apps for a reason.)

In this picture, my friend is showcasing that great smile again while practicing one of his favorite hobbies — fishing. Showing off this kind of hobby is also great because it shows he’s comfortable hanging out in nature, and what lady doesn’t like an outdoorsman?

If you don’t fish, no worries! Just showcase a time you were living your best life. Some examples of great hobby shots include playing guitar, traveling, skydiving, running a 10k or marathon, biking, hiking, and cooking. 

Conversely, doing beer bongs or keg stands does NOT count as a hobby or at least one you’d like to advertise.

There’s nothing wrong with a picture of you cradling a nice craft beer or glass of wine — just leave the frat party-esque pictures to your own personal collection if you don’t want to attract the wrong type of attention.

Mom Picbest bumble profile example for men

Every single woman wants to know the man she might date loves his mom. Remember that women view the way a man treats his mom as a reflection of how that man will treat her.

You can tell that my friend has a good relationship with his mom based on the body language and wide smiles in this picture. And the fact that he’s choosing a picture where his mom is sharing in his favorite hobby with him makes the image even more appealing to women.

Just as I mentioned that posting a deadpan selfie is a no-no since it might give ladies the creeps, this image does quite the opposite. Showcasing a good relationship with your mom or a maternal figure in your life (an aunt, grandmother, etc.) can elicit a sense of security and safety in women viewing your profile.

Just make sure you clearly make note that it’s your mom in the caption if she looks closer to your age so you don’t confuse women who may be thinking it’s your girlfriend. Ok yes, I said it but some moms keep it lookin’ good and it’s can be hard to tell in those cases.

Bonus Points for Posting an Animal Pic

best bumble profile for men-1

If you don’t have a picture of yourself with an adorable animal, you need to change that PRONTO. No one can consider their profile one of the best bumble profiles for men ever made without slipping in some furry adorableness.

March yourself down to the nearest petting zoo and start mugging with baby goat, lamb or pony IMMEDIATELY. Dogs, cats and any other animal that falls under the category of “cute and cuddly” also work. (Images of boa constrictors, tarantulas and sharks should NOT be used.)

Yes, women do value sensitivity in a man — or at least the type of women looking for a mature, long-term relationship do.

Seeing a picture of you posed next to a furry bundle of adorableness shows that you have a gentle, affectionate side, and can lead to more dating success.

Nephew Pic

best bumble profile for men-2

While I don’t recommend leaving things to the imagination when it comes to a picture of you and another woman, pictures of you and children is a completely different story.

Although it may seem counterintuitive (what if a girl seeing your profile doesn’t want kids and now thinks you have kids?), posting a picture of you and a child is a great conversation starter. A woman’s curiosity will be piqued and she’ll want to know whether the kids are yours or someone else’s.

And as a bonus, this is just one more example of how Rico is showing his soft side and appealing to a woman’s desire to find a strong yet sensitive man.

The Brother Pic

Once again, Rico is appealing to women by showing that he is close to his family. Not only is this image a great choice in that regard, but it expands upon the conversation starter from the previous picture.

The kids from the previous picture are Rico’s brother’s kids, so when a woman asks about it, he can mention that those babies are his nephews, and follow up with something like:

“Yup, proud uncle right here! The lucky dad is my brother, who you may have noticed me giving a piggyback ride to in my last picture, lol.”

Want More Profile Examples?

**With the popularity of this article, I decided to create a similar article with more great Bumble profile examples for men. Check out the article here: Best Bumble Bios for Guys.

Get Some Extra Buzz From Your Bumble

Want YOUR dating profile to be considered one of the best bumble profiles for men ever made? Need help with your Tinder or Hinge profile? Want help finding your next relationship?

I’m here to help. During my 100 date experiment, I dove headfirst into all the intricacies of the modern dating world by using myself as the guinea pig. I learned about what makes for a successful relationship, all while finding my own long-term relationship by the end of my research.

And I want you to find success too. Book a new client one-on-one Skype session with me today. During our introductory session, we will discuss your goals, dating roadblocks and come up with an action plan to help you on your way to better self-confidence, a dating life that includes MORE fun and LESS stress. We’ll also determine if my 3 month coaching program is right for you! 

*Name has been changed.

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