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Top 11 Tips to Get More Matches on Dating App Hinge

Top 11 Tips to Get More Matches on Dating App Hinge

Dating apps have taken over from mainstream online dating sites and can be one of the most effective ways to meet your ideal partner – if you know how to use them effectively. The biggest challenge with these apps is that they make the photo the barrier of entry. If a woman swipes left because she doesn’t like your photo, you lose the chance of ever connecting with her. This means your photos are more important than ever!

With an app such as Hinge, you have more options when trying to win people over. Photos still play a big part, but there are other features such as videos and comments that can give you the edge.

With all of this said, the goal of Hinge and other dating sites & apps is to actually get on real life dates! So before you read on, make sure you download my mega-message template. This tool will help convert more of your upcoming matches to actual in-person dates. 

To increase your chances of finding the perfect match, I’ve put together this useful guide, the top 11 tips to get more matches on dating app Hinge: 

1. Choose photos wisely

The photos are the bread and butter of your profile. This is what most people look at first – we’re told by our parents not to judge people based purely on appearance, but really we’re all a bit superficial when it comes to online dating.

Dating experts have researched long and hard into what makes the perfect dating profile photo. Here are some tips that we suggest when picking out the perfect pics…


No-one wants to date someone who’s frowning or looking grumpy. You’re 43% more likely to get a like by smiling. Eye contact is also important – looking directly at the camera will make you appear more attractive, personable, and trustworthy. 

Show off your interests and personality

Pictures of you doing something active can make you seem more fun. This could be a picture of you crossing the finish line of Tough Mudder or a picture of you diving into a pool on vacation. Also consider travel snaps in exotic locations. All of this will make you more interesting and fuel conversation.

Be careful of photos with other people in them

A pic of you and a bunch of friends all having a good time can be great for making you seem fun and social. What you don’t want is a photo of you looking glum and everyone else looking excited. Neither do you want to be surrounded by lots of people not smiling.

And whatever you do, don’t upload a photo of you and your ex. Instead, use a photo with you and two women. This shows potential matches that other women trust you—muy importante for getting her on a date. If you post a picture of you and just one other girl, it suggests that you’re already taken or haven’t got over your last relationship. It could just be your friend or sister, but women aren’t going to know that and may get the wrong impression.

Enhance photos – but don’t go overboard

Research has found that whilst editing your photos a little may make you seem more attractive, it can also make you seem less trustworthy if it’s been visibly enhanced. Go easy on the filters and don’t go crazy with Photoshop.

Clarity is important however

That said grainy, blurred or ancient black and white photos should always be avoided. People should be able to clearly see your face – no-one wants to date a blurry ghost-looking figure! An old photo from twenty years ago also doesn’t give an honest representation of you now, so take a new one if needs be.

Don’t be afraid to show pictures of you and your children

It tells people right off the bat that you’ve got kids. Your ideal partner needs to be okay with this.

You get bonus points for pictures of dogs

No, but really, animals are always a plus. Weed out the pet-haters early.

Yep, that’s a lot of pointers to take on board. Still not sure if your photo is good enough? Sites like could be worth using – they can help give you unbiased feedback on your photo and what it says about you.

2. Link Instagram to your Hinge account

Got an Instagram account? Give your prospective date a better window into your life by linking it up with Hinge. Instagram offers a greater selection of photos that will help people to get a better understanding of you and your lifestyle. This means more conversation starters and more potential areas for chemistry.

3. Add a video to set yourself apart

Photos don’t always give a full idea of what someone’s like as a person. A video gives you much more options to demonstrate your personality and show people what you’re all about.

You can use videos however you wish – but for maximum impact we recommend either a) showing off your talents, or b) making people laugh.

When it comes to showing off your talents this could be a video of you playing guitar or skiing or dancing. ‘I like skiing’ might not mean much to someone who shares the same interest, but a video shows others exactly how good you are and the type of places you ski in, all in all offering more to talk about. Alternatively, a woman who knows nothing about your interest might be wowed and more likely to talk to you, especially if your hobby is something obscure like Krav Maga or paddle-boarding.

When it comes to making women laugh meanwhile, this can be anything that fits your style of humor. It could be a video of your dog or even a video of you falling over (think Fail Army). I’d probably lay off acting out a comedy sketch unless you really are a standup comedian, but really anything goes.

4. Set a 20 year window on age preference

Studies have found that relationships work best when partners are within a 20 year window (i.e. no less than 10 years younger and no more than 10 years older). Most people don’t cast their net wide enough. Men are also less likely to date women older than them. All this can be hugely limiting – there could be a woman older than you that looks young for her age and shares all the same interests and hobbies. Besides, you don’t have to date these women – it’s simply a way of keeping your options open.

5. Avoid negative language

Don’t be a negatron, be an optimus prime. We all want to naturally be around happy people. Try to avoid scaring potential matches away by grumbling or being aggressive with your opinions.

Negative language could include phrasing around interests, such as ‘I don’t like cats’ or ‘I don’t like pop music’. Unless you’re really really really passionate about these dislikes, avoid them as they could deter that otherwise perfect match, just because they took insult with you saying you didn’t like cats. Phrasing can sometimes make a difference too, for example it may be better to swap ‘I quit my day job as a banker to become a football coach’ for ‘Football is my passion and I help coach kids’.

Similarly you should be careful about being too self-deprecating. Women don’t like to be constantly confronted with cocky guys, but too much self-deprecation could come across as a lack of confidence. Rather than saying ‘I’m hopeless at cooking’, be creative and try things like ‘Beans on toast is my specialty’. For more communication ideas, check out my top online dating tips. 

6. Use humor

We all like to find someone we can share a laugh with. Hinge offers users the chance to answer questions about themselves. Don’t settle for generic answers – be funny. Here are just a few examples:

‘I’m legitimately bad at’: folding fitted sheets

‘What I wanted to be when I grew up’: professional cocktail drinker.

‘Most traumatizing childhood movie’: The Ring. She was getting out of the TV.

Try to keep some things serious such as your age. If you have a decent job and good income, you should also be careful about showing off your wealth – most women will be put off by this and the ones that aren’t may only be interested for one reason. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s probably not ideal saying ‘I’m poor’ either – even if you mean it jokingly.

Photos and videos can also be a great opportunity to display your sense of humor.

7. Set up a date plan on your profile

Coming up with a date plan to suggest on your profile can get the ball rolling and can be great for attracting a match, for example: ‘I’m looking for someone to take to Salsa dancing lessons with me’.

This can take a date straight from the online setting to the real world, allowing you to both get to know one another in person rather than taking part in epic conversation chains from your phone. Use my TDL strategy to help make your dates more compelling

8. Leave a comment with your like

Wondering what to comment on Hinge? In addition to leaving a like, Hinge allows users the chance to leave a comment. This can lead to two times more conversations. Make it a comment that inspires them to message you back (e.g. don’t be mean!). To help you, check out this article: Best Hinge Comments for Guys

9. Get creative with conversation starters

‘Hey’ and ‘hi there’ aren’t likely to encourage much conversation. You wouldn’t spark a chat with a random stranger like this in real life, so why use these conversation starters online? Start with a question regarding something you want to know about them. You could even lead with a joke. Again, what to comment on hinge is 

For a more in depth look at the perfect conversation starter, this article in Men’s Fitness can help. Research has shown even age and location can play a large factor when it comes to a successful conversation starter.

10. Don’t get mad at women who don’t respond

The data suggests that guys are more likely to get impatient. In fact, if a woman doesn’t respond within 6 hours, guys are 25 % less likely to respond. On top of this, some people can have a bad habit of interrogating women who refuse to reply, which can sometimes lead to angry outbursts – especially if you’ve previously been having a conversation and they’re now ghosting you.

Getting angry will only deter potential matches further. Women are more likely to delay their responses, so it’s worth waiting it out. They may well have turned their notifications off (it can make leaving one’s phone around easier without co-workers seeing that someone’s winked at them). If after a few follow ups you’ve still got no reply, it could be worth calling it quits – not replying is likely to be her polite way of telling you that she’s not interested.

11. Enable Hinge Matchmaker

Hinge Matchmaker is a service that allows your friends to hook you up with their friends. If you trust your friends to be your wing person, this could be a great way of meeting new people. Many women already partake in online dating with their friends, so Hinge Matchmaker can be a great tool for to meet second or third degree connections. 

Wrap Up: Tips to Get More Matches on Dating App Hinge

Hinge has been a pioneer of many online dating options such as being able to leave videos. Its creative methods have allowed many users to find their perfect match, offering more options than a simple swipe. Clearly, dating can sometimes be demotivating. Hinge helps to combat this by giving weekly reports to let users know how they’re progressing. These reports include the number of likes you’ve had, the number of likes with comments you’ve had and the average distance away of the people you’ve liked.

Have you applied the above strategies and still getting no likes on HingePerhaps it’s time to consult a dating coach like me.

I’ve helped hundreds of men reach their dating (and online dating) goals. Check out my calendar and book a new client session with me today. I love working with smart, hardworking men looking to crush their dating goals! 

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