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Best First Date Ideas

Best First Date Ideas

Hey guys! It’s Emyli here. Are you looking for some best first date ideas?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m an expert when it comes to first dates — I went on 100 dates in 2011 alone while collecting research for my 100-Date experiment. In fact, my intensive study on the subject of dating led to my career as a personal dating coach and founder of the EmLovz Academy for Men, an online dating bootcamp designed to help great guys find the perfect girl.

For me, the best first dates were fun, simple and not-too-ordinary. Dinner and a movie might be the quintessential first date idea, but trust me – don’t do it. Dinner is for date #3, and save that movie until you are close to being in a relationship. 

If you really want to stand out and make a lasting impression, forge a real connection and have a ton of fun — it’s definitely worth it to stick to the following rules and guidelines when planning it out. And if you can spice up a tried-and-true first date scenario by adding in a bit of your personality to the date, or by researching her a bit first, go for it!

The goal is to feel comfortable on your date, and to make sure she’s comfortable too. Read on to hear my best first date ideas and how to plan for the perfect night out together.

Keep the First Date Social

Beyond safety reasons, there are plenty of reasons for having the first date in a public place. Studies have proven that when a date is social there is less critical judgement, more fun, and greater likelihood to converting to a second date.

The more social your location is, the more likely it will be to inspire easy, flowing conversation. No one likes awkward silences, and a fun and exciting place will help to prevent the dreaded pauses in conversation. At the very least, the background noise and interactions with others (street vendors, servers, tourists, etc.) will help drown out the awkward pauses and make them less noticeable.

Tourist attractions are fun first date ideas, as well as busy restaurants, bars, cafes and bookstores. Even if you’re a local, it can be super fun to explore busy areas of the city that you might otherwise avoid.

Outdoor festivals, farmer’s markets and live music events are also fun first date ideas. Check out what’s going on in your area and pick whatever sounds the most fun.

Think she’s flirting with you on your first date together? This article on flirting signals will tell you how to know for sure!

Make it Novel and Exciting

We’ve all been to the movies. But have we all been to a live Mexican wrestling match in the heart of the city? Instead of Starbucks, what if you got your coffee to go and went for a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge?

The more unique and exciting your date is, the more she’ll remember it — and you. To tell you the truth, I hardly remember my dinner-and-a-movie dates at all, and rely on my notes to recall the many details I’ve since forgotten. In contrast, I vividly remember the fun first date ideas where we did something out of the ordinary.

Scan your area’s newspapers and magazines for special events, like film festivals, theater shows and temporary attractions. You’d be surprised to see the variety of things to do out there that you’ve never considered before.

Even if it’s something you’d probably never do on your own, like Monster Truck races, amateur comedy hour or a drag queen runway show, it can be loads of fun experiencing it with someone else.

Turn Your Date into an Adventure

Here’s a secret for super fun first date ideas: give yourselves a mission, and turn your time together into a real adventure.

This is a great way to bond quickly with someone while having a really great time. There are a ton of ways to do this if you’re willing to get a bit creative.

A hilarious example for someone with a great sense of humor: you could print out a list of obscure Asian fruits and vegetables with aphrodisiacal qualities — and hit China Town with the list to find (and sample) them all.

A less forward idea could be to ask her for her favorite mixed drink — and go on a quest to find the bar with the best version of it.

Some guys are really great at creating a memorable first date, while others might need some help to pull it off naturally. If you need coaching on how to smoothly introduce a mission into your first date, don’t hesitate to book an intro coaching session with me.

Show Off What You’re Good At

One of the best first date ideas is to stick with what you know. Women love it when men take charge on a first date, so it helps to do or go wherever you feel the most confident.

Are you a fantastic baseball player? Take her to the batting cage to show off your skills — and check out her swing, as well. If you’re a musician, take a stroll to a music shop and show her a few things on a demo instrument.

This could also lead to the discovery of a shared interest, passion, or talent!

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Feeling Intimidated? Don’t Worry!

Dating is a complicated game that many people struggle with. If you feel intimidated with coming up with first date ideas or with the entire dating process as a whole, don’t worry — you’re not alone.

For a lot of men, even the best first date ideas provoke feelings of anxiety and inauthenticity. If this is you, know that reading more information about dating, or speaking with a professional will help you to feel more comfortable with the whole process.

For starters, be sure to check out my article How to Be More Authentic on Dates for tips on feeling more like yourself and getting mentally prepared for your night out. You can also read my article First Date Tips for Men for some helpful information on what to do and what not to do on your first date together.

If you’re interested in finding personalized support to learn how to approach the opposite sex, feel more confident and attractive, find higher quality women that want to date you and so much more, I can help.

Visit my calendar page to see how I can help you to dramatically enhance your love life and achieve your relationship goals — whatever they may be.

With Love,


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