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Over 60 of the Best Date Ideas Miami Has to Offer

By Emyli LovzAugust 30, 2019Date Ideas
date ideas miami

Are you looking for some unique, creative, fun, or romantic date ideas in Miami? If so, you’re in luck.

I’ve compiled a list of date locations recommended just for you by top industry experts, psychologists, and Miami locals. The date ideas are broken up into first, second, and third date locations based on my proven date blueprints and are guaranteed to impress.

Below are some quick tips on how to plan an exceptional first, second, and third date. The framework is based on data collected from my 100-Date Experiment and seven years of working with clients.

First Date Blueprint

The goal of a first date is to establish trust and rapport. A first date should last an hour or less, cost $10-$15 max, and take place during daylight hours. If you spend over an hour with a woman on a first date and stay in the same location the entire time, it’s doubtful that you will ever see her again.

Second Date Blueprint

The goal of a second date is to escalate sexual tension. As such, a second date should be physically active and boost adrenaline and arousal. The second date should cost no money. However, if you have no choice, then it’s best to pay for the activity beforehand so as not to let the woman see a money exchange.

When too much money is exchanged too early in the courting phase, it causes a woman to subconsciously feel as though you are easy to get, and thus, of low-value. Lastly, second dates should always take place during daylight hours.

Third Date Blueprint

The goal of a third date is to ensure that there’s deep compatibility. Conversations should feel effortless and engaging. If successful, you’ll start to notice that your morals and values align. You should also be having sex on a third date unless there’s a personal or religious reason why you can’t. If you don’t make a move by the third date, there’s a high likelihood that you will get friend-zoned. That said, ‘no’ ALWAYS means ‘NO,’ but you need to make a move in order to get that ‘no,’ which will open up a conversation about why she doesn’t want to have sex.

A third date should also take place when it’s dark outside to enhance intimacy. There is no limit to the amount of money that should be spent, but there’s no need to overspend either. You should schedule the third date in your neighborhood so that you can make the transition back to your place seamless. I train all of my clients on the full first, second, and third date blueprints in my Signature Program, which you can learn more about here.

Consensus Among Recommenders

Before I get into the date recommendations, I should note that I noticed a consensus among several of the suggestions for specific date locations. As such, I thought it might be valuable to note that the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens showed up repeatedly across everyone who contributed to this article. The Perez Art Museum, Monty’s and Makoto were also popular recommendations.

These date locations are winners for a variety of people, so I’d prioritize those date locations first. You can skip directly to those sections by using command + F or control + F on your keyboard and typing in the name of each.

Now, without further adieu, let’s dive into Miami’s top first date ideas.

First Date Ideas Miami

First Date Ideas Miami #1: Wine + BeachBeach Date Miami

“Sometimes Less is More: Grab your favorite bottle of wine and hit the beach. There’s nothing more romantic than dipping your toes into the warm sand while watching the waves meet the shore with that special someone. Miami matchmakers know that the local women can put a huge emphasis on status and money, so there’s a huge amount of pressure for men to go over the top when it comes to dates. Take advantage of Miami’s never-ending beach options! A relaxed beach date is a perfect opportunity to create a meaningful, lasting connection with someone.”

-Recommendation by Samantha Topchik and Sherri Murphy VIP Miami Matchmakers at Elite Connections International

First Date Ideas Miami #2: Coffee + Art TourMiami Design District Free Public Art Tours

Saturday’s are the perfect days for a first date, which is why this date location is ideal. Twice a month, on Saturday afternoons from 3:30-5pm, you can take a tour of the Miami design district’s public art exhibit. Click here to view the schedule and get more information. According to their website, all tours meet in front of the Fly’s Eye Dome on the first floor of Palm Court, located at 140 NE 39th St.Sabal Coffee MiamiI’d recommend grabbing coffee 15-30 minutes before the tour to get to know each other first. There’s a popular coffee shop called Sabal, that is close to where the tour starts. If you meet for coffee first, that’s considered your first date. Then, when you transition into the design tour, you’ve technically begun your second date, because you’ve moved to a new location and activity. If all goes well, you’ll be able to close for the third date after your tour’s complete (hint: use a TDL).

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Dating Expert & Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

First Date Ideas Miami #3: Croquetas + Cuban Coffee + BeachMiami Beach Date Ideas

“Grab some croquetas and Cuban coffee and take a walk on the beach. What’s more Miami than Cuban anything and beach?!?! Plus it’s creative and fun.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Lisa Abbie Paz, LMFT, Ph.D., PA

First Date Ideas Miami #4: St. Roche MarketSt. Roche Market Miami

Located in the trendy and sexy design district, you can walk around and see the cool sculptures and swing area before going into St. Roche Market. Then you could grab a dessert or a drink and sit on one of the couches in the back and have some easy, casual convo. Plus the different food stands are built-in convo.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Lisa Abbie Paz, LMFT, Ph.D., PA

First Date Ideas Miami #5: Wynwood WallsWynwood Walls Miami

“You can check out awesome art for free while walking around the infamous “walls” and galleries. Then stop for some ice cream, a drink or a coffee in any of the nearby hipster spots. Easy, inexpensive, and light.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Lisa Abbie Paz, LMFT, Ph.D., PA

First Date Ideas Miami #6: A Cocktail at Amara at ParaisoAmara at Paraiso Miami

“Facing Miami Beach, this super well-decorated restaurant and bar have romantic views and a great vibe.  Grab a drink and then sit outside for even better views and vibe.” 

-Recommendation by Dr. Lisa Abbie Paz, LMFT, Ph.D., PA

This is a great date location but remember to keep the cost low. Ideally, you’re spending $10 or less on a first date. Also, staying over an hour can be pretty easy if you’re not careful. Plan an activity or event that you can do after an hour that requires you to move to a new location.

Spending over an hour in the same place on a first date kills mystery and sexual tension. Make a plan in advance, so DateCreep (the tendency of a first date to slowly move past the one hour mark) doesn’t happen.

First Date Ideas Miami #7: Brewing Buddha Cafe & ArthouseBrewing Buddha Miami

Buddha Brewing is a fantastic coffee date idea in Miami. Try the Wild Rose Latte, Campfire S’Mores Latte, or the Maple Bacon Cupcake Cappuccino. An instant conversation starter on a dating app that can easily transition into a TDL.

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

First Date Ideas Miami #8: Key Biscayne + The Cape LighthouseLighthouse at Key Biscayne in Miamidate idea miami

“This is free!!!!! But if you want to impress, pack a cold beer or an inexpensive bottle of wine and some crackers and enjoy watching the sunset over beautiful Biscayne Bay.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Lisa Abbie Paz, LMFT, Ph.D., PA

#9: Azucar

An ice-cream parlor with history, Azucar is one of Little Havana’s best-kept secrets. Choose from deliciously fresh flavors like guava, mango, cinnamon, jackfruit, and lemon basil.

Pro-Tip: if you suggest this date location to a woman who doesn’t eat sugar, you can easily overcome her objections. Just explain that this location offers sugar-free options. Plus, I always say, if you split it, there are no calories.

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

#10: Mr. Kream WynwoodMr. Kream Miami

Mr. Kream Wynwood is a hip-hop-inspired ice cream shop owned by a local DJ. The Pop-art design of the parlor wouldn’t be complete without edible spray paint. A must-see (and taste) for a first date!

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

#11: Oh My Gosh BrigadeirosOH MY GOSH! Brigadeiros Miamichocolate date idea miami

Take your date to Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros for dulce de leche hot chocolate and an “OMG,” which is the shop’s signature dessert with large crunchy candy balls on top and a super-soft center. It’s an experience neither of you will ever forget.

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

#12: The Salty DonutThe Salty Donut Miami

Ever had a white-chocolate, peppermint-bark donut? The Salty Donut makes it with 24 hr brioche, peppermint, white chocolate glaze, and tops it off with pieces of peppermint bark. It’s a must-try! Use a line like this to entice a lucky lady to say “yes” to your epic donut date.

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

#13: AUBI & RAMSAaubi & ramsa

Score a first date to AUBI & RAMSA with this line: “Have you ever tried Veuve Clicquot sorbet?” Then wait for her to say ‘no’ and follow up with, ‘Well, AUBI & RAMSA, an epic ice cream parlor, is serving STRAWBERRIES & ROSÉ​, a champagne sorbet made with Veuve Cliquot Rosé and St. Germain. Want to taste test it with me on Saturday at 2 pm?

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

#14: Dasher & Crank

Dasher & Crank Miami First Date Spotdasher and crank

I love Dasher & Crank because it’s such a unique ice cream shop for a first date. It’s gorgeous, they have interesting flavors, and they make everything in-house from scratch using local ingredients. What’s not to love?

Here’s how I would invite a woman on this date:

  • Question #1: Have you ever tasted charcoal ice cream? … She says no.
  • Then You Say: I hear it’s incredible. Dasher and Crank make it with peppermint ice cream and dark chocolate. Meet me there on Saturday at 2 pm, and we can see if you are as adventurous as you seem. 😉

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

#15: MadLab CreameryMadLab Creamery Miami

Ever had ice cream with cotton candy and glitter? If not, then check out MadLab Creamery. Glitter not your thing? Opt instead for gold dust, fancy sprinkles, or gold leaf toppings. Nomnomnom. I understand why my guys wouldn’t be interested in visiting this ice cream shop. But I’m telling you, the ladies will love it! I can’t imagine you get a ‘no’ if you invite your date for a unique experience like this.

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

#16: Taiyaki at 1-800-Lucky1-800 LuckyTaiyaki 800 LuckyTAIYAKI NYC Miami First Date Ideas

Have you ever tried unicorn ice cream in a fish cone? It’s definitely on my bucket list now thanks to Taiyaki. This unique and delicious ice cream parlor is a super compelling date location that a woman won’t be able to resist. Send her a pic or link to their site, and I guarantee you’ll get a solid ‘YES’ when you ask her for the date.

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

First Date Ideas Miami #17: Books & Books

“Stroll through Lincoln road and walk into this independent bookstore, Books & Books, with intimate rooms, colorful seats, quaint cafes which creates the perfect setting to “get to know your partner”. 

-Recommendation by  Co-founder of the Love Discovery Institute, Dr. Carolina Pataky, LMFT, Ph.D., CST

Second Date Ideas Miami

Second Date Ideas Miami #18: Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Miami Date Ideas: CarillonSecond Date Idea Miami“Connect with your date at every level at Carillon: mind, body, and spirit. I recommend getting a day pass in one of the most magical hidden couples play ground in Miami Beach. You can enjoy everything from exclusive Thermal baths, expansive hydrotherapy circuits, to indoor rock climbing experiences in this beachfront sanctuary.”

-Recommendation by  Co-founder of the Love Discovery Institute, Dr. Carolina Pataky, LMFT, Ph.D., CST

Second Date Ideas Miami #19: Vizcaya Museum and GardensVizcaya MiamiCool Miami Date Idea: Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

“As a couples therapist, this is a question I ask my clients; give me a description of the perfect date. We work on the description together, and each partner gets to plan one of these special dates. Miami has many different options when it comes to dates. There are those places that are more for the daytime and great for taking pretty pictures.

Some of these would be Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a visit to the Planetarium, Parrot Island, Monkey Jungle or the Zoo for example. Even though some are more geared for kids, they can be very entertaining and a great way to get to know each other.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Everyone Agrees: Vizcaya is a Must-See Miami Date Location

“Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: Dedicate a day to exploring the tranquil and romantic lush gardens that surround this stunning Bayfront century-old Mediterranean-style mansion. Once you’ve taken a stroll through the expansive gardens, make your way to the architectural marvel itself for a tour. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful day trip with the woman of your dreams. A date like this shows your fun, creative side. While dinner dates are a must, it’s always a good idea to have other more relaxed ideas up your sleeve to show your versatility.”

-Recommended by Samantha Topchik and Sherri Murphy VIP Miami Matchmakers at Elite Connections International.

Second Date Ideas Miami #20: The Frost Planetarium in the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (aka the Frost Science Museum)Miami Date Ideas: PlanetariumMiami Date Ideas: Frost Planetarium

The Frost Science Museum is an excellent second date idea because it’s physically active. You won’t be sitting across from your date feeling that interview-vibe. Instead, a date to The Frost Science Museum can draw out the child inside, making your date fun and playful.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Physical arousal, especially adrenaline, increases sexual attraction and is a “must” for any successful second date, which is why I love this date location so much! The Frost Planetarium is part of the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, which includes a science museum, aquarium, and planetarium, all in one.

The Explorer Ticket includes entry into the entire museum along with a Planetarium show. Pretty good bang-for-your-buck at $29.95 each. Heads up though, this is going to be a second date idea that you’ll want to purchase tickets for in advance. I recommend not spending any money in front of a woman on a second date if possible. 

Spending too much money too soon negatively impacts her perceived value of you.

You don’t want to make it seem like your time or money is easy to get. A woman wants to feel as though she’s earned your affections. For that reason, my first and second date blueprints are set up to provide a framework that demonstrates your value to the women you date. As such, spending too much money too soon is out of sequence and can disrupt the way she perceives your value, relative to hers.

That said, the Planetarium is a fabulous date idea, and I’d encourage you to try it for a second date. Be sure to schedule the date for the afternoon, say 2 pm, to ensure she’s already had lunch. Lastly, pay for the tickets online, so no money is exchanged in front of her.

Second Date Ideas Miami #21: Monkey JungleMiami Date Ideas: Monkey Jungle

The Monkey Jungle is a great second date, especially if you or your date have an annual pass. If you want a truly unique experience, you can opt for the rainforest tour and feed the squirrel monkeys.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Similar to my suggestions above, I’d buy tickets for this experience in advance. Admission will cost you $29.95 per person, as of July 2019. You might consider buying an annual pass for $40 and make this your go-to second date spot.

Parking is free here and this place gets lots of rave reviews, so I highly recommend it so long as no money is exchanged in front of your date. It’s fine to buy water or a light snack, but avoid overspending, so she doesn’t perceive you as ‘easy-to-get.’

Second Date Ideas Miami #22: Zoo MiamiThe Miami Zoo: Best Miami Date Ideas

“The zoo is an excellent second date because it’s outdoors, physically active, and fun!”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

As mentioned previously in this article, physical arousal drives sexual arousal. Since the goal of a second date is to escalate sexual tension, the physical arousal you’ll get from walking around the zoo will accomplish this goal. Buy tickets online or search for free days, so no money is exchanged in front of your date.

Second Date Ideas Miami #23: Jungle Island (formerly Parrot Jungle)
Miami Date Ideas: Jungle Island

Jungle Island is a cool second date location for animal lovers. It’s different than the zoo because nearly all of the animals are allowed to roam free and are treated very well. Ask your date if she wants to hold a lemur or check out the Miami Vice flamingos that live there.

Best of all, you can rest easy knowing that none of the animals living at Jungle Island were captured. They are all rescues because they were injured, have a dependence on humans, or were born there. Don’t forget to catch a live show, the trained animals are amazing to watch.”  

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Tickets are a bit pricey (around $50 each), so I’d purchase them in advance. It’s best to avoid an awkward conversation about splitting the entrance fee.

Pro-Tip: While pricing may be a bit high, you can find discounts on Groupon. Service members and first responders also get in free.

Second Date Ideas Miami #24: Beach CleanupMiami Date Ideas: Beach Cleanup

“Miami has a lot to offer, and what the couple decides to do depends on where they met, how old they are, what their interests are. Couples can enjoy themselves doing a cleanup on the beach during the day, a sunset yoga course on the beach; followed by dinner under the stars and a few moves on the dance floor. The possibilities are endless.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Second Date Ideas Miami #25: Sunset Yoga On The BeachBest Miami Date Spots: Sunset Yoga on the Beach

Sunset Yoga on the Beach is a great second date idea because it’s physically active, social, and outdoors. Yoga at sunset also sets you up for a seamless third date following the class. Now, you’ll be able to grab an intimate dinner together for a third date on that same day.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Being outside stimulates the senses. Dating is all about sensation and emotion; it’s not about logic. You want to avoid thinking altogether when you date. The more you can stimulate the senses, the more sexual tension you will build. You’re also a lot more likely to convert a second date into a third if you’re active. It’s natural to feel present and in your body when you’re physically active and outdoors, so this date sets you up for future success as well.

Planning a social second date is also a great way to reduce judgment and demonstrate social proof. Invite your friends to come along, and the chances that they’ll say kind things about you to her are really high. Regardless, merely showing her that you do fun stuff with cool people will demonstrate to her that you’re trustworthy and well-liked.

#26: Cultural FridaysFree Date Ideas Miami

“Take advantage of the free cultural events Miami has to offer by attending a free art and music festival.”

-Recommendation by Emyli, Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

#27: Perez Art Museum MiamiSecond Date Spot Miami: Perez Art MuseumPerez Art Museum Miami

“The Perez Art Museum is a world-class art gallery matched with an outdoor patio overlooking the Port of Miami’s cruise ships is the recipe for an unforgettable date. Check out the abundance of art, gorgeous hanging gardens, or take your date out to the waterfront area to enjoy a breathtaking view.

This Miami gem also has its own restaurant, Verde! After your fun day at the museum treat your significant other to a romantic dinner matched with delicious craft cocktails. This location is the perfect date spot to show your fun, versatile side.”

-Recommendation by Samantha Topchik and Sherri Murphy VIP Miami Matchmakers at Elite Connections International and by Asher Rost, Owner/Operator of KID SURGE, Personal Trainer, and Success Coach

#28: Tour Historic Miami with Strawberry ToursFree Walking Tours Miami Date

“Being that it’s such a melting pot, there are probably things about Miami that you don’t know. Hop on a big bus tour and explore new areas of town while you learn about the city.”

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

#29: The Deering Estate on Old CulterDeering Estate MiamiDeering Estate Second Date Ideas MiamiPet a pig at the Deering Estate Miami

“Visit local landmarks – Miami has some gorgeous old-world places that will instantly transport you to a different time. Check Vizcaya, the Deering Estate on Old Culter, the Biltmore Hotel, or Venetian Pool, a spring water pool. Admission is currently $1.00 on Saturdays and Sundays!” 

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

Second Date Ideas Miami #30: The Biltmore HotelThe Biltmore Hotel MiamiThe Biltmore MiamiThe Biltmore Miami HotelBiltmore Hotel Miami

“If you or your date is an architecture enthusiast, then you’ll love The Biltmore’s Spanish Revival design. The hotel is a replica of the Giralda Tower of the Cathedral of Seville, Spain. With an expansive pool and exceptional service, your date is sure to be delighted.”

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

Miami Second Date Ideas #31: Venetian PoolVenetian Pool Second Date Ideas MiamiVenetian Pool Coral GablesHistoric Venetian Pool Coral Gables

“Created in 1923, the Venetian Pool was crafted from original coral rock. The water for this 820,000-gallon pool springs from an underground aquifer. Take advantage of romantic moments by using the waterfalls, caves, palm trees, and signature bridge to your advantage.” 

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

#32: The Spa at the StandardThe Spa at The Standard MiamiMiami Spa at The StandardMiami Date Ideas - The Spa at The Standard

“Have a spa day – Miami has some world-class spas. July and August are Spa Month, and many luxury spas offer major deals with fixed-price lunch or full-day access to spa amenities and pool decks. Some favorites include The Spa at the Standard, Lapis at the Fontainebleau, Tierra Santa at the Faena, and Jurlique at the Mayfair.”

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

As a woman who loves spas, this is my favorite recommendation. Plus, I can’t fathom that any woman would ever say “no” to this second date idea. Should you want to avoid tan lines, the pool allows guests to go topless. Simply having the opportunity to be topless, boosts adrenaline and helps to escalate sexual tension, even if your date opts not to remove hers.

The only issue I see is the cost, which ranges from $75-$150+ just for pool access. If you choose to try this as a second date spot, I’d recommend booking and paying for it before meeting up with your date. You don’t want to exchange money in front of her on a second date as it disrupts the natural sequence of getting to know her.

Membership Option

Alternatively, you could opt into the membership program. The membership gives you access to special events, unlimited yoga, fitness classes, movie events, game nights, curated dinners, and field trips. According to The Standard Miami’s website, you’ll also get access to all spa amenities, including the Hamam, Aroma Steam Room, Cedar Sauna, Infiniti Pool, Roman Waterfall Hot Tub, and gym. Additionally, members qualify for special discounts on food and drinks, spa services, valet parking, and hotel rooms. As of July 2019, monthly membership begins at $250.

If one day trip to the pool is going to cost you $150, the membership might be worth it. Plus, you could bring all of the lucky ladies you date there, using it as your Signature second date idea. In my opinion, this is your best option because it gives you access to all of their amenities all month. It also demonstrates to a woman what her life would be like if she were a part of yours.

If your Saturday ritual is to hit an ultra-luxurious pool and spa, you’re going to have a line around the block of gorgeous women who want to be your partner in crime. With the gym membership and fitness classes, I’d personally be able to justify a membership.

P.S. I’m not getting paid to push the membership idea but I love everything about this concept. It would be fantastic as a Signature Second Date. Conde Nast Traveller agrees with me and has named this location as the “Best Spa in the Americas and Caribbean.”

#33: Lapis at the FontainebleauLapis Spa at Fontaine Bleau MiamiFontaine Bleau SpaLapis Spa MiamiCommunal Rain Shower at Lapis Spa MiamiSpa Date Ideas in Miami Lapis SpaReception Desk at Lapis Spa

The Lapis at the Fontainebleau is a gorgeous spa experience that would impress any woman. With its large rain tunnel, marble floors and walls, eucalyptus steam room, mineral jet baths, and co-ed mineral pool, there’s no doubt a woman would say ‘yes’ to this date idea.” 

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

#34: Tierra Santa at the FaenaTierra Santa Healing HouseTierra Santa Healing House at the Faena Hotel

Tierra Santa at the Faena is a magical, beautiful, and spiritually uplifting place, great for a second date in Miami.”

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

I didn’t know what a hammam was before researching this place. Good thing Jessica Carpenter from My Feet Will Lead Me had an answer.

According to her site, “A hammam is a middle eastern type of steam room bath experience intended as a frequent ritual for cleansing the body. It involves extremely hot temperatures a wet stream bath followed by exfoliation and sometimes massage.” 

#35: Jurlique at the MayfairJurlique Miamimiami spasJurlique Spa at the Mayfair Miami

“Who doesn’t like to spend a day at a beautiful pool and castle? If that sounds like you, take your date to Jurlique at the Mayfair.” 

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

Third Date Ideas Miami

Third Date Ideas Miami #36: El Pimiento El Pimiento Miami

El Pimiento’s site boasts that their restaurant is “the best-kept secret in Miami,” and it seems that Miami locals agree. Enjoy their open mic nights; they have live music and dancing, including flamenco and rumba, every Friday and Saturday. If you enjoy a cozy, fun, social, and casual atmosphere, invite your date to El Pimiento. The table made of corks is pretty cool, as is the fantastic wine shelf, and welcoming, family-vibe.”

-Recommendation by Asher Rost, Owner/Operator of KID SURGE, Personal Trainer, and Success Coach

Third Date Ideas Miami #37: Prime 112Miami Date Ideas - Prime 112Prime 112 Miami

“In the mood for a juicy steak & looking to dress to impress? Head to Prime 112 for a sexy night out. It’s in South Beach, so plenty of places to see where the night takes you!”

-Recommendation by Talia Pilorge, Ex-Miami local

Third Date Ideas Miami #38: SeaspiceMiami Date Spots: Seaspice

“Most people opt to go to a restaurant as a date; well, Miami has one in every corner. Some are more trendy such as Seaspice or Makoto. Then others are more known to the locals but offer a great ambiance such as Crazy About You, Monty’s or Garcia’s. There are so many to pick and choose from; it is hard to give recommendations. It depends on the cuisine.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Third Date Ideas Miami #39: MakotoMiami Date Ideas: MakotoMakoto Third Date Spot MiamiMakoto Sushi Third Date Miami

“Master chef Okuwa, known for his Edomae-style sushi, creates a one-of-a-kind culinary experience, with raw fish, melt-in-your-mouth Japanese and American beef, and charcoal, robata-grilled skewers. Check out Makoto.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Third Date Ideas Miami #40: Crazy About YouDate Spots Miami: Crazy About You

“Romantic, intimate, and peaceful, this third date idea is perfect for setting the mood. A cell phone box on each table encourages patrons to forget their phones and focus on the present moment. Crazy About You is a gorgeous place to watch the sunset together with a lucky lady.” 

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Third Date Ideas Miami #41: Monty’s Coconut GroveMiami Date Ideas: Monty's Coconut GroveMonty's Coconut Grove: Best Date Spots Miami

“A Peruvian delight, Monty’s has the freshest ceviche you can find in Miami. Pair that with their signature pisco sour and you’re sure to impress. The restaurant is also praised for its Chilean Sea Bass and Peruvian Pesto Pasta. Delicious food and a romantic ambiance sets the stage for a perfect third date.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Third Date Ideas Miami #42: Garcia’sMiami Date Spots: Garcia's RestaurantMiami Third Date Ideas: Garcia's

Garcia’s is the perfect way to wrap up a day of boating if that’s what you decided to do on your second date. The restaurant is situated in front of the Miami River, and is a great place to unwind, eat, and watch the boats sail in and out.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Third Date Ideas Miami #43: World Erotic Art MuseumSexy Date Ideas Miami: WEAM

“If couples want to get to know each other in the evening light, clubbing is, of course, a big trend in Miami. Apart from the clubs, other places can help get couples in the mood. There is the World Erotic Art Museum on Washington Street – which will either get your date in the mood or keep her giggling throughout the night – both great outcomes.” 

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

This third date idea is best for couples who are sex-positive and comfortable with their sexuality.

Third Date Ideas Miami #44: Drunken DragonMiami 3rd Date Ideas Drunken Dragon EntranceDrunken Dragon Interior - Miami 3rd Date Ideas

“Ever had amazing Korean BBQ in Miami?!? I know, it exists. ‘Drunken Dragon’ was first disguised as a supermarket; once you enter the restaurant, the low lights and excellent cocktails set the mood. Perfect for a casual/hip night.”

-Recommendation by Talia Pilorge, ex-Miami local

Don’t be misled by the location or outward appearance of this restaurant; it’s meant to throw off the average Joe. The restaurant sits unassumingly next to a Subway sandwich shop in a strip-mall. However, this third date location is guaranteed to exceed expectations. The moment you step inside, the vibe transports you into a sexy, SpeakEasy-style evening that you’ll never forget.

Third Date Ideas Miami #45: E11levenE11EVEN E11EVEN E11EVEN MIAMI Date Spot

“Clubs such as E11leven has a sexy burlesque type twist to it.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Third Date Ideas Miami #46: Miami VelvetSexy Date Spots in Miami: Miami VelvetMiami Velvet: Sexy Date Ideas

“Of course, if couples want to push the envelope, there are a few swingers clubs such a Miami Velvet.” 

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Yowza. If you’re aiming for a truly unforgettable evening, consider the sexy swingers club, Miami Velvet. I only recommended this date location if you and your date are super sex-positive and open to a boundary-pushing, ultra-sensory experience.

Third Date Ideas Miami #47: The Rusty PelicanMiami 3rd Date Ideas: The Rusty Pelican

“Dine under the stars at The Rusty Pelican, just don’t forget to make reservations.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center and by Asher Rost, Owner/Operator of KID SURGE, Personal Trainer, and Success Coach

Third Date Ideas Miami #48: Monty’s SunsetMonty's Sunset: Miami Date IdeasDate Spots Miami: Monty's Sunset

“Located on the Marina with ample outdoor seating by the pool, Monty’s offers breathtaking views of the harbor. Try the mahi-mahi fish tacos, or enjoy shrimp, oysters, and artichoke with crab dip. For a delicious mixed drink, order the popular Pain Remover cocktail. Your date will love it.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Monika Kreinberg, psychotherapist and owner of the Mind Wellness Center

Third Date Ideas Miami #49: Free ‘First Fridays’ Concerts on Miami BeachFirst Fridays at Normandy Fountain

“Take advantage of Miami’s free concerts at Normandy Fountain on the first Friday of every month. Located between Normandy Drive, 71st Street, and Rue Vendome, the concert starts at 7 pm and goes until 10 pm.”

-Recommendation by Emyli, Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

Third Date Ideas Miami #50: Hosteria RomanaHosteria RomanaHosteria Romana - 3rd Date Miami

“Calling all Italians and Italian food lovers. This may not be the most bougie third date location but it’s perfect for Italian foodies and down-to-earth ladies (the true keepers). Sylvano, Hosteria Romana’s proud owner, is there every night, making it feel like a family experience. Try the pasta or chicken parm, but don’t get too full or you and your date might feel super sleepy afterward.”

-Recommendation by Asher Rost, Owner/Operator of KID SURGE, Personal Trainer, and Success Coach

Third Date Ideas Miami #51: Zuma MiamiZuma Restaurant MiamiZuma Restaurant MiamiZuma Restaurant Miami - 3rd Date SpotZuma Miami

“Sexy, sophisticated, and sensational, Zuma Miami is the perfect third date location for a lucky lady in Miami. Try the miso-glazed black cod, seabass sashimi with yuzu, or the salmon roe and truffle oil. The wine list is immense and guarantees that you’ll find the perfect pairing for whatever your heart desires.”

-Recommendation by Asher Rost, Owner/Operator of KID SURGE, Personal Trainer, and Success Coach

Third Date Ideas Miami #52: Lagniappe3rd Date Ideas Miami Lagniappe HouseLagniappe House

“If you are looking for something more casual but still oh so romantic, Lagniappe lets you buy a bottle of wine right from their shelf. Once they give your ice buckets and wine glasses for your bottle, make your way towards their backyard to choose your board of Charcuterie. Pick a table and cheers!”

-Recommendation by Talia Pilorge, ex-Miami local

This date location also features live music, which is a lively way to set the mood on a third date.

Third Date Ideas Miami #53: Dance Band NightMiami Date Ideas for Dancing: Dance Band NightDance Lesson Date Ideas Miami: Dance Band Night

“Dancing on a third date seamlessly escalates sexual tension and gets you in a sensual mood. Studies show that physical arousal stimulates sexual arousal, which is perfect for a third date.”  

-Recommendation by Emyli, Dating Expert & Co-Founder of EmLovz.com

The North Beach Bandshell offers dancing under the stars the second Thursday of every month. Start with a dance lesson at 7 pm, followed by a live concert at 8 pm. Every month has a different theme, and you can learn anything from samba to salsa to swing dancing. Best of all, the events are free, but there is a suggested $5 donation if you’re looking for good karma points. Pssst: classy ladies love generous men who support noble causes.

Third Date Ideas Miami #54: Bougainvillea’s Old TavernBougainvillea's Miami Dive Barspots for a date in miami

“Pub Crawl of old dive bars……don’t care for the pretentious Miami bar scene? Try a pub crawl of places with character, good music and brews, and a relaxed atmosphere. Some favorites included Bougainvillea’s Old Tavern, Seven Seas, Duffy’s (down the street from Seven Seas), Sandbar, Barracuda’s, Titanic, and Lincoln’s Beard.”

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

Third Date Ideas Miami #55: Seven SeasSeven Seas Bar Miami

“Don’t be deceived by its low-key demeanor, the Seven Seas has been the recipient of many impressive awards. Seven Seas was the winner of the New Times “Best of” award and was named Best Sports Bar in 2007, Best Dive Bar in 2010 & 2014, and Best Karaoke Bar in 2016.”

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

Bring your date for trivia every Tuesday from 8-10 pm, or try your hand at singing with their karaoke nights on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. As for sportier dates, check out NFL Sundays and challenge your date to a game of darts, billiards, dominoes, or beer pong. The best part is, you can do all of this while also watching your favorite football team.”

Third Date Ideas Miami #56: Duffy’sDuffy's MiamiDuffy's Bar Miami

“Down the street from Seven Seas, this fun Irish bar is a great stop on your third date dive-bar crawl. Don’t forget to catch the must-see alcohol bottle chandelier–very unique.”

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

Third Date Ideas Miami #57: Sandbar Sports GrillSandbar Sports Grill Miami

Sandbar Sports Grill is a great stop on your dive-bar crawl. Check out their taco Tuesdays and grab a drink on the patio with your date. Highly recommended for sporty babes who like watching their favorite teams go at it.”

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

Third Date Ideas Miami #58: Barracuda’s Bar & GrillBarracuda Taphouse & Grill MiamiSandbar miami

The Barracuda Bar & Grill has a great, low-key vibe, exceptional service, and creative furnishings. Try the blackened Mahi sandwich, jumbo pretzel, and choose from a wide selection of beers on tap. Enjoy a variety of free entertainment options including darts, pool, or beer pong. You’re guaranteed to have a fun and active third date if you add this location to your epic beer crawl.” 

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

Third Date Ideas Miami #59: Titanic Restaurant and BreweryTitanic Brewery Miami

“Your dive bar tour, wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Titanic Restaurant and Brewery. With live music, and craft beer made onsite, this stop won’t disappoint.”

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

Third Date Ideas Miami #60: Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co.Lincoln's Beard Brewing Company

“Last but not least on your dive bar crawl is Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company. Lincoln’s Beard is a fun spot with a cool crowd, live music, knowledgable staff, and an awesome outdoor area with food trucks. Visit on Saturdays to catch the DJ who jams 80’s music and invite your date to join you on the dance floor.”

-Recommendation by Erika Martinez, licensed psychologist at Envision Wellness

Romantic Date Ideas Miami #61: JuviaJuvia MiamiJuvia Miami

“Take in the beautiful Miami skyline while feasting on delectable French and Peruvian dishes at this ultra-modern rooftop restaurant. Treat your date to one of Juvia’s many unique craft cocktails while enjoying the stunning wall of greenery, beaming lights, and priceless views.

A favorite of our Miami matchmaking team because everything is prepared in an open kitchen and Juvia is a staple for romance in Miami. It’s also a fun experience that she definitely won’t forget.”

-Recommendation by Samantha Topchik and Sherri Murphy VIP Miami Matchmakers at Elite Connections International

Third Date Ideas Miami #62: Red, The SteakhouseRed's SteakhouseRed's Miami

“Experience a piece of Napa Valley right here in Miami Beach with this stunning restaurant’s collection of over 500 wines. While their collection of wine may be impressive, it’s not all they’re known for. Treat yourselves to delectable fresh seafood dishes, perfectly charred steaks, and an abundance of craft cocktails.

A romantic dinner at Red is the perfect way to set the tone for a relationship. You’ll be able to develop a meaningful conversation and maintain good eye contact at ease due to the intimate atmosphere.”

-Recommendation by Samantha Topchik and Sherri Murphy VIP Miami Matchmakers at Elite Connections International

Third Date Ideas Miami #63 Hoy Como AyerHoy Como Ayer

“This is more night club vibe, but if you hit it right, you can catch some awesome local Latin musicians. Dance for free and grab a Cuba Libre and enjoy.”

-Recommendation by Dr. Lisa Abbie Paz, LMFT, Ph.D., PA


Ah, Miami. Land of gorgeous, sun-kissed inhabitants, award-winning beaches, and world-renowned date locations. I’ll be honest; putting together this article made me want to live there. There’s so much to do and so many experiences to enjoy. Hopefully, you found a few date ideas that excite you because dating should always be a fun adventure. If you need help filling up your dating funnel so you can go on these epic dates, book a new client session with me here.

Think you have what it takes to try every date idea on my list? I challenge you to visit each location, write a one or two-sentence review, and take a picture of you and your date in each location. Send me your completed research, and I might even feature you on a follow-up article.