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Top 5 Online Dating Photo Tips for Men Who Want More Matches

By Emyli LovzJuly 17, 2018Online Dating
online dating photo tips for men

Have you been having trouble matching with women on your online dating sites and apps? Do you swipe and swipe and swipe to seemingly no avail? It may be time to reassess the photos you’ve been using. Physical attraction is only one small part of romantic attraction and longevity, but when it comes to first impressions, your online dating photo is the first thing women notice.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be ripped or wear the most expensive clothes to get women to swipe right. The following online dating photo tips for men can help anyone go from zero matches a day to tons of right swipes and incoming messages.

Online Dating Photo Tips #1: Wear the Right Clothes

Women want a man who has style and before you wonder why that’s so important (aren’t ladies the one that should be more concerned with clothing, you may be wondering?), let me just say that good style is a reflection of self-care.

When you dress for success and dress in a sexy, confident way, you automatically exude sexiness and confidence in your everyday life.

Also, keep in mind that style is reflective of you making an effort in a relationship. Looks and style are certainly not the most important thing when it comes to sustaining a long-term partnership, but there is something to be said about showing that you want to make an effort to look attractive for your woman — and for her to put effort into looking attractive for you.

And if you’re not sure where to start with your style, don’t worry, because I have you covered.

Here’s a look that any guy can rock and that you can use as a blueprint to refine your style going forward.

  • A long-sleeve fitted beige Henley: This is a very easy style to rock and agrees with all different body types. Beige is also very complimentary to many different skin tones. BUT I do have one caveat — make sure you don’t rock a Henley the way Jude Law did that one time.
  • A nice pair of jeans or slacks: No holes, no stains, and no elastic waistbands allowed. My boyfriend has been really into Warp and Weft lately. They have great fitting jeans for under $100. 
  • Navy Dockers, Converse or All Star shoes: One, navy is going to look great with your beige shirt and also pop a bit more than a black shoe would. Converse and All Star are brands that boast styles that can be casual comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.

Now that we’ve talked a bit about the clothing you should wear, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t wear:

  • Nothing: There is a big trend of shirtlessness in online dating photos and it needs to STAHP if you want any chance of finding a long-term, compatible partner. If you have a great body and big biceps, a fitted shirt will show that off just fine. Simply getting borderline naked makes it look like you’re a show-off and just went on apps to show ladies you are DTF. Unless there’s a picture of you doing some water-based sport that requires a lack of clothing, keep your shirt on.
  • Ratty ass clothes: Don’t wear things that make you look lazy, homeless or like you literally just rolled out of bed. Guess what that leads to? It leads to a 0% chance of any woman ending up in your bed ever.

Tip #2: Hire a Professional Photographer

Not having any luck getting right swipes and feel like you’re not photogenic? Hire a pro!

Professional photographers are trained to make you represent the best version of yourself via photos. With the monstrous popularity of online dating, professional photographers have been getting in on the business.

Why should you hire a dating photographer?

  • Making you look good and getting you matches is what they do. Just like wedding photographers have built their skills to capture a couple’s special day in the most spectacular light, dating photographers work to capture you in your most attractive and authentic light, so you can draw compatible partners to you.
  • They offer an objective view and can see things that are working for you and things that aren’t.

How to choose a photographer for your online dating photoshoot: 

  • Make a list of 5 photographers by using a variety of vetting methods: First ask your friends if they know of any good photographers. Then check Yelp and Google Locals for nearby photographers with good reviews. Lastly, download the find-a-photographer app called Photosesh. I’ve personally used Photosesh and it’s great solution to booking a photographer even last minute.
  • Next you’ll want to check the photographer’s website before reaching out to him or her. Look through their portfolio. You want to find a photographer that speaks to your personal style and looks like they can help you achieve what you specifically want out of your photos.
  • Check their social media accounts and LinkedIn accounts. A sign of a good business owner is one who is on top of all of these things.
  • Check reviews. Do they have good reviews? Bad reviews? No reviews. You want to find a photographer that has good testimonials so that you know you can trust them and are in good hands.
  • Shop around. We all have different budgets, so make sure that you find someone who can meet your needs with all that you want but who also is going to be a responsible financial decision based on your budget.

Tip #3: Strike the Right Pose

The best profile picture poses are ones the follow the SEP model (shoulders, eyes, posture). 

The way you carry yourself is a big part of an attraction, and a big part of this can come down to posture.

Choose photos that showcase your confidence through body language. Never slouch in photos — stand up straight with your shoulders back and always complete that strong stance with a smile and good eye contact.

Always make the first photo one that is just of you. The photo should be forward-facing, showcasing a great smile.  

Other photos that involve you in an activity can be candid if they are attractive.

Check out this Bumble profile example for guys to see about some great profile photo shots.

Tip #4: Avoid the Following Dating Photo Pitfalls

During my 100-date experiment, I analyzed a plethora of dating profiles and learned what some of the best profile pictures looked like along with some of the worst.

To make sure I keep up on dating trends, style and secrets to attraction, I’ve continued to do plenty of investigative research by taking inventory of the best online dating profiles there are to offer, the worst and the downright hilarious.

When it comes to dating photo don’ts, I’ve noticed some cringe-worthy and offputting trends that you are most definitely going to want to avoid.

Crossed arms

You may unconsciously cross your arms in public as a way of giving yourself a small hug to alleviate nerves and social anxiety. The thing is, while this body language is comforting for you, it can make you appear closed off to women, making it less easy for them to approach or engage with you.

Not smiling

Always smile! At best, the non-smiling online dating photos I have observed make the guy appear that he’s in a bad mood, maybe a little arrogant or just not feeling whatever environment he’s in when the picture was taken.

At worst, the straight line masquerading as your mouth or frown will make women wonder, “Is this dude a serial killer?” I do not understand why certain guys think it’s appealing to boast a stare more vacant than a raggedy hotel located in the middle of nowhere, or why these pictures are always — ALWAYS — taken in a bathroom with fluorescent lighting so harsh it serves as a threat to everyone’s retinas. Please. Stop. Doing. This. 

Not Looking at the Camera

This one just makes it look like you weren’t ready for the picture to be taken, and why would you want to include that in your online profile?

Eye contact is also something that is extremely important when it comes to interacting with women you go on a date with, along with anyone you end up being in contact with. Eye contact shows that you are engaged and listening, whereas a lack of eye contact signals disinterest and can even make you come off as rude.

Wearing Sunglasses or a Hat

Let the women see who you are!

If you’re wearing sunglasses, you kill the benefits of eye contact right there because we can’t tell whether or not you’re looking at the camera. And a hat makes us wonder what you’re hiding under there, throwing off what you really look like.

I’m not saying never use a photo with sunglasses or a hat, but keep those photos for last.

Tip #5: Choose These Types of Shots for Your Gallery

You can’t simply post a bunch of selfies — no matter how great they are — or you having fun out on the town. The selection of your pictures needs to paint a varied, attractive picture of who you are, and you need to do this in a strategic way.

Here’s how to order your pictures and what they should contain.

First: Headshot

Make your first photo that one that you may have used a professional photographer for that is just of you. This should be a close-cropped headshot where you are smiling (obviously) engaged with the camera.

Second: Full Body Shot

Show off what your mama gave you! Women want to see the full picture of who you are before going out with you so that they’re not in for any surprises. Wear the type of outfit I suggested above and post a full body shot where you have open body language, shoulders back, are standing up straight and smiling. Treat the camera like you would a girl you are meeting for the first time. Smile and engage using your eyes with confidence.

Third: A Social Shot

Now that she knows exactly what you look like without having to pick you out of a group, you can include a social shot with friends and/or family. It’s important to include a shot like this, because it shows that you know how to have a good time and also paints you in a likable light.

Fourth: A Hobby Shot

Being active and engaging in extracurricular activities shows off your personality and it can help you to better attract women with shared interests. Whether it’s fishing, surfing or cooking, post a good picture of yourself engaged in that activity.

One thing that doesn’t count as a “hobby” is doing keg stands until you black out.

Fifth: A Shot With You and a Cute Animal

Fact: Cute animals make everything better and when you are next to an adorable animal, your cuteness automatically increases. That’s just science.

If you have a furry or fluffy friend of your own, you can post a picture of you with your pet. If not, you can always borrow a puppy, kitten, or piglet from a friend who has one. You can also take a picture while visiting a petting zoo or even volunteering at an animal shelter. In these cases, it’s a twofer — you up your chances of having ladies swipe right and you also get to hang out with some cool animals.

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