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25 Best Tinder Taglines for Guys Who Want More Than Just a Fling

25 Best Tinder Taglines for Guys Who Want More Than Just a Fling

25 Best Tinder Taglines for Guys Who Want More Than Just a Fling

Do you want to increase your matches on Tinder and immediately meet more women in real life? Are you searching for the best Tinder taglines for guys that get women to respond to you? If so, this article has you covered!

One way to stand out is to have a great Tinder tagline. Your tagline can be as important as your photos when it comes to this dating app. It can also be the difference between a left or right swipe.

I spent the past several weeks analyzing thousands of Tinder profiles. From this experiment I’m including the top 25 best Tinder taglines for men who want more than just a fling, plus some helpful tips for you to get more matches and swipe rights. Check it out below.

And don’t forget that the Tinder tagline is just the first thing you need to select. Once you’ve gotten some tagline ideas from below, don’t forget to check out my article on the best Tinder opening lines for guys. These lines will increase your chances of getting responses from women even further. 

Best Tinder Taglines for Guys

#1: Don’t Look Divorced

best Tinder taglines for guys

There’s nothing wrong with being divorced, but don’t give your divorce the spotlight when it comes to your Tinder tagline. Don’t make me think for any reason that your life sucks.

I don’t want to see previous wedding photos, pictures of you with a wedding ring or something like, “Divorced single dad over here!” Just say that you’re a dad.

If you see someone three or more times or things with a woman seem like they’re heading into serious territory, she can learn more about your backstory then. But dating is meant to be fun (especially in the beginning!) and at this stage of the game, you want to focus on building trust and rapport as opposed to airing all your dirty laundry.

The below is a tinder tagline you can emulate that’s super fun and positive.

Tagline #2: Don’t Be Contradictory

You’re an early riser who likes to stay out and party all night.

You enjoy craft beers but also like to abstain from alcohol when you’re not drinking craft beers.

You have a fear of heights and enjoy skydiving.

Don’t be contradictory.

You may think you’re showing that you can be the best of both worlds, but women are actually just finding your contradictory statements confusing.

See below for one of the best Tinder taglines for guys that is totally NOT contradictory. It’s just a compelling list of a guy’s personality traits and interests. He’s a vegan, a Scorpio, a world traveler and an expert pillow fort architect (my favorite). He’s not being contradictory with any statements, he’s simply offering concise and compelling reasons to swipe right in an easy-to-read list format.

Tagline #3: Don’t Look Like You’re Ready for a Gang Fight

best Tinder taglines for guys

Don’t post pictures of you with neck tattoos and/or signs you’ve been to prison, or have a look like you’ve been there. Don’t throw up gang signs.

You don’t look cool. You look like you’re gonna screw up a woman’s clean record by leaving your stolen gun in her car.  

Instead, just try using a funny Tinder tagline like Steve’s below (read to the bottom).

Tagline #4: Don’t say “I Don’t Play Games”


This line is sooooooo overused.

Saying “I don’t play games” is basically like saying, “I have a really big dick — trust me!” Women are always going to assume that you’re lying.

If you want to let her know that you don’t play games, do so in a clever way that doesn’t just rely on stating the obvious.

Check out the Tinder tagline below that is letting the ladies know that he’s not a player, a tool, or that you’re going to play games. 

“I don’t send unsolicited dick pics. I do send unsolicited duck picks.”

This will make her laugh and be more inclined to swipe right.

Tagline #5: Don’t Complain

Unless it’s in a joke, don’t complain. Dating is supposed to be fun and making your first online impression one that is wrapped in negativity will lead to nothing but left swipes in your future.

The best Tinder taglines always exude positivity, even when everyone knows that being single comes with a lot of alone time:

Tagline #6: Don’t Flip Off the Camera in Your Photos

I don’t know why this is something I have to remind people not to do, but here we are.

I’m not sure why flipping the bird is something that certain men post on Tinder. Maybe during that photo, you were actually making a statement — maybe that was a day you were flipping off injustice, or flipping off people who are mean to puppies. I don’t know.

Regardless of the reason, a Tinder profile doesn’t offer that context, so when women come across your account, it just looks like you’re flipping them off.

Keep it classy. But if you HAVE TO be serious (better to be serious than gangsta), add a note to the bottom of the last Tinder tagline example like this: 

Tagline #7: Write About What is Good About You

Why would a woman want to date you? Remember that your Tinder tagline is supposed to be a succinct way of talking yourself up and grabbing a woman’s attention so that she will swipe right.

Think about your most positive and compelling traits and showcase them in order to be among the best Tinder taglines for guys (see above example). Do you notice how the author is relaying what he’s good at? 

Tagline #8: Don’t Say “I Have a Car”

Dude that’s not special. I have a car too. What’s your point?

Pointing out things that are positive but not in any way unique will get you nowhere. Here are some other examples of things that women will be SUPER GLAD YOU HAVE (because not having them could cause some issues), but that you don’t need to share in your Tinder tagline:

“I have a roof over my head”

“I have a job”

“I have access to running water”

“I have pants and shoes and socks and shirts, too!”

Try using a unique Tinder tagline like the below. There’s also a lot of adjectives which are compelling to the reader. However, I recommend using spell check.

Tagline #9: Use Stereotypical Tinder Taglines to Your Advantage

One of the best Tinder taglines for guys involves turning an overused tagline on its head.

A lot of girls jokingly say they’re looking for a guy that can open jars and kill spiders, which is fun and cute, but it gets used too often. It’s like listing your height as your tagline — why is it so relevant that SO MANY PEOPLE put it there?

With the below tagline, the guy still uses this originally funny and cute line but adds “…that seems to be a common theme around here.”

It also shows that he’s paying attention to other taglines, as opposed to just scanning photos.

Tagline #10: Show Confidence

Show confidence in your tagline. Focus on what you can and like to do.

I consider this to be one of the most clever Tinder taglines for guys because he managed to stuff in a bunch of things that he is good at without overwhelming women with a bunch of text. He also made it clever and showed he didn’t take himself too seriously.

Tagline #11: Offer Date Ideas In Your Tagline

Although you can’t use a full-on TDL in your tagline, some of the best Tinder taglines give girls a taste of what going on a date with you would be like.

The above tagline is great because the guy is painting a picture of what a night out would be like with him, while also incorporating some humor. 

Tagline #12: Reveal Personal Things in a Positive Non-aggressive Way

Remember how I said don’t look divorced?

Yeah, STILL don’t do that.

However, there are certain things you may want to reveal about yourself in a Tinder tagline in order to weed out people that would automatically be incompatible.

Case in point, if you are a parent, it can be a good idea to reveal it in a way that’s similar to this guy: 

He’s a single dad and makes sure to note that while also showing very attractive qualities by noting how much he loves being a dad and is “very old school and a gentleman.”

This is great, too, because if a woman does not have any interest in having kids or doesn’t want to date someone with kids, she’ll see this up front and swipe left. This way you won’t be wasting time with women who aren’t interested in children.

Tagline #13: Elaborate on Your Interests

Don’t say something typical like “I love sports.” LOTS of people love sports. What is it about sports that you specifically like? Who is your favorite team?

The above is one of my favorite Tinder taglines because the guy not only talks about what his favorite sports team is but also mentions that he likes to play rugby and work out. When you make your Tinder taglines personal instead of generic, you capture attention and set yourself apart from the competition.

Tagline #14: Approach Sarcasm Cautiously

Sarcasm can be a great way to lighten the mood and infuse some humor into your Tinder tagline when used appropriately. But it can also backfire when you use it the wrong way.

If you don’t use sarcasm carefully, it can just come off as petty or hostile.

Below is one of the best sarcastic Tinder taglines I saw during my research experiment. 

This tagline uses sarcasm perfectly, because it starts with the guy poking fun at himself (“I hate myself for liking the choker necklace look”) before taking some lighthearted jabs at some of the cliched taglines he’s likely seen on many woman’s Tinder taglines (“You probably like the outdoors, cats, and Disney. You hate drama and you’re not here to hook up”).

If you can execute something like this, go for it. But if you have any hesitation or feel unsure, steer clear of sarcasm.

Tagline #15: Be Careful When Using Emojis

If you’re going to use emojis, make sure they are used to enhance your text and are not the centerpiece of your headline. The best Tinder taglines that use emojis only use them as a way to enhance or reference what they’re talking about. 

If you just use a surplus amount of emojis, it’s going to seem overwhelming and obnoxious. See below for a good example. I really like how he used the same emoji twice on each line. It definitely makes the text stand out. 

Tinder Tagline #16: Don’t Make Her Guess Which One is You in Pictures

It’s great to include pictures of you and your friends or you and your family. But don’t turn her scanning through your photos into a game of “Where’s Waldo?”

Make sure that the first photos are of just you and that you are easily identifiable in pictures that include you and your friends. 

If you create a funny tagline like below, but she can’t tell who you are in your pictures – then what good is your tagline even doing?

Tinder Taglines for Guys #17: Don’t Get Hung Up on Height

Don’t let constant proclamations about height and height preferences get in the way of your confidence when it comes to online dating.

By saying something like, “I don’t care about your height” or poking fun at this superficial stat by saying something like “8 feet when I’m in heels — 3 feet in flip flops,” you turn the superficial stat on its head. This also will help you weed out shallow girls who would consider being above or below a certain height a deal breaker.

Tagline #18: Mention a Daytime Date Plan

I always recommend that first dates take place during the daytime because it makes girls feel safe and it eases the stress. Plus, this gives you and the girl time for Saturday night plans with your friends.

The above is one of the best Tinder taglines for guys because he says, “Let’s meet up for breakfast and plan for the day.” It shows that he’s not trying to just get a girl to a bar at night to buy her drinks and also indicates he’s into more than just going out for happy hour.

Tagline #19: Smile in Your Photos

Don’t post photos that make you look like a serial killer or the saddest/angriest/loneliest man in the world.

Lots of guys post shirtless bathroom selfies where they pair their bare chest with a vacant stare that screams “I MIGHT kill someone tonight.”

I don’t know why this is something that is seen semi-frequently on Tinder, but trust me when I say you do NOT want to be this guy.

Here’s an example straightforward tagline that closes off with a funny emoji. And by the way this guy had a great smile on his main profile pic.

Tagline #20: Don’t Say You’re “Down for Anything” and Leave it at That

Don’t say the following and make that you’re entire tagline:

“I’m down for anything”

“I’m down for whatever”

“I love everyone”

“Good vibes…”


This is really cliche and it’s something women see a ton when they’re scrolling through profiles. Let her know specific things that you are “down for” and what makes you adventurous, unique, creative and compelling. Here’s a good Tinder tagline example: 

Tagline #21: Don’t Lie

Don’t make up a wild story just to get more right swipes. She’s going to ask you about it on a date and when you come clean, there will be no second date. Or, if you continue the lie, you’re just starting off a new relationship on a dishonest note and dooming it from the beginning. Here’s a great example of a guy who seems to be naturally genuine. 

Tagline #22: Use Actual Pictures of Yourself

Sometimes people are using Tinder for seemingly serious purposes (like finding a relationship) and forego using pictures of themselves, or wait until the last picture to show their face.

Don’t post a picture of Steve Carell or Grumpy Cat and hope she gets a chuckle and automatically right swipes. Save the jokes for your Tinder tagline and choose flattering pictures of yourself — not someone else. For example, check out this funny Tinder tagline: 

If you’re feeling self-conscious, check out some tips on photos to post here and learn some of my confidence strategies here.

Tinder Tagline #23: Post Pictures of You With Cute Animals

You know what makes everyone automatically cuter? A cute animal.

If you have an adorable puppy or cat, do a photo op with your pet. If you don’t have a pet, go mozy down to a petting zoo or hang out with a friend’s cute pet. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can use the animal in your picture as a conversation starter.

Here’s an example of a great Tinder tagline I found under a profile with the most adorable dog photo pic. I had to swipe right.

Tagline #24: Embrace Your Inner Nerd of Sapiosexual

It’s not just gym rats and sports gurus that women are swiping right on when it comes to Tinder — quite the contrary.

Women are often attracted to intelligence and when you confidently embrace this quality, you’re more likely to get matches and find someone compatible.

Tageline #25: Lure Her in With a Pop Culture Reference or Special Interest

If you’re a Harry Potter nerd or an Avengers fanatic, making a reference in your Tinder tagline can make you stand out and also offer a great conversation starter.

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