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A List of the Best Facebook Dating Bios for Guys

A List of the Best Facebook Dating Bios for Guys

Searching for the absolute best Facebook Dating bios for guys? If so, you’re in luck. On September 5th, Facebook Dating cannonballed into the dating pool

Considering the tech giant has 2.41 billion active monthly users and at its genesis was Facemash -an online program that allowed users to rank their female classmates based on physical attraction- it makes sense that Facebook is finally entering the 3 billion-dollar online dating industry.

Facebook Dating has actually been around for over a year. Residents of countries like Colombia, Canada, and Argentina are already seasoned users. The program was rolled out in 18 other countries before American singles were able to try their hand at finding love online. Now that it’s finally here, it’s expected to quickly become one of the most used dating apps

Soon enough the app will be inundated with users. Don’t lag behind by posting a mediocre bio. To help you get ahead of the competition, we’ve provided you with 30 of the best Facebook Dating bios for guys and 10 not so suave Facebook Dating profile examples. 

Notes: We believe the bio can be a bit longer on Facebook (versus other apps) because we have a suspicion (during our testing) that Facebook shows you profiles of women who are using the same keywords in your bio that you do as well. 

And lastly, I’ve also created a How to Use Facebook Dating tutorial to help you get started. 

My Personal Facebook Dating Bio

facebook dating bios example

The goal of the Facebook dating bio section is to use keywords that set you apart from your competition and that speak directly to the audience you’re hoping to attract. You should not be using vague language here.

Avoid overused words like travel, sleep, TV. Instead, think about the most specific details of your life and utilize them in your bio. Try not to say the same things you’ve already said in your question prompts. 

This space is valuable real estate. Use as much of it as you can while making it readable, eliminating unnecessary filler words, and being highly specific.

Feel free to use my bio as a template. I’ll make it easy for you. Use all the space you have and avoid words you don’t need.

Use This Facebook Bio Template

I Love: Consider things you love that you hope your ideal girlfriend would have in common with you. If you hope she also loves the Giants, write “Giants,” not just “baseball.” If you hope she enjoys listening to Bob Marley, don’t just write “music,” write “Bob Marley.”  

Next Vacation: This could be a vacation you’re planning or something from your bucket list. Either way, list the actual name of the location, don’t just say you like to travel. 

My Last Meal Would Be: Give me the details. Every course, the drink, the dinner, the desert, the appetizer, the restaurant it’s from, why you like it. 

Greatest Fear: Try using something that will make her laugh. 

Fave TV Show: List the name of the show, not just Netflix. Perhaps “My favorite Netflix show is Ozark because Jason Bateman crushes it.” 

Currently Reading: List the last thing you read or what’s currently on your nightstand. You can also replace this with a favorite Podcast or some other information source. Just remember to be specific.

Bucket List: Consider the things on your bucket list that are unlike anyone else’s, use those. 

Makes Me Laugh: List specific comedians, shows, tv personalities, or author names.

Now onto some of the best Facebook Dating bios I could find. This will be an ongoing list – so bookmark this page and check back in as we roll more bios examples in.

The Best Facebook Dating Bios for Guys 

#1: The Promise of a Fun Date

funny facebook dating bio example for guysDating is supposed to be fun but often it’s just plain awkward. This guy’s bio is confident and enticing. Every woman wants to go on a fun date, so why not put it front and center.

Best Facebook Dating Bios for Guys #2: Great Characteristics Women Are Looking For

best facebook dating bios for guysWomen love men who are passionate, ambitious, and curious. Go-getters are sexy. Nice wordplay. Here are some additional characteristics you could add to your bio (as long as they are true about you).

Best Facebook Bios #3: Date Pitch On Profile

best facebook bios for guysHe makes it so easy to pitch the TDL I love it. His profile is also visually appealing and easy to read. Bonus.

Best Facebook Dating Bios for Guys #4: Specific

best facebook dating bios for guysIt’s always best to be specific on your profile. Keywords you use on your profile likely match with other people who use the same keywords on their profile. So if you say “I love to travel” you’ll probably match with every other human on the planet.

But what if their idea of travel is Iceland and your idea is Tahiti? Not the most compatible travel destinations. Use specifics instead of generalizations, it will make your life a million times easier when it comes to messaging, matching, and finding deep, meaningful connections.

 #5: Knows Who He Is

facebook dating bios for guysI love that this guy knows who he is so well that he’s able to list his cons. Being upfront with who you are, polarizes your audience.

Never be afraid to scare a woman away. The right woman will love who you are. For example, this guy states right up front that he smokes weed. Why hide that? If he hides it and falls for a babe who hates weed, it’s only going to cause them both harm because he didn’t properly manage expectations.

No false advertising, please. The smartest, most successful men aren’t ashamed of who they are and if some women don’t like it, no problem, others will love it.

Clever Facebook Bios for Guys #6: Be Creative

clever facebook dating bio for guysReadable and captures my attention while also making me curious. I want to know more.

Best Male Facebook Bio #7: Simple Yet Specific

best male facebook dating bioThough simple, he gives me specific and unique information about himself that sets him apart from his competition. Definitely not a cookie-cutter “bro.”

Facebook Bios for Men #8: Speaks Specifically to his Ideal Audience

best facebook dating bios for guysAgain, so simple and yet so unique. He wants a girl who likes both outdoorsy things as well as indoorsy things. Very polarizing. Nice alliteration too. Every girl wants a guy who remains cool, calm, and collected in the face of danger. Sexy.

#9: Proud Dads Are Always Hot

clever facebook bio for guysDon’t hide the fact that you have kids. That’s weird. Own it and show us how proud you are of what you’ve created. It’s a huge part of your life. If a woman doesn’t like it, she’s out. State it right upfront if you have kids.

#10: Positive Characteristics Women Love

honest facebook dating biosAgain, words women love.

Best Male Facebook Dating Bios #11: Specific and Polarizing

best facebook dating bios for guysWhile it’s not a lot of information, it paints a clear picture of who he is and what he cares about. Like I said before, don’t be afraid to alienate some of your audience. 

Winning politicians know they will never get 100% of the vote. Instead, they aim for roughly 60%. To win, they know they can’t be boring. They have to polarize their audience and mobilize them to take action (and vote).

Dating apps work the same way. If you’re boring, you won’t mobilize your audience to want to talk to you or meet up with you for a date. However, if you send the message that you know who you are and what you want, it attracts an audience of like-minded women and dismisses the audience that doesn’t “get” you. 

This is a good thing. Elicit an emotional reaction in your supporters and ditch your critics. You’ll find yourself attracting more compatible women, getting more matches, and enjoying the women you meet up with for dates.

#12: Captures Attention

funny facebook dating bios

A bio is a pithy pitch to female users. It’s your one chance to express yourself and stand out against a backdrop of other dudes. Being “fine like wine and mello like cello” both shows character and a bit of wit. Saying your funny is one thing, but showing it is what needs to be done in order to get your matches. This profile is both novel and demonstrates who the user is.

Best Facebook Bios For Guys #13: Women Love Hardworking, Adventurous Guys

unique facebook dating bios examples for guysSure this profile doesn’t say much, but it strikes a chord with most women… but why? It’s simple really, most women love hardworking and adventurous guys, period. The bio could be improved by doing something that everyone’s college English teacher once told them, “show, don’t tell.” This means illustrating what hardworking and adventurous means. Paint a picture of a hardworking and adventurous person by offering an anecdote or listing your favorite adventurous activities.

Best Facebook Bios For Guys #14: Stands Out from the Competition

best facebook dating bios for guysThis guy knows what’s unique about himself and demonstrates it well. Avoid words that are vague or trite, due to overuse. These include the following: hiking, sleeping, eating, travel, Netflix, brunch, food, TV, movies, music.

Instead, tell me what your favorite hiking trail is called, what you dream about when you sleep, your favorite meal of all time, the last show you binge-watched on Netflix, your favorite brunch destination, your favorite TV show of all time, the movie you could watch every day, and the last song you jammed to on Spotify. 

These specific keywords will garner more targeted matches that have deep compatibility with you.

#15: Speak My Language

Women love buzzwords like hardworking, kind, and adventurous. Would be even better if he told me where he likes to travel most or what’s next on his adventure list. His last line speaks directly to a specific audience. Very polarizing. Well done.

Unique Facebook Dating Bios #16: Funny, Creative, and Interesting

fun facebook dating bios exampleNot many men can say they’ve been dancers for 12 years. This sets him apart and speaks directly to an audience who loves the same things. As a dancer myself, I was very compelled by his profile.

His biggest fears humanized him and made me laugh. I share spiders in common so very relatable. Also, very funny line about telling the waiter “you too.” 

I have a similar irrational fear of saying “I love you” at the end of a phone call with a friend and not a family member. It’s automatic but kinda weird to say to your buddy.

Male Facebook Bios #17: Optimistic and Silly

best facebook dating bios for guys

The last line makes me laugh and the beginning shows me how optimistic and driven he is. Me like.

Best Facebook Bio #18: Simple, Yet Compelling

positive facebook dating bios for guysI also like the subtle nuance of the period at the end. This is much better than going negative with a line like “No Negativity.”

Witty Male Facebook Bios #19: The Height Dynamic

best facebook dating bios for guysThis guy gets it. In order to stand out you’ll need to play to your strengths, and yes even boast a little bit. Height is one of those superficial details that women take into account while surfing an app and judging strangers. Being 5’11 and cute might be enough in itself to get him a swiped right, and he knows it.

#20: Good Sense of Humor

Love the confidence. Avoid stating negatives, unless you can make it funny.

Best Facebook Bios #21: Authentic

I love that he’s not afraid to tell me exactly what he wants. So real and genuine.

Best Facebook Bios #22: 420 Friendly

I had to add this example because of how he framed the 420 friendly bit. This shows he knows who he is and doesn’t apologize for it. Women love a man who owns who he is. Also very polarizing and a good way to eliminate incompatible women.

#23: Positive and Genuine

Everyone wants to be happy but not a lot of people use this keyword on their profile. I love the positivity.

Best Facebook Bios #24: Specific and Sets the Tone

Sets the tone that he won’t be messaging back-and-forth forever. People are on dating apps to go on dates, not to talk forever. Be like him and you’ll save yourself from message degradation.

Clever Facebook Dating Bios Example for Guys #25: Meeting the Parents

I genuinely laughed out loud. Wit is what every woman wants in her man. Think of how much more compelling this profile is compared to one that simply said, “class clown” or “I’m a funny guy.” Again, remember to show, don’t just tell.

#26: Tells Me What Is Unique About Him

There aren’t many guys like this one. Singularity is what you’re going for. There are dozens of guys with The Office quotes and travel-friendly bios. But I guarantee there’s no one else that expresses their love of wine tasting, karaoke, and stand up comedy. Express yourself and show her that there’s only one you.

#27: Keyword Litany

As our research showed us, FB uses an algorithm that puts your profile in front of the eyes of another user who has similar keywords in their profile. 

Perhaps this profile doesn’t read well to other users, though it certainly does to FB’s algorithm. Generating a list of keywords is likely to match you with users that share the same values and interests.

Short Funny Facebook Dating Bios #28: Charming In One Sentence

Humor makes you more attractive, at least that’s what the science says. Humor is even more appreciated within the context of an app if it’s pithy. This guy has won my heart in a matter of two lines and has consequentially won a swipe right.

Funny Facebook Dating Profile #29: Edgy & Swipe-Worthy

Some profiles play is cool to the point of boredom, this guy doesn’t. I’m not going to lie, some ladies will be turned off by the sexual explicitness of the profile. But the goal of a dating app isn’t to attract literally all of its users. With such a Facebook Dating profile he’ll only be attracting women that are into his specific strain of humor, and that’s just fine.

Best Facebook Bios #30: Let Your Awesome Shine

There’s only one you. This guy realizes that he’s awesome and isn’t afraid to share it. Look, a dating app isn’t the right place to be bashful. Bashful guys don’t get matches.

Puff out that chest and let it be known that you’re awesome. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an ex-Bollywood filmmaker, there’s something unique about you that demonstrates your character. Find out what it is and write about it on your profile.

Witty Facebook Dating Bios for Guys #30: He Says What We’re Looking For

Sure we’re all looking for a smart, independent man, that’s also physically attractive. Not all of us want the information shoved down our throats like this bio-writer did, but he’s on the right track. Sure it’s a somewhat crude profile, but he’s still saying all right things, he just needs to work on the delivery a bit.

Facebook Dating Bios You DON’T Want to Replicate

Bad Facebook Dating Bios #1: Confused, Me Too 

Why waste the time to add question marks at all? If you have nothing to say, don’t put yourself on a dating app. Super swipe left.

Bad Facebook Dating Bios #2: Really, Dude. 

Wow, profound. Wonder how compelling the conversation on a date would be. Hard pass.

Absolute Worst Facebook Dating Bios: You Lost Me at Good Evening.. 

Oh lord. If skimming your profile gives me a headache, reading it might actually kill me. The clumsy layout alone is enough to make me want to super swipe left. 

I wonder what’s worse, a lack of effort, or an effortful but hopeless trajectory. Also, I should point to the elephant in the room, which is the phone number he added to the end of his bio. I scratched it out.

Guys, a woman will NEVER call you. DON’T GIVE HER YOUR NUMBER, GET HER NUMBER. You have to be proactive in dating.

Also, he thinks women need a detailed essay about what he looks like, meanwhile, all of that information is clearly evident in his photos. Unnecessary my dude. Don’t say good evening either. Just because it was nighttime when you wrote your profile, doesn’t mean I’m reading it at night. I’m honestly surprised he didn’t list his address and social security number. We have everything else.

Bad Facebook Dating Bios #4: Stupid


Bad Facebook Dating Bios #5: Too Basic

News flash, so does everyone else. Where do you hike? What do you like best at the gym? Who is your favorite band or musician? Details are critical. Add some.

Bad Profile Example #6: Desperate Realtor Seeking Lonely Clients

Real Estate Agent

Address to his office

Phone Number

I had to pull the actual screenshot of this guy’s bio because his self-summary included the address to his office and his phone number. If I have to see one more realtor trying to game the system through dating apps, I’m going to be sick.

This is weak. If you can’t afford a marketing budget or you’re just too lazy to hold open houses to get clients, maybe you’d be better off in a different occupation. But maybe this works for him. I certainly wouldn’t take him seriously if I was in the market to buy.

Bad Profile Example #7: Show Me, Don’t Tell Me

When a guy says he’s “hilarious,” there’s a 99.99% chance that he’s zero percent funny. Don’t tell me what you are, show me. Make me laugh by telling a joke instead of giving me a list of all of your positive attributes. 

Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy. Funny people don’t either. They make people laugh and they don’t tell people they can make them laugh.

The same rule applies to characteristics like charming, charismatic, and sarcastic. Show me, don’t tell me you are. Also, ditch the God reference man. Totally cool you’re religious but stop throwing it in people’s faces. 

A more subtle biblical verse would work wonders here. The desperate grab for “please find a religion” line really repulses me. Why do I have to? Perhaps he’s doing a good job of polarizing and I’m just on the opposite end of the spectrum. In which case, God on my dude.

Bad Profile Example #8: Never Lead With This

Oh lord. Just stop. 420 friendly is the chill way to express your love of the dank. Also, spell check homie.

Bad Profile Example #9: Why?

I can’t even. Just, no.

Bad Facebook Dating Bio For Men #10: Ego-Trip

The only thing missing is his penis size. Don’t lead with status, it’s a recipe for gold-diggers and status junkies. I’d liken it to a man with a little penis driving a massive truck. Women can tell you’re compensating. Drop the status and use your personality to attract women authentically.

Love has nothing to do with where you fall in the pecking order. Well, true love that is. Lots of people haven’t learned this yet, but hopefully, if you’re reading this, you will. 

Make your status a bonus that she organically discovers over time, don’t try and use it as bait. You’re baiting your hook with the wrong bait if you’re leading with the impressive status information like the school you went to, the car you drive, the neighborhood you live in, or your job title.

Post-Match & Other Bio Points

Crafting a witty bio is akin to hooking a fish. But hooking a fish is a far cry from having it secured on your boat. There are various other steps in the dating process that must be taken in order to score a real-life date. Let’s examine together shall we.

Refine Your Photo Lineup

Even if Facebook Dating may be a less superficial app when compared to other dating apps, photos are still the first thing users will look at when they see your profile. 

If your photos aren’t flattering your profile will suffer. Here are a few pointers to take into consideration when constructing your profile.

  • Use up to date photos

  • The first photo should be a photo that clearly displays your face (no glasses or hats)

  • The second photo is a full-body shot

  • For the third photo, share the screen with some of your buddies (ideally your friends aren’t better looking than you are) 

  • Show off your hobbies in the fourth picture

  • Data shows that women love dudes that are pet-friendly. Make this your fifth photo

  • Maintain solid eye contact with the camera

  • Make sure you’re wearing a different outfit in every photo

  • Pose with confidence, i.e., straight and tall, shoulders back and arms uncrossed

For more in-depth photo tips, check out my article, Top 5 Online Dating Photo Tips for Men Who Want More Matches or my other article on The Best Tinder Pics for Guys

Pen the Perfect Response

Our previous research found that about 80% of initial messages are nothing more than “hey,” or one of its many variations. This is great news for you, being that the bar is so low. Avoid settling for “hey” by allowing her profile to inform your message.

If you two have a hobby or interest in common, comment on the similarity. If her profile offers little to go on, ask a probing question. Your goal when constructing an initial message or response is to pen a message that demands a response. Such a message is easily generated when it’s written in the form of a question.

Don’t Delay, Ask Her Out ASAP

A flame can only be kept going so long without oxygen.

Imagine that with every line you send her, a little bit more oxygen gets exhausted. Send too many lines back and forth and the air will be taken out of the nascent relationship and the flame will die.

After a few lines of banter, it’s time to make your move. Craft a compelling date idea that’s based on her interests. Don’t just ask her out to Starbucks or the park that she jogs in. 

Tell her that there’s this park off the beaten path or a new cafe that just opened up that you two should check out. Make the first date idea simple, easy to access, and novel. And really sell it!

When you do ask her out, be sure to use a solid TDL.

What Is A TDL?

TDL stands for: time, date, location. It’s what you should be using to ask a woman out.

You see, men have the habit of asking women out on amorphous dates. They make offers to go out with their romantic interest in the foreseeable future, in a public place, maybe this weekend, but rarely offer specifics.

A TDL offers a woman a concrete date idea that she can either accept or reject. Women are more apt to accept a TDL because it’s chivalrous

By making a defined plan you’re showing that you’ve put effort into planning a date idea, thus demonstrating that she’s worth it. A TDL also eliminates that back and forth that comes with asking someone out and planning a date.

Does This Look Familiar?

You: We should hang out sometime?

Her: Sure.

You: Sweet. When are you available?

Her: I think this weekend? You?

You: Yeah, maybe…

This is a classic case of pre-date ping pong. The request to go out has been sent, but you’ll never get a straight answer because a clear TDL hasn’t been set. Sure you feel good because she’s said that she’ll go out with you, but without a concrete request to see each other, digital ping-pong ensues.

Women are accustomed to dudes asking them out in lackluster fashion. Shock her by using a TDL that also increases your chances of receiving an affirmative response.

Don’t Rely Solely on Facebook Dating

Throwing all your eggs in one basket is a risky dating strategy.

Leaning on a single app to find your true love will lead to burn out. Stay motivated and cast a wider net by looking for love outside of a dating app. Join groups through and connect with people who have similar interests. Check out Facebook groups that appeal to you, join a class at your local gym, or start speed dating.

For more ideas on how to meet women IRL, check out my articles on Where To Meet Women Other Than In Bars and What’s The Best Way to Meet Women In Real Life?

Putting yourself out there in a variety of different ways allows you to date women concurrently, a strategy I refer to as MegaDating.

What is MegaDating?

MegaDating is a dating strategy that entails dating various women at the same time. The goal is to refine your dating skills and find a woman you have a connection with in as short a period of time as possible. 

MegaDating is the strategy I used during my 100-date experiment. It helped me find a long-term, compatible partner. Guess what? It can do the same for you!

Don’t confuse MegaDating with some sleazy PUA tactic. It has less to do with sex and more to do about finding a meaningful partner. Don’t feel obligated to have sex while MegaDating. Sleeping with someone you’re dating isn’t even recommended until the third date.

MegaDating allows you to quickly figure out the type of person you’re attracted to while at the same time encouraging you to avoid being romantically complacent. 

MegaDating also has the ability to lessen the pain of rejection. It’s tough to feel melancholy as the result of rejection when you already have various dates lined up.

A Dating Plan Tailor-Made For You

Whether it’s dominating the Facebook Dating app while it’s still fresh or learning how to escalate sexual tension while on a date, if it’s a relationship problem you’re dealing with, I’ve got a solution.

Through the years, hundreds of men have come to me with dating hurdles and together we’ve dealt with them. If you too have a hurdle that needs transcending, head over to my calendar and book a 1-on-1 Skype session. 

Let’s become a team that works together to build an action plan tailored specifically to address your needs. We’ll also determine if my 3-month coaching program will speed up the rate at which you reach your goals.

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