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How to Get a Girlfriend Quiz + 13 Early Dating Mistakes Men Make

How to Get a Girlfriend Quiz + 13 Early Dating Mistakes Men Make

Do you find dating to be frustrating rather than fun? Have you been hitting roadblock after roadblock when it comes to getting a girlfriend? There are a ton of early dating mistakes that men unknowingly make that prevent them from finding a compatible, long-term partner. Are you one of them?

If you’re not sure why exactly things aren’t working out for you in the romance department — fear not!

Take the following how to get a girlfriend quiz to assess your dating prowess and learn what you need to do differently to experience greater success. For each question that you answer correctly, award yourself one point. An answer key is included at the end of the quiz, along with explanations for the correct answers.

Question #1: What color were the eyes of the last woman you went on a date with?

A.) They were [insert color here] and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were that color, because I was looking into them during the date — particularly when she was talking about something.

B.) I think they were a bluish green or a hazel-type brown situation, but I couldn’t tell you for sure.

C.) I have absolutely no idea.

Question #2: What days of the week are you going on your first few dates?

early dating mistakes

A.) I usually end up going on dates on Sundays or Mondays.

B.) It varies a lot.

C.) I try to do Saturdays, but at times I’ll end up on dates Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Question #3: What time of day do you schedule your first few dates?

A.) I usually schedule the first and second date for times late in the evening. The bars aren’t hopping until around 10 pm anyway, so I don’t see the point in doing anything much earlier than that.

B.) If it’s the first or second date, I schedule the date for the daytime, probably between 11 am and 2 pm.

C.) It varies, but I try to do things early in the evening when happy hour specials are available.

Question #4: How much money are you spending on a date?

A.) I’ve been spending A LOT. I try not to date too much, honestly, because it’s just too freaking expensive.

B.) On the first couple of dates, I don’t spend very much — probably not any more than $10. Sometimes I end up spending nothing if we decide to go hiking or check out a museum.

C.) I usually spend $20 or around that on a date.

Question #5: How often are you touching her during a date?

early dating mistakes

A.) I would say at least three times.

B.) I try to be all over her during the date.

C.) I don’t touch her at all during a date unless it’s a complete accident.

Question #6: Where are you sitting in relation to her during a date?

A.) I sit next to her.

B.) I’m usually sitting across from her.

C.) I sit across the room from her because she’s terrifying to me.

Question #7: When you pick a date spot, is the date location easy for her to get to? Is there free parking and lots of it close by? Does the neighborhood seem safe based on the fact that there are lots of smiling people around?

A.) Yes. I always make sure that I pick a date location that is easy for her to get to and that is near where she lives. I also make sure to research the areas to make sure they’re safe and a place that attracts a nice and positive crowd. Free parking is a must for a date spot.

B.) I don’t know. I just pick places that sound cool or let her pick the place and don’t really look into it.

C.) I like to live dangerously, so I pick date spots where there’s a chance one of us will get hurt or not remember what happened the next day.

Question #8: Do you ask her to split the bill?

A.) Yes, I always ask to split the bill.

B.) No, I always pay for the first three dates.

C.) I ask her to pay the bill.

Question #9: Do you let her pay or split the bill when she insists?

A.) No, I insist that she pay the bill in its entirety because I don’t like to pay for things.

B.) Even if she insists, I pay the entire bill.

C.) If she insists, I’ll obviously let her split the bill!

Question #10: When you ask a girl out, do you call it a date?

A.) No, because I’m scared if I use that word I might get rejected. Therefore, I will casually ask her to “hang out” and hope that she eventually lets me see her naked.

B.) Yes, I always use the word “date” and make sure that she is 100 — nay — 1000% aware that I am asking her on a date and that my intentions are romantic.

C.) I don’t really use the word “date” but I’m pretty sure I make it clear that I have romantic intentions.

Question #11: When you ask a girl out on a date, do you give a specific time, date, and location?

A.) Yes, I offer a general plan. I’ll usually ask to go to coffee or something at a certain day and time.

B.) Yes, I give her specifics on the exact time, date and location. I also choose something that is compelling and speaks to her interests.

C.) No, I generally just ask her out and then try to plan something more specific later.

Question #12: You’re not exclusive with anyone. Do you go on dates with different people at the same time or do you only focus on one person at a time?

early dating mistakes

A.) Yes, until I am exclusive I go on dates with different people to gain a variety of experiences.

B.) I only date one person at a time, but currently I’m casually sleeping with 13 people.

C.) I only date one person at a time and tend to get fixated on one person before becoming exclusive. Some people use the word “obsessed,” but I’m not a big fan of that term.

Question #13: When dating someone, how long do you typically wait before having sex?

A.) I usually wait until the third date.

B.) I have sex on the first date or at least ATTEMPT to have sex on the first date.

C.) I wait until we have been dating for a minimum of two years.


Question #1

This question is all about eye contact. If you can’t remember the color of the girl’s eyes, chances are you weren’t making enough eye contact. Eye contact is extremely important when it comes to dating because it lets her know that you are listening and engaged with her.

If you’re nervous on a date, you may be tempted to look away from her, but that’s a big dating DON’T. When you aren’t making eye contact, it can come off as rude or like you’re not interested in her.

Correct answer: A

Question #2

Saturdays are the best days for a first date, followed closely by Wednesdays and Thursdays. The worst days for first dates are Sundays and Mondays because people are in work-mode.

Correct answer: C

Question #3

According to research from my 100-date experiment, first dates and second dates should always take place during daylight hours. This is because the goal of a first date is to establish trust and rapport.

Online dating websites and apps have become extremely mainstream, which means that more and more people are going on dates with strangers. But for women, we are 10 times more aware of safety and security, so the idea of meeting someone at night for the first time can still make us balk. To make a woman feel comfortable (and lower your chances of rejection or serendipidating), suggest a date that takes place during the day and is also in a location close to her home.

Doing so will make her feel comfortable and she’ll like that you were chivalrous by keeping her safety and convenience in mind.

Correct answer: B

Question #4

Data from my 100-date experiment and my clients’ success rates have shown that spending more than $10 on a first or second date has a high rate of failure.

Try to plan dates that cost next to nothing and you’ll have more success. Working one-on-one with me to brainstorm dates that naturally fall into this category is an easy way to set yourself up for success.

Correct answer: B

Question #5

Try touching her three times during the date. When I say “touching,” I don’t mean pawing all over her or doing anything that feels uncomfortable to either you. But there are several innocuous ways you can break the touch barrier to increase chemistry:

Hug her hello and/or goodbye. Show her a funny video on your phone and lean in so that your shoulders are touching while you both watch it. If she says something funny, touch or shoulder or forearm while laughing.

Whatever you do, just make sure that you touch her three or more times during the first date to avoid the dreaded friend-zone.

Correct answer: A

Question #6

Are you sitting across from her? This simulates an interview. Quit it. Select locations where you have no choice but to sit side by side in close proximity.

Correct answer: A

Question #7

You always want to make sure that you pick a location that is convenient for her, safe, and close to where she lives.

Correct answer: A

Question #8

If you are asking her to split the bill on a date or making her pay, quit it. If you do this, she’s going to think you’re a little bitch and you will never see her naked. Sorry not sorry. Yes, we’ve entered progressive times and women are making their own money, which is absolutely fantastic. But despite this progress, there is still a gender pay gap, with men generally making more than women overall.  

Women are also more selective because of parental investment, which is “…any cost…associated with raising offspring that reduces the parents’ ability to produce or invest in other offspring.” In other words, no matter how progressive things get, women are always going to be the ones that have the responsibility of carrying a child (i.e., dudes can’t get pregnant) and family tends to be a bigger consideration for women. If you don’t seem like someone who is going to be a provider or help to provide one day, she will kick you to the curb.

Moreover, women have a lot of other financial considerations when getting ready for a date that men don’t have to worry about, including:

-Manicures and pedicures


-Getting a date outfit

-Fixing hair using products or going to get a blowout

If you think that you are supporting equal rights or being a male feminist by making her split the bill, you’re not. You look like a cheapskate who doesn’t want to be chivalrous.

Correct answer: B

Question #9

If you let her split the bill with you when she insists quit it. If she insists, she either doesn’t realize that she’s trying to wear man pants or it’s a test. She wants to make sure you’re not going to be a cheapskate and that you have enough backbone to kindly turn down her insistence and whip out your damn bank card.

Trust me when I say that you won’t see her naked if you let her pay. If you do not whip out your bank card she will NEVER ask you to whip out you’re you know what. Ever.

And before you start to protest, I will acknowledge that YES, there are a few outliers out there, but statistically, it’s not good for you. Just quit it.

Correct answer: B

Question #10

You always, ALWAYS need to make sure that you make it abundantly clear to the girl you are asking out that you are asking her out on a date and YES, you need to use the word “date” when you do it.

If you’re worried she’s going to reject you, remember that by avoiding rejection you are actually cheating yourself out of chances for growth and opportunity. Moreover, if you take her to “hang out” somewhere without making it clear that it’s a date, one of two things could happen:

-She could think you’re a player and reject you anyway.

-You could end up getting relegated to that dreaded place known as “the friend-zone.”

Always make it clear that you are taking her on a date.

Correct answer: B

Question #11

When you ask a girl out on a date, you absolutely need to use a good TDL. A TDL is an acronym for time, date and location. By giving a girl all the specifics of a date, she is more likely to agree to go out with you because everything is set in stone and she won’t have to worry about a frustrating back-and-forth with you before you figure out exactly what the hell you guys want to do.

Using a TDL also shows chivalry because you are showing her that you are willing to take the time to plan something specific for her and aren’t just winging it when it comes to asking her out.

Another component of a TDL is crafting a compelling date plan that she can’t say no to. A compelling date is one that speaks to her interests and — ideally — is something that she hasn’t experienced before.

Correct answer: B

Question #12

One of the best ways to crush your dating goals and get a girlfriend is to MegaDate. MegaDating is when you go on dates with several different people at the same time in order to diffuse energy and keep your calendar full. MegaDating prevents you from getting hung up on one person or settling for the mediocre.

MegaDating also gives you practice in the dating world so that you get better at it, and it makes dating fun as opposed to frustrating.

Correct answer: A

Question #13

The third date is usually when physical intimacy occurs if you follow my dating rules. Remember, the first date is to build trust and rapport, the second date escalates sexual tension, and the third date determines whether you are good fit morals and values-wise.

Correct answer: A


12-13 Points

Congratulations! Your dating game is on point. This type of score shows that you are dating with expert strategy and are likely attracting tons of high-value women.

10-11 Points

There are some areas in your dating life that could use some improvement, but you are doing pretty well overall.

9 Points

Your dating game isn’t terrible, but it needs to be heavily tweaked in order for you to experience more success. You probably have some great strategies and can make good connections, but sustaining these connections can be difficult.

8 Points or Below

Your dating strategy needs to be heavily assessed. Either you have been given misinformation about ways to approach and date women or you are unknowingly sabotaging yourself in a variety of ways when it comes to dating.

The good news is that I can help fix these problems for you and it doesn’t even have to take that long. Many people can remedy all of their dating woes in a matter of weeks or months!

Wrap Up: How to Get a Girlfriend Quiz & Early Dating Mistakes Men Make

Tired of making mistakes and hitting roadblocks when it comes to dating? Do you want to stop wondering “What am I doing wrong to get a girlfriend?” or “What am I doing wrong on the first date?” If so, I can help. 

My dating services are guaranteed to prevent early dating mistakes so that you can find the right match.

Head over to my calendar and book a new client 1-on-1 Zoom session with me or one of my colleagues today. During our session, we’ll discuss your issues and also create an action plan to help you help you lay out some long and short term dating goals. Lastly, we’ll also determine if our coaching or matchmaking services are right for you!

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