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10 Ways to Touch a Woman on a Date

10 Ways to Touch a Woman on a Date

10 Ways to Touch a Woman on a Date

Hi guys, it’s Emyli America’s dating coach for men. So you want to learn ways to touch a woman on a date?

I feel like I get an email every other day asking me how to touch a woman sexually, or, should you hold hands on a first date? However you want to frame it, these are valid questions and a real concern for most of the single male population. 

Guys, the bottom line is to not be a creep. There is a fine line between not touching enough, and entering into the friendzone….. and touching too much, hence being labeled as a creep. 

So Here are 10 Simple Ways to Touch a Woman on a Date

1. Hug her hello

2. Show her a funny video on your phone so she has to lean in close to see it

3. Guide her through a door and touch the small of her back

4. If she’s wearing a ring, bracelet, or has interesting nails, grab her hand and say “let me see that” or “nice nails—very sparkly” or something else that’s funny, playful

5. Jokingly push her and say “shut up” or “get outta here” or “no way.” Yes, first grade tactics are back!

6. Brush the hair off of her shoulder

7. Wipe something off her cheek

8. Give her your jacket to wear if she’s cold (you should wear warm clothes just in case)

9. Sit next to her at dinner and at some point grab her hand and say “hey I’ll be right back, I’m gonna run to the restroom” or do the same thing and point to something and say “hey look at that” (it can be literally anything)

10. Hug her goodbye and ideally kiss her

So there you have it, 10 tips on ways to touch a woman on a date. 

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Keep up the good work because You Deserve the Perfect Woman.

With Love,

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