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50 of The Best Tinder Bios for Guys & the Top 6 Bio Format Examples

50 of The Best Tinder Bios for Guys & the Top 6 Bio Format Examples

Looking for some of the best Tinder Bios for guys?

If you’re struggling to figure out how to set yourself apart from the competition on Tinder™, I’ve got you covered. I’ve heavily researched this controversial dating app and hand-selected over 45 of the best bio examples for you.

Why is this important? Because dating apps have taken over as the medium of choice for single people to meet each other. While the bar scene used to be revered as the top place for singles to meet, things have taken a downturn in recent years, especially with Covid-19.

Best Tinder Bios for Guys Examples

#1: Don’t Make Women Feel Sad for You

Your life should not sound depressing in your profile. If you end up saying something like, “My life feels empty without someone special in it,” or “In a dark place — can you shine a light on me?” women will swipe left on your profile 100% of the time.

When you look at the best Tinder bios out there, you’ll notice that these guys exude positivity and seem to have a glass-half-full perspective when it comes to dating. By saying something like, “Got my life together just looking for more,” you’re showing that you want a relationship but you’re not wallowing in sadness over singledom.

Bio #2: Consider Why You Are Choosing to Advertise Certain Traits

This is one of the best Tinder bios because it’s guaranteed to make a woman chuckle and also will leave her more inclined to swipe right. Women love humor and if you can use it correctly, being comedic is always a win.

Bio #3: Don’t Be Basic

The guy in this screenshot is succinctly noting three things that are awesome when they stand alone (a French engineer, a personal development mentor, and a fitness enthusiast). But these three things are even more compelling when placed side by side.

Sure, a fitness enthusiast is great, but wouldn’t you rather hang out with a fitness enthusiast who can mentor you on personal matters and speak French while designing or building things? Très bien, indeed!

When it comes to creating the best Tinder bios, you want to make sure that you stand out and avoid being basic.

The following statements are extremely overused and boring when it comes to Tinder bios for guys:

-“I’m chill”

-“I love Netflix”


-“I love to cook”

-“I love sports”

-[Insert statement about your height here]

That’s great that you don’t like drama and DO love sports, but how does this set you apart from the competition? It doesn’t.

Instead of focusing on what everyone generally likes, focus on what specifically makes you unique.

Bio #4: Make it Easy for Her to Connect With You

You can do this by telling her specific things about yourself. Instead of using a general statement like, “I love Netflix,” tell her what your favorite show or movie is and why.

When you offer specifics about yourself that are also accessible (i.e., things people can relate to and use in conversation), it helps you connect with a woman who shares your interests early on.

Best Tinder Bios #5: Avoid Coming Across as Insecure

The old adage about nice guys finishing last is false. The truth is that nice guys finish first, but self-proclaimed “nice guys” who are overly agreeable or insecure finish last. This is because women are attracted to confidence.

If you want to have one of the best Tinder bios for men, don’t come off as insecure or you’re guaranteed to get left swiped more often than not. You’re going to seem insecure if your Tinder bio includes things like:

-Goofy comments that attempt to be funny but totally miss the mark. For example, saying something like, “Aspiring gynecologist – hi ladies!” is terrible and YES, people actually write things like that on Tinder.

-Comments that make you sound desperate. Don’t put something like, “I’m down for anything.” Are you, though? What if she wants to go jogging across a bunch of bear traps – would you be down for that? Another desperate comment you shouldn’t use is something like, “I love everyone.” Do you love Hitler? No, of course you don’t, but when you say things like that you seem overly eager to please as well as insincere.

This Tinder bio right here is great because it borders on self-deprecating (“I can’t dance”) but then throws in a positive (“I have a puppy”), and it also shows a sense of humor.

Bio #6: Don’t State the Obvious

For example, don’t be a basic dude who says “6’3 if it matters.” Clearly it matters to you — otherwise, you wouldn’t have put it in your profile. Don’t make an obvious statement and then point it out. It’s annoying.

The below is an example of a great Tinder bio because it’s creative and charming all at the same time.

Bio #7: Don’t Be Vague

One thing that can be the difference between the best Tinder bios for guys and worst Tinder bios for guys is vagueness. When you say something vague like “I love sports,” you’re not doing yourself any favors. Instead, talk about what your favorite sports team is and why.

Don’t say “I like music” — tell me who your favorite musician is and give me some insight into what led you to become a fan of this musician.

Do you like to cook or do you consider yourself a foodie? Tell me about your favorite meal or your go-to dish that you make for special occasions.

Give me something tangible to connect with that also tells me who exactly you are.

Bio #8: Don’t Use Tons of Emojis

Don’t create a Tinder bio that is basically an incoherent stream of emojis. It’s overwhelming and obnoxious.

You’ll notice that many of the best Tinder bios for guys that are included in this post have emojis, but the emojis are peppered throughout the bio in a way that enhances their bio — it doesn’t dominate it.

See below. Feel free to throw in a dancing lady emoji if you like dancing or a few emojis to show that you like adventuring to different cities. But don’t throw me eight emojis of a dog, a donut, a sunflower, a smiley face, a dog, a cat, another dog and a bag of money just to let me know that you went skydiving ONE TIME.

Bio #9: Have Fun With Height

For height, list yourself as the tallest possible height. Don’t make a comment about it, just put the maximum height OR the shortest possible height (so you’re basically choosing between being like 8 feet tall or 3 feet tall, or something like that).

This will serve as a great conversation starter. If a woman asks about it, make a joke and show that you are poking fun at this superficial stat.

This will either help you make a connection or allow you to weed out extremely superficial people in case the woman demands to know your actual height and/or makes it clear being above or below a certain height is a deal breaker for her.

If you choose to list your real height, here’s a good Tinder bios for guys example you can emulate:

Best Tinder Bios for Guys #10: Don’t Add Unnecessary Information to Your Tinder Bio

Are you a blonde? Great, I should be able to tell that from your photos — you don’t need to tell me.

Do you lift weights at the gym? I can see that bulging bicep in your photos — you don’t need to add it to your Tinder bio.

Avoid adding unnecessary information in your bios and focus on succinct lines that will capture interest. Below is a great Tinder bio example for guys because it’s all very unique to the individual.

Bio #11: Be Subtle With Your Sarcasm

Sarcasm can be a great way to show your humor when used correctly, but there are times when you may not want to use sarcasm at all. In truth, sarcasm is often masked hostility and — when you come across as hostile — it’s a major turn-off.

Don’t be sarcastic in ways that are mean or bash online dating (i.e., “I’m SURE you’re not just judging me by my photos right now…lol yeah right”).

Finally, when it comes to being sarcastic, don’t say, “I’m sarcastic.” Show her instead of telling her. The same rule applies to someone who says, “I’m funny.” Show me you’re funny, don’t just expect me to assume that you actually are. Below is an example of a Tinder bio that made me laugh.

Bio #12: Be Clever

Clever tinder bios usually make for the best tinder funbios. Here’s an example:

This man has the last name of “Long” and pokes fun at himself by pointing it out and also follow it up by referencing that he’s a “mixed breed” like his dog.

So now you have a guy who is being clever and he has an adorable pup to boot. He nailed it!

Bio #13: Don’t Tell Me About Other People on Tinder That You Think Are Dumb

You don’t have to be dumb because they’re being dumb.

There are so many terrible Tinder bios that say things like:

-Don’t even know why I try. Girls on this thing are so superficial.”

-Message only if you’re not gonna be a b**ch!!”

-Does anybody here actually respond? Over this.”

Don’t be that guy! No one likes negativity and if that’s the first impression you’re giving off, it’s pretty much a guarantee that women will swipe left on you. Take a look at this super positive and clever tinder bio:

Bio #14: Don’t Post Bathroom Selfies


Just STOP.

Why do guys keep doing this? Whether you have a rock hard body like David Beckham or a dad bod worthy of Seth Rogen, don’t show it off under the harsh fluorescent lighting of your bathroom or the locker room at your gym.

What’s even worse is that these selfies are normally paired with a vacant stare. In that case, you look like a serial killer and I am immediately becoming less aware of your abs and more fixated on the fact that a date with you could play out like an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

In short, never post a bathroom selfie OR a shirtless pic unless it is clearly part of a shirtless activity, like swimming.

Best Tinder Bios #15: Don’t Look Unemployed

I know that man buns and beards are all the rage, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw away your comb or forego doing laundry.

Don’t look unemployed and definitely don’t state that you’re unemployed on your Tinder bio.

If you are dealing with unemployment, don’t feel bad, it’s a place tons of people find themselves in at different points throughout their lives. But you need to make sure you fix your finances before searching for love.

With that said, when you are employed and able to take a woman to dinner (wait until date #3 I may add), try emulating this hilarious tinder bios for guys:

Bio #16: SMILE!!!

Blank stares are not sexy.

Smiling is sexy!

Make sure that you’re Tinder pics. This sends ladies positive vibes and shows that you know how to have a good time. The below bio example was written by guy who was smiling from ear to ear- super sexy.

Bio #17: Don’t Look Homeless

Just like you shouldn’t look unemployed, you also shouldn’t look homeless. Don’t take any sort of ruggedness or Boho chic to an extreme that would make a woman question whether you are able to pay rent or have access to running water.

The below is a great bio example. If only the guy didn’t look homeless.

Bio #18: Don’t Use Jokes If You’re Not Funny

I know I’ve been pushing the advantage of cleverness and humor, but if comedy isn’t your strong suit, don’t attempt to make jokes that fall flat.

There are many compelling Tinder profiles that are straightforward and compelling without using a ton of jokes. You can easily make your profile into one of the best Tinder bios by pointing out your unique qualities and passions in a succinct and compelling way, like this:

To work on your sense of humor or to test out some funny Tinder first messages, take a comedy or improv class. You can also use quotes from funny movies and stand-up comedy specials.

Bio #19: Don’t Have a Ferret in Your Photo

I didn’t know I’d actually have to put into writing that you’re not supposed to do this when posting pics to your Tinder account, but here we are.

I’m not saying that I hate ferrets or that you should hide your love for your pet ferret.

It’s just that — when people aren’t familiar with these creatures — seeing a ferret in a photo can be equal parts confusing and terrifying. From certain angles, ferrets can resemble rats, and some women are going to be thinking, “Why is he holding a rat? Why TF is he holding a RAT?!”

You think you’ve just done the most adorable photo op ever but all she sees is this.

If you must have a ferret in your photo, at least do the smart thing and make sure the ferret is flanked by kittens or something so she can ease into accepting that you have a furry snake as a pet.

Bio #20: Never Go Negative

The best Tinder bios for guys are the ones that shine are those that exude positivity. Don’t ever be negative in your bio.

The below bio example shows a strong outward based positivity – this guy loves to be active and enjoys putting himself out there, two things women love.


tinder killer

Nothing says “LEFT SWIPE” like looking as if you’re going to murder someone.

You might look like a killer in your photos if you:

-Don’t smile in your photos

-Have intense facial expressions

-Have neck tattoos

-Throw up gang signs

-Have “scary muscles” that could snap a babe’s neck

-Take photos of yourself in the hood

-Use only photos of yourself and no one else.

Avoid these things at all costs! For more on this topic check out my other post on the best tinder pics for guys.

Bio #22: Stop Advertising Your Flaws

Are you hungover from last weekend? Don’t advertise that — or any flaws — on your tinder bio.

If you use photos where you’re holding alcohol and/or drunk, you’re telling women that you’re an alcoholic. If you’re smoking cigarettes or weed in your photos, that doesn’t make you seem like much of a prize either.

Don’t advertise what’s not valuable about yourself. If it’s a threat — not an asset — exclude it. Here’s a bio example to emulate (in your words with your passions, obviously):

Bio #23: Make Sure You Look Like the Same Person in All of Your Photos

You don’t want her to get pre-date jitters wondering which version of you she’s going to get on a first date.

Make sure that all of your photos look like you and that they aren’t simply a collection of all the different looks you’ve tried over the years.

This is especially true in the facial hair department. Don’t use one photo with a beard and another without a beard — it’s too confusing. She doesn’t know which guy she’s going to get if she agrees to a date with you.

Finally, don’t use a photo from 10 years ago when you were a bodybuilder and another photo from the present day, where there’s a 100-pound difference.

It’s. Just. Confusing.

Moving on, here’s one of the funniest Tinder bio examples I found during my research:

Best Tinder Bio for Guys #24: Don’t Put Emojis Over the Faces of Other People in Your Photo

I don’t know when or why this became a thing on Tinder, but don’t do it. Putting emojis over the faces of other people in your photo is just creepy.

Maybe you’re worried that your friends don’t want their picture on Tinder or one of the people in the photo is an ex.

Whatever the reason, use pictures of people that you know won’t mind making an appearance on your dating app and NEVER post a photo of you with an ex. It’s just tacky.

With that said, this Antonio guy had an awesome approach on his bio:

Bio #25: Don’t Say “I Don’t …”

best tinder bios for guys 8

Focus on the things you do, not the things that you don’t do. When you start a Tinder bio with “I don’t” it’s negative and unnecessary.

Think about what makes you special as opposed to things you may be lacking. Here’s a simple winner that made me crave more:

Best Tinder Bios for Guys #26: Larry David and a 90’s R&B Singer

tinder bios example for guys

This one is just strange enough to work. So you are going to remind me of Larry David and a 90s R&B singer…and you watch old Soul Train videos as a hobby? Feel free to indulge in your quirky side when it comes to crafting your bio. Remember, you want to capture a woman’s attention fast so that she swipes right.

Bio #27: Who Doesn’t Love Pizza

good tinder bios examples

This one keeps it short and sweet, while also mentioning specific interests. I like that he listed two different musical tastes because it’s something that he can use to build rapport. And of course, pizza is something that pretty much everyone can bond over.

Bio #28: Cute Animals + Humor = Amazing Tinder Bio

tinder bios for men

You really can’t go wrong when it comes to a bio that mentions you love your pet. And in this case, this guy is demonstrating that he has a lot of patience and compassion, being that he clearly rescued two animals in need. But he’s making the most of his limited space (and limited attention spans) by also including a line to make girls laugh.

Bio #29 Rollercoaster, Anyone?

tinder bios example for guys

This bio is well and good overall, but what really makes this guy stand out is that he rides and designs roller coasters. That’s just not something you expect to hear everyday and also — it’s super cool!

What is his favorite roller coaster he’s designed? Did he help design that one that made you sick last summer? How many loops does he consider being the optimal amount of loops!

I have so many questions — and that’s the point.

You don’t want to give everything away when you’re writing a Tinder bio. In fact, you don’t even want to give everything away when you’re messaging a girl on Tinder. Women like a little bit of mystery, so save deeper conversations and personal info for when you two are on an actual date.

Best Tinder Profile for Guys #30: A Lot of Humor Packed Into One Tinder Bios

FYI, the “side chick” this guy is talking about is a cardboard cutout from what looks like a Comicon convention.

There’s nothing wrong with being a nerd, especially when you embrace it like this guy. I like that he peppered in some self-deprecating humor at the end as well. Women don’t want a guy who takes himself too seriously so don’t forget to laugh at yourself once in a while and go with the flow.

Bio #31: Possibly the Best Tinder Bio Ever Created

best tinder bios for guys 6

Honestly, you have my permission to copy and paste this bio because it’s one of the best out there. This guy crammed a ton of humor into a bio, along with pizza and tacos — pizza AND tacos!!

This creatively includes humor and also holds the woman’s attention in a way that can be difficult on dating apps like Tinder.

Bio #32: Kombucha and Pickles

best tinder bios for guys 5

Again, if you have an interesting hobby, be sure to list it. Whether or not a girl would have making kombucha and pickles in common with you, it’s something that’s bound to catch her eye.

Some guys shy away from sharing things they think are quirky and choose to list something generic instead. But remember, you want someone who can have shared interests with you, so it’s good to be up front right away. Doing this will increase your chances of matching with women you can have solid, real-life connections with.

Bio #33: Poking Fun at Superficial Height Preferences

best tinder bios for guys 3

Everything in this guy’s profile is pretty solid. He talks about specific interests and clarifies that the child he’s holding in one picture is his niece — this lets women know he doesn’t have kids but also shows that he’s good with kids.

I really like that he ended with a lighthearted jab at height preferences on dating apps. A lot of guys who aren’t super tall get self-conscious when it comes to dating apps. But if you can take it with humor and flip the script, it really works in your favor.

Bio #34: “I Have More Pictures of Dogs”

You had me at dogs! This guy had an adorable picture of himself with a pooch and — like I said — cute animals make everything better. The fact that women know there are more cute animal pics where that came from is enough to make them swipe right.

Also, like pizza, people are pretty unanimous in their love of tacos. Mentioning pizza and tacos at any time tends to be a good thing. In fact, if you are able to get someone to snap a shot of you making a pizza and taco platter while also holding a puppy, you’re golden.

Best Tinder Bios for Guys #35: Short, Sweet, and Self-Deprecating

This doesn’t delve too deeply into this guy’s interests, but it will capture attention quickly. Again, showing that you don’t take yourself too seriously is an attractive quality.

In this case, the guy is clearly being funny and not being negative, which is a common problem a lot of guys run into when using dating apps.

Make sure you don’t allow any frustration you have over online dating to bleed into your profile. Saying things like “sick of this app,” “on here not expecting anything,” or “is anyone here actually looking for a nice guy??” will just turn girls off and limit your success.

Bio #36: Nick Cage FTW

I officially need to find and download this Nicholas Cage app immediately! Aside from that intriguing piece of info, this guy starts off by showing he has a good sense of humor, which is always a good thing when it comes to creating a great Tinder bio.

Bio #37: Three Truths and a Lie

This is a great bio and could also make for a great first message after matching with someone on Tinder. Why? This piques interest and would require more than a “yes” or “no” answer as a response.

When you ask an open-ended question or offer up a fun game like this one, you’re much more likely to develop a connection with someone and keep the conversation flowing, which can make it easier for you to get a girl to go out with you.

Bio #38: More Games

This one can be a little risky, because he kind of veers off into questionable territory with the whole looking for someone “fit” and “Think you’re badass enough to steal my heart?” Then again, he also gets super specific and for a girl who really aligns with his interests, this could work.

If you’re unsure, just stick with the first paragraph in this one. People on Tinder tend to post the same types of things over and over again, so a lighthearted jab is fine as long as it isn’t mean or negative.

Bio #39: Slightly Vulnerable

best tinder bios for guys

This guy shares tons of awesome information about his career and also interests. I really like that he allowed himself to show some vulnerability without giving too much away. He runs a non-profit on the side in memory of his mother, which is extremely honorable and also pretty personal.

It shows a lot of confidence and strength that this guy felt able to share that on a dating app. Vulnerability is really important when it comes to dating because it allows you to build a deeper connection with someone, which will help you find a long-term relationship.

That doesn’t mean that you have to give everything away on a first date. But asking questions and being open to topics that aren’t merely skin-deep can help you increase your confidence and success in the dating world, as well as other areas of your life.

Best Tinder Bios for Guys #40: Turn Your Tinder Bios into a Funny Advertisement

I love this guy’s style. He’s showcasing a good sense of humor and creativity by turning his bio into a corny (albeit, effective) advertisement. There are other bios I’ve seen in the past that follow this kind of format, but with fake quotes from friends and family that read like quotes from movie critics.

For example. Let’s say your name is Nick. Your bio could read something like this:

“Five out of five stars when it comes to cleaning dishes.” — Nick’s old roommate

“I don’t know why he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet. HAVE YOU SEEN THAT FACE??” — Nick’s friend

“Awesome guy from the day he was born.” — Nick’s mom

“Please stop asking to quote me on your Tinder profile.” — Nick’s acquaintance

Bio #41: Be Topical

“I just want a woman who washes her hands for 20 seconds and knows how to properly microwave popcorn. (Hint: Never hit the microwave button.)”

We’ve all been emotionally drowning in COVID-19 talk for the past year. Avoid talking about COVID and how apocalyptic it is unless you’re making it known that you’re aware of how it spreads and take proactive steps in combating it.

This will signal to other singles that you don’t make risky social decisions and are probably safer to date than other men. However, only writing about COVID doesn’t show how multi-faceted you are.

This person ironically adds a little humor to their Tinder bio by talking about the gravity of COVID while in the same sentence making it known that he also wants a woman that knows how to handle her popcorn.

Bio #42: New Year, New Boo

“My New Year’s Resolutions:

Run a marathon

Learn how to play The Piano Man on piano (but first learn the piano)

Stop using the poop emoji out of context

Date more like-minded women from Tinder”

Not all guys feel like they can stack up against the competition. You might be one of them. So instead of talking about who you were or who you are, talk about who you want to be.

Look, the chances are you’re better than oodles of guys on Tinder, but maybe you feel as though you can’t convey that. That’s fine. Instead of talking about the past, tell her who you want to become.

Bio #43: Keywords Are Your Cinderella Slipper

“Just your average 6’2” man trying to go rock climbing for a first date, bowling on a second, and make love on the third.

What are my hobbies you ask? Painting with a craft brew in hand, making fun of Republicans, celebrating 4/20 every other weekend, running multiple 5ks a week and basically personifying Chris Traeger.”

Artfully use keywords throughout your bio. Tinder works by trying to place your profile in front of user’s that it believes you’re compatible with. It does so in part by using keywords.

Writing specific likes and dislikes on your profile is likely to get you paired up with users that used those same keywords on their profiles. Just be sure not to list out 30 things that you’re into.

Keyword vomiting may put your profile in front of women you’re compatible with, but it shows zero signs of personality. Humanize yourself by penning a profile in your own voice while utilizing keywords.

Bio #44: Let’s Talk About Our Future

“Just a list of first date ideas:

-Dress in matching koala onesies, go to the zoo, jump in the koala exhibit and become king and queen of the koalas

-Go to a karaoke bar and only sing K-pop songs

-Apply for Canadian citizenship

-Finding the meaning of life, then sell it on eBay for a million dollars

-Get coffee”

50% of Tinder profiles are blank. Another 25% are creepy. 20 more percent talk about their love for tacos and The Office.

Then there’s that paltry 5% of profiles that are actually good, that women actually read from beginning to end and elicit a genuine laugh. Making a woman literally laugh out loud is a guaranteed swipe right.

Bio #45: Keep The Good Times Rollin’

“Some of my friends say I’m too optimistic. I say they don’t understand that at any moment something amazing can happen… that’s why I always carry confetti around in my pocket.

It’s emergency confetti.”

This profile works because it’s so freakin’ adorably optimistic. Sure it’s a bit weird, but it touches on a great point. First impressions should always be positive.

Considering she’s got so little to go off of, why start out by pitching yourself in a negative light? No one wants to date a sad guy with low self-esteem. Turn up the charm and positivity by presenting yourself as the guy that everyone wants to be around.

Bio #46: Better Hold Your Breathe

“Just looking for someone willing to move to Thailand with and start a suba school together. So basically keeping it casual”

This is a curveball if I’ve ever seen one. What I love is that it tells her who you are, your plans, and that you’re a chill kind of guy. It paints a picture without listing out traits. It’s a 4.5/5.

Bio #47: Pros and Cons

“Pro: Was a college DJ 

Con: Will always steal the aux and play obscure indie music.

Pro: Am learning the piano

Con: Plays the same three songs over and over again on piano

Pro: Will make you laugh

Con: Will also make women around you laugh

Pro: Just looking for my soulmate 

Con: Just looking for my soulmate on Tinder”

List out via a pros and cons list what makes you unique. The key is to have the cons speak to the pros.

Bio #48: My Precioussss

“Just looking for someone to take a leisurely stroll to Mordor with as we return the one ring that rules them all”

Bring out your inner nerd!

Bio #49: Basics Lists < Greater/Less Than

“Indian > Mexican, Beyonce < The Beatles, Movies < Bowling, Skiing > Snowboarding, Trump < My blind dog Bartholomew”

Listing traits or details is cool and all but it’s been played. Spice things up and make your profile a little contentious by creating a  greater/less than list. I’m sure at least one comparison will strike a cord.

Bio #50: Use Man’s Best Friend

“I’m really just here because my puppy has been having issues at school and his teacher said he needs to socialize more. Down for a doggy date?”

It’s common knowledge at this point that users that post about their dogs get more matches than those that don’t. So use that little pooch of yours until you two are out on the town, tails wagging, and on your way to meet your new beau.

Bonus: A Tinder Bio You Should Never Replicate

tinder bios for guys 1

We’ve gone through a lot of awesome Tinder bios, but I couldn’t end this article without directing you to the type of bio you should avoid AT ALL COSTS.

Granted, this will make a woman stop and think — but for all the wrong reasons.

What does this even mean? Does this guy think the Mona Lisa looks like a woman who has a hand up her skirt? Why is she so calm about it, then? I just can’t.

If you craft a bio that is anything like this, a woman will do the following things:


-Read the bio

-Squint in confusion

-Reread the bio

-Reread the bio AGAIN

-Swipe LEFT

Best Tinder Bio Formats for Guys

Before we jump into real-life bio examples, let’s first outline six bio formats that are proven to rack up matches.

The purpose of a written bio is to humanize yourself. In an app that reduces each user into a set of cards in a deck of eligible singles, appearing as anything other than superficial is a tough ask.

Using one of the following bio formats will display your personality and make you stand out against a backdrop of countless other bios.

Format 1: The Most Spontaneous Thing I’ve Ever Done

Tinder is a game. And in this game, the coolest guys win.

With the written portion of the bio, you’re given a space to wax poetic about your own accomplishments. Flex out those peacock feathers and show her why you’re better than the profile on either side of you.

One of the ways to catch her attention is to talk in superlatives. In this case, you’ll boast about the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done.

To get the most out of this bio format, sift through your catalog of experiences in order to find one that would impress any Tinderella. Here are a few examples to tickle your inspiration.



“The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done was take an impromptu vacation to Paris to watch a PSG soccer match. I flew back to the states just hours after the match ended in order to get watch an MLS game. Two soccer matches, two days, two different countries. After that day my bucket list got a little bit shorter.”


“The most spontaneous thing I ever did was move to San Francisco on a dare. Seven years later, I’m still here.”


“The most spontaneous thing I ever did was cook mole negro for my family on Christmas. Some background, before cooking the mole I had mastered cooking delicacies such as toast and scrambled eggs. With scrambled eggs, toast, and now mole under my belt I’m now a bonafide chef.”

Whichever spontaneous act you choose to share just make sure it’s true. Fudging is acceptable but make sure that the meat of the spontaneous act is historically accurate.

Format 2: Two Short Descriptive Sentences + Emojis

Penning a written dating app bio from scratch should be treated like poetry.

Every single word short has a purpose. On average women spend between 3-6 seconds looking at a profile before swiping. This means she’s not going to spend an entire minute reading the 12-line profile you just wrote. When in doubt, keep her wanting more by keeping your profile pithy.



“Remember that guy that made eyes with you at the Vampire Weekend show, but before he could talk to you, you dipped out with your friends?

That guy was me. Hi, my name’s Dave. (emojis here)”


“Fluent in Espanol, Italiano, English, and JS.” (emojis here)

My ideal first date would include speaking about passerbys in other languages and pretending like we’re royals. Pinkies in the air! (emojis here)”


“Recent accomplishments include: Running my first 10k, crowd surfing, and learning the piano.

Recent failures include: Fainting after my first 10k, losing my wallet while crowd surfing, and not being able to get chopsticks out of my head. (emojis here)”

Format 3: Going Three Levels Deep

Let’s not forget that Tinder reduces you to a playing card. To make her think of you as anything other than just another card in a deck of singles you’ll have to dig deep.

Going three levels deep means conveying more than the bare minimum. It means being able to paint a picture of who you are in just a few strokes.

Instead of saying that you love pizza, tell her that you make your own, that you despise deep-dish, and that you dream about spontaneously skipping off to Italy to dine on Naples’s finest. To help you visualize what a successful three-level profile looks like, here are a few examples.



“My perfect Sunday includes morning tennis, Scrabble, playing a bingo in Scrabble, winning Scrabble, and then night tennis. O yeah, and milk duds, lots of milk duds.”


“I love tacos… but allow me to elaborate.

While studying abroad in Mexico City I had my first authentic pastor taco. But when I came back to the states I could only find hard shell tacos (i.e. not tacos). So I bought myself a spit, marinated some pastor meat, and made tacos a Sunday fixture at my place.

I eat my tacos con todo. And yes, that includes pineapple, I’m not a heathen.”


“One time I took a hike through Muir Woods. That one time turned into two times, two turned into three, and now I’ve hiked Muir Woods over three hundred times. Now I curate hiking expeditions. Hmm, I wonder how that happened.”

Format 4: Use Humor Or Self Deprecation

With so many guys all too willing to self-aggrandize, some self-deprecating behavior is refreshing. And as for constructing a humorous profile, it should go without saying that a little bit of wit and charm should be used in every profile.



“Listen, I don’t want to brag, but I once picked a movie to watch on Netflix in under 30 minutes.”


“Can someone tell me how to lower the difficulty settings on Tinder?”


“My biggest fear is that men’s rights advocates will convince Amazon to make a male version of Alexa. No I won’t play Don’t Stop Believing!”

Format 5: The Biggest Risk I’ve Taken

No one is swiping through Tinder hoping that they’ll find a Netflix addict so that they can waste away their lives binging all the latest series. She wants someone that will improve her, surprise her, and that will bring her out of her comfort zone.

Convince her that you’re her guy by writing about all the craziest risks you’ve ever taken.



“I’m allergic to shrimp.

But once when I was nine I knowingly ate an entire plate of grilled shrimp. I’d like to say that I’ve put my daring ways behind me, but I still eat shrimp every chance I get. Eating shrimp is in itself a pricey habit, but just imagine how much more expensive it is if every time you eat shrimp you also need a side order of epinephrine.

Seafood anyone? I’ll bring the EpiPen.”


“The biggest risk I’ve even taken was telling my parents that I was an atheist. On the one hand, I got to stop going to church, on the other, there’s a .000001% chance that I’ll burn in hell for eternity. A fair tradeoff. ”


“The biggest risk I’ve ever taken was moving to Mexico after college. Everyone thought I was going to be kidnapped by narcos. Instead, I just became fluent in Spanish, learned how to make chilaquiles, and became an expert salsa dancer. Anyone up for hitting the dance-floor?”

Format 6: I’m Regular At…/Change of Direction

“What makes jokes so funny is their change of direction. What makes a successful Tinder profile is your ability to make her laugh. When in doubt, always use humor to attract more matches.”



“So my girlfriend said she wanted to break up with me because I had no sense of direction.

So I packed my things and right.”


“You ever go on a date that completely changed your life?

Me neither. Up for perpetuating your romantic disappointment?”


“I’m regular at marathon racing against horses. I usually only beat a few. And yes this is a real thing, haven’t you ever listened to Radiolab?”

A Quick Note On Tinder Photos

Look your bio could have been written by Rumi himself but if your photos are meh, she’s not gonna stick around to read your bio.

With that in mind, you’ll want to create and choose a photo roster that she can’t say no to.

To get a sense of what that looks like we turned to Saskia Nelson, founder of Hey Saturday,  an online dating photography agency. 

Taking the perfect photo is a complex process.

To keep things simple she advises that your photos do three things:

  1. Be eye-catchingly good
  2. Showcase you looking attractive and confident
  3. Show people what it’s like to date you

Speaking to the first point Saskia says,

“Good quality visual content is the easiest way to drive up engagement with your profile, so make sure you only use good quality photos (lose any blurry, dark, messy, low-res, pixilated shots).”

When it comes to projecting confidence and sex appeal it’s all about…

“Make sure you choose photos with open body language, which is a powerful way to showcase confidence, and select photos where you know you’re looking and feeling really good about yourself. Open body language ensures that you take up space in your photos too. No hunching in on yourself or hugging arms around your body, but standing tall and owning it.”

Lastly, she stresses showing people what dating you looks like. But who exactly do you do this?

“Props are such an easy way to tell people more about who you are. Our clients typically might bring a bike or a yoga mat, a guitar, their skateboard, their favourite book, a bouquet of flowers, headphones, a sketchbook, boxing gloves, their camera etc etc. Think of them as your story-telling super power – an easy win to create a compelling profile photo.”

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Best Tinder Bios for Guys: Conclusion

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