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How Much Is Tinder Plus & What Do I Get?

How Much Is Tinder Plus & What Do I Get?

Since its genesis in 2012, Tinder has hands down been the most popular dating application in the US.

It currently claims just under 8 million US users to its name with the second most popular app, Bumble, coming in at 5 million. With such a vast user pool it’s tempting to stop reading right now and download the app -but heed this.

Of its many millions of users, it’s projected that about 78.1% of its users are male. In reality, Tinder only has about 1.7 million female users. Of these users, only half have ever dated a match. That means that a plausible guess would be that around only a million female Tinder users in the US have ever gone on a date with a Tinder match. Of these women, 80% are 34 or younger.

The reality is that while Tinder is still the most used dating app by females in the US, it can still be difficult to meet women on the app. It’s this realization that brings many Tinder users to consider upgrading to Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus comes with a host of capabilities that we’ll outline in this article. However, before even asking the question of “how much is Tinder Plus” you need to ask yourself the question of whether or not Tinder is even popular within your state.

It’s safe to say that any major metropolitan area has enough Tinder users to make downloading the app worthwhile. Clients of mine that live in rather small towns have also had success on the app. This is perhaps because if you’re going to download just one dating app, it’s Tinder. Check this map out to see which dating app is most popular in your state. If Tinder isn’t popular in your state, there’s little advantage that upgrading to Tinder Plus will give you.

Also keep in mind what your romantic goals are. Although it’s shed some of the stigma attached to it, Tinder is still known somewhat as a hookup app. Tinder users won’t feel the desire to pursue a serious, long-term relationship as might Bumble or Hinge users.

How Much is Tinder Plus?

Well, that all depends.

For users 29 and younger the price breakdown looks like this:

  • 1 month/$4.99

  • 6 months/$17.99

  • 12 months/$27.99

If you’re 30 or older you should expect to pay:

  • 1 month/$9.99

  • 6 months/$37.99

  • 12 months/$49.99

Despite the difference in pricing, those that pay more don’t receive any added benefits -at least not from Tinder Plus.

Common wisdom has told us that men grow more attractive as they age while female desirability wanes as they grow older. To put this claim to the test, researchers gauged the desirability of 200,000 men and women on an unnamed, yet popular, dating app. They found that men’s sexual desirability peaked at the age of 50 while a woman’s desirability climaxed at 18.

Don’t feel targeted or jipped for paying about twice the price as younger users, you have the advantage. Signing up for Tinder Plus will only ensure that you milk every single match out of that advantage.

Is There a Tinder Plus Free Trial?


To gauge if Tinder Plus is really worth it there are a few things you can do.

Tinder Plus offers you an eclectic mix of features that we’ll detail below. If you want a taste of how effective those features are, you can purchase them individually. The app allows users to purchase super likes, boosts, and the passport feature. If you aren’t sold on upgrading now, try out these features before making the purchase.

Until April 30th 2020, Tinder has made the passport feature free. The company has made the feature free in the hope that “…you use the Passport feature to virtually transport yourself out of self-quarantine to anywhere in the world.”

Dip your toes into the water by trying out a few of Tinder’s features before making the purchase.

What Upgrades Do I Get with Tinder Plus?

Choose Who Sees You

tinder plus choose who sees you

This is Tinder Plus’s most underrated feature.

Picture this.

You move to a new city and download Tinder with the hope of finding a date to explore the city with. What’s both good and bad is that you now have 30,000 women to swipe through. Considering that women don’t spend nearly as much time on Tinder as men do, and that there are many more men than women on the app it could take weeks if not months before the women you swiped right on even see your profile.

The Choose Who Sees You feature, ensures that your profile is only being shown to women whose eyes you want on your profile… kind of. This feature would be perfect if you had already swiped right on all the women in your dating pool, but this isn’t the case.

Only allowing women who’ve you’ve liked to see your profile means that it could take longer to match with women who’ve yet to swipe right on your profile. If you’re in need of a match quickly I advise swiping through 50 or so profiles before turning the feature on. The more women you’ve swiped right on, the more effective this feature becomes.

Unlimited Likes

tinder plus unlimited likes

When using the free version of Tinder users are only granted about 100 or so likes every 12 hours. Tinder Plus does away with that cap by offering its users unlimited swipes. Before you indiscriminately start swiping right consider the impact your swiping might have on your desirability score.

While Tinder alleges to no longer use an Elo score, otherwise known as a desirability score, how often and who you swipe right on still most likely impacts which profiles are placed in front of you. Blindly swiping right on every Tinderella at the top of your deck will most likely hurt your score. It’s thought that Tinder likes to place profiles with similar scores in front of each other. Ensure that beautiful women are viewing your profile by being somewhat selective when it comes to who you swipe right on.

Indiscriminately swiping right will also lead to matching with oodles of women that you aren’t compatible with. Save yourself the trouble of unmatching below par users by spending more than a second looking at a woman’s profile before doling out that highly coveted right swipe.

Tinder Plus Allows You 1 Free Boost Each Month

tinder plus 1 free boost per month

Boosts are freaking awesome.

With Tinder Plus you’ll get one free boost a month.

Once used, this boost will allow you to skip the line like a VIP guest at the most exclusive singles club in the states. For thirty minutes it’s your profile that will be shown to near every woman that logs onto the application.

Tinder claims that a boost will score you 10 times the matches you normally would within that same timeframe. In 2019, we here at emlovz had a test user boost his account 14 times (different days and times), and he racked up an average of 5.5 boost-matches during his experiments.

It’s recommended that boosts are used when the highest amount of users are online. This generally means between 8 and 10 p.m. on Sundays. That being said, even a boost won’t score you very many matches if you’ve got a mediocre profile. Use these profile tips to craft a profile that’ll make any woman swipe right to.

Limit Who Sees Your Age and Distance

tinder plus control your age and distance

If I’m being honest, I’m not quite sure why Tinder even makes this a feature.

Hiding your distance makes sense if you’re a female and fear being stalked or found by random Tinder bros. But for a guy there’s little use to it. As far as hiding one’s age, that only pushes back the inevitable.

Knowing someone’s age is as important as using a close-up headshot as your first Tinder profile pic.

Dating apps have a way of hiding or covering up enough information as is. To persuade a woman to take a chance on your online profile you’ll have to forfeit a bit of mystery. Knowing one’s age and what they look like are the two most important pieces of information a woman uses to determine whether to swipe left or right.

Hiding your age while posting pictures of yourself that are 5-10 years old is setting yourself up for failure. Do yourself a favor and don’t hide your age.

Swipe Ahead of Your Vacation

tinder plus swipe around the world

Due to the coronavirus, Tinder is now offering this feature for free up until April 30th.

What makes Tinder so awesome is that it allows you to search for users within a certain mile radius that you get to decide. When you use passport you’re no longer confined to swiping to women within your area. Passport transports you to any destination in the world. This feature is often used when planning for a big move, prepping for a vacation, or are looking to find a date while on your business trip.

When using passport, it’s a good idea to hide your location from other users. Female users might choose not to swipe right on you if they see you’re too far away.

5 Free Superlikes Each Day!

tinder plus 5 free superlikes per day

With Tinder Plus you’re given five super likes a day.

A super like can be given by either swiping up or by pressing the blue star. Once the person who you super liked sees your profile, it will be outlined in blue, indicating that you super liked them.

Tinder has found that you are 3x likelier to match with someone if you super like them. Once matched with a female you super liked, your conversation has a 70% probability of lasting longer than average matches. Our test user sees an equivalent 3x success rate with his test account.

Five super likes a day is fairly generous. Even if you don’t actually “super” like someone, it’s better off to still use the feature. Not doing so only serves to decrease your chances of matching with a user. If you have a hunch that every dude uses their super like on a woman, perhaps save it.

Super likes, if used improperly, can make you look thirsty. The best way to avoid looking this way is to create a gentlemanly profile. That means no shirtless photos, selfies, or douchie drinking photos.

Unlimited Rewinds for Impatient Swipers

tinder plus unlimited rewinds

With thousands of profiles to swipe through it’s easy to be quick on the trigger and accidentally swipe past a hottie.

The unlimited rewind feature guards against impatiently swiping past the Tinderella of your dreams.

Upgrading to Tinder Plus Means Saying Goodbye to Ads

tinder plus no ads

Does anyone in their right mind actually enjoy ads?

Turning off ads means no more swiping right and matching with Trojan or Viagra ads. That feature alone makes it worthwhile to sign up for Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus vs Bumble Boost vs Hinge Preferred

Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are the top dating apps for many under the age of 40. Each has a sleek design, few if any bugs, and large userbases. Each appeals to a specific type of user and comes with its own unique paid features.

What really sets these apps apart aren’t the paid features, but the users they attract.

Take Bumble for example.

The app was founded by a co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe. Wolfe left Tinder after being sexually harassed and ultimately sued the company she helped found. Influenced by her time at Tinder she decided to create the socially conscious person’s Tinder. Bumble looks very much the same but has been dubbed, “feminist Tinder.” Compared to Tinder it’s users are generally older, more educated, and serious about their romantic relationships. Many of the paid features of Bumble and Tinder are the same. The chief difference being that Bumble enables users to search using a variety of filters. Filters available range from “height, age, pets, star sign, what they’re looking for in a relationship, and much more.”

Hinge is as its founders like to call it, “the dating app that’s designed to be deleted.” Like Bumble, Hinge’s users are generally older (median user age of 27) and prefer entering into long-term relationships more so than Tinder users. The app’s cool not only because it hooked up Pete Buttigieg with his now-husband but because it leverages tech to introduce you to friends of your friends. By this, I mean that Hinge users will be introduced to friends of their Facebook friends.

Hinge Preferred is app’s paid membership. Hinge Preferred gives users unlimited likes, access to advanced preferences and allows you to see everyone that’s liked your profile. Its most original feature is that it provides each preferred user with a personal dating coach, but this feature sounds cooler than it really is. These “Hinge experts” help you choose the right profile photos, conversation starters, and will give you stats on which prompts have the best response rate. Note, Hinge Experts seems to get cancelled and brought back at times. It may not be available to you.

When it comes to choosing to pay for a dating app what’s most important is who uses the app and what you’re looking for. Each dating app offers pretty much the same paid features.

Now What?

You can purchase all three of the paid subscriptions above and still receive no matches.

Regardless of whether your membership is paid for or not, you’ll only amass matches if your profile is compelling. A compelling profile means using high-quality photos that don’t obscure your face and writing a snappy bio that attracts the type of women you’re interested in meeting.

To create a competitive dating profile, take into account these tips:

  • No selfies

  • First photo should be an unobscured headshot

  • Keep your shirt on

  • Wear different clothes in each photo

  • Post 5-7 photos

  • Upload 1-2 group photos, but be sure you’re the most attractive man in each photo

  • Showcase your hobbies

  • Dog photos always get love

  • Post at least one international travel photo

  • Write a profile that’s 4-8 lines long

  • Write about your hobbies

  • Keep your profile light-heartened, never be negative

Creating a profile is one aspect of crafting a compelling online presence. What’s oodles more difficult than making a profile is messaging women and scoring phone numbers and real life dates from apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge.

Luckily, I can help you with that.

Book a virtual 1-on-1 New Client Session with me today to learn how to write opening messages that demand responses and steer conversations that lead to dates. We’ll also talk about your dating obstacles, create an action plan, and see if my 3 month coaching program could help you reach your dating goals in record time.

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