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8 Tips to Get More Matches on Bumble

8 Tips to Get More Matches on Bumble

Looking for tips to get more matches on Bumble?

After a bit of a rocky start, the world has wholeheartedly embraced online dating and dating apps with open arms. What once seemed strange, risqué and oh-so-desperate has turned very mainstream, as such things tend to do–and millions of people are skipping the bar scene and pulling out their smartphones to search for love on dating apps like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble.

If you’re venturing out into the exciting world of online dating, consider yourself lucky. There’s never been a faster, more effective way to get dates, especially if you’re using the technology efficiently.

Perhaps you are a late adopter to the dating app game. Trust me, there is no need to be skeptical or afraid. I strongly urge you to register for a few dating apps. They are fantastic tools to help you find a girlfriend, long term relationship, or even a life partner.

I believe so strongly in the use of these dating apps that I have all my coaching clients sign up and use them strategically. And that’s what this article is all about- getting you more matches and dates from apps like Bumble. 

With that said, in today’s article, I’m going over my 8 tips to get more matches on dating app Bumble, one of the more popular platforms available for download today.

But First, a Bit About Bumble

Bumble, in case you didn’t know, was created by the co-founder of Tinder. 

Yes, that Tinder–the famous dating app that’s known more for the creation of one-night stands than for lasting relationships.

Like Tinder, the app works using a swipe left/swipe right function, and a lot of the features are the same on both platforms. But Bumble strives to serve as a friendlier, less-aggressive space for finding matches than Tinder. It’s users, so they say, are more likely to use Bumble to seek out respectful, serious relationships over one-night stands or sexting partners.

If you’re looking for real love, Bumble is one of the best dating app options out there. But like every app, you’ve got to know how to use it to get the best results you can. Read on to learn 8 tips to get more matches on dating app Bumble.

Tips for Getting More Matches on Bumble

#1: Post Your Best Pics, Or Else!

Dating apps may be revolutionary and all, but some things will never change. As superficial as it is, your profile pictures are going to have to be on point if you want to get more matches. Having less than stellar images could be the reason you’re not getting any matches on Bumble. 

Recently, our team at conducted a research experiment to see just how important photographs were to women on Bumble. We created a fake profile for one of our staff members and quickly found that the match rate dropped significantly when his photos were blurry, too far away, or too filtered. In other words, the less we were able to recognize him in the photos, the less matches we scored, even though the rest of the profile was the same.

Don’t post images that make you seem too cool for school, immature or mean. Always re-evaluate your photos, and be prepared to change your primary picture if you haven’t been getting much luck with the one you have.

Make sure your primary photo is just of you, not a big group shot. You’ll only confuse potential matches when there is more than one person in your primary photo. Chances are they’ll simply swipe left and move on to the next guy. 

Also, assure that your photos are clear and you appear as friendly and confident as you can. I recommend having a friend or family member take a few pictures of you to choose from (stay away from selfies). Next, take these photos and upload them to This website is a great social tool that allows you to get real, unbiased opinions of your pics- so you can choose the best photos for your Bumble profile

Tip #2: Connect Your Instagram and Spotify

On Bumble, your information is taken from your Facebook account. You also have the option to connect other social media, like Instagram and Spotify. I highly recommend connecting both if you can, as it helps women to learn more about you.

If you don’t have Instagram or Spotify, consider opening an account for both. These are extremely popular apps and can provide women with a lot of information that she might want to use to evaluate your potential as a partner.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that a broad, legitimate social media presence gives you extra credibility. Women have to determine how safe we’ll be when meeting you in person, and social media is the best way to evaluate that risk. The more connected you are to others, the better we’ll feel about meeting you in person.

Tip #3: Set a Swiping Goal

I recommend swiping the same number of times each day. For example, you could swipe 50 times a day, which will add up to 350 swipes per week. That means 350 chances to match up with a woman every seven days.

Swiping a set number of times per day helps you track your progress. You’ll know how effective your response rate is and when to make changes to your profile if it’s low. You’ll also be less likely to experience online dating burnout.

Setting a daily swiping or outreach goal is one of the first things I have my clients commit to. It’s a very important tip for using Bumble. Why is it important? Well, when done correctly reaching a consistent outreach goal helps to build your dating funnel and get you on more dates. And isn’t that the goal of dating apps like Bumble– to get on more dates? Of course it is. So set a daily swiping goal, actually track it, and see your date acquisition numbers skyrocket!

Tip #4: Give Bumble “Spotlight” a Go

Bumble recently introduced it’s “Spotlight” feature, so naturally, I had to investigate. Spotlight puts your profile in front of more people in your area. It’s kind of like that special bracelet you can purchase at the amusement park – you know, the one that allows you to skip that really long line.

During my investigation, I had my male test user “Spotlight” his account on three separate occasions (a Thursday after work, Sunday afternoon, and a Monday evening). We were pleasantly surprised with the results. He received 16 new matches while his account was on Spotlight. Relatively speaking, it was a huge improvement from his two-a-week match rate.

bumble spotlightThe great thing about Bumble Spotlight is just how cheap it is. It only takes two coins. Each coin costs anywhere from $1.16 to $1.99 – depending on the bundle you purchase. If you do give Spotlight a shot, let me know how the results go.

Tip #5: Stay Away from Super Swiping

Bumble’s “Super Swipe” feature– a yellow heart button shown on the profiles of women you’re swiping–is supposed to let her know you’re really, super interested in getting to know her. Once you press the yellow heart button, Bumble will prompt you to pay up to $1.99 to purchase a “coin” you can use to pay for a “Super Swipe”. Cute, right?

Bumble Coins and SuperswipeSure, it’s cute–don’t get me wrong. But this gesture costs you money and more importantly, leverage–which is something you definitely want to keep. Super Swipe sends the message that you’re really into her. It also puts the upper hand squarely in her possession. Don’t lose your leverage for $1.99, it’s not worth it.

Tip #6: Match, Mellow, Mirror

Here’s a super important tip for using Bumble, or really any dating app or site. As I mentioned before, one of Bumble’s features that separates it from Tinder is its female-driven platform. Once you match up with a woman, she has 24 hours to respond by sending a message. This can be positive leverage for men, as it forces the women to make the first move.

For example, let’s say you swipe right on someone you think might be a good match. They eventually swipe right on you, which completes the match. She then has 24 hours to respond to your interest–which means it’s time to be mellow–relax, wait and see what happens. While you’re waiting around for her to message you, yep you guessed it- make sure you hit your swiping goal for the day. 🙂

When she does makes a move, it’s time to “mirror”. In other words, evaluate her response and answer accordingly. If she took 22 hours to message you, for example, match that response time. By waiting the same length of time she took to respond, in this case 22 hours, you keep your leverage and place yourselves on the same page.

Alternatively, if you see she messaged you right away after you matched, strike while the iron is hot and message her back right away.  

Tips for Getting More Matches on Bumble #7: Complete Your Profile!

As I mentioned before, our team created a fake account on Bumble to see what factors affected the match rate the most. Our test account failed miserably when it lacked a complete bio, left important information like job title and school history blank, and when it went unverified.

A complete profile on Bumble tells women that you’re serious, friendly, and have nothing to hide. Don’t assume that women will be attracted to you if you’re mysterious. Online, it’s quite the opposite–the more we know about you, the more likely we are to want to connect.

Tip #8: Expand Your Preferred Distance Settings

While you might be hesitant to want to drive three towns over to meet a woman for a date, consider keeping your options open. It’s better if you expand your preferred match distance out a bit.

Bumble Distance Settings

If you live in a city, try expanding your search about 10-15 miles outside city limits. There are a lot of potentials who could be trying to move into your city, so keep an open mind. If you live in the country or a rural environment, I recommend expanding your settings a bit further, maybe up to 30-40 miles, or more. This way you’ll get more possibly matches.

Another big reason to expand your preferred distance in your settings is because Bumble will try and and upsell their “Bumble Boost” feature when you don’t. They’ll show you a blurry image of a woman and tell you there’s someone waiting for you “just outside” your distance settings. They’ll ask you to sign up for 1 week ($8.99), 1 month ($24.99), 3 months (16.60/month), or 6 months ($13.33/month). Just to be clear, these same features seem to be free if you expand your preferred distance.

With that said, the one thing I do like about Bumble Boost is that you’ll also get second chances with women who don’t reach out to you within 24 hours. In fairness, sometimes 24 hours isn’t enough of a window to really respond to someone, so giving a bit of an extension could sometimes be worth looking into.

8 Tips to Get More Matches on Bumble: Conclusion

In conclusion, Bumble is a huge step up from Tinder–that is, if your intentions are more serious and aimed towards finding someone special. In addition, Bumble is really great for men, because it reverses the stereotypical gender roles and forces women to instigate the first move. 

If you’re struggling to make sense of dating apps or need help navigating the brave new world of online dating, don’t hesitate to book a new client Skype session with me. I understand what you’re going through and how difficult it can be to find real, lasting connections with women.

During our time together we’ll discuss your dating obstacles, create an action plan, and see if my 3 month coaching program is right for you. 

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