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The 100 Date Experiment Challenge

The 100 Date Experiment Challenge

The 100 Date Experiment Challenge

It’s Emyli here, your SF Dating Coach….Want to know what it takes to find the right person this year, try The 100 Date Experiment Challenge. 

What is The 100 Date Experiment Challenge?

The 100 Date Experiment Challenge is a New Years Resolution where smart, hard-working, single men commit to going on 100 dates in 1 year. Much like a social experiment, the challenge is meant to help men shift their dating perspectives to that of a researcher and observer. Men often choose to document the details of their dates for their own records, to review and identify underlying causes of success and failure. They then tweak what didn’t work to make their dates better and better over time.

Why Men Commit To The 100 Date Experiment Challenge

High-achieving men and top-performers, like my clients, understand that anything worth having takes hard work. They’re ready to commit a specific amount of time to go on a specific number of dates in order to find their perfect partner. These are men who refuse to settle for mediocre, who believe that they truly deserve their perfect partner and that they will find love by the end of 100 dates. By committing to The 100 Date Experiment Challenge, they’re also able to employ the MegaDating principle of dating multiple women at the same time, which, unlike traditional dating, can increase confidence, make dating a lot more fun, and boost sexual attraction. 

Origins of The 100 Date Experiment

In 2011 I had a burning question, one that no one could answer for me. I wanted to know what created success and failure in relationships. So for my New Year’s resolution in 2012 I decided to run an experiment, using myself as the guinea pig. I didn’t know what answer I would arrive at, whether it would be good or bad. But I knew that if I repeated the same thing 100 times, I would have an answer by the end. And I did…

Findings from The 100 Date Experiment

My experiment revealed that success in relationships comes from knowing who you are and having the courage to drop your ego and commit to being that unique person 100%. Knowing yourself means being honest about what you want and what you don’t want. It means being courageous enough to face the fears that hold you back from your deepest desires.

Know Yourself & What You’re Not

Knowing yourself also means knowing everything you are not and that requires laying out some pretty serious boundaries. It means blatantly defining what you are willing to accept for yourself, what you believe that you deserve, as well as the things that you are not willing to accept. It requires getting crystal clear about your strengths and your weaknesses and not being so afraid to admit them, that you hide them below an overbearing ego. It means showing the world that you’re human.

Love Is Simple

The thing that really gets me is that love is so simple. It doesn’t take all the work that we think it does. It’s more of an unraveling of all the crap that we’ve piled on top to protect ourselves. And the second we can admit that we’re not as cool as we look or as successful as everyone thinks, or not as popular or talented or rich as we pretend to be, that’s when we let it in. That’s when we actually create the opportunity to get what we want.

The Magic of 100

I don’t know what your New Year’s resolution is but if its got anything to do with getting more of what you want, or being happier, feeling better, or having more people in the world that love you, then I would like to make a wager with you. I bet that if you use my 100 Experiment Strategy to pursue just one thing on your list this year–one thing that you really want–that you will be successful. It doesn’t mean that you have to know exactly what you’re doing or how you’re going to achieve it. It just means you’re willing to try 100 different times to figure it out.

The 100 Date Experiment Challenge

So… If you want to know what it takes to find the right person, I dare you to go on 100 dates.

If you want to know what it takes to find the perfect job, I dare you to go on 100 interviews.

If its great friends that you’re after, I challenge you to get out there and try to make 100 new friends this year.

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Whatever it is, I would love to hear all about it. Let me know what you’ve got planned to guarantee a successful, fulfilling, and love-packed year.

Best of luck to you on your journey,

With Love,

100 date challenge

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