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I Can’t Stop Thinking About Her. What Should I Do?

By Emyli LovzApril 12, 2019Strategy
i can't stop thinking about her

Who is this woman that has set up shop in an unoccupied corner of you brain? Is she an unrequited love, a Bumble fling, or some girl you’ve been lusting from IG? Every situation calls for different actions. That being said, if any woman you know has morphed into an unhealthy muse, it’s best that you mitigate your obsession.

While infatuation is characterized by perpetual thoughts about the person you’re interested in, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. If these thoughts plague your everyday, you should look into finding a remedy. I’m not necessarily advising cutting this woman out of your life. However, I am a proponent of limiting the time you spend thinking about her. If you claim that “I can’t stop thinking about her” here are some things to take into account.

Leaning On Her Emotionally

We have a tendency to rely on someone for all of our emotional needs when we feel lonely. Perhaps you just moved to a new town or have been in a rut as of late. So you find this amazing woman that you vibe with and start obsessing over her. But are these omnipresent thoughts warranted? Is she actually your soul mate (.010% chance that’s the case) or are you just putting all your emotional needs on her back?

When we lack social interaction we have a tendency to latch onto the first person that shows us affection. Instead of parceling emotional duties out to friends, family members, and lovers, we look to our newfound romantic interest to fulfill all of our emotional needs.

We don’t just see this problem when we’re lonely but even if we’re surrounded by friends. The issue is that the modern romantic culture has brainwashed us into thinking that our partners must be a best friend, great listener, lover, etc. all in one. At some point your lover will break under the pressure of trying to handle all these new roles.

The takeaway here is that to rid yourself of those thoughts, balance the load of emotional needs on the backs of various people instead of just one person.

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Her –Why Not MegaDate?

MegaDating is the practice of fishing everyday. Ya see, if you wake up early every morning to fish down at the docks you know you might not catch something; this is the reality of fishing. But since you persevere and fish everyday you know that it’s only a matter of time before you catch something that’s worth keeping. The same idea applies to MegaDating and it can help you lessen your dependence on any single woman.

MegaDating occurs when you go on various dates within a short period of time. The ultimate goal of MD is to find a partner. The reason why you’re so fixated on this one person probably isn’t because she’s head over heels better than the rest. If you practice MegaDating, you most likely went out with 10-15 women last month. It’s difficult to be fixated with that one person when you know that there are other, more compatible women out there.

Research & Define Your Attachment Style

How do you generally react in relationships? Are you the guy that runs away once you start feeling close to her or are you comfortable sharing your feelings with her? Identifying your attachment style will help improve your social relationships. Attachment styles come from attachment theory. This theory unearths why and how certain people react differently to certain relationships. There are three main attachment styles that need outlining.

Anxious Attachment Style

Children aren’t born with attachment styles, but rather develop them during the early stages of their youth. An anxious attachment style is likely to be demonstrated by an adult whose parents acted erratically during the adult’s childhood. These parents may at times care for their children, listen, and shower them with love. Yet other times they might be apathetic to the needs of their child. Such an attachment style manifests itself in an adult through clingy behavior. An anxious attachment style is demonstrated when someone is overly self-critical or has low self-esteem. “I can’t stop thinking about her” is a common refrain of many a person with an anxious attachment style.

Avoidant Attachment Style

As the name suggests, people with this attachment style avoid forming strong emotional bonds. But how does someone develop this way? It seems normal to want to build lasting relationships, but not everyone has an easy time doing so.

Avoidant attachment styles stem from traumas during one’s childhood. Perhaps sexual abuse, death, or another harrowing event took place that abruptly changed a meaningful relationship for the worse. This traumatic event will stay with the child into their adulthood affecting their social relationships as they age. Dating someone who has an avoidant attachment style will only ever show you a certain level of emotional intimacy. Once they feel like they’re getting too close, they may find a way to peel away or bring the relationships to a close.

Were things about to get serious with this woman you can’t stop thinking about? If a transition to a more substantial relationship prompted her to flee, she may well be someone with an avoidant attachment style.

Secure Attachment Style

People with secure attachment style grew up in stable houses full of love and affection. They had parents that responded promptly to the emotional needs of their children and gave them sufficient physical contact. Having cultivated their social skills in this environment they’re able to easily connect with other people. Should they be left alone for an extended period of time they don’t get anxious or feel the need to attach themselves to any one person.

Luckily most people have secure attachment styles. If you have a history of healthy and satisfying relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners, you have a secure attachment style.

7 Levels Deep Why Exercise

Exercising a Hinge date from your head isn’t always easy. Instead of letting her dictate your happiness, confront the demon inside by asking some pertinent questions.

The 7 Levels Deep why exercise forces you to reflect on why you feel the way you do. Recall any movie that involves an inquisitive little kid, and you’ll probably remember a scene where the child incessantly asks her parents “why ______?” This exercise is comparable to the child’s question and aims at understand your behavior.

Forcing yourself to take a moment to introspect will allow you to understand why she holds so much power over you. Oddly enough, confronting the nuisance in your mind head-on will decrease the amount of time you waste away thinking about her. Apply a little logic and you’ll soon answer the question of “why I can’t stop thinking about her?”

Reflect On Why You Feel This Way

The 7 Level Deep exercise is a step in the reflection process. Using divergent thinking means employing unique strategies in the attempt to evict the woman that lives upstairs.

Begin by reflecting on the date(s) you’ve been on with this woman. Assuming that you’re obsessing over her because she now refuses to talk to you, harken back to the date and comb through it to find any predictive signs of her behavior. Was there something that you did or noticed about her behavior that suggests why she doesn’t want to see you again.

Consider that decisions you’re making with the help of a decision flow chart. Sure it sounds plenty nerdy and kind of drastic, but it helps. Instead of allowing her to bounce around freely in her head, put the decision to obsess about her on paper where a light can be shined over it and be examined. Writing out an issue allows you to slowly ruminate on how it’s affecting you and how it can be overcome.

Focus On the Negatives of the Relationship

If you’re looking for a cathartic fix, focus on the negatives. Start, with an obvious statement (she’s not perfect) and work you way down. Does she warrant occupying so much of your time? Instead of glorifying her, take her down a notch of two by listing off everything that you don’t like about her. Ask yourself if you realistically see a future with her or if you’re just lonely.

Perhaps that apart from her hobby of astrology there are few things you dislike about her. That’s fine. Start focusing on the aspects of her that you’re imagining are better than they really are. Maybe she’s just giving off the halo effect. This cognitive bias explains that focusing on one aspect of their personality or appearance can influence other aspects as well. A common bias is that we think beautiful people are also more moral, intelligent, and kind than ugly people. Engaging with your memories of her will help form a realistic understanding of how much you actually like her.

Stop Following Her Online

If she’s a normal human being she no doubt is active on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. You’re being reminded of her enough as is. You don’t need the constant reminders provided by social media to increase the frequency of those thoughts.

If you can only bear to unfollow her from one app, make it Instagram. A recent study conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health found that among popular social media apps, Instagram is the greatest detriment to mental wellbeing. Not only did the study find the app to be more addictive than alcohol and cigarettes, but its use of pictures makes users feel lesser than others. Seeing her flex a fake smile while out with friends will make you feel as though she doesn’t care about you. IG is a platform users use to post highlights of their lives. The photo rarely ever captures how happy the user is and only supplies a snapshot of their lives. Block her and put the phone away.

Do Something That Always Makes You Happy

Put your thoughts in the right headspace by going for a jog, watching a game with friends, or playing poker with friends until 3 in the morning. Enjoying yourself means that you don’t need to rely on her to make you feel good. Make yourself interact with something that demands your attention. The more stimulating the activity, the better.

Hire A Dating Coach

There are innumerous goals that are more easily achieved when worked towards with a team. Teaming up with a professional dating coach will give you the benefit of a fresh perspective. Consulting with a coach such as myself means receiving tried and tested dating and relationship advice. We’ll address each aspect of your dating life and systematically employ strategies to improve it.

To get her out of your head and start kicking ass at dating, book a New Client 1-on-1 Skype session today. During our session we’ll diagnose your current dilemma, discuss your dating history, create an action plan, and see if my 3 month coaching program would be a fit for you.