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First Date Tips for Men

As an experienced dating coach, I’ve strategized with men from all over the world on how to structure a successful first date. First dates might seem nerve-wracking, but they can be simplified if you follow some basic rules. During my 100-date experiment, I took notes on exactly what I thought men were doing right and wrong on my first date with them. From those notes, I’ve compiled what I think to be the … Keep Reading

questions to ask a girl on a first date

What are the top questions to ask a girl on a first date? The first three dates are pretty crucial when it comes to potentially moving forward with someone long-term. And because first impressions are everything, you’re going to want to make sure you come prepared with questions to ask a girl on a first date in order to avoid awkward silences that are big enough for tumbleweeds to roll through.

A first date is … Keep Reading

What to Talk About on a Date If You Already Know the Person

No matter how far back you go with someone, it can be intimidating to think about what to talk about on a date if you already know the person. Because you have at least a basic knowledge of each other, certain first date questions won’t make sense on this sort of date. 

Regardless of how you know the person, it’s important to keep in mind that some standard first date rules will still apply:

-Make Keep Reading

texting before the first date

Congratulations! Someone has responded to one of the four hundred online entreaties you sent to people who’ve caught your interest on an online dating site. It is not easy to write to 40 or 50 strangers every week and the rate of rejection can be very discouraging.

Since even a 5 percent return rate on those messages is, by itself, an accomplishment, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. The rejections are not Keep Reading

how to make conversation on a first date

Hi Guys, it’s Emyli again. I want to tackle how to make conversation on a first date. Have you ever been on a first date where the conversation came to a halt? Neither one of you know what to say; you’ve exhausted the few topics you had prepared. The date becomes awkward and cringe worthy.

I went on date after date during my 100-date experiment, which led to the launching of my site to help Keep Reading