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30 Examples of Text Messages to Get Her in the Mood

30 Examples of Text Messages to Get Her in the Mood

30 Examples of Text Messages to Get Her in the Mood

To turn a platonic relationship into a romantic one, every man must walk a tightrope.

At some point, risks must be taken, and a man must force himself to make the precarious trip over the tightrope and towards romance.

While the trip might not be easy, it is rewarding.

Today, I’m going to show you how to walk that tightrope while carrying a bottle of malbec and a box of chocolates all while your hands are tied up with puffy handcuffs.

In this article, I’ll give you examples of text messages to get her in the mood.

We’ll walk through various contexts and provide you with a tried and true blueprint of how you can go from platonic to romantic real quick.

Text Messages To Get Her In The Mood

An out of the blue sultry text will leave you ghosted.

So instead of pouring gasoline on a fledgling flame, I’ll show you how to gradually add fuel to the fire until you’ve got a raging bonfire on your hands.

The following messages will work as texts of messages sent via online dating apps.

The Dog Lover

She’s into dogs, but you want her to be into you – so what do you do?

Think about how you can leash the platonic conversation about dogs and walk it towards romance.  

Here’s what your blueprint looks like:

— A non-threatening question.

— A flirty non-threatening question.

— A sexy question.

So what does this look like in practice?

M1: Does your pup sleep in the bed?

If yes, “lucky guy” or “lucky dog”

M2: What happens when you bring home a guy?

M3: (She’ll probably tell a story about a dog and sex — dog watching sex, dog barking at the door, etc.) 

M4: (React to her story and imagine you’re now in the guy’s shoes. Tell her how you’ll react differently when you come over)

Sure turning up the dial and heating things up in the space of four messages is risky, but at some point, you’re going to have to make a move.

It’s better to be prepared and move fast than move slow without an inkling of what you’re doing.

Sex & Softball

We’d all like to round the bases, but not everyone has the tact to do so.

Luckily, when it bridging the divide between sex and softball we’ve got a game plan that anyone can pull off.

M1: So, softball coach huh?

M1/2: You must be really competitive. I assume you used to play… what’s position did you used to play?

(If she responds with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd base, here’s what you say)

M3: Third base, wow, we haven’t even been on a first date yet. Wow, you like to move fast, don’t you?

(If she says “wow, dirty talk so soon”)

M4: Hey, I was talking about softball, you must have a filthy mind/get your head out of the gutter, I’m not that easy.

If you want to skip the banter you can always start off the conversation by saying:

“I could make a cheesy pickup about how we’re in the bullpen, because you’re warming me up, or we could just get drinks and talk about how my team’s gonna win the World Series this year.”

The latter message is direct and much less sexy than the former dialogue. The difference is that it sets up a TDL and will move the dynamic from one happening exclusively online to one IRL.

Rock Climbing & Sex Themes

Rock climbing lends itself to sexy talk.

It’s intense, involves leaps of faith, trust in your climbing partner, and well is always a ripped rope or misplaced hand away from death.

Oddly enough, it’s an easy topic to segue into romance.

Here are a few first messages you can send her if you already know she’s into rock climbing:

M1: Rock climbing eh? I guess I wouldn’t mind channeling Alex Honnold for an afternoon, none to mention the amazing belay view I’d have.

Show her that you genuinely know a thing or two about the hobby she’s into. Use terms and drop references that only serious enthusiasts would know. Alex Honnold is a famous climber (yes those exist) and “to belay” is to control the ropes attached to the climber while they’re climbing.

The more hobby-specific lingo you use, the sexier you can make your message. Normally a message about someone’s booty is a risky first message. However, if you mention her ass while in the context of the hobby you might get away with it. Just don’t make the message all about her body.

Adventure Time

The below “adventure time” text messages to get her in the mood examples will get her to think or imagine you by simply planting a seed.

Rarely does anyone ever do something new or out of their comfort zone without first imagining it.

Your job is to transition from a platonic to a romantic conversation. Doing so will build rapport and normalize romantic behavior between the two of you.

So how do you get there?

Start by asking her questions about the romantic past.

M: What’s your idea of the perfect first date?

M: Hey Jess, I’m taking a little poll, do you believe in kissing on the first date, in particular kissing with guys with the name (your name)?

M: So tell me Nicole, how can I make you fall in love with me?

M: Tell me Beth, what song will be dancing to this Friday night?

M: What’s your number one romantic turn-on?

All these messages are probing. They are slightly edgy and will help you learn more about her. Not to mention that they’re questions (daring ones at that) that if answered will give you an indication that she’s kinda into you.

If she’s already answered one romantic question, chances are she’ll answer another.

Let’s play this conversation out to give you a glimpse of what it might look like.

M1: What’s your idea of the perfect first date?

R1: Oh I’m pretty basic. A walk on the beach, craft beer, all while watching the sunset. I wouldn’t mind riding a horse either.

M2: And at the end of this perfect first date, would there be a perfect first kiss?

R2: That depends on how nice the sunset was — and how strong the beer is — but I suppose there could be.

M3: In that case how do you feel about a sunset stroll this Thursday at 7 at Freeman’s beach? I’ll be sure to bring the craft beer and chapstick.

That’s great that you’re sending her text messages to get her in the mood, but once she’s in this mood what are you to do?

Capitalize on the rapport you just built by using a TDL to ask her out.

I referenced a TDL before, but it’s worth expanding on.

TDL stands for time, date, location.

It’s the information you should send her every time you ask a woman out.

In the TDL above we see the time, 7 p.m., date, Thursday, and location, Freeman’s beach.

Without a TDL you’re just asking her on an amorphous date in the undefined future.

How many times have you told a woman, “hey wanna go on a date sometime?” and have received a yes?

Chances are a few times.

Now, how many times have you actually gone out with this woman?

Ahh, ya see.

This is why we use a TDL. It’s a concrete request to go on a specified date, one that she can yes or no to.

If it’s a yes, you have a real date that you can see and feel. If she says no, it’s on to the next one.

Leverage Quotes From Her Favorite Show/Movie

Many a Tinder user will write about their favorite show or movie — something I don’t advise my clients to do.

This might be the only thing they write about.

If so, find a pickup line from their favorite film and send it her way.

To give you an idea of what that might look like here are a few examples:

text messages to get her in the mood

The Office will be referenced more so than any other show on dating apps – guaranteed.

text messages to get her in the mood

So you’re Office flirt game better be on point.

Another timeless wonder you’ll see the ladies of Tinder name drop is Seinfeld.

Take your cue from Jerry and shoot her this daring opener:

“You know, I’m the one responsible for those crop circles in England.”

text messages to get her in the mood

Honestly though even if she’s not a Seinfeld fan you can easily alter this one to take credit for any recent weird happening in the world.

M: You know I’m the one that made the weird moonlight in Utah. Well I mean, I didn’t make it but I put it there. I’m the alien’s art dealer.

M: You know that egg that went viral on IG? I’m the guy that owns the chicken that made it.

M: You know I’m the guy that told Elon Musk to name his baby X Æ A-12.”

When you’re struggling for an opening message, it’s never a bad idea to steal one from one of the most well-known and successful comedians of all time.

A little less known but just as funny character is Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec.

Here are a few of his best lines:

M: “Let’s make a pact, OK? If we’re both still single in an hour, let’s get married.”

M: “This harvest festival, it’s gonna knock your socks off and when it does, I’m gonna be there to give you a foot massage. To completion.”

M: “Yes I am a hunter, and it’s you season.”

Once you’ve dropped one of these oh so suave first lines it’s time to keep things going.

Chances are, she’ll hit you back with another line from the show you referenced or she’ll respond with “hahahahahaha, oh my god I love that show.”

Respond with a classic misquote from a character in that show, something like:

M: You know what they say, “People that spend countless hours doing ridiculous things are meant to be together, or at least binge together,” – Michael Scott.

M: Well, as the sage Leslie Knope says, “People named (her name) and (your name) are meant to be together. They go better together than even Leslie and Ann, no offense Ann.”

Goof around together while staying close to the show you’ve been riffing on. Keep using quotes or references from the show until you’ve turned the heat up a notch or two.

Text Messages to Get Her in the Mood: The Never Fail Blueprint

There’s a blueprint for success that nearly always works.

First off you’ll want to read her profile.

Scroll through her photos and read her bio in order to find out who she is and what her interests are.

Then you’ll want to touch on something she’s mentioned in order profile.

Let’s take Liz’s profile for examples.

It’s an incredibly well-written one that mentioned her love and ability to make snowballs, cord management skills, and ability to touch her nose with her tongue.

So what are some good openers we can use on Liz?

M: You can touch your nose with your tongue? I’m impressed. What if I told you I could touch your tongue with my tongue? Impressive right?

M: Flawless cord management eh? What if I told you that was the sexiest thing I heard all day? (… I still use wired headphones)

M: Some people call this cuffing season, I call it snowball throwin’ season. I’m looking for a partner in crime to take down some mischievous neighborhood kids, you in?

Every first message you send, whether it’s on a dating app or via text message should include a question.

Humans are suckers for people that show a genuine interest in getting to know them. We all want to be the center of attention. Asking questions about her shows you care about learning more about her. This will only serve to build rapport and increase the odds that she shoots you a response.

Next, you’ll want to spice things up by getting physical with your second response.

Ask another question that will have her begin to imagine what getting physical with you will look like.

If your first message was already steamy, consider taking your foot off the accelerator just a tad.

Remember that your ultimate goal is to score a date, not nudes.

In your second or third message, you’ll want to touch on the topic you’ve been talking about (e.g. touching her tongue with yours, or throwing snowballs) while connecting it with a romantic physical activity.

You can say something like:

M: Perhaps before we practice tongue tango we can first get our salsa on at Fuego at 7 this Thursday?

Always remember to steer the conversation towards a first date.

Get Your Date On

Googling text messages that get her in the mood examples are great and all but if you don’t ultimately get her in the mood in person, there’s little point.

Relationships are made IRL.

What you do online is nothing more than shallow foreplay.

To learn how to take online relationships and turn them into IRL ones, let’s talk.

Book a 1-on-1 Zoom session with me or one of my coaches today so that we can begin to create a tailor-made dating blueprint that will help you MegaDate, use TDLs, flirt with women online……. and of course discuss my 3 month coaching and matchmaking programs that are sure to help you find your next relationship.

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