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10 “I’m Still Not Over…” Bumble Prompt Answers for Men

10 “I’m Still Not Over…” Bumble Prompt Answers for Men

With over 40 different Bumble prompts to choose from, finding the perfect prompt response can feel overwhelming.

That’s why we did the work for you.

Not only this, but we’re providing you with 10 examples of how to answer what is, in our opinion one of the best Bumble prompts. 

I'm still not over...

I’m still not over…

The “I’m still not over…” Bumble prompt is one of our favorites because it allows you to flex your personality and drop references that quickly show her who you are and what you’re into.

The objective with a Bumble prompt is to quickly showcase your personality and convince her to swipe right on your profile and maybe even message you. 

To do this you’ll have to write a Nicolas Spark’s worthy prompt response.

We realize sounding like an award-winning novelist who had a billion of his books adapted into movies can be tough, so here are a few examples of I’m still not over… Bumble responses to inspire you.

1) Oh Go Stick A Ring In It

I'm still not over...

What are your interests?

If you’re a foodie talk food, if you love a good sunset talk about the best spots in town to catch one, and if you love Brady and the Pats, talk football.

The goal with a dating app isn’t just to attract women, but to attract like-minded women. Chances are you two will really hit it off if you’re both massive NE and Brady fans who resonate with the prompt response above.

It doesn’t matter how obscure or popular your interests are, make them known. Broadcasting what you’re into works as a beacon that will attract like-minded women while repelling those who could care less.

2) That Nostalgia Just Tastes So Good

I'm still not over...

Many a guy will answer this prompt seriously or be cliche.

A favorite response to this prompt is, I’m still not over the final season of Game Of Thrones.

While everyone feels this way, everyone also writes it down, thinking it’s their own unique opinion. Having the same opinion of literally everyone else with an HBO account doesn’t make you unique or worthy of a swipe right.

While cliche responses can be tempting, write 4-5 possible responses before choosing your preferred response.

Doing so ensures that you will have written a solid response and that you’re not just another cliche GOT finale-hating guy on Bumble.

3) Show Your Age

I'm still not over...

Talking pet peeves is an easy way to make a quick connection, especially if you two have the same pet peeves.

This prompt response also shows your age. It indicates that you’re a man who likes to use words to express himself rather than memes and emojis.

To a lot of women, that’s hot.

It shows maturity, is a green flag, and suggests that you probably know how to spell.

4) Italia!

I'm still not over... Bumble response

A low-key flex that you’re a world traveler is never a bad idea.

Hinge released a study a few years back that showed international photos receiving many more likes than the average photo. One assumes this kind of attraction extends to the bio and written prompt responses. Showing her that you’re a jet setter is hot. Everyone has the travel bug nowadays. This shows her in a stimulating way that you love to travel, have the means to do so, and love some quality culture.

What’s also awesome about this response is its wit.

An easier (and less stimulating) response would have been to write, I’m still not over Venice.

God that’s boring.

Always spice things up, make her laugh, and when in doubt talk about how weird Kanye is.

5) Shower Thought

I'm still not over... Bumble response

Now that’s a shower thought for you.

Now it’s true that this Bumble prompt response doesn’t really make her laugh or reveal your personality, but it does do something else.

It stimulates it.

It gives her pause and makes her think for a second. Hopefully, she thinks, damn, that’s so true, I wonder what the rest of this guy’s profile looks like. 

It’s okay if a single response doesn’t convince her to swipe right – it shouldn’t.

What it should do is convince her to spend another second or two absorbing your profile as she questions whether you’re worth swiping right on. Most women swipe left after a couple of seconds. The longer she spends looking at your profile the greater the odds are that she’ll swipe in the right direction.

6) So True

I'm still not over... Bumble response

Show her what you’re all about.

Instead of talking about a TV show or movie, talk about an experience you have had.

Telling her that you’ve done something super cool shows her that you’re a man of action. That you are on this planet to live life rather than live vicariously through Netflix characters.

7) Anti-Crazy

I'm still not over... Bumble response

There are so many people out there living in alternative realities, it can be refreshing to meet a normal person nowadays. Instead of talking junk about Q-anon and people who shout about fake news on Twitter, show her in witty fashion that you read the news, check your sources, and believe in a measured and quantifiable reality.

And as always, be sure to add some wit to your responses.

8) Greener Than The Brazilian Flag

I'm still not over... Bumble response

Having a healthy relationship with your family is hot.

A lot of women will feel comfortable swiping right on your profile if they see that you have a stable family relationship. Acknowledging that your parents are cool also gives off aspiring Dad vibes.

The women on Bumble are serious daters, on the older side, and want to settle down. They’re looking for men who give off Dad vibes.

9) A Go-Get-Her Attitude

I'm still not over... Bumble response

Talk about amazing feats you’ve accomplished, especially if it’s running a marathon.

.17% of the adult population has run a marathon.

That means should a fellow runner or marathon runner read your accomplishment, they’re bound to feel a connection with you and will most likely swipe right.

It’s this connection that you’ll use to quickly build a rapport and ask her out with a TDL.

10) Pop-Punch Culture

I'm still not over... Bumble response

When you don’t really know what to say, broach a topic that’s fresh, has everything talking, and have a hot take.

If your prompt is something that is on her mind or that she was just talking about, of course, she’s going to respond to it. It also shows that you keep your profile fresh. You didn’t just create your profile three years ago and haven’t changed it since.

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