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No Matches On Tinder? 8 Ways To Be Better Than That Other Guy

No Matches On Tinder? 8 Ways To Be Better Than That Other Guy

No Matches On Tinder? 8 Ways To Be Better Than That Other Guy

No matches on Tinder? I hear that all the time.

Sometimes getting a match on Tinder can be more difficult than solving a Rubik’s cube (unless solving a Rubik’s cube is easy for you, in which case this comparison doesn’t apply).

But it isn’t just you that feels that way, men everywhere, big and small, rich and poor, Brad Pitt or otherwise struggle to get matches.

A 2016 study from Queen Mary University in London found that men had a success rate of .06% on Tinder. For every 100 swipes to the right, maybe, just maybe you’ll snag a single match.

But a match is far from a date.

Should the Tinder gods shine their flame upon you and bestow you with a match, chances are she won’t respond to your opening message.

no matches on tinder

If you look at the chart above you’ll notice that for the average guy to stand a 50% chance of receiving a response from a Tinder match he’ll have to shoot out 18 messages. For a guy to have a 99% chance of receiving a message he’ll have to scribble out 114 messages.

God damn.

Well, now that I’ve made you feel sufficiently bleak about your odds of ever again scoring a Tinder match it’s time to tell you the good news.

What I’m offering you right now is a chance to start over.

That’s right, I’m talking about a 100% makeover starting right now.

Below are bonafide ways to make your profile more likely of getting a swipe right.

Your new Tinder existence begins now.

No Matches On Tinder? Do This

It’s true that Tinder is a giant sausage fest. This article can’t and won’t dispute that.

But some sausages are just better than others.

Here’s how to be a good sausage.

Selfies Are Sinful

There aren’t many cardinal rules when it comes to online dating.

no matches on tinder
Yes, that’s Bad Bunny, taking a bad selfie

One of those rules is to never take selfies. Especially this kind of selfie.

(yes, that’s bad bunny)

It’s not that all selfies are necessarily bad, more so they’re just cliche.

If every guy posts selfies (and you’re one of them) — you come across as basic.

Due to the lopsided gender ratio on dating apps, women are allowed to be pickier and match and date above their desirability rating.

In other words, women that are sixes can date eights. With men, it’s the opposite.

Considering the situation you need to go above and beyond to stand out and get swiped in the right direction.

That means NO SELFIES!

So what should you post instead?

Glad you (I) asked.

Jackie Untermeyer is a Senior Matchmaker at emlovz. I asked her what type of photo tends to get swiped right on.

This is what she had to say:

“A professional looking photo of a guy laughing and well dressed is the most attractive to me. No sun glasses!”

Close-Up Portrait Mode

You have one goal when getting your swipe on, on Tinder:

To convince her you’re worth going out with (or at least that she should give you her number).

To do this you need to address some of her concerns.

Most pressingly she wants to know what the hell you look like, in particular, what your face looks like. A 100% guarantee that if she isn’t 100% certain of what you look like she won’t agree to a date.

So with the first picture in your photo roster, put her fears at ease by posting something like this:

no matches on tinder

This is an HD, non-selfie, close-up shot of this man’s beautiful face.

The background is nice (ideally not so blurry) and his style of on point. My only critique is that he’s not as well-groomed as I’d like him to be, but hey to each their own, some women might go for this.

What’s important is that you clearly know what the hell he looks like.

More than anything that’s what she wants to know.

To confirm this theory I asked Pris, a model and all-around badass what type of photo she would immediately swipe left on.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Pri (@_sweetpris)

This is what she had to say.

“I’d 100% swipe left if I can’t see his faces well enough or if the background is messy and shows that his home is a complete disaster.”

If you don’t want to take my opinion that’s fine, but at least take the advice of a woman who you’d super like.

Full Body Shot

Every photo you have should offer something new and answer questions she might have about you.

The full body shot answers the question, “what does his body look like and does he have all his limbs?”

Close-up headshots are great and all but they shouldn’t be the only type of photo in your profile.

no matches on tinder

Notice how this photo doesn’t sacrifice the subject’s face for his body. In addition to his face, we can see his entire physique. This is an added bonus without taking too much of the spotlight away from his face.

I also like that the photo gives us a new angle. Instead of being straight on it’s off to the side.

Wear Different Clothes In Each Photo

Wearing the same clothes in every photo only works if you’re an animated character.

no matches on tinder

If you’re not, it might be a good idea to wear something different in every photo.

That shouldn’t be difficult as I’m sure you own more than 6 shirts, but that doesn’t mean you have a quality photo of yourself in each of these shirts.

If that’s the case, here’s what you do.

The next time you’re out with a friend ask that he/she snap a few pics of you.

Hell, you two could even go out with the explicit purpose of taking photos of each other.

If you don’t really know how to take quality photos, no worries, I’ve got you covered, or rather professional dating photographer Jessica Ruscello does.

When it comes to taking a Tinder-worthy photo, Jessica’s most important advice is as follows:

“Put your shoulders back, put your chest forward, big smile, look straight into the lens of the camera. Because you’re not trying to look hot, you’re trying to make a connection, and a happy, pleasant-like safe one with the women who are swiping through photos.”

Show Off Your Hobbies

Now that she knows what you look like, she wants to know who you are.

Just because you have a nice face doesn’t mean she’s willing to ditch Wednesday karaoke to spend time with you.

She wants to know who you are along with what you look like.

Now it’s time to show off your hobbies.

You could of course just post nothing but non-descript smiley photos in your profile and list out your hobbies in your bio, but that’s a losing strategy.

Photos just hit harder, especially ones that show you being a badass.

So what are some badass hobby shots for you to emulate?

Here are a few to get you thinking:

no matches on tinder

Who wouldn’t want to go wakeboarding on a first date?

no matches on tinder

Hobby shots not only show who you are and what you’re about but are also status symbols.

no matches on tinder

Hinge did a study a few years back and found that men that posted sporty photos received 45% more matches than those that didn’t. The sports they’re referring to are contact sports. Think basketball and football, not so much ping-pong and curling.

Write Something, Anything

It’s funny how the guys that put the least effort into creating an awesome Tinder profile are the ones that complain about getting no matches on Tinder.

Buddy, if you posted three shadowy, pixelated selfies and didn’t write anything in your bio, you deserve to be swiped on and over.

If you’re tired of reading and want to kick back and watch a pro give you a quick lesson on how to write a bio even Nicolas Sparks would be jealous of then watch this.

Here are some pointers you can apply when writing a bio:

— Use keywords that Tinder’s algorithm can pick up in order to find you compatible matches

— Make us see and feel your hobbies

— Make it scannable. Don’t write 10 lines sans spacing. Use emojis, lists, and spacing to make it eye-friendly

— Make sure your entire profile isn’t one big list

— Give her something to latch onto

— Don’t tell her who you are, show her

— Show her your weird interests (use keywords and interests as filters to deter and attract a certain type of woman)

— Make a freakin’ joke!

A Word About Group Photos

Whether to add or not add a group photo is a contentious talking point.

Most would argue that adding a photo of other people 1) confuses the swiper because they don’t know who you are and 2) takes attention away from you.

Let’s address both of these.

Group photos only confuse the viewer if they’re the first photo or second photo in your profile. I advise group shots not be posted until after the 2nd photo.

As for that second point, group photos add more to your personality and appeal than detract.


Well, they show that you have a life. That people want to be around you. That you have friends and know how to have a good time.

To be clear there are some group shots that should never be posted.

Like this one.

no matches on tinder

Once she sees this she’ll either immediately:

A) Ask who the hell that woman is standing next to her fantasy man


B) Swipe left

Women don’t want to see men on a dating app posing next to their former significant other (or any woman for that matter). I don’t care if it’s your cousin, don’t post a photo of just you and a woman.

Here’s the kind of group shots that are acceptable:

no matches on tinder

The group is clearly having a good time and doing something cool.

Group shots are hyper-effective if they center around the Tinder user whose profile is being posted to.

Link Your IG

Maybe your profile’s kinda lame but your IG is bursting with life.

If that’s the case be sure to link your Instagram.

Allow me to repeat.

Your job is to show her who you are and what you look like.

That’s not always easy to do on the app itself.

If possible, link to your IG and give her another way to learn more about you.

One More Thing

The real key to getting more matches is just giving a damn.

It’s really that simple.

Giving a damn means posting better photos, using the app 10 minute every day, swiping more often, writing better opening messages, and keeping your content fresh and swippable.

If you want to learn more about what giving a damn looks like, let’s talk about my dope ass group coaching program for men where you get lifetime access to the emlovz team of coaches.

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