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What Is a Bumble Opening Question & Which One Should You Pick (As a Guy)?

What Is a Bumble Opening Question & Which One Should You Pick (As a Guy)?

Bumble is always looking for more ways to poke and prod singles into a conversation.

From providing users with prompts to answers and opening questions, Bumble genuinely cares about connecting users.

True to their mission, Bumble has released yet another feature focused at starting a conversation.

Bumble Opening Questions now allow paying users to choose a question to display in their profile. These 12 questions are designed to suck female users in and entice them into kicking off the conversation.

bumble opening questions

Bumble Opening Questions

If you’re a Bumble user you already know that women are required to message men first. 

The issue is, women don’t always do it.

A match isn’t a guaranteed first date – there’s not even a guarantee that the match will blossom into a conversation.

I’d say most matches don’t end up messaging. Bumble Opening Questions is a way to combat that.

Let’s reveal the 12 questions and figure out which one most resonates with you.

Bumble opening questions

What would your bestie say is your best quality (that you’d never write on your profile)?

I freakin’ love this question.

It’s playful, asks her to come out of her shell, and isn’t that difficult for her to think about.

The key to choosing the right question is to make it one that’s not too difficult to answer. She won’t spend more than a minute thinking about how to respond.

What’s your dream vacation destination?

Are you a chronic traveler?

Do you have multiple photos of you on your international journeys in your profile?

If so, this is the perfect question to ask. You want to use your question to attract someone with the same interests. Use the question you choose to find the most compatible partner possible.

I also love how easy this question is to answer. Even if she’s not yet in love with your profile there’s a good chance she’ll answer because who doesn’t want to talk about their dream vacation destination?

Who’s your dream dinner party guest (real or fictional)?

I love this question because it’s an easy way to start what will most likely be a high-quality conversation. Such a question reveals who she is. If she says Jani Joplin is means she’s a musician at heart who loves the counterculture. If she says MLK it means she’s a progressive who stands for civil rights.

Also, if she says someone you’re not too hot about, you can filter her out.

What do you tell people your favorite film is? But what is it really?


We all act like we’re snobby movie buffs, but who are we really?

This is another easy-to-answer question that immediately sucks her in. Should you two both like the same film or genre, than this could be the start of something special.

What TV show would you be a main character in?

Bumble certainly didn’t disappoint with this question.

It’s novel, interesting, and again, super easy to answer.

When she tells you the show, ask her follow-up questions. It’s never a bad idea to revolve the conversation around something she loves (or at least is super into).

What are your green and red flags?

This question is perfect if you just want to get right down to it.

If you want to know her values right from the jump, this is the perfect question to ask.

Dating a woman with compatible values is vital to a lifelong and fulfilling relationship.

When responding, try to be positive. Instead of listing red flags, list a litany of green flags. Listing red flags suggests that you’ve at one point dated someone with numerous billowing red flags. That could make you look bad. When in doubt, keep things positive and green.

How many episodes of a series is acceptable to watch in one sitting?

This is one of my least favorite Bumble opening questions. 

It’s not an open-ended question that can lead to a deeper conversation being had.

Sure you can segue into your favorite shows but ideally you don’t chat about your favorite shows as it’s not the best way to form an initial attraction.

I recommend avoiding this one.

What’s one song you hope you never have to hear again?

This is a fun little question, but it’s negative. Instead of this, I’d prefer Bumble to change it up and turn it into a positive question like: what’s one song you can listen to on repeat?

But it’s fine if Bumble doesn’t ask it, why not ask it in your bio or via a prompt?

What’s the most iconic first date idea you can think of?

This is my favorite Bumble opening question.

Your goal with Bumble is to score dates not matches or date someone online. This question can be beautifully segued into using a TDL to ask her out on a date IRL.

 What annoying habit do you have that’s actually cute?

I’d love to hear her answer, but she may not want to share OR she’ll find this too difficult to answer.

If she has to spend more than a minute brainstorming a response, she probably won’t answer you.

What’s a cause you’re passionate about?

Peel back the layers as quickly as possible.

Dive deep into her soul. This is the best way to quickly form a meaningful connection while simultaneously figuring out if you two are compatible.

Who is your best friend and why is it your dog?

Out of all the questions profiled this will have the highest response rate guaranteed.

Who doesn’t love talking about their dog? From here, go on to ask her questions, talk about your dog as well, and ultimately ask her on a first date to the dog park.

Bumble Opening Question Alternative

You don’t have to use a designated opening question to reap the benefit of the feature.

Use one – if not all of your prompts – to draw her in by asking a question. As we’ve seen, asking a question is a great way to entice her to send that initial message. The benefit of asking a question via your prompt is that you get to customize the question. Unlike the 12 Opening Question options, you can ask the question that you most want answered.

Is Bumble Opening Questions Free?

Yes. For the time being, it is free.

The free Bumble membership offers enough features for you to stand out, you just have to know how to use them.

As for the premium subscription, you’ll pay $29.99 for a single week to $269.99 for a lifetime membership.

bumble opening questions

Bumble Premium has a host of benefits, including:

  • Unlimited likes
  • Beeline access
  • Advanced filters
  • Travel mode
  • Incognito mode
  • Unlimited extends, backtracks, rematches, best bee likes
  • 5 SuperSwipes a week
  • 1 Spotlight a week

All these perks may justify the price tag, but I’d argue that if you’re not already getting matches, paying for Premium won’t help you out much.

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