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best tinder bios for guys

If you’re struggling to figure out how to set yourself apart from the competition on Tinder™, I’ve got you covered. Over the past month I heavily researched this controversial dating app and hand selected 25 of the best bio examples for you.

**Note: I recently updated this article (August 2018) to include 16 additional bios examples for guys. If you or someone you know has an exceptional Tinder bios that should be on this list, Keep Reading

how to message a girl on tinder

Wondering how to message a girl on Tinder? You’ve come to the right place.

Many apps have come along (and continue to come along), positioning themselves to claim Tinder’s throne as the most popular dating app. While there are many apps that have comparable popularity, Tinder remains infamous as the app that started it all. The word “swiping” has taken on a new meaning in our vernacular. Despite garnering a reputation as a “hookup … Keep Reading

should i put my height on bumble and tinder or other dating apps

When chatting with my clients about their dating inquiries, this is one question I get repeatedly: “Should I put my height on Bumble and Tinder?” The long and short of it — or should I say, the tall and short of it — is yes, you should, in my humble opinion.

If you have sensitivities about your height, it’s understandable that you would hesitate to disclose your height on dating apps like Tinder, BumbleKeep Reading

tinder openers for guys

Are you having a difficult time getting responses on Tinder? The culprit could be your Tinder openers. Women get inundated with messages all the time on apps like Tinder, some that aren’t compelling enough to warrant a response and others that are downright strange.

To help you and other men out in the online dating world, I set up an account of my own for research purposes in order to find the worst of the … Keep Reading

no matches on bumble

No matches on Bumble? Have you been swiping and swiping on Bumble to no avail? Is the barrenness of your inbox threatening to give way to tumbleweeds and cobwebs? Have you been hearing the chirp of crickets instead of the ding of your smartphone’s notifications? If you’ve been getting absolutely no matches on Bumble, you’ve come to the right place!

During my 100-date experiment, I analyzed a surplus of dating profiles. I discovered Keep Reading

best tinder opening lines for guys

Looking for some of the best Tinder opening lines for guys? If so, you’ve come to the right place! During my 100-date experiment, I assessed tons of online dating profiles by using a variety of websites and apps. As a dating coach, I understand that it’s important to keep on top of dating trends and changes in the dating apps I used when I was still single. For that reason, I decided to do … Keep Reading

what is bumble

If you’re wondering “what is Bumble?” and want to know how to use Bumble, you’ve come to the right place. Tinder once held the coveted top spot when it came to online dating, as it was the first app that introduced throngs of singles to the concept of swiping left or right while looking for potential partners.

But a lot has changed in the online dating world since Tinder’s debut. One of the first apps Keep Reading

get more swipe rights on tinder and bumble

Have you been hearing crickets every time you open dating apps like Tinder or Bumble? Do you find yourself swiping and liking until your fingers hurt, only to get nothing back? Lots of my male clients I talk to find themselves frustrated by their lack of success using dating apps. This is often not so much to do with a lack of trying, but a lack of knowledge on certain key strategies to use … Keep Reading