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10 “I’m a Real Nerd About..” Bumble Answers for Guys

10 “I’m a Real Nerd About..” Bumble Answers for Guys

Bumble’s the perfect place to showcase your particular strain of weird.

That’s because by and large all Bumble profiles looks the same.

They include a few half-decent pictures, a few words in each Bumble prompt, and most likely a cliche reference to The Office or tacos.

Playing it safe and sprinkling cliches like holding a fish and a shirtless gym selfie won’t win you any right swipes.

To not only score more matches but score matches with compatible women you’ll want to do everything in your power to differentiate yourself.

Post that photo of you dressed up like Napolean Dynamite, boast about how many languages you speak, and answer Bumble prompts that highlight how unique and nerdy you are.

That last point brings us to the present.

I’m a real nerd about… is one of the best Bumble prompts at your fingertips.

I'm a real nerd about

Dating apps don’t give you many opportunities to show who you are. Bumble however requires users to fill out three Bumble prompts.

More so than others this prompt highlights who you are and why you’re worth swiping right on.

I’m A Real Nerd About

We’ve created a list of the best I’m a real nerd Bumble prompt responses for you to steal or get inspired from.

The thing is, each response will be pretty unique.

We recommend you personalize the response to fit your unique personality — because after all, that’s the point of these prompts, to highlight who you are as an individual. 

And don’t worry about saying something weird that might scare off women — that’s the point.

Well, perhaps not to scare them away, but to repel the ones you’re not compatible with and attract those that are compatible.

With that said here are the best Bumble prompt responses we’ve been able to put together.

1) A True Nerd Down To The Last Ring That Must Rule Them All

I'm a real nerd about

Bein sexui foeir — am I right?

Some people are gonna express the old-school definition of nerdy.

They’ll talk fantasy, sci-fi, and dressing up with a lightning bolt on their forehead every Halloween (and HP marathon).

You might think women are repulsed by fantasy nerds.

That’s a myth.

More and more women are writing fantasy, reading fantasy, and being steeped in Tolkien and Rowling lore.

Flex your nerdy muscles by unabashedly broadcasting your nerdiness, regardless of how obscure your fantasy interests are.

2) Show Her How You Rock

I'm a real nerd about

FACT: Women love a good musician.

Also, a fact, women love a good banjo picker.

Sure they might need a while to come around but once she hears you plucking away to All the Trees she’ll likely swoon.

And hey, if you don’t play an instrument that’s cool too. Name-dropping your favorite artists is always a good idea. Talking music is a quick and easy way to bond.

If you don’t reference your favorite musician in a prompt you can always connect your Spotify to Bumble. Doing so will show your favorite artists according to Spotify at the bottom of your profile.

And to be clear, your answer need not be definition nerdy. Instead, just talk about what really interests you.

3) Old-School Interests

I'm a real nerd about

I actually recently heard they were actually more like chickens than reptiles.


The point is that this answer makes you stand out, more importantly, it makes you stand out and convinces her to swipe right AND message you.

Let’s remember Bumble requires women to message first. This feminist-styled Tinder only allows matched couples to converse after the female has initiated the conversation.

But like men, women have a difficult time starting conversations. If they can’t easily figure out something apart from hey to say they might not send anything at all.

That’s bad.

Make it easy for them to hit you up by giving them a juicy detail they can latch onto.

4) Do You Understand?

I'm a real nerd about

Bumble isn’t meant to be some grey dating app where users are 100% serious in their answers.

The brave and creative get the gal.

That’s how it works in the real world and that’s how it works in Bumble.

These I’m a real nerd about prompts are all about putting yourself out there and highlighting what makes you unique. What really sends that message home is if you can convey your uniqueness in a creative way.

The message above makes known -without boasting — that the user’s a polyglot (super sexy btw) and does so by speaking various languages.

Chances are you live in a diverse city where many different languages are spoken. If that’s the case there’s a high probability another non-English speaker will pick up on your message, swipe right, and message you in their language of choice.

5) Mhhhmmmmmmmmm

best bumble prompts

It seems like everyone’s a foodie nowadays.

But there’s a difference between someone that loves food and someone that can make their own bomb dishes.

The ability to cook a range of dishes is a superpower.

If she 1) loves Indian 2) loves that you cook or 3) wants to eat bomb food in general she’ll likely swipe right.

What’s awesome about this message is that it not only gives her something to latch onto but can easily be pivoted to a first date involving eating Indian food.

Let me show you how.

Her: Oh my god I love Indian food!

You: Me too… obviously. Have you ever tried Aloo Gobi?

Her: No, but it sounds bomb.

You: Well then I know exactly what we’ll do on our third date. Shall we start with a coffee and a walk this Saturday at 9am at Warming Hut & under the GG Bridge?

It’s that easy.

Ya see, too many people don’t use dating apps for dating reasons.

They use it to stroke their ego or waste time according to a LENDedu study.

Don’t waste your time in getting to know someone who’s never going to meet up with you. Get straight down to the point by steering the conversation towards a TDL as soon as possible.

6) Goddamn Burr

best bumble prompts

While this Bumble prompt response is good and all there’s something a bit off about it.

Read it again and you’ll see.

There are two grammatical errors.

For one, it’s spelled, biographies not, biograhpics. The second error is the last sentence. It should read, “…stealing details from these other people.”

Now, to some women a slip-up like this won’t matter, whereas to others they mean the world.

Double-check spelling before publishing.

What makes this an even bigger no-no is when you give the impression of being well-read yet can’t write simple sentences.

7) Goallllllllllll!!!!

best bumble prompts

A nerd doesn’t need to be a fantasy or anime-reading introvert.

To me a nerd is someone that has an obsession that is unparalleled.

Someone that devotes so much of their life to attending soccer games in a football-crazy country could well be considered a nerd. Perhaps they also subscribe to sports analytics websites, read fanzines, and have their own sports podcast.

Even if you feel your hobby isn’t nerdy enough to quality, go ahead and write it.

Again, what’s most important is that you stand out. If you think what you have to say will appeal to the kind of women you want to attract, speak up.

8) Freeze!

best bumble prompts

You’re not the standard nerd. No, no.

Your brand of nerd goes above and beyond what’s considered normal (or healthy).

Show off just how much of a weirdo you are.

I like this prompt because there are not enough true crime fans out there where it’s not commonplace to say you’re a fan. While they are popular, they’re still alternative enough that learning someone else is a fan will immediately endear you to them.

If you’re not a nerd about anything too obscure it’s okay to write about something more common. Doing so casts a wider net attracting a variety of women.

9) Burn Me A CD

best bumble prompts

Everyone’s love life needs a good soundtrack to accompany it.

You could be the guy that provides the sounds to your newest love.

Making playlists for your lovers is old-school, freaking adorable, and largely appreciated.

I’m A Real Nerd About… In Your Photos

There are two ways to convey how nerdy you are.

You can show her or tell her.

While your prompt answer tells, photos will show.

Do you have nerdy photos of yourself doing what you love?

If so go ahead and post them.

Maybe that means you’re a bike fanatic.

If so go ahead and throw one up on your account.

biggest turn ons for men's dating profiles

Or maybe you’re a nerdy basketball player.

That’s cool too.

biggest turn ons for men's dating profiles

Upload photos that show her who you are. Nerdy or not you should always include a few photos of you doing what you love. Maybe that just means a few photos of you at the beach, hiking, apple picking, or enjoying a nice wine while gazing at the sunset.

Humanize yourself with these prompt responses and hobby/nerdy photos.

Humanizing yourself is vital.

If she can’t imagine who you are she isn’t going to agree to go on a date with you.

Next Steps

Now that you know how to respond to the I’m a real nerd about… it’s time to pen your response, upload some photos and start swiping.


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