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“If I Had Three Wishes, I’d Wish For…” Bumble Answers for Guys Looking for Love

“If I Had Three Wishes, I’d Wish For…” Bumble Answers for Guys Looking for Love

“If I Had Three Wishes, I’d Wish For…” Bumble Answers for Guys Looking for Love

If you have three wishes what would you wish for?

Chances are if you’re reading this you’d ask for:

  • An awesome Bumble response to this question
  • A girlfriend
  • An infinite number of wishes

Look we at emlovz aren’t genies, but we do have the ability to grant you two of those wishes.

We specialize in creating amazing dating profiles & taking men from single to in-a-relationship in record time.

One aspect of our program, Dating Decoded focuses entirely on creating the perfect dating profile.

We teach you how to choose the right photos, what to write, swipe strategy, messaging techniques, which apps to download, how to transition from the app to the real world, and much more.

Today we’re going to give you a glimpse into our online dating prowess by offering the best responses to the Bumble prompt, If I had three wishes I’d wish for…

if i had three wishes i'd wish for

If I Had Three Wishes I’d Wish For

This is one of the most popular Bumble prompts there is. Users love it because it’s a classic question we’ve all thought about, it gives us a chance to show who we are and what we care about, and it’s easy to use our wit when replying.

You’ll notice a theme when reading the prompt responses we’ve created.

Most will have a few things in common.

  • They’re detail-oriented
  • Lend themselves to first date TDLs
  • Are varied
  • Will make her laugh

If your response can do just one of the aforementioned you might have a winner.

The following responses are 100% original.

Feel free to steal, alter, or just get inspired.

#1 References on References

if i had three wishes i'd wish for

Let’s remember that Bumble requires women to message first. 

Your prompt needs to encourage her to reach out.

You can do this by stuffing your answer with references that she’ll connect with.

If she too is a GOT lover but hated the last season it’s likely she’ll not only swipe right but message you about this.

Far too often women will match with you but let matches expire. That’s because upon further investigation they determine your profile isn’t appealing enough OR it doesn’t lend itself to starting a conversation.

Women have opening message angst as well.

They don’t want to message “hi.” Some will simply not message at all if they can’t easily figure out a witty first message to shoot you.

#2 A Heart + Harry Potter = Match

if i had three wishes i'd wish for

I love the variety of this response (good job me).

It has three pretty different messages.

What’s so brilliant about this is that a profile is nothing more than a shadow of who you are. It’s a resume, a glimpse, a playing card in a deck of thousands.

You have limited real estate to showcase your personality.

This prompt makes the most of the space by showing her that:

1) You’re a HP fan

2) You have a heart and are aware of global affairs

3) You’re a beer-snob

The last wish might just be the best one.

Not only does this message broadcast to other craft-beer lovers that you love spending Sundays hopping from brewery to brewery but that you’re down to do so on a first date.

The whole point of dating apps is to find dates.

You’re not going to date someone within the app.

Get in and get out as soon as possible.

Throwing out IRL date ideas in your profile is a great way to quickly transition from the confines of the app to the real world.

#3 The Curveball

if i had three wishes i'd wish for

Most every guy will answer this prompt with cliche answers.

They’ll say things like:

  • An end to war
  • Love for everyone
  • A girlfriend
  • To never be ghosted again
  • Etc. etc.

This prompt answer starts off by doing the same thing.

But the third wish is a bit of a curveball.

I’d recommend writing something even more out there that speaks to your personality.

Maybe you’d write:

  • Free tickets to see Slipknot for the rest of my life
  • A one-way ticket to Mars
  • The ability to recite Shakespeare in old English

The point is to take her by surprise by demonstrating just how cool/weird/interesting of a guy you are.

#4 Just Super Practical

if i had three wishes i'd wish for

Let’s be serious.

If you actually had three wishes, only one of them would be to set genie free.

Getting rid of the penny and ending the terror that is robocalls are nice and everything but they’re not even on most people’s first page of wishes.

And that’s what makes this response so great.

It’s unlike any other you’ll find on Bumble.

Who else is seriously going to wish that the fed stop making pennies?

Perhaps a hyper-practical response like this one isn’t super revealing, but it makes you stand out like the only clean-shaven guy at a Neutral Milk Hotel concert — which to clarify is a good thing.

#5 Date Ideas Galore

best bumble profile

She wants to know how you spend your time when you’re not on Bumble.

She wants to know what music you listen to, where you hang out, what your job is, what scares you, and how cute your dog is.

In other words, she wants details.

Tell her you’re into concerts (specifically HAIM), and that you’re artsy and love wine are all granular-ish details.

The more details the more you humanize yourself.

Because right now you’re just another card in a deck.

To get her to swipe right, message, and go out with you, she’ll first want at least a vague idea of who you are and what makes you tick.

These answers also throw out a couple of date ideas. If she’s into either she’ll probably hit you up. It doesn’t hurt either that one is time-sensitive (and even if it isn’t it doesn’t hurt to say it is).

Oh yeah and that T-Swift comment, I mean who doesn’t want the queen of tear-jerkers to write a love song about them?

#6 Right Though?

best bumble profile

If you like these answers but struggle to point to why, let me help illustrate their awesomeness by writing their duller alternatives:

  • Infinite wealth
  • Impeccable fashion
  • Sleeping anywhere I want

As you can see, the former has much more flavor than the latter.

They’re detailed, witty, and while are something everyone wants, aren’t things they’d wish for if they only had three wishes.

Whenever possible, in a prompt or otherwise, I’d recommend staying away from cliches. Cliches do nothing good for you.

#7 If George Costanza Had A Bumble Profile

best bumble profile

Or maybe this is Art Vandelay’s profile… either way it’s worth a swipe right.

It sounds like it was written by a grumpy 60-year-old that is fed up with the new folks that just moved in down the street.

In spite of that it still kinda works.

Again, I sound like a broken record, but these answers work simply because they’re not the norm. They’re not serious answers, they’re not cliche, and they say nothing about ending world hunger and wanting world peace.

George would swipe right.

#8 Weed Away The Incompatibles

best bumble profile

This profile is HIGHLY polarizing.

I’m talking comic sans polarizing, Drumpf polarizing, which color is that dress polarizing.

And guess what, that’s a good thing.

If every woman on Bumble swiped right on you, that’d be horrible.

You’d have thousands of matches to filter through and it’d be damned near impossible to find someone that you’re super compatible with.

Instead, let your profile filter away women that you’re not into.

This profile for one repels Republicans and believers (I think). If that’s not what you’re into, great, you’re doing a great job at pushing them away.

Pro Tip:

Bumble uses keywords to connect you with certain profiles. Using specific words will connect you to specific people that share your interests.

#9 Thin Mints Year Round!

best bumble profile

Here’s another highly polarizing profile.

Might I add I also love that there’s talk of guns right before Girl Scout cookies.

But I don’t know what’ll get the ladies of Bumble more riled up, talking about gun control or claiming that Toffee Tastic cookies are better than Thin Mints.

Post it — I dare you.

#10 Josh Allen For The Win

best bumble profile

The Bills are 0-4 in Super Bowls.

Despite that, a response like this one will surely improve your own Bumble stats.

This is a solid response to the If I had three wishes I’d wish for Bumble prompt.

It tells us what your hobbies are, who your favorite team is, your favorite sport, that you love Jeopardy (and your librarian), and that you’re big into wings.

There are a lot of good things going on with this profile.

Now it’s on you to match and get those digits.

Next Steps

If you take these responses into consideration you’re going to create a pretty boss If I had three wishes I’d wish for Bumble prompt response.

But meeting women through dating apps (and in real life) requires much more than a solid prompt response.

It requires being able to court them with online conversation, use a TDL to ask them out, and adhering to the MegaDating blueprint.

To do so you’ll want to enroll in my dating program, Dating Decoded.

In this program, we’ll show you everything you need to know about online and offline courtship.

You’ll learn how to create a profile, message women online, flirt IRL and online, meet various women by tapping your social networks, and all the other skills necessary to find a highly compatible partner in 2022.

And the best part about my program — it’s lifetime. That’s right. My team and I have your back FOR LIFE. Even after we help you find a relationship with a woman you’re super attracted to.

Let’s talk via a 1-on-1 Zoom call so myself or a member of my team can learn more about your dating history, goals, and how our program can help you achieve those goals.

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