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20 Dating Me is Like Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys

20 Dating Me is Like Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys

Give a single man the option to create his dating profile from scratch and chances are it won’t look like much.

Perhaps a selfie or two and a line about how much he likes The Office.

Profiles like these are the scourge of online dating.

More often than not you see them on Tinder and apps where users aren’t required to talk about themselves.

Addressing the superficiality of online dating, Hinge “the dating app designed to be deleted” requires users to answer three prompts.

The purpose of these prompts is to humanize the user by telling fellow singles who they are, what they’re into, and other general information.

This is Hinge’s attempt to pitch itself as a dating app that’s actually designed to find you a romantic partner.

But of course, it isn’t just the in-depth profiles that make Hinge the go-to app to find a long-term partner. It has plenty of aspects that set it apart from other dating apps.

Things like:

— Nobel prize-winning compatibility algorithm

— Limited likes (10 a day)

— Your Turn anti-ghosting feature that reminds users to respond to a message

— Date feedback (Hinge claims 3/4 dates report wanting to see the person they went on a date with)

But this article isn’t about their amazing algorithm or detailed filters.

It’s about creating an answer to a dating prompt that’s so amazing it’s guaranteed to be liked.

The prompt we’re featuring is the “Dating me is like…” prompt.

“Dating Me Is Like…” Hinge Prompt

Prompts give you a space to show off your personality.

No woman will like your content if she doesn’t get a sense of who you are.

A prompt is the perfect opportunity to make her giggle while telling her more about yourself. It’s this combination that will endear her to you and all but guarantee that she’ll “heart” what you wrote.

1) Definition Of Serendipity

dating me is like

Has that ever happened to you before?

When you hear a song at the coffee shop but it finishes before you can Shazam it. Then you go home to look it up but you still can’t find it. Weeks go by and you think you’ll never find it until one day a friend of yours plays it in the car.

By some miracle, you’ve been reunited with this long-lost song.

That feeling is luck+magic is what it feels like dating this person.

This response will certainly hit home for music lovers.

2) Be More Than She Anticipated

dating me is like

Unexpected, romantic, and more than she can handle (but in a good way).

This is what all women want from a romantic partner.

She also wants to feel as though the gods look upon her with love and compassion. With this prompt response, the user is guaranteeing her that she’ll be looked after, thought after, and treated like a queen.

3) Call An Audible

dating me is like

Life is full of plenty of twists and turns.

At first, you think one route is surely better than the other before calling an audible and realizing that in fact, the less trodden route was the better choice all along.

Life’s full of adjustments and canceled plans. Convince her that you’re the right guy to ride the wave with her.

A response like this while vague captures a feeling.

Look she’s tried of reading boring, cliche prompt responses. She wants something she can see and feel.

This is the perfect response to elicit emotion and prompt a like. Just make sure and spell “your” correctly!

4) An Nice Surprise

dating me is like

First of all name dropping kettle corn is always a good idea.

Secondly, this shows that perhaps you’re not the guy she would’ve imagined herself with. You’re speaking to her hesitancy with this response. Not only this but you’re doing so in a creative and cute way.

You’re surely be awarded for being creative.

5) Is It Though?

dating me is like

When in doubt use a little humor.

Make her laugh, giggle, or even smirk and chances are she’ll tap that like button.

If you don’t think ladies are DiCaprio fans (which btw you’d be wrong) just swap out a celebrity you think they’re into.

6) We’re All Addicted To Something

dating me is like

Not all addictive substances are illegal.

You’ll be like that earworm she just can’t get rid of.

The one she thinks about before she goes to sleep, when she wakes up, and when she’s with her friends, vomiting feelings of infatuation.

Comparing yourself to a song is never a bad call. Make your comparison stick in her head. Make her see, feel and understand what being with you will look like with the help of concrete images.

7) We’re All Addicted To Something Pt. 2

dating me is like

Netflix knows what it’s doing the same way you do… at least that’s how you’re going to frame yourself.

She wants to see what’s going to happen next. Your relationship will be cinematic and addicting but she’ll always have the power to back out when she wants to. She’ll always have the respect and control needed to make her own decisions.

Although despite that power she’ll still want to stick it out with you and see how it all turns out.

She just can’t look away.

8) Dive In Head First

dating me is like

Remember when you were a kid hanging out at your first hotel?

As a right of passage, you had to hang in the jacuzzi for a while before jumping into the pool.

It’s a sensation so disparate, so nostalgic, so refreshing it’s been seared into all our memories.

When you tell her that dating you is like this she’ll immediately know what you mean.

Her mind will go back to that pool in her hotel when she was just a kid.

This time however she’ll now associate you with the sensation.

…or maybe she won’t.

What she will do however is thank you for allowing her to reminisce. She may also thank you for it by liking your Hinge prompt.

That my friend is how it’s done.

9) Tell Her The Truth

dating me is like

There are two popular approaches guys will take on Hinge.

Either they’ll answer a prompt boasting about their achievements or they’ll write a crappy two-word response.

This is the less-trodden path of actually telling her the truth.

It’s a light-hearted mockery of everyone’s attempt to appear perfect.

10) The Polarizing Exaggeration

dating me is like

Few Hinge users will downplay their awesomeness.

Few Hinge users will also talk junk about politics.

Sometimes combining the pair can make for a lethally sexy combination as is the case above.

Never be afraid to flex a potentially polarizing opinion on a dating app.

Doing so will attract those that share the opinion and repel those that don’t. That’s your goal.

Why attract someone that has nothing in common with you? There’s a reason your profile isn’t sprinkled with references to conspiracy theories and bigfoot.

11) The Right Mistake (How is this not the title of a T-Swift song?)

dating me is like

When it comes to online dating many men feel like they need to go big or go home.

Some, however, can go big and then go home with a beautiful Hingerella in tow.

It’s fairytale lines like these that will have some women shaking their heads while others will surely fall under your spell.

Look you never know what’s going to happen when you log into Hinge.

Convince her with this line that while perhaps you’re not necessarily her first choice you are the right choice.

12) Never Drake And Drive

dating me is like

Can you capture a feeling of youth and freedom in just a few words?

When working with this medium you’ll need to be able to pack a punch with just a few words.

Channel your inner Hemingway and write out 5-10 responses for every prompt.

Experiment, edit, revise, and post.

When penning your Hinge prompt responses you should think of yourself as a laconic novelist whose sole audience are single women in your area.

13) Monotony Was Meant To Be Disrupted

dating me is like


Don’t you want a girlfriend that wakes up one morning, calls you and convinces you to call in sick to hit up an amusement park three hours away?

If you don’t you need to reprioritize your life.

Like now.

What is her life going to look like while dating you?

Tell her.

Don’t be afraid of getting nerdy or weird about your life. Who knows she might be up for dating a weirdo.

14) Peanut Butter & France

dating me is like

It’s an odd combination.

So odd she might have to ask you about it.

That’s the point.

The objective of your response is to spark a conversation. If she likes a response and messages you, your prompt answer should be considered a success.

And as far as peanut butter and sriracha sandwiches go, don’t knock it before you try it.

15) The Curveball

dating me is like

There’s no doubt she’ll raise an eyebrow after reading this.

Will she swipe right?

That’s another question.

What’s important is that she pays attention to what you write.

If she read the entirety of this response, chances are she’ll read another.


dating me is like hinge prompt

So basically like a massive weight has just been lifted and you can finally live your life again after a year and a half of jigsaw puzzles.

That’s dope.

17) Puppy Eyes All Day Every Day

dating me is like hinge prompt

Paint her an image.

There might be no cuter image than wandering around a dog shelter trying to make a connection with a pup.

Then you lock eyes and know that you’ve found your new best friend.

18) I’m Talking Bread, Bagels, Crepes, Pancakes, and Even Carrots

dating me is like hinge prompt

Think of something super awesome that everyone has experienced.

Maybe it’s graduating college, getting a promotion, listening to your favorite band live, etc.

Capture that moment and then say, dating me is like (insert universally loved moment).

It’s an easy formula, now get to flirting!

19) Dawwwww

dating me is like hinge prompt

If a woman doesn’t feel comfortable with you, she isn’t going to date you.

These prompts can go a long way in making her feel like she knows you if you make them work for you. That means showing her your funny, yet loving side. Tell her you’re a loveable weirdo is the right way to go about mitigating any worry that you might kidnap her and sell her organs.

20) Love Is Like The Wind, You Can’t See It But You Can Feel It

dating me is like hinge prompt

When in doubt, write something that stands out.

Even if you’re not 100% sure it accurately portrays you or if it’s funny, or if she’ll like it.

That’s fine.

The worst thing you can do is play it safe. There are so many freakin’ men on dating apps you need to do something a bit out there in order to stand out.

To learn just what standing out looks like, check our out program, Dating Decoded.

Now What?

Now it’s time to steal, cheat, get inspired, and write Hinge responses of your own.

Again, all of the responses above are 100% original. That means you can steal them and most likely be the only person on the entire app to inform the ladies of Hinge that “Dating me is like walking into the wrong movie theater and staying because, well, you can’t imagine how the other movie could be any better.” 

If these lines aren’t right for you and you’re struggling to write swipe-worthy lines of your own, I have a solution.

It’s called Dating Decoded.

It’s a dating program we’ve spent 10 years developing. It teaches men the A,B,Cs of modern dating.

That means you’ll learn how to:

  • Shoot and choose photos that make you stand out
  • Send opening messages that get responses
  • Chat it up online so well that you’re guaranteed to score a phone number
  • Set up amazing first, second, and third dates

Students will learn everything there is to know about dating and more via our four learning pathways:

  • Online Curriculum
  • Mock Dates
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Online Community

Book a 1-on-1 Zoom call with myself or a member of my team to learn how emlovz can help you reach your dating goals in record time.

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