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25 “We’ll Get Along If” Answers You Can Use on Hinge

25 “We’ll Get Along If” Answers You Can Use on Hinge

25 “We’ll Get Along If” Answers You Can Use on Hinge

If you’re a Hinge user, you’ve no doubt seen this “We’ll get along if” prompt before.

we'll get along if

You’re likely acquainted with it because it’s probably Hinge’s most popular prompt.

It’s one of the few prompts that allows users to explicitly give the reader the keys to their heart.

A good answer also has the ability to quickly humanize the user by talking about a hobby or love of theirs. In the earliest stages of the online courting phase, vibing on a shared interest is crucial.

In this article, we’ll offer 25 examples of answers to Hinge’s most popular prompt that will both humanize your profile and help you get matches.

But first, let’s talk about why Hinge is different than other apps.

The Dating App Designed To Be Deleted

These words aren’t mine, they’re Hinge’s. 

It’s a good slogan and one that isn’t 100% BS.

Unlike most other dating apps, Hinge can at least pretend to genuinely want to find you a long-term romantic partner.

I say that for a number of reasons.

Here’s a list of them:

— The app requires users to answer at least 3 prompts

Dealbreaker search preference that filters out undesirables

— Only 10 likes per day (so you won’t become addicted to the app)

— Your Turn feature that prods users into responding to messages

— According to Hinge, 75% of those that dated someone they met on Hinge wanted to go on a second date with that person

Hinge basically limits the amount of time you can spend on the app, has hyper-specific search preferences, and even reminds singles to return messages so as to avoid ghosting.

It’s for these reasons that Hinge users are more interested in finding a long-term partner rather than a hookup (which is totally in line with emlovz). This is evidenced in its userbase, as we see Hinge is the most used dating app for those in the 30-49 age bracket.

we'll get along if

After users have emotionally graduated from Tinder and Bumble they download Hinge.

But just because you may now be swiping through a pool of singles whose romantic goals align with yours doesn’t mean you’ll be racking up the matches.

To get the most out of the app you’ll have to put together a killer profile.

Doing so includes providing a sharp answer to Hinge’s most popular prompt.

The Top 25 We’ll Get Along If Answers for Hinge

Your mission when answering these prompts is to show off your personality.

It’s something I’ve been cramming into the heads of my students in my dating coach service for years.

As of now, you’re just another card in a deck of random guys that women are most likely swiping through on their daily commute.

To stand out you’ll have to let your personality show.

You can do this by appearing witty and/or by showing a woman what your interest are.

The, “we’ll get along if” prompt is perfect for this.

To show you how to maximize your likes we’ll give you 25 examples of awesome answers — we encourage you to steal these.

we'll get along if

Let’s be serious, going to a brewery and drinking a few IPAs is one of the most common first dates. We all know that’s what you’ll ultimately ask her to do, so why not plant the seed by being honest about your interests. The good thing is because this is so common an interest she’ll likely be down and will like your profile.

The boring alternative answer that conveys this is, “you like craft beer.” But see how much more inviting and interesting my answer sounds compared to the banal one that so many guys end up writing?

we'll get along if

This tell her not only what you’re looking for, but who you are. You’re the kind of guy that speaks multiple languages, is receptive to new cultures, is educated, smart likes to explore, and of course, can flirt in multiple languages. It says so much in just 6 words.

we'll get along if

Everyone’s a foodie nowadays. Telling her you like Mexican food won’t get you a like. However, boasting that you’re a chef is taking it to the next level. Even if you’re not a chef yourself be specific. Don’t just tell her you like eating food, but specifically which restaurant, what type of food, etc. Attraction can be found in the details.

we'll get along if

We all love forming tribes.

Etsy is just one of the many tribes you can be a part of. What’s powerful about this Hinge answer is that it references a platform that only so many know about and use. This platform has a cult-like following. Referencing it will immediately build a strong connection with the single woman reading it. If you’re think isn’t Etsy, fine. Find that obscure tribe that you belong to and reference it on your profile.

Are you a knitter, Malcolm Gladwell fan, bouldering fanatic, etc.? These are all tribes. Chances are if someone else is in this tribe you’ll have more than one shared interest and will be attracted to each other.

we'll get along if

We learn two things from this post.

One is that you’re considerate. Sharing an armrest on a long flight is only second to letting a homeless person sleep on your couch.

Second, it shows that you’re a world traveler and that you either have been or want to go to Argentina. This is not only a conversation starter but a status and lifestyle symbol.

Lastly, it’s funny. Armchair jousting is a real thing and one that’s a common talking point for frequent travelers. No doubt she’ll be able to visualize your answer when she reads it.

we'll get along if

Remember those tribes we were talking about?

The brushes-teeth-in-shower-person is another tribe.

I’ll be honest, this answer doesn’t say much about who the person is, however it does show character. You have as many prompts as you want (or like 5) to show your interests and point out deeper aspects of your personality. That being said using a prompt to showcase personality is never a bad idea.

we'll get along if hinge

Again, when in doubt make her laugh out loud.

We’ll get along if funny answers most always convert a stranger to a date.

This post not only shows a bit of character but it also signals that you’re not into wild Q-Anon conspiracy theories. This quickly filters out anyone that thinks the world is being run by a giant cabal of child molesters.

we'll get along if

True crime podcast lovers will understand the interest, like it, and subsequently, go out with you.

Well, at least I’m more certain of this than I am that Adnan did it.

we'll get along if

Sure soccer’s gaining traction in the US, but it’s still like the 4th most popular sport. Showing her that you’re a footy for fútbol will give you major points if she too is a soccer fan.

Here’s the thing though, even if not every woman is into what you’re into, that’s okay. You don’t want to attract every single woman. You only want to attract women that you’re attracted to.

we'll get along if

Who doesn’t love a good John Mayer song?

Well, I mean, not all women do but that’s okay, they’re probably not your type anyway.

we'll get along if

Everyone loves bonding over their pet peeves. Tell her what yours are.

Studies show that bonding over things you two hate is actually super effective.

we'll get along if

Hinge did a study a while back.

They found that users with profiles that included dog photos received more likes than the average profile. Take a hint from the study and drop a dog pic or two in your profile.

This prompt response doubles down on the attraction your dog drums up for you. It’s also an easy talking point for a woman to latch onto, one that can easily be leveraged into asking her you to a dog park on your first date.

we'll get along if

The more boring version of this prompt response (the one that doesn’t get liked) might read, “you like live music.”


What I wrote above is nothing amazing. It is however a Hinge answer that you can tell the writer put effort into thinking about. That little bit of effort could be the difference between you and every other guy on the app.

When penning a profile, write 5 or so answers for each prompt then choose the best one.

That’s what the best writers do.

we'll get along if

Politics are more polarizing than ever before.

Pew Research shows that people are now more wary of dating someone outside their political party than someone outside their race or religion.

There’s no bigger tribe than your political party — nor is there a better filter.

If you’re super politically active and one’s political leanings are a make or break you’ll want to post a political answer in your profile.

we'll get along if

Just because you’re using “the dating app designed to be deleted” doesn’t mean what you’re looking for aligns with the app’s slogan.

Being upfront about what you’re looking for can filter out women that aren’t into at least entertaining the idea of a long-term relationship. Even on more serious dating apps like Hinge, women still want to be assured that the person they’re speaking with wants something more substantial than a one-night romper.

we'll get along if

Fact. Bears eat beets. Also a fact: everyone loves The Office. From Kim Jong Un to your new Hinge match.

And while you could write, “We’ll get along if you like The Office” doing so is cliche. Spice things up just a tad by showing her that you’re a diehard Office fan.

we'll get along if

Now that’s a feeling worth capturing.

Sure it’s a little weird, but that little bit of weirdness can help you stand out.

we'll get along if

Open up to her man.

Tell her who you really are.

If she’s weirded out, fine, you’ve probably dodged someone that you’re not compatible with — congrats.

we'll get along if

This tells her more so about your idiosyncrasies than hobbies, life goals, or more substantial personality characteristics — but that’s okay.

Not every Hinge answer needs to reveal something profound about who you are. Some just need to be vivid enough to make her realize that you too are a human inhabiting the same world she is.

we'll get along if

Alternatively, you could write, “We’ll get along if you know who Michael Barbaro is.”

The Daily is the NYT’s daily 30-minute podcast that zeros in on one timely topic.

There is a devoted legion of listeners that tune in every day. There’s no doubt that other The Daily listeners that read this will like your prompt and will ultimately like you too.

we'll get along if

That’s right.

Have you ever gone hiking and felt like you were at a mobile concert in the woods rather than outside in the depths of the forest?

This is a common pet peeve among serious hikers. Sharing this tidbit not only tells her you’re into the great outdoors but also what type of hiker you are.

we'll get along if

Is it rational? Not really, but we all still do it.

Demonstrate your character but showing her your vulnerable and goofy side.

we'll get along if

There are dress people, there are t-shirt people, and then there are sock people.

Etsy people will surely understand the awesomeness of socks. If you can find yourself another sock-lover on Hinge you’ll surely score a first date.

Now you just need to find the right socks to wear.

we'll get along if

You’re a little cheeky, aren’t you?

No doubt you’d get along with people that have a weird fetish for people with your name.

Show her you’ve got a little sass and flirt to you by writing a sly Hinge response like this one. 

well get along if

If there’s one way to quickly form a bond it’s to vibe out on your mutual dislike of something that appears to be so widely beloved.

Now, as a general rule, you’ll want to keep these answers positive. Stay away from words like hate, gross, or other negative adjectives.

We’ll get along if…

Now it’s time to, well, get along with some people.

Again, feel free to steal, plagiarize, alter, and create some Hinge answers of your own.

When penning your own be sure to answer this Hinge prompt as it’s one of, if not the most popular of all prompts.

If you’re still struggling to create an amazing Hinge profile that gets matches, consider asking for a little help.

At emlovz we have a dating program that addresses every aspect of modern dating.

Dating Decoded will teach you:

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How do we teach such crucial information?

  • Online Curriculum
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  • Online Community
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions

Look, it’s a competitive dating scene out there.

Our program will teach you how to tap your social circles to find dates, how to flirt, quickly build attraction, and of course how to turn that sexy stranger from Hinge into your girlfriend.

I’d like to learn more about your romantic history and where you think your romantic future lies.

Let’s chat via a 1-on-1 Zoom call so we can learn more about each other. During the call, I’ll also talk to you a bit more about Dating Decoded to determine whether it’s right for you.

But if you need a little more convincing before jumping on a call why not read what our students have to say about the program? Here are a couple of our most recent reviews.

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