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30 Best Bumble Prompt Answers for Guys (with Screenshots)

30 Best Bumble Prompt Answers for Guys (with Screenshots)

For those of you who are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to stand out from the competition on dating apps, this article is for you. In it, I’m going to show you real examples of the best Bumble prompt answers to use in your profile.

You’ll also learn simple strategies for crafting funny and creative responses. I’ll even give you some super secret Bumble hacks to optimize for higher quantity and quality of matches. But for now, let’s start from the top.

The dating app Bumble recently introduced question prompts to their dating profiles. They likely borrowed the idea from Hinge, which uses a similar setup to make it easy for users to start more meaningful conversations over shared interests. If you’re an early adopter, I’d recommend jumping on the bandwagon before your male counterparts catch on.

A profile with targeted information is more attractive to a woman and is likely to win you more matches. I also have a hunch that specific keywords are used to match you with more compatible people. If my suspicion is correct, then it’s a good idea to use keywords that you want to share in common with the woman you’re looking to attract.

The Benefits Of Using Bumble’s New Prompts

Bumble’s new question prompts are also a much better way to get the conversation started than having to pull ideas out of thin air. The old model, which just had a bios section and photos is probably why so many women swiped right and then never actually messaged–they didn’t know what to say. Make it easy for her to reach out to you by adding excellent answers to the new Bumble prompts.

What’s important to keep in mind is choosing a prompt that showcases something that sets you apart. Whether it’s a question that inspires a funny response or one that elicits a crazy travel story, you always want to be thinking, how can I capture her attention and stand out?

But standing out isn’t the only thing you can do to guarantee your success on the app. Here’s a quick outline to demonstrate each level of success that’s available to you by strategically crafting an excellent Bumble prompt response.

Level 1/Beginner: Capture Her Attention & Stand Out 

You can capture a woman’s attention and stand out when you provide thoughtful responses that include details relevant to you. So, rather than saying, “I like Netflix and travel,” you say “I just binge watched Easy and can’t wait for my trip to Argentina.”

Being specific and thoughtful with your Bumble prompt answers will win you more matches. The same is true if you can make her laugh with one of your answers or if your response pulls at her heartstrings (many examples below).

Level 2/Intermediate: Make It Easy For Her To Respond

Make your answer easy for her to respond to and compelling enough for her to want to message you. For example, should you choose the “Beach or Mountains” prompt and answer with “Beach,” it’s not super likely you’ll win a ton of responses because it’s not an answer that requires further explanation. It’s also not very intriguing. I’d imagine 50% of responses to this question would garner the same reaction.

You might try writing out your answers to all of the prompt responses in advance on a separate document and then scanning through to see which one is most likely to cull a reply. This strategy will win you more messages from women.

Level 3/Advanced: Speak To Your Intended Audience

Strategically select a question that speaks to the ideal type of woman you’re looking to attract. Do you know who that is? If so, do you know what topics she is most likely to respond to? That’s the key to level three.

If you’re not crystal clear on exactly what you want in your ideal girlfriend, then I can help. I work with my Signature clients to figure this out in session 1. If you’d like to learn more about that program, you can watch my webinar or book an intro session with me here.

Bait Your Hook With The Right Bait

Bait your hook with the right bait to improve the quality and compatibility of the women who match with you. Focus on capturing the attention of your most ideal type of woman, so you can filter out the ones who don’t peak your interest. Speaking directly to your intended audience, encourages more meaningful conversation, a higher degree of trust, and better dates.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best Bumble answers examples for guys I’ve found while researching this new feature.

The Best Bumble Prompt Answers for Guys

The best Bumble answers I discovered fall into one of these categories:

-Clever/Witty Answers

-Funny Answers

-Genuine/Heartwarming Answers

-Interesting/Unique Answers

-Specific Answers That Demonstrate That The Guy Knows What He Wants

Let’s take a look at each one and explore the reasons why each is powerful.

Clever/Witty Bumble Answers

Witty Bumble Answers #1: The Loud Typer

Best Bumble Answers: If I was famous, it'd be for typing loudly.This answer made me laugh because it caught me off guard. Being a loud typer is definitely not a positive quality, which makes his answer ironic and creative. It’s nice that he has a sense of humor about himself and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Good quality to have.

Witty Bumble Answers #2: An Inside Joke For People Who Like The Same TV Shows As You

Clever Bumble Prompt Answers“The Human Fund” is a fake charity used by George Costanza in the TV show Seinfeld. After getting a similar gift from his friend Tim Whatley, George gave out cards to his co-workers stating that a donation had all been made to a charity called “The Human Fund,” with the slogan, “Money For People.” Read more about it here.

This answer is an excellent example of an undercover way to attract women who share similar interests with you because they understand your specific reference. If you love Seinfeld enough to remember The Human Fund, and a woman shares that in common with you, she’ll swipe right on you and likely send a fun message that relates to that shared commonality. Imagine what else you two might connect on if you both enjoy that specific show?

Bumble Answers That Make Her Laugh

Funny Bumble Answers #3: Rebel Without A Cause

Funny Bumble Responses to Question PromptsThis answer is funny because it paints a picture in the woman’s mind of a rebel, even in his youth. Every girl loves the rebel without a cause. It sounds like he’d get into some fun and adventurous dates.

Funny Bumble Answers #4: Ironic, Nerdy-Cute Guy

Silly Bumble Prompt Responses to Question PromptsThis response is cute and silly and makes me smile, especially when you see the guy and he looks nothing like a Backstreet Boy. The irony amuses me.

Funny Bumble Answers #5: The Cookie v. Abs Dilemma 

Hilarious Bumble Responses To PromptsThis Bumble answer is ironic and silly, which makes me giggle. It also shows me that he’s health-conscious but not a health-nazi.

Funny Bumble Answers #6: We’ve All Been There 

Funny Bumble Response To Biggest Pet Peeve

Isn’t that the worst? Especially when you’re in the Safeway sandwich line, I mean, let’s light a fire, people! I love it because I can relate to it.

Funny Bumble Answers for Guys #7: The Sunday Scaries 

Funny Response on Bumble to the Prompt

This answer catches the reader by surprise in a funny, authentic, relatable way. I too occasionally sob because Monday is coming. The Sunday Scaries are real people.

Funny Bumble Answers #8: Little Mermaid Karaoke

Funny Bumble Answers for Isn’t The Little Mermaid a movie for 4-year-old girls who were born in the ’80s? How would a guy even know the words? This funny Bumble answer made me laugh and got me curious to learn more about him. Maybe he has a ton of sisters.

Funny Bumble Answers #9: Yaaaaaaas Queen! 

Funny Bumble Response for Go-To Song Is...

I liked this one because I saw the word Queen and the whole “yaaaaaas queen” thing is hilarious. Plus, I’d pay to see anyone sing this song at karaoke so I’d swipe right just to see if he can command the stage like Freddie Mercury. All in all, I chose this answer because it demonstrates a unique character and makes me curious to learn more.

Funny Bumble Answers #10: Relatable & Funny

Funny Bumble Response for Biggest Pet Peeve

I honestly think the pet peeve category is the best because pet peeves are usually funny and you can showcase so much that is ridiculous and relatable. His answer makes me wonder if he means that he hates being on time or that he hates it when others aren’t on time, but the fact that I can relate to it is why I liked it.

Funny Bumble Answers #11: Awesome Mom Joke

Funny Bumble Answer for We'll Get Along IfWhile I don’t recommend using sexual innuendos in your profile because it’s out of sequence and might scare her off (even if she is sexually experienced and open), I did like a few things he did here.

-First, he’s specific and knows what he wants. That’s always sexy.

-Second, the mum thing was funny a) because who refers to themselves as mum outside of people with accents (and women love accents) and b) because his mum sounds f-ing hilarious and who wouldn’t love a hilarious mum-in-law with a cool accent.

-Third, I love that he calls out the rude things that people do. Girls who flake and ghost suck and he ain’t afraid to say so. Me likee.

Funny Bumble Answers for Men #12: Unexpected & Hilarious

Best Bumble Prompt Answer for I feel most empowered when

This answer was the funniest I saw. Lol. Very unique and made me laugh. I feel like you could use the idea of this for many other scenarios like, “I feel most empowered when… I take my vitamins or go to church.” Funny stuff.

Funny Bumble Answers for Guys #13: Not Trying To Be A Superhero

Bumble Answer for The World Would Be A Better Place With...

So funny and I love that he didn’t do the “hero” thing. Unexpected and real and I love it because of that. Authenticity is sexy, and catching someone off guard is always good for a laugh. The best comedians do it with every joke.

Genuine & Heartwarming – Warm Fuzzy Bumble Answers

Writing something that makes a woman feel warm and fuzzy is always a good thing. Make a woman feel good about you, and you’re halfway to a first date. Check out these super genuine and heartwarming answers.

Genuine Bumble Answers #14: I Want To Hug Him

Genuine Bumble Answer to prompt My Third Grade Teacher Described Me As

Sharing a secret or a vulnerability is a powerful way to connect on a deeper emotional level. Everything in dating is about connecting emotionally. The reason why the perfect girl on paper might not be able to elicit the “butterflies in the stomach” or “weak in the knees” reaction is that logically she makes sense, but emotionally there’s nothing sensationally stimulating.

In dating, you always want to focus on your feelings, not your thoughts. Attraction is not logical; it’s sensational, literally. It’s all about how the other person makes you feel. When you share a secret or insecurity, it’s a display of emotion, not logic.

A woman cannot be logically reasoned into liking you. Doing what this guy did is a great way to build a deep connection rooted in trust. Additionally, sharing something vulnerable about yourself gives the other person permission to do the same, and that helps to foster more meaningful connections.

Genuine Bumble Answers #15: Preach

Authentic Bumble Answer for prompt If I could donate a million dollars it'd be to

This guy did a stellar job of demonstrating some of his values, which is great because it’s polarizing. If women strongly disagree with either of these institutions, they’ll self-select out of his dating funnel, whereas the women who feel strongly positive about them, will swipe right.

Additionally, bringing up an emotionally polarizing subject is a great way to stimulate a woman’s emotions and make her feel, not think. As mentioned above, dating is about sensations; it’s about how you feel. When you can elicit a strong emotional response, even if it’s not 100% positive, you are lightyears ahead of men who cannot.

The last thing you ever want to be is boring. It’s better to piss her off than to be forgettable. Don’t be afraid to show your true colors, even if it’s “politically incorrect.”

Sidenote: Keep It Positive; Nobody Likes A Negative Nelly

That said, this guy did an excellent job of keeping it positive, which I always encourage. Don’t say “Trump lovers can go F-themselves,” because then you look like a prick. Instead, try saying it differently, like “Proud Democrat” or “Pro-Feminist” (yep dudes can be feminists too).

You could even try a politically borderline response like “Looking for someone who can explain the “Me-Too” movement in a way that doesn’t make me question my masculinity.” The answer below does a good job of that.

Genuine Bumble Answers For Guys #16: The PC Response

Politically Correct Bumble Answer to prompt Equality to me means... Now you’re being honest but positive and demonstrating that you are open to differing opinions. Pretty powerful stuff and emotionally polarizing!

Genuine Bumble Answers #17: Deep But In A Good Way

Good Bumble Answer to Favorite Quality In A Person

What a great way of subtly saying, “I’m not into racism.” I love this so much I want to steal it myself.

Genuine Bumble Answers for Men #18: Sexy, I Don’t Know Why

Best Bumble Answers for Favorite Quality In A Person prompt

Heart-melting. This answer evokes an emotional response in me, and it tells me a lot about him. If you use this Bumble answer, I’d recommend thinking long and hard about exactly who you are looking to attract.

Getting crystal clear about precisely who to look for is the first thing I do with my clients. We create an ideal girlfriend profile that outlines all of the positive qualities they want in their perfect partner. Learn more here.

You might spend some time doing the same and getting clear about all of the characteristics you’re looking for in a mate. Then, choose the #1, most important quality and use it to answer the prompt “favorite quality in a person…”

P.S. Bumble Answer Hacks

I touched on this above, but I recommend using keywords that your ideal woman might use on her profile to describe herself. I have a well-researched hunch that part of Bumble’s matching algorithm relies on keyword matching (kind of like what Google uses to find users the most relevant content).

So if you say “loyalty” and she says “loyalty” somewhere in her profile, chances are the two of you will have the opportunity to match with one another.

Genuine Bumble Answers #19: OMG Warm Fuzzy Times A Million

Best Bumble Response for I Feel Most Empowered When prompt

Can someone get me a box of tissues, this one makes me want to cry, it’s so sweet. If ever there was a perfect way to express the fact that you have kids, this is it. Not only does he tell us he’s proud to be a father, but he also does it in a way that makes us all long for a parent like him. Wow, boyfriend–nope scratch that–total husband material.

If you do not see the emotional connection here, I’ll tell you this. Evolutionary theories suggest that women are hardwired to want a man who is a good father. If correct, then selecting a man who offers a high-degree of parental investment, is in our DNA, and we’ve evolved because of it. Even if a woman is not looking to have kids, she’s still hardwired to find a man who loves being a dad. I’d bet that this answer is charming to 99.9% of women regardless of whether they even like kids or not.

Genuine Bumble Answers #20: Real AF

Real Bumble Answer for Favorite Quality In A Person

This answer is just sexy.

Genuine Bumble Answers #21: Kindness

Genuine Bumble Answers: Favorite Quality In A Person... KindnessI wish I’d thought of this answer. Kindness should be at the top of everyone’s list. I learned that the hard way through my 100-date experiment but this guy totally nailed it. If I was single, I’d swipe right.

Genuine Bumble Answers #22: Empathy

Genuine Bumble Answers: Favorite Quality In A Person... EmpathyThis response echoes my sentiments above. Very powerful characteristic to be looking for in an ideal partner.

Interesting Bumble Answers

Interesting Bumble Answers #23: Versatility

Great Bumble Answer for Favorite Quality In A Person... VersatilityVersatility is a unique trait to be seeking. Makes me curious to learn more about him. Why would he be searching for that? What is his day-to-day like?

Interesting Bumble Answers #24: Paints A Different Picture 

Creative Bumble Answer for Greatest Travel Story Prompt

This response demonstrates that he is observant, a quality that suggests that he’s also thoughtful, present, and intelligent. I like that he’s been to a country that I haven’t been to and can appreciate the subtle differences. Subconsciously, this tells a woman that if she were your girlfriend, that she would be able to join you on similar adventures to exotic destinations–always a plus. Every woman loves a knowledgable and well-traveled tour-guide.

Interesting Bumble Answers #25: Hints At Curiosity, Drive, and Intelligence

Good Bumble Response for If I Had An Extra Hour In The Day prompt

This response is great because it demonstrates his hunger for growth and learning. I’d be curious to know what language, in particular, he’d like to learn, which would reveal even more to me about him. I also like that he seems to be a go-getter, which, as a woman, makes me feel safe. I bet he could protect me if I needed him to.

Safety and security is always a woman’s primary concern, though often she’s unaware of this. Any suggestion that you might be intelligent, hard-working, or driven, is a sign that you can protect her and her potential offspring.

Interesting Bumble Answers #26: Holy Shit

Greatest Travel Story Prompt

This guy sounds like a good time. He’s definitely likely to elicit some strong emotions on a date if he’s always that adventurous. Sounds like a total thrill seeker to me. I doubt he’d ask me on a boring coffee date.

Unique Bumble Answers

Unique Bumble Answers for Guys #27: Speaks To A Possible TDL

Ideal Night Out... Ramen and Live Jazz

A woman who messages him about this answer is likely interested in ramen, jazz, or both. As such, it should be easy for him to invite her on a date that she is compelled to go on. Forgot all the back and forth “hey”s and “how was your weekend”s. This is better than a fast-forward button at a ballet recital.

Unique Bumble Answers for Men #28: Oh, The Irony

Favorite quality in a person... a strong walk up songThis response gets an A+ for creativity and I love that he’s subtly demonstrating a passion for baseball. What a way to qualify a compatible partner. My first question would be to ask him what his walk-up song is. This answer makes it easy for a woman to respond because it elicits a follow-up question.

Unique Bumble Answers #29: Relatable & Hilarious

Creative Answer for My 3rd Grade Teacher Would Describe Me As Question

First off, what guy admits that he was obsessed with a chick-flick? I love his honesty. Gets me thinking about all the weird shit I did as a kid. Very funny, relatable, and specific. Now I want to talk to him to see what else he was obsessed with growing up.

Unique Bumble Answers #30: Qualifier

What To Say for Favorite Quality In A Person Question

This answer is an excellent example of how to use qualifiers on your profile. No one wants to attract people that don’t jive with them, but the pros make sure to filter for quality in advance of committing to an awkward first date.

Sure, this guy might turn off women who like to sit at home and watch The Hills, but good God isn’t that a win? Save yourself the agony of deciding whether to go out with a chick who’s hot but incompatible and filter her out before you ever come across her profile.

Trust me, using qualifiers will save you time, frustration, and money. Also, it’s polarizing for the women who are compatible with you because it speaks specifically to them. Last but not least, it’s super sexy when a guy knows what he wants and speaks to it right from the get-go. Raaaar.

Best Bumble Answers for Guys: What Now?

Now you know a little more about what goes into writing a compelling Bumble answer. It’s just one piece of the huge puzzle of finding your next girlfriend. Which brings me to this…

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