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she doesn't want to rush into a relationship

So she doesn’t want to rush into a relationship? Good. Perhaps without knowing it, she just did you a favor. I’m not condoning becoming a Don Juan and pimping yourself out around town. Not at all. What I am condoning is gradually easing yourself into a relationship. When does rushing into anything ever sound like a good idea?

The good news is — often times what women say and what they mean are two different Keep Reading

marriage decline in america

Americans just aren’t getting hitched like they used to.

But keeping the knot untied isn’t just trendy in America. 29% of Danish women between the ages of 35 and 45 are unmarried, just under 40% of Japanese males ages 35-39 have never wedded, and in Argentina, marriage rates are half of what they were in 1997. To reconcile Argentines’ love for wedding parties and plummeting marriage rates, fake weddings have become the en vogue way … Keep Reading

Benefits Of Non-Monogamous Relationships

A non-monogamous relationship can be one of many things. It can be the fabled ménage à trois, swinging, polyamory, group marriage, etc. So why are non-monogamous relationships being wrapped into one group and monogamy another? If you read over the list of non-monogamous relationship you’ll realize that they all involve multiple sexual partners. This is the one link that ties them all together. It’s this link that will be put under the microscope and compared … Keep Reading

ending a long term relationship

There is no duration of time that defines a long-term relationship. Rather, you know it when you see it. Such a term has unfolded when couples live together, co-parent felines, and plan out their future together. Long-term relationships are also defined by their routines. This is good or bad, depending on the routines.

Ending a long term relationship is so difficult because to do so is to uproot your entire life. You’ve been adhering to … Keep Reading

dating a married woman by accident

This story rarely ends well.

Despite what you know, you persevere. Why throw away a relationship that has been nothing but perfect, apart from this minor hiccup?

Before you make the assumption, let me inform you that the following won’t be a litany of reasons why you shouldn’t be dating a married woman. To be fair, most will advise against continuing this unholy relationship, but not all. Let’s start with reasons why you should prolong … Keep Reading

how to find the right relationship

The holidays, including Valentine’s Day, have come to an end. If you’re closing out the “holiday single season” feeling unlucky in love, don’t fret. Instead, put romance at the top of your list of resolutions for the new year, and learn how to find the right relationship in 2019.

I’m Emyli, America’s Dating Coach for Men & co-founder of Emlovz.com. I know a lot about dating, and how to make the most of my clients’ Keep Reading

she doesn't want a boyfriend right now

You’ve trolled local bars, joined some cool meetups, swiped right tons of times on Tinder, and finally — after all that effort — you’ve met a woman who’s girlfriend-worthy. Not only that, but you guys hit it off and start dating. Things are pretty much awesome.

But then, things take a weird turn. Suddenly, the texts start to dwindle, she seems less and less excited to see you, and when you ask her about Keep Reading

odd dating habits

Love is a universal emotion, but how that emotion is pursued differs from culture to culture.

Walk to the end of the earth, take a detour in Asia, put a blindfold on and walk back. In every single country, state, and town you will have stepped in, love can be found. Yet while romantic love is found in abundance no matter the region, what differs is how those feelings of affection are showcased. The … Keep Reading