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how to know if she's the one

A lot of men I’ve spoken with have inspired me to write this article on how to know if she’s the one. In fact, this type of question encompasses many individuals’ experience in the dating world because, ultimately, that’s what we hope to find.

But figuring out whether someone is the one isn’t so simple. A lot of time, the infatuation that accompanies the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship can make you believe someone is … Keep Reading

how to keep your girlfriend by having her invest in you

If you want to keep your girlfriend, and not be cast upon the broken-hearted heap of lovers she’s left behind, you must get her invested in your relationship.

It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are, how romantic you are, or how funny you are. If she doesn’t have something invested in you (and the relationship), preferably QUITE A LOT invested, she’ll dump you, without even the slightest hesitation, as soon as someone a little more … Keep Reading

why did she leave me

Breakups and rejections are never easy, whether someone leaves you after you have been dating for more than a year, a few months, or even if you’ve only just started seeing somebody you really like. Along with advising my clients on how to find success in the dating world, I also have plenty of men come to me with this question: “Why did she leave me?”

When a girlfriend or girl you have been seeing Keep Reading

how to make her miss you

You’re in the beginning stages of dating an awesome girl and things couldn’t be going better. The problem? She’s going out of town for several weeks and you’re wondering if that distance will turn the fire in between you two into ashes. If you’re wondering how to make her miss you and how to keep her interested, you’ve come to the right place.

There are several strategies you can use to make sure you stay Keep Reading

cute things to say to your girlfriend

You’ve probably heard that — when it comes to a relationship — letting a girlfriend know how you feel about her goes far beyond lip service. You want to show a woman how you feel about her rather than simply say it. This is true, but that doesn’t mean that talk is cheap when it comes to keeping the spark alive in your relationship. 

If you have trouble expressing yourself verbally in a relationship, or … Keep Reading

moving in with you girlfriend

So you’ve graduated from my EmLovz coaching program landed a wonderful girlfriend and now things are getting serious enough that you’re thinking about moving in together. Great, right? Although this is certainly an exciting time in your relationship, it can also be filled with a lot of challenges that will test your bond.

From money issues to furniture disagreements, this time will be filled with potentially sticky situations and plenty of awkward conversations. Being prepared Keep Reading

dating a vegetarian

Are you dating a vegetarian? Vegetarianism has become extremely mainstream in recent years. The popularity of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle has also made dining out much easier, with vegetarian restaurants popping up everywhere and delicious meatless substitutes making their way to grocery aisles across the nations.

Gone are the days when being a vegetarian meant always ordering a salad when out at a restaurant or being hard-pressed to find a meat substitute that didn’t Keep Reading

casual dating

Should you be casually dating a woman who wants a serious relationship? The short answer is “no,” but allow me to elaborate on that.

No, you should not be casually dating someone who wants a serious relationship with you. It is much better to be on the up-and-up when a woman wants something more serious.

In this article, I’ll discuss the signs that a woman you’re casually dating wants to be in a serious relationship Keep Reading