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7 Things Women Need in a Relationship

7 Things Women Need in a Relationship

There are certain things women need in a relationship, and it’s up to you as a man to do some deciphering. There is no doubt that relationships are hard work and a team effort, but what happens when you feel like there is something lacking?

For the majority of men, breaking down the walls in their relationship can be a challenge. This leaves guys never knowing what their woman truly wants or needs in a relationship and, in turn, leaves women hesitant to fully open up.

However, if you take the time to read through these seven things women need in a relationship, your life and relationship are sure to improve.

Things Women Need in a Relationship #1: Reassurance 

There comes a time, even in the best relationships, when a woman begins to have doubts. Often times, those doubts are not about the guy that she is dating but about the lack of confidence she has in herself. Low self-esteem can get the best of all of us, and no man wants the woman he is dating to start questioning why he even likes her.

If you like the woman you are with, tell her! Give her the reassurance that she needs. Remind her constantly how much you love her independence or her work ethic. Let her know that the compassion she has for others motivates you to be a better person. If her smile lights up a room and you feel so incredibly lucky to call her your own, then let her know.

All too often, men feel like they have found the girl of their dreams and they make the fatal error of assuming that she will just be able to tell how much they like her. Reassurance is something women need in a relationship. Men assume that the woman they are with already knows how great they are. While this might be true to a certain extent, it still means a lot when her man notices.

#2 To Feel Special

Treat the woman you are in a relationship with like a queen. This does not mean spoiling her and blowing all your money on sunset helicopter rides and extravagant trips to the Bahamas. This simply means that you need to show your girl that you appreciate her and that you know her. After a few bad breakups, it can be easy for a woman to feel like you are just another guy who likes her and wants to hook up with her. 

Women who are serious about their relationships won’t be okay with that. They don’t want to simply be a nice girl that you like. They want to be a girl so much better than anyone else you have ever dated before. They want to feel different than everyone else. Women need to feel special in a relationship, and a great way to do that is to show them that you notice the little unique things about them.

You could show up at her work with her favorite Starbucks drink, or you could surprise her with a romantic dinner that you made just for her. You could set up a bubble bath with some wine for her to relax after a long day. It doesn’t take a lot for a woman to feel special. By putting in a little bit of effort, you can show that you know her and are thinking about her.

#3 Communication

Women need to feel like they are being listened to. There is nothing more frustrating than talking to a wall. If you are not engaged in what she is saying, how are you expecting to understand how she is feeling? So often, women will try to explain their emotions in a nice or subtle way, but it goes in one ear and out the other. Eventually, all these negative emotions become so built up that they explode into a massive fight or emotional breakdown.

Clearly, no man wants this to happen. We’ve all heard the saying “a happy wife, a happy life.” One of the key components to making this statement true is regular and meaningful communication. Communication is something women need in a relationship.

Some men claim they talk to their girl every day, but there is a huge difference between surface level chatting and real, intimate conversations that have depth and value. According to psychologist and relationship expert Melanie Schilling, a date night at the end of the week to unwind and catch up can do a relationship wonders.

It is important to remember that communication is what keeps your bond strong. Showing that you are truly interested in what your partner has to say will make her feel valued.

#4 To Feel Desired

There are a lot of men who have been taught that respecting a woman means that you can only call her beautiful or gorgeous. If you called her hot or sexy that would make you a jerk. This is by far one of the biggest misconceptions that have filled men’s brains.

Women enjoy exploring their sexual side. Knowing that they are turning a guy on can be a very empowering experience for them. Women need to feel desired in a relationship because it is a form of love. That physical intimacy can really bring two people much closer together.

If you are not showing your woman that you want her in a sexual way, she will likely feel like you are not attracted to her any longer. Most men will agree that there is a difference between someone who looks pretty and someone who looks sexy. The girl your dating wants to be both for you.

If your girl dresses up in a tiny black dress and high heels, she most likely wants you to tell her that she looks hot. Show her that she is desired and it will really boost her self-esteem. There won’t be any need for her to get attention from other guys when she already knows that she can turn you on.

Things Women Need in a Relationship #5: To Be Nurturing

Women naturally enjoy taking care of people they love. For many women, ‘acts of service’ is their love language. They show that they care by doing things for the person they love, and making sure their needs are met. This can be really simple things like rubbing sunblock on your body, covering you with a blanket or packing your lunch for work.

Although it is highly likely that you can do all these things on your own, that is not the point. It is important that you allow your woman to nurture you if that makes her happy. Some women really need to feel needed. They like taking care of someone. It brings them joy and happiness knowing that they are making your life better. And, if nurturing you is something your woman needs in a relationship, you should let her do it.

While sometimes nurturing can feel a little bit like babying, having their acts of kindness rejected can completely destroy some women. If all they want is to show that they love you, having that opportunity stripped away from them is crushing. It doesn’t have to be all of the time, but if the woman you’re with enjoys nurturing you, it would be beneficial for you to accept it and show your appreciation.

#6 To Feel Safe

To feel safe is one of the most important things women need in a relationship. There is very little that can top the feeling of safety and security that a man provides for a woman. Women need to feel protected and cared for. They want to know that their man has their back no matter what. Whether the two of you are out in public or at home alone, the sense of peace that women feel with a man around is incredible. Women need to feel safe in their relationship with you. 

Usually, this sense of safety comes with trust. A woman needs to be able to trust you in order for her to feel like you will keep her safe. Even if you sound genuine, she probably won’t believe you if she doesn’t know your character yet. When you prove your commitment to a woman over time, that trust will grow. A sense of safety and security will just feel natural when she is with you.

It is important that men are aware that women need to feel safe in a relationship. Sometimes men view the woman they are with as an incredibly strong and independent person. They have so much faith in them that they assume they can take care of themselves. This may be true, but it isn’t the point. Women can’t be strong all of the time. They need to feel like they can let their guard down every once in a while and still be secure.

Things Women Need in a Relationship: #7 To Feel Understood

Women need to feel understood, but this is commonly overlooked in relationships. Sometimes guys just don’t understand what their girlfriend means, or what she wants. This is an issue on the surface because it makes her feel like you don’t pay attention. However, being understood is also something women crave on a much deeper level.

It takes a lot for a woman to truly love and accept herself the way she is. Self-confidence does not come easily to everyone. Once she finally gets that confidence, nothing can take it away faster than someone misunderstanding her. When a man knows a woman better than they even know themselves, this is the key to her feeling understood.

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