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bachelor promo colton

Have you ever had a stress dream? I had one last night. In the dream, I was hosting Thanksgiving for upcoming The Bachelor lead, Colton Underwood, and his gaggle of contestants. Colton was dissolving into tears (as is his wont) and every female was either giggling at hyena levels of intensity. That, or they were accusing one another of talking s**t. When I awoke in a cold sweat it occurred to me that … Keep Reading


Have you heard of sneating? No, I didn’t spell “sneaking” wrong (I edit these things, guys!) — sneating is a new(ish) dating trend that feeds on chivalrous men.

The trend first made waves (and earned a place in Urban Dictionary) when Whim published a story detailing a single college student who confessed her sneating ways. The financially struggling student fell into a habit of going on dates with men she met online purely … Keep Reading

badoo anti ghosting feature

It’s a problem that has plagued singles since the dawn of time. At one point or another, we’ve all been ghosted. In fact, I’d even wager a guess that ghosting was a problem during caveman days. Countless Neanderthals going out to “hunt berries,” or “rub two sticks together to create fire” never returned to their cavewomen (cave-ladies, cave-shorties? Nevermind…)

Fortunately for cavemen and any generation that lived during a time where cell phones and social … Keep Reading

can a pescatarian diet improve your dating life

Well, this is random. Apparently excluding all meats from your diet (save for fish) can improve your dating life. This week, R&B singer Mario told ESSENCE that adopting a pescatarian diet has improved his love life. The singer said that this form of vegetarianism has caused him to become more creative in the kitchen, which helps him impress the ladies.

Let me note that when I say “ladies in his life,” Mario isn’t cooking meals … Keep Reading

grocery store joe

So, I tuned into the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars with one thing (and one thing only in mind) — Grocer Joe.

As you may recall, Grocery Store Joe (whose real name is Joe Amabile, but who really cares?), was a contestant both on season 14 of The Bachelorette and season five of Bachelor in ParadiseHe’s also a male icon and my future husband if Kendall Long ever decides to have … Keep Reading

facebook dating columbia

Back in May, it was announced at an F8 summit that a Facebook dating service was in the works. We didn’t have too much information about the new service then, other than the fact that Facebook Dating would focus on long-term relationships as opposed to hookups.

Fast-forward to today and Facebook dating has launched in Colombia for its first round of testing. So what’s the scoop on Facebook dating? Judging from reports on Wired and … Keep Reading

bachelor colton

“Thank God that’s over!” This was the phrase I yelled after Colton Underwood and Tia Booth finally (FINALLY) exited Bachelor in ParadiseAfter weeks and weeks of the will-they-or-won’t-they Colton/Tia storyline that nobody asked for came to a close, I felt at ease.

“Finally,” I thought to myself, “I can enjoy this show for what it was always meant to be: a trainwreck fueled by tequila and tears, drunken fights, all the words that … Keep Reading

bachelor in paradise season five finale

Well, that was exhausting. And by “that,” I mean digesting the two-night Bachelor in Paradise season five finale. Good freaking lord, guys. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but this took my heart on quite the rollercoaster ride. Then again, I was also consuming margaritas whilst watching and it’s been a while since I had tequila, so that could have played a part.


Because there was so much going on during the … Keep Reading