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Can a Pescatarian Diet Improve Your Dating Life? Singer Mario Thinks So!

By Tracy DyeOctober 28, 2018Trending
can a pescatarian diet improve your dating life

Well, this is random. Apparently excluding all meats from your diet (save for fish) can improve your dating life. This week, R&B singer Mario told ESSENCE that adopting a pescatarian diet has improved his love life. The singer said that this form of vegetarianism has caused him to become more creative in the kitchen, which helps him impress the ladies.

Let me note that when I say “ladies in his life,” Mario isn’t cooking meals exclusively for the women he gets romantic with. He elaborated on this by telling Essence:

“Some are just friends, we’ve never done anything intimately — but one keeps me wild, one I’m connected to on a soul level, and one is like in the middle of both of those. I’m finding myself.”


While those ladies getting friend-zoned enjoy their shrimp and quinoa salad, let’s dive deeper into how a pescatarian diet can enhance your dating life.

Get Your Aphrodisiac On

A pescatarian diet includes fish and shellfish, such as oysters, which are known to increase sex drive. Oysters also include a large amount of zinc. Zinc is great for immunity, so you can look forward to decreasing your chances of having your sex life sidelined by a bad cold or flu.

Moreover, several foods that improve sex drive and sexual health align with a vegetarian diet.

A Pescatarian Diet Includes Several Health Benefits

A pescatarian diet includes several health benefits, including reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. And when you’re in good physical health, other areas of wellness are enhanced. Being physically healthy means that you are less stressed and have more positive energy to dedicate to relationships and dating.

Going Out to Eat is an Adventure

Whether you choose a pescatarian diet or are strictly vegetarian, going out to dinner becomes way more adventurous.

So many people are on some sort of vegetarian diet nowadays and restaurants across the nation have taken note. Gone are the days where a vegetarian would have to settle for a salad when dining with carnivorous friends.

There are a ton of vegetarian options at restaurants as well as restaurants that boast a menu tailored to vegetarians. These options tend to be more creative and utilize way more ingredients. Thus, this allows for a more adventurous dating experience.

A Pescatarian Diet Could Make You Happier

When you eliminate land-roaming animals from your diet, you need to rely on those critters that live under the sea as your main source of protein.

This means you’re going to be eating more fish than you ever have before. And doing so could improve your mood.

According to research, eating more fish decreases depression. In the dating world, it’s integral that you are taking care of yourself mentally. Not only does this make you happier and able to handle the challenges that come with #adulting, but it also increases your chances of meeting a quality mate.

Basically, when you’re happy and confident, the right people take notice.

A Pescatarian Diet Encourages Healthy Skin and Hair

Speaking of confidence, there’s nothing like a good hair day and a gorgeous complexion to put some extra pep in your step, amirite?

The omega-3 fats in fish encourage healthy hair and skin. Specifically, salmon, tuna, sardines, and herring tend to be some of the best fish for a gorgeous coif and glowing skin.

Increased Energy

Ever notice how much better you feel after soaking up some rays? Or maybe that egg white omelet for breakfast ended up giving you a much better boost in the morning than your standard bacon and toast.

Vitamin D — which you can get a healthy dose of from sunshine and certain foods — offers a plethora of health benefits, including increased energy. Healthine lists the following foods as being the best sources for Vitamin D:

  • Salmon
  • Herring and sardines
  • Cod liver oil
  • Canned tuna
  • Oysters
  • Shrimp
  • Egg yolks
  • Mushrooms
  • Fortified foods, like orange juice, cereal, and soy milk

Notice that every single one of these is included in a pescatarian diet.

We all need energy. And when you’re trying to fit dating (particularly MegaDating if you want to crush your dating goals as quickly as possible) into a hectic schedule, you need the right fuel. A pescatarian diet delivers an energy boost that can help you take on the day — and the evening.

You Can Make an Easy Meal Look Fancy

I know this from experience!

Many a seafood dish boasts an air of elegance, which is bound to impress a date if you choose to make them dinner.

Case in point: I remember a time when I was dating a guy for a while and wanted to make him dinner. The problem was that my kitchen prowess didn’t extend far beyond scrambled eggs and grilled cheese.

Then I discovered that scallops are apparently the easiest thing on earth to make and, voila, consider his socks KNOCKED THE FRICK OFF.

Meal prep for scallops literally involves heating up oil in a pan and turning the scallops over every couple of minutes.

That. Is. It.

Fish like salmon are also extremely easy to make. If you want to check out a bevy of seafood recipes that are pretty much impossible for anyone (even me!) to mess up, I recommend checking out this article from Delish.

Well, that’s all from me for this week, folk. Thanks to Mario for reminding me I love seafood. And on that note, I’ll leave you all with this…

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