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freckling dating trend

When I first saw that “freckling” was the name of a new dating trend, I was initially excited. As a redhead who burns easily in the sun (sidebar: I’m moving to Los Angeles in a few months, are there any places nearby that sell SPF 1,000 sunscreen? No? Ok…), freckles are a big part of my life. In the summertime, these brown spots pepper themselves across my skin in such rapid succession, I sometimes wonder … Keep Reading

crown dating app

I think it’s safe to say that we all hate games when it comes to dating. Ghosting has been at the forefront of despised dating trends when it comes to millennial vitriol, and it seems like there is a new groan-worthy dating trend (hi, Orbiting, Cushioning, Serendipidating and the ever-present R-bombing) to serve us singles a heaping plate of frustration every week. But what if I told you that game playing in Keep Reading

should i take a selfie for my online dating profile

Hey guys, Tracy here, coming to you this week from the beautiful (rainy) Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania. I’m currently wondering if my Air BnB is haunted or the product of an overly aggressive Alexa, but regardless, the show must go on.

This week, there was so much trending dating news, that I decided to choose three topics instead of one. Huzzah!

A brief overview of this article for you, dear readers:

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becca the bachelorette week 3

LMAO! We are almost a month deep into this season of The Bacheloretteand week three’s episode had me chortling into my chardonnay. These contestants are basically a personification of every single thing you should not do when dating someone and I am totally here for it.

I knew based on the preview for the episode that Jordan was going to continue to make up words and that someone was going to get injured, … Keep Reading

stashing dating trend

Horrible new dating trend alert! Last week, I chatted about the dating dos and don’ts that were showcased during the season premiere of The Bachelorette. I talked about how one contestant looked like Crazy Eddie from Friends and how one made me question humanity by wearing a chicken suit and screaming “BECCAW” at bachelorette Becca Kufrin. This week I’m going to talk about something even more disturbing — the latest dating trend known as “stashing.”Keep Reading


Have you heard of R-bombing? R-bombing the latest dating trend and (in case you’re wondering), yes, it’s awful! Unfortunately a lot of terms that have come out of “dating trends” tend to describe dating behavior at its absolute worst. But don’t worry, when someone comes up with some buzzword that describes being a decent and respectful person, I will be on it and blog about it like crazy.

(In the meantime, we still have the … Keep Reading

becca the bachelorette

The time has finally arrived! This season of The Bachelorette is underway, which means I once again have a legit excuse to get wine buzzed on Mondays. It also means that I get to write about the lessons men can learn from the always interesting limo arrivals that take place on the season premiere. Cheers!

If you’re a guy who is single and looking to find the woman of your dreams, this blog is going Keep Reading

cushioning dating trend

Another week, another cringe-worthy dating trend. Have you heard of cushioning? Apparently, it’s a term that was coined over a year ago, but I and Hayley Hynes from Narcity just learned about it so I’m using the opportunity to give you some insight on this trend that you should avoid at all costs.

(Plus, it was a relatively slow news week dating trend-wise, and I’m assuming you don’t want to hear me gush about the … Keep Reading