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How to Meet Women at The Grocery Store

By Emyli LovzAugust 8, 2018Strategy
how to meet women at the grocery store

Are you interested in learning how to meet women at the grocery store? Have a seat, friend.

Although it may seem cliché, lots of women would love to be able to tell a story about how they met the man of their dreams in the produce section. Even though online dating has become mainstream, along with a variety of other ways to connect with singles, there’s something sweet and sincere about locking eyes across from some avocados. 

You may think that a stroke of luck or beautiful happenstance is required to meet women at the grocery store. After all, how often do people actually make a love connection while replenishing their toilet paper supply? And women don’t go to the grocery store to meet dudes, right?

The thing is, women don’t go to many places with the expectation of meeting their Prince Charming. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be pleasantly surprised to happen upon an eligible bachelor during an errand run.

It is wholly possible to meet women at the grocery store and nab some awesome dates. You just need a few strategies.

Moreover, going to the grocery store each week is never going to be a wasted trip. Why?

Grocery Shopping Saves Money

Do you normally eat out or get delivery? Most single guys do.

You could be saving yourself a ton of coin if you went grocery shopping instead. According to TimeAmericans are generally spending way more money in restaurants than at grocery stores. And according to InvestmentZen, it eating out is 325% (yes, 325%) more expensive than cooking a meal at home.

Grocery Shopping is Better for Your Health

Along with being a giant money saver, grocery shopping is way better for your health. A study from the University of Washington’s School of Medicine found that people who cook at home tend to have a healthier overall diet. Cooking nutritious meals doesn’t come at an extra cost, either.

Think about it. Even if you shop organic and like to get super creative with your cooking, going out to a nice restaurant will probably cost you double (if not triple) what your one home-cooked dinner would cost. That’s not even including tip.

All in all, whether you have major success when you try to meet women at the grocery store or not, your wallet and health will thank you.

How to Meet Women at the Grocery Store Strategy #1: Go Every Week at the Same Time

You can’t guarantee that fireworks will happen a few feet from the Lean Cuisines on your first try at meeting women while shopping. That’s why it’s important to give it several tries.

Make sure that you go at the same time every week, preferably after work. This is when most people will be going, so you’ll have more options to connect. Plus, making a trip to the grocery store as a pit stop in between work and home can help you avoid rush hour.

Strategy #2: Put Bananas in the Child Seat of Your Cart

Ok, this one is actually a myth, but the odd sight might make some women take notice. If you notice a woman staring, use this to your advantage. Show off a sense of humor by saying something like:

“I know it looks weird, but I didn’t want them to get bruised. I’m assuming they’ll be safe in here, right?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t have kids, so if you’re wondering whether or not there’s a misplaced baby in the produce aisle, it’s not mine.”

“I just don’t want them to get bruised. It worked well last week when I was picking up some peaches.”

It may seem strange, but this could be the perfect way to start a flirtatious conversation and get a date.

Women like a sense of humor and using this to break the ice is a great way to build chemistry.

Strategy #3: Look for Women Who Are Grocery Shopping Together

No, I’m not asking you to break up a friendship by going after two women in one fell swoop — that’s creepy.

But women who go to the grocery store together are usually roommates and often single. A lot of times it’s just more convenient to shop together when you’re women who live together. Doing this prevents doubling up on some of the “communal” kitchen options (salt, butter, olive oil etc.).

If a girl has a boyfriend, she is usually shopping with him or by herself. This is because she’s either living with him or splitting her time between her place and his. It’s less likely that she would want to go for a roomie shopping excursion since her time is now divided.

Strategy #4: Look for Wedding Rings

This is an important one. Make sure that you discreetly find a way to take inventory of a woman’s hands; see if you spot a wedding ring. If you do — MOVE ALONG.

Under no circumstances do you want to get involved with a woman who is married or attached. Aside from whatever morals or conscience should keep you from engaging in this situation, you’re just asking for stress (and possibly a black eye) when it comes to these situations.

Strategy #5: Spend Time in the Fruit and Vegetable Area

Remember, you are what you eat, and women are very aware of this. Even if you’re not there yet, try to make this meeting women at the grocery store exercise a twofer when it comes to your health. You’re putting yourself out there more with women and also skipping the drive-thru.

You need to incorporate more whole foods into your diet anyhow, and there’s no better section to find that than the produce section. Also, a lot of quality women hang out in this section. These women are going to be more likely to enjoy an approach from a man who seems to take his health more seriously.

Finally, the produce section offers the opportunity to break the touch barrier in a non-creepy way.

Maybe you both reach for a pineapple at the same time and brush hands. From there, you can make eye contact, smile, and start a conversation with her.

Strategy #6: Make Eye Contact and Proceed

Over time, pay attention to single women you see repeatedly at the grocery store.

If you spot the same single woman at the store, try and make eye contact the first time you see her. Come up with a question that you can use that you feel she’d have an answer to. You could ask her something like, “Do you know where the organic oranges might be?”

Make sure to make eye contact, smile and exude confidence. If she reciprocates with a smile and eye contact, you can introduce yourself.

If you choke up, simply walk away without being weird. Chances are, you’ll get another opportunity with her in the future. And that time, she might remember you and be more open when you ask her:

“Hey, those oranges you helped me pick out last week were super ripe, thanks. What’s your name, anyway :)” 

Strategy #7: The Checkout Line is Your Friend

If there’s an attractive woman in line and you’re both going to have to wait for a little bit, use this to your advantage. There is plenty of tabloid magazine covers there to make a joke about to initiate conversation.

Or maybe she picked up something exotic like a jackfruit that you could reference by asking, “Is that good? I’ve heard lots of people are making recipes from that but I haven’t had a chance to try it out for myself.”

Strategy #8: Once She’s Interested, Get Her Number or Set Up a Date

If the conversation is going, don’t wait too long to get her number and set up a date. Before you go to the grocery store, think of at least a few different date ideas that would be creative and appealing. For first dates, I always advise that you choose a daytime date (between 11 am and 2 pm). This date will preferably on a Saturday and cost no more than $10-$15.

Try to gauge her interests a little bit so that you can cater the date toward her. For example, if you see that she has cat or dog food in her cart, maybe suggest a trip to a cat cafe, a Doga (dog yoga) class or a Yappy hour (happy hours where you can chill with some pups of your own, as well as some adoptable dogs).

A simply Google search can lead you to tons of cool date ideas in your areas, along with websites like Eventbrite. Social media platforms like Facebook also have tons of info on neat events happening near you.

Strategy #9: Remember to MegaDate For Increased Confidence

When it comes to meeting women, don’t rely solely on one strategy. I always advise my clients use a variety of ways to meet women, including dating apps, going to Meetup groups, joining co-ed sports teams, etc.

The goal here is not to get one woman to say “yes” to a date, but to get several women to go out with you.

This strategy is called MegaDating and it’s what I used to understand the dating world and find love during my 100-date experiment.

When you go out with several people at the same time, your anxiety is reduced as you diffuse your energy by keeping your social calendar full. MegaDating also shows you that there is a lot of fish in the sea; you don’t have to settle for the mediocre.

This dating process also helps you get really good at dating because practice makes perfect. Whether you meet women at the grocery store, online, through friends or at a cafe, MegaDating is the perfect strategy for eliminating stress and finding a great partner.

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