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16 “First Round Is On Me If” Hinge Prompt Responses For Guys That Get Results

16 “First Round Is On Me If” Hinge Prompt Responses For Guys That Get Results

16 “First Round Is On Me If” Hinge Prompt Responses For Guys That Get Results

Hinge is the dating app people download when they’re fed up with Tinder and Bumble.

The median age for Hinge users (27) is older than those of swipe apps like Tinder and Bumble.

Users also graduate to Hinge because its many features work towards actually finding you a date rather than trapping you in an endless swipe-fest.

Some of these features include:

— Anti-ghosting tech

— Detailed profiles

— Limited likes per day

— Detailed search preferences

— Nobel prize-winning compatibility algorithm

Oh and did I mention Hinge also has dope commercials?

“The dating app designed to be deleted” is a cute slogan, but it’s also kinda true. Hinge lives up to it by forcing its users to create detailed profiles with the use of written prompts.

Users have to use at least three prompts when creating their profiles.

These prompts give men like you the opportunity to showcase your personality — something believe it or not the women of Hinge actually care about.

To help you create an amazing Hinge profile we’ll help you answer one of Hinge’s most used prompts.

The prompt we’ll focus on today is “First round is on me if…”

first round is on me if

“First Round Is On Me If” Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys

All dating apps are superficial.

Yes, even Hinge the dating app designed to be deleted, is still guilty of being superficial (just less so than other apps). However, its prompts give you the chance to humanize yourself and show her who you are.

To help shine a spotlight on your personality, let’s go through some of the best responses to the “First round is on me if…” prompt.

Feel free to get inspired (or steal) the following responses.

Hinge Prompt #1: Make Her Giggle

first round is on me if

Quite often a case of the giggles turns into a case of the butterflies.

And sure if you don’t play your cards right those butterflies will soon be dissolved by stomach acid, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The reason this response works is because it shows her you’re funny.

Gents, even more so than the size of your penis, we care about how funny you are.

If you can make us laugh you can at the very least score or phone number.

Hinge Prompt #2: Still Laughing

first round is on me if

Making an attempt at humor’s a good idea, however not all jokes come off.

Granted, a fair number of men have made this joke or one akin to it when responding to this prompt. You could put all your marbles in the joke, or you could also reveal a little about yourself as this response does.

Hinge Prompt #3: Segue Early

first round is on me if

The purpose of dating apps is to date.

However, too many people are content with making online pen pals or stacking matches.

Don’t believe me?

Then why have 50% of Tinder users never gone out with a match before?

More than almost any other this prompt gives you a chance to subtly pitch a date idea.

In this case, that idea is miniature golf, a classic first date idea and one that has my blessing.

First dates should:

— Be cheap

— Last no longer than an hour

— Be active

— Take place during the day

A mini-golf date more than satisfies these requirements.

Don’t have any other first date ideas?

Read this.

Hinge Prompt #4: That Was Unexpectedfirst round is on me if

It’s refreshing when a guy asks you out on a date that doesn’t involve alcohol.

It’s also refreshing to find someone that shares your interests.

Some people would just prefer to drink a milkshake than a beer.

There’s no use casting a wide net on a dating app. You’re not going to match with everyone and you wouldn’t want to if you could.

Don’t hesitate to show her what you’re all about, even if what you’re about are strawberry milkshakes.

First Round is On Me If Prompt Response #5: Get Confrontational

first round is on me if


To some this is blasphemous.

Everyone knows Claws are better than Truly… right?

Silly yet unpopular opinions are likely to either 1) get a playful angry response or 2) quickly form a strong bond with someone that shares your unpopular opinion.

Of course what you share doesn’t have to have anything to do with beer, seltzer, or even liquids.

Get creative, get contentious, and get dating.

Hinge Prompt #6: Umm… What?

first round is on me if

It’s okay if only 1% of Hinge users understand this.

Even people that don’t understand what you wrote will understand enough to be interested in you.

People that speak multiple languages are seen as cultured, smart, and — if they speak French — sexy.

Niching as far down as possible is a great way to meet highly compatible women — even if it means less matches in your queue.

Hinge Prompt #7: Throw Her The Curve

first round is on me if

Show her your Jersey side.

Look, women are used to hearing the same responses over and over again.

A man that drinks a Long Island Ice Tea and won’t make fun of her for ordering one either might just be a keeper.

When in doubt, be novel, wake her senses up by offering a new perspective or response.

Hinge Prompt #8: Fill In The Blanks

first round is on me if

Think of the first kinds of questions you ask on a first date.

They’re probably something like:

— What music do you listen to?

— What are your hobbies?

— What do you do for a living?

Blah blah blah, right?

We ask these questions first because they’re important to us.

If the answer to, “what do you like to do for fun?” is “burn crosses” she’s probably not a keeper.

Fill in some of those important questions for her right here and now.

Tell her what you’re into and what kind of man she’d be going out with.

Hinge Prompt #9: The Win-Win

first round is on me if

It’s edgy there’s no doubt about it, but some people will dig it.

It also goes to show that even those that finish in second place can still be winners.

Hinge Prompt #10: Cut A Deal

first round is on me if

You’re a fun guy, aren’t you?

Show her by using the first round as leverage.

If you buy the first round, for the second she has to get up on stage with you and sing Fernando by ABBA.

If you buy the second round too she’s got to help you out with Africa by Toto.

Don’t steal this prompt answer unless you actually like to Karaoke, though.

Hinge Prompt #11: Your Trivia Game Is Real

first round is on me if

Some people’s ideal Wednesday consists of ordering in tacos and watching The Sopranos.

Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with tacos al pastor and guido gangsters but some people would rather get out of the house and do something a bit more stimulating with their Wednesdays.

Always provide her with an image of you out in the wild.

Give her a sneak peek of what’s to come by talking about your hobbies, likes, and of course Wednesday plans.

Hinge First Round is On Me If Prompt #12: Incentivize Her

first round is on me if covid answer

As I write these words more than 50% of Americans have been fully vaccinated. While states are now fully opened and everything feels normal again, a majority of Americans still have not been vaccinated. It’s still a polarizing issue (and a health issue) that splits Americans into teams.

Use this prompt to not only tell her which team you’re on, but also that if you two do go out there’s little chance that you’ll give her Covid-19.

Hinge Prompt #13: Bond Through Unpopular Opinions

first round is on me if

This is the perfect unpopular opinion to hold.


Because it’s popular how unpopular it is.

It’s a pretty polarizing opinion but one that many people share.

Other popular unpopular opinions may include:

— Beyonce is overrated

— Pineapple belongs on pizza

— 99% of online marketing advice only works if what you’re selling is marketing

— French Bulldogs shouldn’t be allowed to procreate with other Frenchies

Here’s an entire list of them.

Hinge Prompt #14: Let Her Know Who She’s Talking To

first round is on me if

Like I said before, the world is more polarized than ever before.

There is an ever-growing feeling that we’re being divided into tribes.

Tell her which tribe you’re in.

It’s fine if by revealing your true colors you filter some women out — this is kinda the point.

Filtering out conspiracy theorists saves you time and protects your sanity.

Broadcast who you are and what colors you wear.

Hinge Prompt #15: Goallllllllllll!!!!!!!first round is on me if

Ideally, this first round is being shared while watching an EPL or international soccer game.

Tell her what you really feel, who you really are, and regret nothing.

As science tells us, we’re likely to date and fall in love with people who are more similar than dissimilar.

It’s just easier to form a connection with someone if they’re into the same things you are.

Hinge Prompt #16: Celebrate Your Shared Opinion With A Beer

first round is on me if

If she likes this prompt (which you can totally do on Hinge) feel free to tell her what your perfect first date is.

Then transition into either getting her number or asking her out.

When asking her out be sure to use a TDL (time, date, location).

When you use a TDL be sure to specify every element of the date so as to give her a concrete date idea that she can either accept or reject.

For example:

“Hey Steph. Want to prove to me how badass your bowling skills are this Thursday at Bowlmor at 7 p.m.?”

By specifically laying out every detail of the date you’re giving her something concrete that she can either accept or reject.

Filling Out A Complete Profile

The aforementioned prompt is one of the most popular and allows you to playfully and easily showcase your personality.

However, it’s not the only portion of the profile that you’ll need to fill out.

In addition to this prompt, you’ll need to fill out at least two more.

In addition to the written portion of your bio you’ll also need to add 6 photos or videos as well as list your virtues and vices (e.g. work, religious beliefs, politics, drug use, etc.)

What I want to focus on are your photos.

What makes Hinge unique is that to view more than one photo you’ll have to scroll past Hinge prompts.

This is unlike apps such as Tinder where if you don’t want to read the person’s bio you don’t have to.

At any rate, special attention should be placed on your photo roster.

So what does a quality photo lineup look like?

Let me break it down photo by photo:

1) Close-up headshot (no glasses or hat)

2) Full body shot where she can clearly see all your limbs (choose a quality background)

3) Hobby shot of you performing your hobby (biking, rock climbing, playing the guitar, running, doing stand-up, etc.)

4) Group shot (this will show her that you have friends and that people actually want to be around you)

5) The GQ shot (play dress up and show her what you’ll look like when you two go to a fancy restaurant)

6) The animal shot (the majority of Americans have pets, don’t be afraid to show yours off)

Wanna Take Your Dating Game to The Next Level?

Now it’s time to take out a pen and pencil and come up with some amazing responses to not only the “First Round is On Me If” prompt, but all the rest.

Think like an editor and a copywriter.

Create something pithy that catches her attention.

Remember that you’re competing against tens of thousands of other men. In order to stand out, you’ll have to come up with a sentence worth reading.

If you’ve read this and still feel like you need a bit more guidance when it comes to creating the perfect Hinge profile, no problem.

Our team of coaches at emlovz has got you covered.

We’ve helped hundreds of men go from meh to damnnnn with our super badass coaching programs that get our members girlfriends, long term relationships, and wives.

Talk to us about your desires by booking a 1-on-1 Zoom session with me or one of my colleagues today!

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