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Do Dating Coaches Work? 18 Reasons Why They Do

Do Dating Coaches Work? 18 Reasons Why They Do

Do Dating Coaches Work? 18 Reasons Why They Do

No doubt, you’ve read tons of books and articles about how to be successful in dating. You may already be putting in the time to approach multiple women; yet, you’re not going on very many dates. So what’s the issue?

Especially when everything else in your life looks great on paper, feeling like you’re being ignored in the dating scene can be super confusing.

This is when a lot of guys realize they need an outside perspective. Enter the concept of the dating coach.

*Cue the proverbial eye-rolls*

It’s okay, I can take it. Since dating coaches have been around for a long time, I wouldn’t be surprised if your idea of what we do is based on some 2008 e-book about social skills and grooming tips.

The truth is, we still tackle those topics. But today, we do a whole bunch more. So for those of you asking yourselves…..

Do Dating Coaches Work? 

As a dating coach for men for over 10 years, I’ve put together a list of no less than 18 reasons why dating coaches are actually more effective than ever, and how they can help you reach your goals. 

1. Do dating sites and apps confuse you? 

If you’ve been out of the game – let’s say you’re recently divorced, or separated from a long relationship — you’re probably not familiar with the nuances of using dating sites and how to make them really work for you. Of course, you can figure out how to put a few photos up and write a short summary, but those are really just the basics.

So, do dating coaches work when it comes to maximizing your online dating experience? Absolutely. Someone like myself, who’s been analyzing tons of profiles and helping people with online dating for years, can tell you how to:

  • Find the dating apps that would be most effective for YOU, based on your goals

  • Select attractive pictures of yourself that’ll make you stand out from the competition

  • Figure out what’s going through her mind when she sees your profile and reads your messages (having a female dating coach is important for this)

  • Craft compelling messages that get gorgeous women to say “yes” to a date (along with compile a list of epic first, second, and third date ideas)

Without having a specific strategy for how to navigate dating apps, you might find yourself just getting more and more frustrated with all the work you’re putting in.

2. Do you have a niche personal issue that’s holding you back in dating? 

Whether you have an intense fear of rejection, or maybe a lack of trust after a relationship gone wrong, a dating coach like me has experience working with all different types of situations and can draw off those experiences to help you.

3. Is the culture here in the USA different than what you’re used to? 

Dating in America after immigration, or even as a first-generation American with parents from different cultures, can be particularly difficult. We’ve coached people from dozens of countries and backgrounds. 

4. How much success have you had in the past 90 days?

If you haven’t been on 20 high-quality dates, or if you’ve spent a ton of money and time on those dates only to end up in the friendzone, a dating coach can help speed things up and improve your results.

First, I help my clients fill up the top of the funnel with lots of beautiful women. Then, I teach them how to ask for the date in a compelling way that encourages women to say “yes.” Once that happens, I teach them how to orchestrate amazing dates that women love.

Not only that, but I also help them navigate questions like “Why am I only going out with women I’m not that attracted to?” or “I thought we had an amazing first date, so why did she ghost me?” All of these things can be avoided if you have a solid, proven dating strategy. 

5. Do you have an actual dating strategy?

Speaking of dating strategies, do you have one? For example, what’s your plan for escalating sexual tension so you don’t get friendzoned?

 What about your first, second, and third date strategy? Do you know the difference between those three make-or-break dates, and have you made a list of the best places to take her in your area? 

Do you know what your ideal woman looks like? Where she is most likely to be located? Do you know what to wear to make her more interested in you? What’s your dating app message strategy?

It sounds like a lot — and to be honest, it is. Finding and attracting quality women (and staying out of the friendzone) takes a lot of time, effort, and planning. Believe me, you’ll want some help!

6. Have you recently moved to a new area?

It can help to talk with a coach to navigate how to handle the changes in geography that lead to differences in dating locations, types of women, quantity of people, etc. This is when it’s a benefit to hire a dating coach in your city

7. Did you have bad role models for love?

One of the biggest ways we learn is through role models. We look at someone who has what we want, and try to emulate them. But when it comes to love, sometimes our role models aren’t so great.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that my parents were not the ideal role models for romantic love. In fact, I don’t remember them even being together. In my household, all I saw was tension and turmoil between my mom and stepdad, and the same seemed to be true for my dad and his girlfriend. Later, when I began my 100-date experiment, I honestly didn’t even know if romantic love was even possible for me. But as luck would have it, I did find true love.

My own personal success with dating allows me to guide my clients to the same place. If you’ve had bad role models for love, then working with a coach who has personally found success could be just what you need.

8. Have you focused your entire life on your career?

If so, then you might not have learned the same dating skills that others did in college, or in their 20s. But a dating coach can help fast-track your learning in a matter of just a few weeks or months.

9. Do you feel like you get a little needy sometimes?

Perhaps you find that a lot of your relationships seem to fizzle out early. You might have an attachment issue that is important to learn more about. 

A dating coach or counselor can teach you how to overcome insecure attachment style issues (anxious, avoidant, or even RAD).

10. Did you grow up without many women around you?

Maybe you went to an all-male university and didn’t have any female friends. Perhaps you suffered the loss of a mother figure or didn’t have sisters or aunts close by to help you better understand women. 

A dating coach can explain the way a woman thinks and teach you how to appeal to her better.

11. Do you want to date women outside your ethnicity but aren’t sure how to do so?

A dating coach can help you navigate interracial dating and show you how to compete better with men from other backgrounds. 

Whether you’re Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, or something else, an experienced dating coach can reference past clients to help you succeed in dating outside your ethnicity.  

12. Do you notice that you seem to always attract women who aren’t driven or career-focused, and who only seem to want money?

It’s time to stop attracting gold-diggers and women who are selfish! A dating coach can help with this.

13. Are you an introvert who doesn’t feel comfortable meeting women in bars?

Dating can be challenging when you’re naturally more introverted, so a coach can help you find places to meet women that are aligned with your personality.

14. Do you live in a small town and find it difficult to meet people?

A dating coach can help you find the best locations to meet attractive women you’re excited about and teach you how to date in a small town.

15. Do you have a hard time juggling dating because you work all the time or have an odd schedule?

A coach like myself can help you find pockets of time that are perfect for quick, low-pressure dates. These types of outings are ideal for MegaDating, a term I coined for the practice of dating multiple people at the same time. A coach can also help you identify the type of women who would be a match to your scheduling concerns.

16. Do you seem to always attract women who are mean?

A dating coach can help you identify your selection patterns and pinpoint exactly why you keep attracting certain types of women. As a result, you’ll create a more sustainable and fulfilling love life that brings you happiness for years to come.

17. Do you find yourself constantly sabotaging yourself in dating?

If so, then it’s best to explore the root cause of such sabotage with a coach who can help you to gradually make the necessary changes.

18. Are you a relationship hopper or serial monogamist?

I used to be the same way. But it can lead to bad relationships when you do it too quickly just to avoid the discomfort of being alone. A dating coach can help you learn how to stop jumping into the wrong relationships too soon.

So, Do Dating Coaches Work?

Obviously, the answer is yes! These days, dating services are a $2.5 billion dollar business, and it takes a lot of skill to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. 

But for a dating coach, that’s their entire job. So why make it your job? If you want to be successful, it makes sense to take advantage of a coach who been through this many times and already has the answers you’re seeking. After all, the sooner you can find and attract your ideal woman, the quicker you can start living the life you imagine.

Are you ready to get started? If yes, click here to learn more about our coaching program and to apply for a 50 minute Zoom intro call

If you’re selected for a call, we’ll spend that 50 minutes learning more about you, what’s holding you back from reaching your dating goals, and lastly determine if our Dating Decoded coaching program is right for you.

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